SecretLab Titan Review

SecretLab Titan Review

4.0 out of 5

After picking the ultimate gaming PC, next up is the gaming chair. You have to get it right lest your body suffers. Most gamers spend countless hours in front of gaming PCs without taking a break.

The wrong chair can take a toll on your shoulders, back, neck, knees, and even elbows. It’s the last thing you want because your wins won’t feel like wins. If you have to rest sore arears after every game you lose syce for the next game.

Which brings us to today’s review. The SecretLab Titan Gaming Chair Review. This is one of the most comfortable chairs on the market. It is ideal for long gaming sessions, has lots of customizable options, and is built of premium materials.

But don’t just take my word for it. Let’s take a detailed look into the SecretLab Titan. At the end of this review, you’ll have identified whether it’s the one for you or not.

SecretLab Titan- Who is it Made for?

Gaming chairs have recommendations for body size and height. This Singapore-based brand looked at large, tall frames, before building the Titan. If you find that it’s your shoulders instead of your head that rest on the headrest, the Titan is made for you.

It is recommended for folks from 5’7” up to 6’5”. This is quite incredible. Most gaming chairs including the SecretLab Omega from the same brand are for people up to 5’9”.

Titan is also a chair for average-sized users. It accommodates up to 290 pounds of weight. For heavier users, you’ll do better with a chair like AKRacing Master Series Max. It can take on 400 pounds without giving.

Premium Quality Faux Leather

In this review, we’ll be looking at the SecretLab Titan 2020 Stealth Version. It has a gold T logo on the backrest and not the black embroidery found on the Black version. We like the design of the Titan because though simple, it is geared towards comfort.

It looks and feels high quality. It is made of Polyurethane leather. This is premium leather which gives this chair a luxurious feel. SecretLab has tested it over 200,000 cycles using the Martindale Abrasion Test. Compared to regular faux leather, Titan can last 150,000 more cycles.

We have not tested the durability ourselves, but we can tell, it will last a long time.

You can also get this chair in a fabric version which is a bit more expensive. Probably because the leather model tends to have some issues when gaming in hot weather. It is not as breathable as fabric. It can get uncomfortable if your clothing is not breathable either.

This chair does not include holders for drinks. You won’t be able to have a cold drink next to you in warm weather. Also, SecretLab has warned against spilling liquids on the surface. Long term contact with moisture can damage the leather prematurely.

You’ll want to resist the urge to game when on all sweaty or right after a shower. Otherwise, you risk eroding the coating.

Supple Padding for Utmost Comfort

Most gaming chairs are not keen on the padding used in their seats or backrests. But SecretLab is not leaving any stone unturned. This brand uses firm, cold-cured foam. It molds to the contours of the chair. Every inch from the headrest to the backrest and sides is super comfortable.

It’s not the massage chair kind of comfort. But it’s the kind that keeps your back straight and your body alert. It won’t woo you into midday sleep unless you ask for it.

We particularly like that the padding goes back to its original shape every time you get up. This way, it won’t lose its shape before you are done enjoying the supple feel it gives your behind.

The actual feel of the padding when gaming is that of hugging the body rather than being overbearing. You will find it makes you feel free and comfortable enough to perform every move.

Customizable Armrests

SecretLab Titan takes it a notch higher with the armrests. Instead of the 4D adjustment mechanism, now you have rotational adjustments. The armrests have a thick metal for the support. They move up and down, and forward and backward by two inches.

The armrests also move in and out in two different styles so that you can have an open seat or closed style when you want to rest your elbows. Speaking of elbows, Titan now includes PU coating. It is more comfortable rather than the plasticky feel of the previous versions.

On the Titan 2020, you don’t have to deal with a chair that does not sit flush with the desk. If you want to slide under, all you have to do is unscrew the armrests and push them down all the way. It will allow you to use the mouse and keyboard just the way you want it.

The armrests height adjustment is guaranteed to go smoothly. It is made of metal and wider than in the previous version. It’s a slight change, but it allows the armrests to move smoothly up and down.

The button that controls the armrests forward and backward movements also locks the rotational adjustments. You will no longer change the angle accidentally when gaming. It sits flush against the armrest’s sides which is away from accidental hand movements.

Titan ensures you can adjust the armrests in a way that suits you and the game. FPS players who like to lean in can rest easy because you won’t have a sore neck. It molds to your movements leaving you full of energy for the next game.

Equally Smooth Seat Adjustments

This chair is not done impressing. We are happy with all the options offered for the seat and backrest. First, there’s the height adjustment. SecretLab Titan can adjust up and down by 4 inches.

On the right side of the seat, you will find the lever that adjust the angle of the backrest. It can go from 90 degrees which is fully upright to 180 degrees which is flat on your back. For those who like lounging in their gaming chair for movies, you can rest or sleep in the flat position.

