Gaming Chair Brands

There are a ton of things that come into play when it comes to choosing the best gaming chair for you. We all can agree the best gaming chair should include an ergonomic and stylish design, plenty of functions such as recline capability, and even some extra features like wireless connectivity for an immersive gaming experience.

On top of that, the best gaming chair should be from a reputable brand. While there are many companies manufacturing gaming chairs, some are the leading names in the industry.

In our list, we’ve selected the best gaming chair brands in terms of their brand name, quality, and after sales services. Here is The List of All Gaming Chair Brands on The Market

1. DXRacer


Topping the list, DXRacer is the pioneer brand of the present day gaming chair. While they are the oldest manufacturers in the industry, they still are one of the best brands.

DXRacer was launched back in 2001 when they only specialized in the manufacture of high-end sports car seats. In 2006, they saw the need for more comfortable chairs that allowed gamers to play longer and released the first gaming chair in the world.

As an iconic brand, DXRacer has since then taken the gaming industry by storm with their innovative gaming chairs. Nowadays, the brand is known for specializing in making both the office and gaming chairs.

Their chairs are categorized in six different series based on the weight limit, features included, and the prices.

What makes DXRacer stand out?

One thing that stands out with DXRacer gaming chairs is that they’re ergonomically designed with a high-backrest for full-spine support and adorned with racing flair. This results in an exceptionally stylish yet incredibly comfortable gaming chair that allows for healthy gaming.

Another thing that makes DXRacer stand out from other brands is their high-quality materials that ensure the chairs can stand the test of time.

Some of the common features across all DXRacer gaming chair models include a sturdy steel frame with PU casters, high-density mold-shaping foam padding, adjustable armrests, and a tilt-lock mechanism.

Warranty Policy

When it comes to warranty, DXRacer gives a double warranty on all their gaming chairs including a 2 year cover on parts and a lifetime cover on the steel frame.

DXRacer’s best gaming chairs

  • Most popular: DXRacer Racing Series

The DXRacer Racing Series is not only DXRacer’s most popular gaming chair but also one with the most versatile features and the widest range of chairs out there.  This model features 135 degrees recline, adjustable armrests, premium PU leather upholstery, and heavy duty aluminum base with PU casters.

  • Best Big and Tall: DXRacer T (Tank) Series

Probably the largest and strongest DXRacer chair, the Tank Series chair boasts a Heavy-duty aluminum base with a sturdy metal frame that can comfortably support up to 450 pounds weight capacity. The high, adjustable backrest offers ample back support and comfort to gamers up to 6’7” tall.

  • Best with footrest: DXRacer Classic

On top of having an adjustable tilt and lumbar support, the Classic Series comes equipped with a built-in footrest.  The footrest is wide enough for both legs and nicely slides out for comfortable lounging as your reclining.  This chair is sure to give you the best lounging experience after an intense game-play.

  • Best for Kids: DXRacer Drifting Series

The DXRacer Drifting Series is the most ideal option for short and kid gamers. This model is specially designed for gamers who are 5’8″ tall and less and can hold up to 170 pounds weight capacity without any problem.  The seat is narrower and thickly padded, ensuring you’re comfortably seated and supported. The height is adjustable so you can achieve the most comfy position for you.

  • Cheapest option: DXRacer O (Origin) Series

Though it’s the lowest-priced model, the DXRacer Origin Series is ergonomically designed with a high backrest and high-density foam padding for maximum comfort and support during longer gaming sessions. Not to mention the PU leather and mesh fabric that keeps you cool and comfy.

2. BestOffice


First set up shop back in 2005, the BestOffice is not only known for its quality ergonomic chairs but also the production of stationery and other offices supplies.

They have years of experience in the manufacture of high-quality ergonomic office chairs that comprise a vast array of different styles and purposes.

What makes BestOffice gaming chairs stand out?

What sets BestOffice brand of gaming chairs apart is the patented ergonomic design. What’s more, the chairs are reasonably priced despite their amazing ergonomics. The brand is one of the top-rated brands on Amazon and receives lots of positive reviews for their quality gaming chairs.

Some of the highlight features include adjustable lumbar support and head pillow, height-adjustable, retractable footrest, 360 degrees swivel, and up to 180 degrees recline function. The seats come with a bucket design and the high back has a spine-like design for maximum comfort and support during prolonged gaming sessions.

Considering the brand’s reduced prices, their chairs are remarkably durable. Thanks to the combination of sturdy metal frames with soft PU leather upholstery and shaping foam padding.

Their chairs also come with all the necessary tools and hardware as well as an installation guide, making assembly quite easy even for the most novice DIYers.

Warranty Policy

BestOffice is dedicated to ensuring 100 percent customer satisfaction and offers a 90-day money back guarantee so you can rest assured you’re buying a quality gaming chair.  In case of any dissatisfaction with their gaming chairs, you can reach out their friendly BestOffice customer service for assistance.

BestOffice’s Best Gaming Chairs

  • Best Ergonomics: BestOffice High Back Recliner

This BestOffice model is ergonomically designed with a 180-degree recline capability, allowing you to relax in a flat position. The backrest is designed high enough for maximum head, shoulders, and back support. It also offers a 360-degree swivel function for easy movement and flexibility. You’ll also love that it has a bucket seat, ergonomic footrest and armrests, and an adjustable head and lumbar pillow.

