Best Girls Gaming Chair Of 2020 (Pink Gaming Chair)

As a girl, it is natural that you’ll be super precise with the type of gaming chair you choose starting from the color to the overall design. Fortunate enough for you, the gaming industry is working relentlessly to meet the unique taste of girl gamers by availing pink gaming chairs.

Just as not all girls love pink color, there are men who’d die to have a pink gaming chair too. This makes pink gaming chairs quite a delicacy for anybody looking to enhance their gaming experience yet adding a touch of style to their gaming station.

In our list, we review the best gaming chairs available in different shades of pink from deep pink gaming chairs to light pink options and anything in between. These chairs vary also greatly in terms of prices to ensure you find one that perfectly suits your unique needs.

     Best for 2020

GTRACING Pink Cherry Blossom

After extensive research, we choose the GTRACING Pink Cherry Blossom as the overall best on our list as it looks incredibly cute; loaded with awesome features for total immersion, and a high build quality. Not to mention, it delivers exceptional sturdiness and coziness.
For those seeking best value, the Acmate Ergonomic E-Sport Chair is the most ideal. And for gamers looking for a cheaper option, Ansuit High-Back Gaming Chair is a superb choice.

Best Girls Gaming Chair for 2020

1. GTRACING Gaming Chair – Best pink gaming chair with speakers

GTRACING is a reputable brand well known for producing premium products at an affordable price. This modern and elegant chair is a top-of-the-line product with so many impressive features for great support and comfort.

The most notable element of this GTRACING chair is the speaker. It features two Bluetooth speakers that can easily connect wirelessly with smartphones, iPods and any other Bluetooth-enabled devices. The speakers are designed to produce a thrilling, cinema-like immersive sound at the comfort of your chair. The surround sound system delivers a remarkable and detailed stereo sound that brings out the best entertainment so you can enjoy your movie, music or game.

The chair also features height adjustable armrest to offer support to your shoulders, neck and upper torso. This can help reduce fatigue and strain on the neck muscles and shoulders. Moreover, it helps maintain the natural curve of your spine as well as reducing the probability of slouching or slumping.

In addition, it has a solid base with 360 degrees swivel and smooth casters for easy and flexible and quiet movement. The soft rubber wheels are durable and won’t leave marks on the floor or eat up the carpet.

The padding is made of high-density foam that is highly durable, offers superior support, and its compactness allows for proper alignment of your head, shoulders and back for a healthy spine.  


  • Comes with two Bluetooth speakers that gives a thrilling audio experience
  • Almost all parts of the chair are adjustable
  • Support a maximum weight of up to 300 pounds
  • The high-density foam cannot sag easily, so it ensures you have maximum back and neck support.
  • It is ideal for working, gaming and studying


  • It cannot recline up to 180 degrees, which is the most comfortable angle for a nap
  • Slightly expensive
  • Doesn’t come with a footrest

2. Acmate Ergonomic Massage Gaming Chair- Best for Lumbar Massage

If you are looking for the best gaming chair ideal for both adults and kids, this ACTMATE ergonomic chair is something to behold and worth every penny. It is disturbingly well designed featuring a vibratory massage function that can help with lumbar fatigue and strains.

This gaming chair is made with high-quality faux leather, which is resistant to dirt and discoloring. And the padding on the armrest, seat and headrest are made with durable, thick high-density foam that don’t sag easily to offer unmatched back and neck support as well as relieving back pain and pressure.   

It also comes with a USB powered massage pillow so you can enjoy a relaxing massage from the comfort of your home. And the complimentary neck pillow offers you utmost comfort. These two incredible features come in handy when you have aching back muscles.

In addition, the chair is multifunctional since it comes with a myriad of mechanisms including tilt, swivel and adjust. The tilt mechanism allows you to rock your body back and forth, while the tension tilt is what enables your body to recline. The swivel mechanism allows you to move the chair freely from side to side and stand up with ease.


  • Comes with easy to follow set up instructions.
  • It has a retractable footrest to ensure your legs and feet are properly supported and helps relieve pressure on your legs and lower back.
  • The chair has a sturdy base with castors for maximum support and stability.
  • The seat cover is easy to clean


  • The armrests are a bit far from the seat, so they are less useful when in full recline
  • You must connect the massage pillow with USB, which can limit your ability to move around.