  • Best for girls: BestOffice PC Gaming Racing Chair -JRF-SV61-RED-FDW

To begin with, this luxurious chair looks incredibly beautiful and is designed with two wide openings slightly below the headrest for air circulation.

It has a thickly padded seat and a built-in lumbar cushion with modern design upholstery consisting of smooth PU leather and mesh. This helps relieve pressure on your spine and shoulders, ensuring you remain seated in the most comfy posture and without sweat on your back.

  • Best Massage: BestOffice Gaming Massage Racing Chair

Firstly, this chair is equipped with an ergonomic curved backrest with soft shaping padding for maximum back support and comfort. It also comes with a USB-powered massage lumbar pillow that helps relieve pressure from your lower-back after intense gaming. The chair also looks pretty attractive and can support up to 250 pounds weight capacity.

  • Best cheap: BestOffice PC Gaming Chair

This model is one of their budget gaming chairs and doesn’t include any fancy features. This chair has a simple design and is built for sturdiness as it provides consistent comfort and support while sitting in it. It’s definitely a great option if you’re looking for something inexpensive without sacrificing comfort and support.

3. OFM


What originally started as a small family-owned furniture company back in 1995, OFM has over the years grown to become one of the leading brands that produces high-quality eco-friendly furniture.

OFM boasts a wide array of furniture for the home and office setting including versatile task chairs to customizable office desks and storage systems. Since their inception, OFM has continued to offer their customers utmost convenience through their great service and fast shipping.

Their furniture is uniquely designed to perfectly fit into any modern home or office setting and still offer utmost functionality.

What makes OFM stand out?

One of the most unique things about OFM gaming chairs is that they’re made using high-quality, eco-friendly materials, helping protect the environment and ensuring safety for their customers.

Their chairs come with cutting-edge designs, ensuring that they can perfectly complement any interior décor.

They also have a lightweight design, which is great for portability. They include some innovative new features and have earned a great reputation for their reasonable pricing as well as great customer service.

Warranty Policy

OFM offers limited lifetime warranty for all their gaming chairs with limitations including a two-year cover on all upholstery and fabric materials and a seven-year cover on the seat gas lifts.

They also provide a 30 days return period for damaged products. This way, you can rest assured you’ve got some serious protection for your new gaming chair.

OFM’s Best Gaming chairs

  • Most popular one: OFM Essentials Racing Chair ESS-3085

The brand’s Racing Chair ESS-3085 is the most popular model, which is a slight step up in quality, features, and price from the ESS-3083 gaming chair. With a sculptured racing design and contoured padding, this model delivers extreme comfort even during those long and intense game-plays.

In terms of customizability, the chair comes equipped with recline feature and flip-up armrests, allowing for optimum comfort and support while you’re gaming.

  • Best for kids: Respawn-200

This gaming chair comes designed with a breathable mesh backrest and a built-in lumbar support. It also features 2D armrests, rocking function and can recline to 130 degrees with ease. The seat and backrest are quite narrow, which helps ensure you kid stay in the right posture while gaming.

Best for Men: Respawn-400

This is one of OFM’s heavyweight models as it features extra-large design and can support a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds comfortably. It is uniquely designed with a wide and deep seat and boasts 4D armrests for added support.

  • Best with Footrest: RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair

OFM’s Respawn 110 features bonded leather covering, 155-degree tilt, and an adjustable head and lumbar pillow. The chair’s main highlight feature is its extendable footrest that allows you to comfortably rest your feet as you’re relaxing in a reclined position. With such features, you’re sure to enjoy best relaxation after a tiring game.

  • Cheap option: OFM Racing Chair ESS-3083-GRY

While all OFM gaming chairs are reasonably priced, the Racing Chair ESS-3083 is their cheapest option that you can get with just under $100 budget. Despite its reduced price, it comes packed with some nice ergonomic features for your comfort while gaming. Some of these include built-in head and lumbar support, well-padded fixed armrests, height-adjustable seat, tilt-tension and recline capability.

4. Homall


Homall is a china-based furniture company that’s renowned for providing a vast selection of gaming chairs at remarkably affordable prices. In fact, the brand has numerous gaming chairs on Amazon’s bestselling lists.

The brand receives countless positive reviews on Amazon for providing great quality gaming chairs that work perfectly at reduced prices.

Homall doesn’t only manufacture great gaming chairs, but they also produce bar lounge chairs, recliners, as well as office chairs.

Warranty Policy

Homall provides a one year warranty for all their gaming chairs. This warranty typically covers normal tear and wear. Since the brand doesn’t have a company website, access to their customer service is limited. The only way you can reach them out is via their storefront on Amazon.

What makes Homall stand out?

While Homall is quite new in the furniture industry, they’ve well-earned a position in the best gaming chair brands list for their affordable, yet amazingly compact and comfortable gaming chairs. In fact, their chairs are some of the best-sellers on Amazon.