3. Homall Gaming Chair – Best Customization Pink Chair under $150

From the ground up, Homall gaming chair is pink in color with a slight touch of blue making it look so elegant. However, there is more than just the colors. The chair is ergonomically designed and comes with a headrest and lower back pillows to ensure you experience optimum comfort. Beyond this, it has a tilt lock mechanism that allows you to recline the chair up to 180 degrees so you can lie flat on your back whenever you feel fatigued and need to relax.

In addition, the chair has a pneumatic lift that allows you to adjust the height, and it can hold up to 300lbs, which is more than what you get from ordinary gaming chairs.  This cute chair also has a robust base with 360 degrees swivel functionality for easy movement around your office or gaming room.


  • The pillows comes in handy to alleviate any lower back pain
  • The chair is easy to assemble and instructions are easy to follow
  • The structure of the chair is sturdy allowing you to play your games in style and with maximum comfort


  • The chair has no footrest, which means you cannot stretch out your legs after long sitting hours.
  • The seat cushion is less thick, which can make the chair uncomfortable after long use.

4. BESTOFFICE Gaming Chair B083K2CGXM – Best for Women Adults

There are lots of good chairs out there, but this pink diva is a reigning champion. This chair sets itself apart with a remote controlled vibrator designed to massage your back to reduce strain and fatigue.

The frame and base of the chair is made of BIFIMA certified materials to offer more stability with nylon casters and swivel wheels for flexibility. The sturdiness of the chair allows it to carry a maximum weight of up to 250 pounds.

 Moreover, this race styled chair have a wider and higher backrest to ensure your entire spine is fully supported, while the headrest and lower back pillows offer more comfort when sitting for long hours.


  • The chair has a pneumatic gas lift mechanism so you can adjust the height to meet your needs.
  • It comes with all necessary tools so you can easily set up.


5. AutoFull Ergonomic Gaming Kawaii Leather

It is no doubt that this Kawaii gaming chair is the most girly option best ever made and ranks as the best overall. The most striking thing about this package is the incredible free pink gifts that come with it. You get a fluffy rabbit tail, pretty rabbit ears, mouse pad and a floor mat all specially made to convert your chair into a bunny. The best part is that you don’t pay a dime for the bunny; it’s just a bonus to complement your pinky surrounding. 

AutoFull is a renowned brand that produces top-of-the-line gaming accessories using pink and white colors for International Pro Leagues, and this chair is no different.

With a maximum capacity of 300lbs, this chair is made of heavy-duty materials and covered with durable PU leather to ensure it doesn’t rip apart.

It comes with adjustable armrest and backrest so you can lie on your back for optimum relaxation, while the lumbar and headrest pillow add to the comfort.

The white casters and swivel are designed to allow flexibility and uses explosion-proof gas lift that meets international standards.


  • Comes with free and customizable parts that turn your chair into a cute bunny.
  • The white and pink color combination adds unmatched beauty to your gaming space
  • The upholstery material is stain-resistant an
  • The armrest come with seven height adjustment levels


  • It is quite heavy, so you may need help moving it from one room to another.
  • It does not recline up to 180 degree so you cannot lie back comfortably
  • It does not come with a footrest to stretch out your body and legs

6. MORFAN Gaming Footrest Computer Chair B082MD4CQD

This MORFAN gaming chair is inarguably one of the most exquisite looking chairs boasting an incredible combo of hot pink and rich black colors. You will marvel at the way these two colors complement and blend with one another.  

Beyond this, the masterpiece has a solid structure made of heavy-duty steel that is rust-resistance, corrosion-free and durable. It has multiple functionalities including the massage and rocking mechanism, adjustable armrests and seats, and retractable footrest so you can get a break and stretch your body.

In addition, the chair is made of high-quality materials including environmental-friendly and premium PU leather to protect the chair from wear and tear, as well as high-density memory foam for added comfort. Better yet, it can hold a maximum capacity of 300lbs.