All Homall gaming chairs are ergonomically designed with a racing-style design, multiple recline functions, thick padding with PU leather upholstery, and sturdy steel frames.

Compared to other brands in the market, Homall offers a wide selection of inexpensive gaming chairs that you can choose from depending on your budget. The chairs are also designed incredibly easy to assemble.

Warranty Policy

Another thing that makes Homall stand out is its stellar customer service. Offering a one-year warranty for their gaming chairs, you’re assured that you’re securely covered in case you face any issues with their product.

Homall’s Best Gaming chairs

  • Most Popular: Homall Classic Gaming Chair

The Classic gaming chair is Homall’s flagship and their most popular model. In fact, it’s the bestselling gaming chair on Amazon and has thousands of positive reviews from the users.

The two main things that have made this model so popular include the affordable price, which makes it ideal for many gamers all over the world. The next one is the fact that this model is designed to offer ergonomic support and comfort similar to that of high-end models.

This model is a superb starter chair for teenage girls who’d want to add a touch of style to their gaming room. Firstly, this chair has a compact design with narrow dimensions, which ensures that you perfectly fit into the seat for maximum support. It has a thickly padded seat, 180-degree recline function, and fixed armrests for utmost relaxation after intense gaming.

  • Best with footrest: Homall Ergonomic Racing Chair

This model comes packed with everything you might need in a gaming chair for maximum comfort and relaxation.  It is available in different color options and comes with 2D adjustable armrests. It also boasts a retractable footrest, where you can rest your feet after a tiring game. It has a solid build, which is strong enough to support nearly 330 pounds capacity.

  • Best High-end: Homall Super Premium Luxury Chair

The Super Premium Luxury Chair has a detailed high-end design with emphasis on quality, ergonomics and appearance. This model is thickly padded than the rest of the other models and comes dressed in premium PU leather upholstery. It also boasts 180-degree tilt function as well as adjustable arms for extreme relaxation.

  • Best Cheapest Option: Homall Gaming Office Chair

While all of Homall’s gaming chairs are quite affordable, this model comes at a much reduced price than the rest of the models.  It is available in four different color combinations and comes adorned in PU leather upholstery.

Though it has only basic functions, you can expect decent comfort while you’re sitting in this chair. While it’s the cheapest option, this chair ample back support, allowing you to enjoy longer gaming sessions.

5. The Crew Furniture


The Crew Furniture is an American brand that focuses on delivering unique, stylish and comfortable furniture for all of their customers.  The brand was founded by a family-owned manufacturing company known as Sanford Enterprises Inc, which has been designing quality furniture for other brands since 1980.

Their furniture includes an amazing line of gaming chairs perfect for gamers who prioritize comfort while gaming. Besides gaming chairs, the brand is also known for its innovative storage benches and kid’s recliners.

What makes The Crew Furniture stand out?

One of the things that make this The Crew Furniture stand out is their affordable prices and high-quality materials. We also love the fact that the brand’s manufacturer has years of experience in the industry, so you can rest assured of quality gaming chairs.

Another great thing about The Crew Furniture gaming chairs is that they come in unique designs and stylish and durable fabrics.

Warranty Policy

When it comes to The Crew Furniture offers a 90 days limited warranty from the manufacturer for all their gaming chairs.

Over the years, the company has earned a great reputation for providing exceptional customer service, so you’re guaranteed to get help with any issue you might have with their product. You can reach out to their support via phone or email, which is provided on their website.

The Crew Furniture’s Best Gaming Chairs

  • Most popular one: Classic 512100 Video Rocker

Perhaps one of Crew Furniture’s most popular gaming chairs, the Classic 512100 Video Rocker is a great floor gaming chair that’s specially designed to best meet the needs of short and mid-sized adults who weigh less than 200 pounds. This chair has the much-needed ergonomics in place for a comfy gaming experience and comes in more than eight different color styles.

  • Best Ergonomics: Classic 991590 Leather Rocker

This floor gaming chair is not only modern looking but also features the best ergonomic design compared to the other models. It has a strong and durable engineered wood frame and thick foam padding with faux leather upholstery, ensuring utmost comfort. The chair’s ergonomic design nicely conforms to your body’s shape keeping you well-supported and in the proper posture.

  • Best Cheapest option: Classic 512080 Video Rocker

This model is a great option for any gamer who enjoys gaming at floor level and wants a quality gaming floor chair at a reduced price. With faux leather upholstery, the chair looks classy and doesn’t require much effort to clean.

  • Best recliner couch: 649850 Urban Child Recliner

Specially designed ideal for kids aged 3 years and above, this couch provides a comfortable seat for your kid while gaming. The couch has a sleek and modern look and is made of high-quality and durable materials. The upholstery material is soft to the touch and comes with an easy to operate recline function.



Since its inception in 2015, GTRacing has taken a huge leap forward in creating innovative gaming chair designs with cutting-edge features and solid construction. Over the past several years, they’ve created an outstanding collection of gaming chairs, thanks to their first chair design, the Classic GT099.

While GTRacing has grown into one of the reputable brands in the world of gaming chairs, it’s still coming up with innovative and cool designs that other companies may want to copy in the near future.

The brands product line is streamlined into three categories including the pro series, luxury series, and music series to meet the unique needs of every gamer out there in the best way possible.

What makes GTRacing stand out?

There are several reasons why GTRacing is one of the best gaming chair brands, for instance, their support service, cutting-edge design, amazing features, durability, and fair prices.

All their gaming chairs include all the basic features and functionality you’d need for proper spine and neck alignment and support, ensuring that you remain extremely comfortable during pro-longed gaming sessions.

GTRacing’s premium models, however, include some extra features such as retractable footrest, premium upholstery, thicker padding, and even Bluetooth speakers for an immersive experience.

GTRacing warranty

GTRacing gaming chairs are available for purchase on several online platforms comprising Amazon, Lazada, Newegg, and their own website.

As such, GTRacing offers you a standard one-year warranty on all their gaming chairs bought from third-party vendors. However, you’ll get a two-year warranty when you purchase directly from their website. They also offer you a 30-day return guarantee, so you can purchase with confidence.

Customer support options place GTRacing in the top-list of leading gaming chair manufacturers. Their customer service team is awesome and you can get help from them over phone, email, an even their Amazon’s storefront.

GTRacing’s Best Gaming Chairs

  • Most popular one: Classic GT099

The Classic GT099 is GTRacing’s flagship chair and also one of the bestsellers on Amazon.  This model features 2D armrests, 170-degree recline function, and a generous sized seat with high-density padding for maximum comfort. The chair has a sturdy steel frame that can support up to 330 pounds weight capacity. Also comes with lumbar pillows for added spine support. Gamers also love this chair as it comes at an affordable price.

  • Best High-end: GTK002-BLACK

The GTK002 model is part of GTRacing’s luxury Series and comes packed with lots of high-end features for your extreme comfort. This model has a racing style design with a sleek black color, which can easily complement any gaming room. It’s made of thicker cold cured foam and PU leather covering with premium stitching. It has a more sophisticated upgraded mechanism, which is a lot easier to use and incredibly adjustable.

  • Best with Footrest: GT901-BLACK

This model is uniquely and ergonomically designed to help you achieve the most comfortable sitting experience while gaming.  With a thickly padded seat and an adjustable head and lumbar pillows, this chair is incredibly comfy to sit on for longer gaming hours. It features a footrest, which is vital when you’re relaxing in a reclined manner. The chair is also highly affordable considering the many great features it has.

  • Best with Speaker: GT890M

The GT890M is part of the PRO series line and stand out from the other models as it comes equipped with two Bluetooth speakers. This chair allows you to seamlessly connect your Bluetooth-enabled devices and enjoy your favorite music, movie, or thrilling sound effects from your game the best way. With this chair, you’re sure to enjoy detailed stereo sound for maximum entertainment.

  • Best cheapest option: GTBEE-BLACK

As one of GTRacing’s pro series line, the GTBEE has all the amazing features of the series with the sleek look of some of the high-end gaming chairs out there, but at a more affordable price. The back reclines up to 170 degrees and has adjustable seat and armrests to help you achieve optimum comfort.



BirdRock Home is an American brand dedicated to supplying quality and sustainable furniture products for home use. Their furniture collection uniquely designed and made to meet the needs of the customer in the most special way. Their selection of furniture products includes Bamboo furniture, hampers, lap-desks, and gaming chairs.

What makes BirdRock Home stand out?

The best thing about this brand’s gaming chair collection is that they come at pocket-friendly prices. The brand’s gaming chair collection consists only of floor gaming chairs.

These chairs are ergonomically designed with high-quality materials for longevity and have a solid construction, which is vital for sturdiness and stability.

Most of their gaming chairs are designed foldable, making storage a breeze. And include some ergonomic features such as 180-degree recline.


BirdRock Home has a superb customer support and always takes pride in giving you a unique shopping experience. The brand offers you a 30-day return guarantee from the day of purchase. You can easily contact their support by phone or via email provided on their website.

BirdRock Home‘s Best Gaming chairs

  • Best for kids: 5154 Memory Foam Floor Chair

This model is a plush compact recliner made of a strong frame with memory foam padding, which nicely molds to the shape of your body, keeping you in the right posture. The backrest easily adjusts to 14 different positions, allowing for your maximum relaxation.  It’s also pretty lightweight, making it easy for young gamers to move it around.

  • Best for Men: 10190 Rocker Floor Chair

This floor chair model has a sleek, modern design and has a solid build as it made of a sturdy steel frame. The seat is wide enough and is covered in memory foam padding for your extreme comfort. You also get to enjoy 14 recline positions, letting you adjust the chair to your liking.

8. Ace Bayou


Since its inception in 1986, Ace Bayou Corporation has continued growing and diversifying their product lines into different divisions.  Ace Bayou’s lifestyle division features quality and innovative furniture at remarkably affordable prices, allowing everyone to enjoy the best seating experience.

Over the years, Ace Bayou has become a global leader in the designing and manufacturing of sound chair products including X-Rocker gaming chairs. Some of their furniture creations include video rockers, bean bags, recliners, as well as other special seating furniture.

In the past few years, the company has realized a whopping 800 percent rise in demand of their products. This is mainly because the company is able to offer great quality gaming chairs at highly competitive prices.