  • The chair is made of high-quality materials that are durable and corrosion-free.
  • It can be used to study, gaming or in the office
  • It is easy to set up


  • Isolated complaints that it feels wobbly

7. ANSUIT Gaming Chair- Best Under $100

This affordable Ansuit gaming chair has an ergonomic design for optimum adjustability and greater lumbar support to alleviate and prevent back pain and muscle strain.

The chair is made of high-quality materials including heavy-duty frame and base with rubber castors for maximum stability and flexible mobility. The upholstery is made using premium PU leather, which is soft, waterproof, easy-to-clean, and does not easily crack or fade.

This chair also comes with added perks of a steep recline angle of 170 degree and an easy to operate retractable footrest. When you combine these two elements plus the pink color, you not only have an elegant gaming chair, but also one that fully supports you even when taking naps.

In addition, the removable lumbar massage and neck pillows can be moved up and down as you wish so you can experience maximum comfort when working or gaming.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Made of water-resistant, durable  and easy to clean PU leather
  • Comes with an easy to operate footrest that allows you to lay down straight
  • The lumber massage can help reduce fatigue and lower back pain
  • Robust chair with high weight capacity (300 lbs)


  • Backrest reclines but cannot rock.

8. EDWELL Home Office Gaming Chair

Edwell gaming chair has an ergonomic design to ensure it perfectly fits your body shape and makes you feel relaxed after a long working day or extended gaming session.

This racing style gaming chair is generously padded with adjustable footrest and headrest to fully support your whole body for optimal comfort. It is an ergonomic and multifunctional chair that can be locked at any angle up to 170 degrees, which can help improve blood circulation since it allows you to prop up your feet.

In addition, the seat and armrests are height adjustable for exceptional body support and comfort. And the pull out footrest is well padded to provide support to your lower limbs, minimizes pressure on your back and helps improve your sitting posture.

The detachable headrest and lumbar support come in handy when taking quick naps or watching a movie and helps you relax after intense gaming or working.


  • The chair comes with a tilt mechanism that allows you to multitask and to easily find an angle that’s more comfortable.
  • The swivel casters are anti-skid, do not leave marks on the floor and roll quietly.
  • The seat is covered with PU leather, which is easy to clean, soft to the touch and long lasting.


  • Can be a bit noisy

GTracing is another great brand that provides you very good quality at a cheap price. This chair considered the top alternative of premium chair brand DXRacer

Among our 8 selection, only GTRACING gaming chair comes with Bluetooth-enabled speakers. In addition, AUTOFULL gaming chair has a unique feature making it stand out; it comes with a free package that you can convert into an attractive pink bunny. While BESTOFFICE gaming chair sets itself apart with a remote controlled vibrator, which is rare to find in most pink gaming chairs.

FAQs around pink gaming chairs

  • What features should one consider when purchasing a pink gaming chair?

The most crucial feature to look after when buying a chair is comfort. Second, you must ensure that the design can perfectly fit your body and puts little to no strain on your muscles. The amount of padding, adjustable, height, adjustable armrest, and reclining backrest are factors that contribute to the comfort of your chair.

  • How much is a pink gaming chair?

There is a broad price range of chairs in the market since there are some that cost under $100 and others can go as high as $1,000 and more. The cost mostly depends on the features and functionality that a chair offers. Some gaming chairs have audio, others a massage functionality, while some have footrest, and many more. Besides, before you choose a chair, consider your budget and the features you want in a chair as well.

  • Which is the best brand to buy? 

When it comes to brand, it mostly depends on your budget and the features you desire in your pink gaming chair since every person has different needs and preferences.

  • Is there an age limit for gaming chairs?

There are different types of gaming chairs. Some are specially designed for kids while there are others ideally made for everyone. However, when it comes to adult gaming chairs, weight and height can limit its use. That’s why it’s important to check the manufacturer’s product descriptions to ensure there will be no problems.

  • Are there other different types of gaming chairs?

There is a wide range of gaming chairs on the market today including the bean bag seat, the racing simulator, the video rocker, and the pedestal chair. Each type comes with their unique pros and cons over other types.

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