What makes Ace Bayou stand out?

Firstly, this brand has many years of experience in the gaming industry, designing and manufacturing quality and durable gaming chairs. They also use high-quality materials, which ensure that your chair lasts longer and without major issues.

Ace Bayou gaming chairs also come designed with the latest technologies and better ergonomics, allowing you to enjoy modern gaming in the best way possible.

The brand’s line of gaming chairs also vary greatly in terms of pricing, enabling every gamer to enjoy an elevated gaming experience.

Warranty Policy

Ace Bayou offers a 90-day warranty for all their gaming chairs, so you can rest assured your chair is well-covered against defects in quality and material for this period from the purchase date.  All you need to do is to report any missing or damaged parts within the first fourteen days of purchase.

Ace Bayou’s Best Gaming Chairs

  • Best Pedestal: Ace Bayou X-Pedestal Audio Gamer Chair

This model is ergonomically designed with a sturdy frame with double layers of memory foam and full back support. It’s compatible with PS4, Xbox, Gameboy, and many other gaming consoles. This pedestal chair also boasts a 2.1 sound system with a subwoofer and 2 built-in speakers for an immersive gaming experience.

  • Best for massage: Ace Bayou X Rocker Vibe

The X Rocker Vibe features a decent padded seat with fabric upholstery for a more comfy seating experience. It comes with two speakers and a subwoofer as well as vibration motors that lets you enjoy a relaxing massage while busy gaming. Gamers also love that this chair connects with Bluetooth-enabled devices and some gaming consoles.

  • Best with speakers: Ace Bayou X Rocker 2.1

This model comes fitted with a powerful subwoofer on the backrest and two solid speakers close to the headrest for total immersion. The sound system uses the latest AFM technologies to produce high-quality sound. There is also a control panel where you can adjust the volume and base to your liking.

  • Best cheap option: Ace Bayou Black V Rocker 5130301     

This is one of Ace Bayou’s great budget gaming chairs that allows you to enjoy an amazing gaming experience with a budget under $ 80. At this price, you get a chair with wireless speakers and rocking functionality, taking your gaming experience to an entire new level.

9. Devoko


Devoko is an American company that specializes in designing and manufacturing of diverse quality furniture products. Some of their creations include metal furniture, patio furniture, office and home furniture, and other special products.

Devoko gaming chair brand has over the years earned itself a great reputation for supplying some of the best budget gaming chairs on the market.

What Makes Devoko Stand Out?

The brand’s gaming chairs are uniquely designed with an endless list of amazing features to give any gamer a competitive edge in their gameplays. Probably what makes these chairs stand out even more than their competitors is their remarkably low prices.

Their chairs offer you plenty of support for nearly every part of your body so you can comfortably sit and focus on your game. They are also great looking and strong enough to support even heavier individuals without any problem.


Devoko gaming chairs comes with a six months limited warranty, allowing you to get a replacement for damaged or defective parts.

They also provide a 30-day return guarantee where you get to enjoy free replacement or refund if you’re not satisfied with the product’s quality. This is a huge plus as most budget gaming chairs don’t come with any warranty.

They have a great support service and always strive to guarantee their customers total satisfaction with their products.

Devoko’s Best Gaming Chairs

  • Most Popular: Devoko Ergonomic Racing Gaming Chair

With nearly two thousand reviews and ranking number six on Amazon’s bestselling computer gaming chairs list, model is easily Devoko’s most popular gaming chair. This chair is quite affordable and has the ergonomics in place for utmost comfort. It’s wide and high enough and has a great design, making it ideal for almost every gamer out there. It’s also incredibly sturdy and can support gamers weighing up to 300 pounds.

  • Best Couch: Devoko Gaming Recliner Chair

What makes this model Devoko’s best recliner couch is its comfortable ergonomic design that allows you to enjoy longer gaming sessions. This couch has a large and ultra-soft seat with a soft lumbar support and headrest for maximum support and comfort. It easily reclines up to 160 degrees, making it a great option for relaxation in between games.

  • Best for Women: Devoko Racing Style chair

While this chair costs a little more than Devoko’s classic model, it’s a solid upgrade that comes with a racing style inspired design. This model comes equipped with comfortable 2D armrests and a super-sturdy build that supports up to 330 pounds capacity. It also has a full 180-degree recline function, which ensures utmost relaxation.

  • Best for kids: Devoko Classic gaming chair

This is a great option for kid gamers as it comes with a compact design. It looks great, provides ample back support and has an overall solid construction. The best part is that this chair comes at an affordable price, so you can expect great value for your money.

Best High-end for PRO Gamers: Pro gaming chair

AKRACING Pro gaming chair is a throne built for gaming kings and queens. It is a high-end chair ideal for those looking to upgrade their gaming stations and can accommodate wide-hipped and tall individuals. It is an elegant and charming masterpiece clearly made with love for ultimate comfort. The price tag of this piece may discourage you, but it’s a perfect choice for dedicated gamers willing to dig deeper in their pockets.

  • Cheapest option: Core Series EX

As the cheapest chair of all AKRACING Series, this Core Series EX gaming chair will not blow you away with pitch-perfect features, but it is a workhorse that does its job while it perfectly blends with the its surroundings. It is super comfortable with a breathable mesh fabric that’s soft on your skin. And it has an incredible back support making it the best soothing chair that can also help align your sitting posture.

  • Best for Comfort and space: LX Series

Just like its predecessors, the AKRACING LX Series has all features you could ever look for in a professional AKRACING chair. What stands out from this model is the wider frame and thicker foam padding, ideal for round-shaped folks.

Its color accents and design can match any room décor and you will certainly enjoy sitiing on the super soft and comfy PU leather upholstery.

10. Secretlab


Launched in 2014, Secretlab is an award-winning brand that has established itself as a reigning champion in the gaming chair industry. This comes down to the brand’s dedication to building firm gaming chairs from quality parts.

The company was founded by two competitive pro gamers who had tried to find the most suitable gaming chair ideal for long gaming hours in vain. As a result, they decided to make from scratch the chair that had all the attributes they needed: comfort, high-quality, and relatively affordable. The chair was launched in 2015 and the brand has consistently continued to live up to their set standards.

Secretlab gaming chairs are available in three distinct lineup including the Titan, Throne, and Omega series. Each series represents an outstanding refinement and improvement for a comfortable seating experience that comes with plenty of customization.

What makes Secretlab stand out?

Secretlab stands out with their small collection of gaming chair models that offer a broad range of options to choose from. Each model feature 4D armrests, and patented Secretlab Cold-Cure Foam that makes the chairs downright comfortable even after prolonged hours of gaming or working. But that’s not all.

Moreover, Secretlab gaming chairs have unique designs like Game of throne inspired House Lannister, House Targaryen, and House Stark, as well as Batman’s Dark Knight.

Overall, Secretlab chairs have a unique and unrivaled blend of comfort and support that other brands are yet to attain.

Secretlab also offers different accessories like t-shirts, mouse pads, pillows, fabric and leather cleaners for cleaning upholstery of all their gaming chairs. The company has also partnered with NeueChair as their official distributor of their office chairs across the US.


As an industry-leading brand, Secretlab offers a market leading warranty of three years for all functional parts of the gaming chair. They also recommend homecare steps in the Aftercare Guide in their website to ensure the chair serves you for long. The guide also has great tips on how to take care and use the chair and upholstery in general.

Secretlab’s best gaming chairs

  • Best for small-sizes: Throne Series

The Throne Series is a high end gaming chair ideal for small bodies. It comes with three noteworthy features that set it apart. First, the chair is small-sized but it’s large enough to accommodate most adults.

Second, it features an incredible design that’s almost similar to that of DXRacing Drifting Series. It has tapered edges along the seat and backrest so as to lock you into sitting with a proper posture.

The third element that makes this chair stand out is the high-quality upholstery made of PU leather that’s thick, lasts long and feels soft to the touch.

  • Best for an average user: Omega Series

The Omega Series is a step up of the Throne series with a compact design ideal for small to average sizes. This series carries over the impressive feature of the previous series but with a few additional. This top-ranked model boasts super-dense padding, pitch-perfect ergonomic features and a snug fit.

  • Best Overall: Titan Model

The Titan Series is specially designed for a maximum weight capacity of 290 lbs. and a height of approximately 5’9”-6’7”. When it comes to features, it carries over some from the Omeag and the Throne series, but with a few upgrades including:

First, this series comes with an integrated adjustable lumbar support. Unlike the previous models that come with headrest and lumbar support pillows, this chair takes the functionality up a notch. It boasts an inbuilt lumbar support that you can adjust using a knob on the side. This offers you greater customized support and comfort.

Second, is the Leveled Seat-base designed to give more room for your legs and allows you to sit cross-legged.

  • Best for Tall and Big: Titan XL Series

This particular model is the latest Titan chair of the 2020 series. It comes with all features of the Titan series with a few refinements. It comes with a flat and wide seat ideal for extra-wide individuals since it offers ample room for your legs to spill over the edges.

Another incredible highlight of the Titan XL is the adjustable features. The chair comes with an adjustable backrest that can recline forward to 85 degree and backward up to 165 degrees. On top of this, it boasts a multifunctional tilt lock mechanism that allows you to lock the chair at various angles.

11. X Rocker


It is nearly impossible to have a conversation about the best gaming chairs without mentioning the X Rocker brand. Established in 2005, X Rocker has taken the market by storm as one of the longest running and largest gaming chair brand across the world.

Unlike some of their competitors primarily focusing on racing style PC gaming chairs, it has made a name for itself in the gaming chair scene as the only brand that caters to console gamers..

They have a diverse line-up of the best audio gaming chairs ideally designed to connect with your gaming systems for a fully immersed audio experience. The different types of gaming chairs can be categorized into Floor Rockers, sound pedestals, and recliners. 

X Rocker is also known for selling headsets and controllers among other seating products through Ace Casual, which is their parent company. Ace Casual sells a whole range of products including kid’s furniture, outdoor furniture, and bean bags.

X Rocker gaming chairs are categorized into floor rockers, sound pedestals and recliners.

What makes X Rocker stand out?

X Rocker certainly lives up to its reputation as the top audio gaming chair brand in the world. Their chairs come with high-tech features including the Audio Frequency Modulation (AFM) technology.

AFM feature is incorporated into the chairs to provide an immersive and thrilling audio experience. Better yet, the chairs can connect with most electronic gadgets such as gaming consoles, mp3 players, and home theater systems.

In addition, most of the chairs have USB ports that allow you to charge your different controllers from the armrests, and also comes with storage for games, cup holders among other impressive features.  The unique design of these chairs has made X Rocker the market leader in the gaming chair scene.


X Rocker brand are not clear about their warranties. However, being in business since 2005 and backed up by the parent company, Ace Casual, we are more than confident that X Rocker are committed to meeting customer satisfying gaming chairs and stand behind their industry-leading products.

X Rocker’s Best Gaming Chair

  • Best Overall: X Rocker Pro Series H3 4.1 Wireless

The X Rocker 51259 a stylish and the best overall with incredible ergonomic features that are only found in newer models. It offers your impressive audio options for a huge array of games as well as unmatched body support for those who experience lower-back pain. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to comfort and durability since it combines the best features from high technology and support to give you the best.

  • Best for Design: X Rocker 5125401 2.1 Wireless SE

When it comes to design, no other model from X Rocker can match this. It has all the design lines every gamer need to be comfortable, innovative and high-tech integration. It is relatively pocket-friendly and comes with incredible features. It is elegant, stylish and ergonomic and uses mesh fabrics to ensure the air around you is cool, and uses a technology only found in high-end X Rocker models.

  • Best for short people: X Rocker 5127301 Wireless II SE 2.1

This X Rocker II chair is unlike others since you can adapt it to different formats and it is ideal for shorter individuals. It is an elegant and disturbingly well-designed gaming chair with a cost-effective price tag on it.

  • Best for kids: X Rocker Pedestal Pro Series 2.1 

Generally, this model seems like it was intended for kids or an average user with a weight of 200 lbs or a height of 5'10" or a weight of 200 lbs. Anyone above that height complain about a low headrest that’s cannot support their head fully. This is because it doesn’t have an adjustable headrest.

  • Best recliner: X Rocker Triple Flip 2.1 Sound Recliner

Triple Flip is the best X Rocker reclining chair that takes luxury and audio into a whole new level. It is a unique chair that combines three incredible functionalities. The chair has a super spacious storage compartment underneath the seat. And it can fold down into a comfortable footrest for maximum relaxation.

12. Merax


Established in 1995 and located in Los Angeles, California, Merax is a leading designer dedicated to providing innovative and premium furniture to simplify and improve the lives of modern day consumers. Their products are made with simplicity, modern designs and attention to details using high-quality raw materials. These attributes help in making practical and appealing products making them a perfect choice for office, study and home spaces.

Merax offers a wide range of all-inclusive products that can be categorized into home, office, kids, travel, pets, and fitness without breaking the bank.

What makes Merax stand out?

Although Merax isn’t a popular brand like its competitors such as DXRacer, they are gaining traction at a rapid rate. Merax is an exceptional brand that prides itself in making incredibly well-designed gaming chairs that feel and look amazing while offering terrific performance.

Moreover they understand that not everyone can afford to drop $300 to $500 on a gaming chair and that’s why they provide premium gaming chairs at relatively affordable prices. All their gaming chair models boast high-quality construction that look quite similar to the high-end options from other brands.


It is not clear about the warranty of Merax gaming chairs. But you can directly request from them or contact Amazon support. Nonetheless, most companies provide a 30 day warranty but to be on the safe side, you need to be quite sure before making a purchase.

Best Merax’s Gaming Chairs

  • Most Popular: Merax U-Knight Series Racing Style Gaming Chair  

When it comes to ultimate value, this U-Knight series hits the top score. As one of the popular chair from Merax, the chair is a high-back and ergonomic chair coupled with thick padding cushioning, PU leather and an elegant design. The model is very comfortable made with durable material and pops with style making it the suitable for gaming and office use.

  • Best for pro-gamers: Merax Racing Style Executive chair

This particular Merax model is designed with the pro gamer in mind. It features all you need for your next intense gaming marathon.  It has a reclining function that allows you to change the angle of the chair to your most ideal comfort level.

If you like taking a mid-game nap, it can lean up to 180 degrees, and has a thick padded expandable footrest for maximum comfort. You can also choose among the six different colors making it the best chair any gamer can ever ask for.

  • Best with footrest: Merax High-Back Racing chair

If you are taller, this is your perfect gaming chair. Its high back design helps align your spine, while the lower back cushion supports your lumbar area to prevent any back pain.

The chair is gently curved to contour with your natural spine curve and the thick padding offers unmatched comfort and support. Much like other models, it can lean back but up to 175 degrees when you need to relax and swivels at 360 degrees for flexibility. Stretch out your feet with the retractable footrest, which you can fold back when not in use.

  • Best floor Rocker: Merax Swivel Video Rocker

Swivel Video Rocker Chair is a little different since it specially designed to sit directly on the floor for ultimate comfort. Build with high-density foam with cotton knit cover, this chair is perfect for minimalist gamers.

The back is adjustable into three different angles, and sits on a 360 degrees swivel disc that ensures you can freely move and the frame is made of heavy-duty steel for longevity. Better yet, it is extremely light-weight, portable, and can easily fold for storage. Unlike other models, it doesn’t require any assembly you just pull it out from the box and start gaming.

  • Best Overall: Merax Ergonomic Racing Chair PP036127CAA

This high-back racing style gaming chair is an incredible chair for any gamer. Although it’s relatively more expensive than other Merax models, it is still a bit cheaper than its competitors on the same caliber such as Maxnomic. It is a workhorse with high quality construction, thick padding, great lumbar support, 360 degree swivel, durable, and ideal for larger folks. 

13. Giantex


Giantex is a brand specializing in a wide selection of products with different product lines. As such, this makes them a bit different from most gaming chair brands, which mainly focus on gaming chairs.

Although Giantex does not carry the same weight like most of established gaming chair brands, the company boasts a small lineup of gaming chairs that meet the standards of high-end chairs, but at a very reasonable price. 

What makes Giantex stand out?

As we mentioned earlier, Giantex continues to gain traction due to their reduced prices. Their gaming chairs are among the premium and most affordable you can ever find. Moreover, Giantex has been able to capture premium features and quality build mostly found on more expensive gaming chairs.


When it comes to warranty, Giantex offers a 30-day return period and one year warranty. For more information, you may have to check on their website or contact Giantex directly about a particular gaming chair.

Giantex’s best gaming chairs

  • Most popular: Giantex B01G4Z2KLG Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support 

This is a top-of-the-line racing style gaming chair specially designed with high-performance and comfort in mind. It is equipped with breathtaking features including a removable lumbar and headrest pillows and can recline between 90 and 180 degrees for maximum relaxation after long gaming or working day.

  • Best for girls: Giantex B079RYHD2G Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support (Pink)

This pink Giantex gaming chair hits the top score among the many pink gaming chairs in the market today. Its glamorous design is unrivaled, and it is a perfect option for those looking to strike a balance in price, weight, and performance.

The chair boasts adjustable lumbar pillows and headrest that are super thick and fluffy to fully complement the extra thick cushioning. Further, it has a reclining backrest and adjustable footrest and armrest to customize your comfort. And the pneumatic gas lift allows the chair to accommodate up to 330lbs.

  • Best with Footrest & Massage: Giantex Massage Gaming Chair with USB Massage Lumbar Pillow and Footrest

Not all gaming chairs are perfect most of them just have to get the job done. This Giantex model is a standard gaming chair ideal for an average gamer. So if you hunting for a gaming chair with an incredible massager and footrest, you cannot go wrong with this particular model.

  • Best with Bluetooth Speaker: Giantex Leisure Massage Chair B07G5VWP9R 

The Giantex Curved Massage Chair is an exceptional chair that takes comfort into a whole new level and offers you a humble back massage after a long day. The massage functionality contributes to the cost of this chair. But that’s not all.

It comes with a USB charger and a wireless Bluetooth speaker that can connect wirelessly with your devices. Plus a 30-day return period and one year warranty for the parts. 

  • Best Floor Chair with back support: Giantex Floor Folding Gaming Sofa B076FTTPZM

Gone are the days when the perfect gaming chair had to be a typical legged chair. Giantex floor sofa chair is a generously padded chair that offers you comfort just like the legged counterparts.  What sets this gaming chair from the rest is its lightweight and versatile design for convenience. As such, you can walk around with it, place it on any dry surface, and it’s suitable for limited spaces.

14. AmazonBasics


Launched in 2009, AmazonBasics is Amazon’s private label that initially focused on selling everyday basic and relatively affordable products. Currently, it has grown to offer a wide range of products including kitchen appliances, office supplies, cookware, dishes, cutlery, bakeware, electronics and many more. It continues to introduce more products into their inventory to offer more value to their customers.

What makes AmazonBasics stand out?

AmazonBasics lives up to its reputation for their low-priced products and their dedicated and stringent practice when it comes to quality control. As such, they have an exceptional choice of products that have been remarkably embraced by the consumers.

Best AmazonBasics Gaming Chairs

  • Most popular: AmazonBasics Racing Style Gaming Chair B07HJFY5KD

Whether you are fully immersed in your game or busy working, this high-back chair is designed to provide ultimate comfort and body support. It boasts a combination of features including high-end PVC materials, PU upholstery, and a nylon base for maximum strength and durability.

The chair also features a tilt mechanism that offers smooth reclining, and an adjustable seat height and armrest so that you can raise or lower to reach the level of comfort you desire. It also comes with an additional headrest and lower back pillow for lumbar support.


As you’ve seen from our review, there are numerous types of gaming chair brands out there in the market to choose from. These brands vary greatly in terms of the style of gaming chairs they manufacture as some specialize in floor chairs and rockers while other supply only executive ergonomic chairs.

All the brands on our list, however, have earned a great reputation in the designing of quality gaming chairs that come in a range of different prices. So, no matter the type of gaming chair brand you choose you can rest assured to enjoy a comfortable and immersive gaming experience.


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