Not to mention, you can set the entire chair to rock back and forth. Again, when lounging, or lock the chair in place when you want to settle into some serious gaming. These tilt adjustments are what makes it exceptional for leisure or competitive gaming.

Dreamy Lumbar Support

If you have an older gaming chair, it probably came with a pillow for lumbar support. And while it’s still a trend in most brands, SecretLab continues to shake this industry to that regard. SecretLab Titan gaming chair does not need a pillow to achieve incredible lumbar support.

The rear of the backrest is designed to offer exceptional back support. All with the help of a knob.

Located on the right side of the backrest, this knob allows you to dial in the kind of support your back needs. Whether you want it firm or a soft area, just add or reduce support according to your back.

SecretLab does not take away the lumbar pillow entirely. If a pillow feels more comfortable, please go ahead. You can dial the backrest back so you have room for a lumbar cushion.

This chair does not come with the lumbar cushion. You only get the headrest pillow. It’s another feature that ticks on this chair. The headrest uses thick memory foam with cooling gel. It offers the plush feel of memory foam without suffering the overheating consequences. Cooling gel wicks away sweat for extra comfort.

The black velour material on the headrest is also embroidered with the T logo. It looks elegant too.

Every spec on this chair is deliberate. SecretLab ensures that you can Titan to you and the game.

SecretLab Titan 2020 Assembly

It may take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 ½ hours to assembly the SecretLab Titan. It takes a shorter time with an extra pair of hands.

One common challenge is aligning the holes of the backrest to the brackets. It is a difficult part of the assembly, but not necessarily frustrating.

In the Box

All the parts of this chair come in one box. You should check to ensure that you receive all the parts. The package includes the wheelbase, backrest, seat with armrests, tilt mechanism, and five wheels. It also has the screw set and an Allen key.

Apart from the Allen Key, you will also need a Philips head screwdriver.

SecretLab also includes a large poster with pictures and English instructions to guide the assembly.

1. First Up- the Wheelbase

The simplest part of assembling the Titan chair is the wheelbase.

With the wheelbase upside down, simply push the stem of the wheels into the holes. Ensure that each wheel is firm and you are set.

Before you set aside the wheelbase, attach the hydraulic piston. The stem has a wide and narrow side. The wide side should go into the center of the wheelbase.

Then, set it aside. It will be the last part to go into the rest of the chair.

2. Install the Backrest

The backrest comes with four preinstalled M8 screws. With the Allen key, remove all the screws. The tricky part is aligning the brackets. Don’t worry you will get it right, though not on the first try.

Without adjusting the recline lever, align the backrest to the bracket found on the right side with the tilt mechanism. You should do this at an angle because, at the same time, you will be aligning the backrest to the left-side bracket.

Line the brackets with the screw holes you removed the screws. And insert the screws. Use the Allen key to tighten the screws, but do not tighten fully at this point. After installing the screws on the right side, repeat on the left side.

After you are done on the left side, you can now tighten all the screws fully.

3. Insert Bracket Covers

The side covers go on next. These are plastic covers that go over the metal brackets. SecretLab uses small screws for this part. You should align the side covers to the screw holes before you install any of the screws. Then, use a Philips head screwdriver to drive in and tighten the screws.

Do not overtighten the screws.

4. Attach the Tilt-Mechanism

At this point, you are more than halfway through the installation. Since the chair is in the upright position, you have to face it down to have access to the base. Set the armrests to the lowest height using buttons on the outside of the armrests.

After lowering the armrests, gently set the chair facing downwards.

Now, you want to align the tilt mechanism with the four screw holes on the base. You have to align it accurately, lest you’ll have trouble inserting the screws. The screws for this part come in a separate screw set.

When the tilt mechanism is in line with the base, insert the four screws and tighten with the Allen key.

5. Insert the Side Paddles onto Left and Right Tilt Mechanism Levers

The lever handles have grooves which you align to the notches of the lever post. The grooves have to align otherwise the tilt mechanism will not work as it should. To do this, twist the lever handles back and forth as you push them inside their respective levers.

When the right paddle is inserted correctly, it moves up and down without hiccups. The left side paddle clicks into two positions when you insert it the right way. It is also tricky and kind of annoying especially if you get it wrong the first time.

A wrong paddle installation means you will be rubbing the plastic back and forth. This will degrade the plastic. Thankfully, even with frayed plastic grooves, your chair will still work fine.

6. Lastly, Load the Wheelbase

The tilt mechanism goes into the narrow side of the hydraulic piston. It's the part you left side up on the wheelbase. After the two parts slide-on, all that’s left is getting the chair back to its upright position.

7. Test your Chair

Perhaps the most satisfying part is sitting and testing if you’ve done a good job. The first time you sit will tell you if the hydraulic system is working correctly. Now you can play with the height and recline adjustments to see if all the features are working as they should.

Assembling the SecretLab Titan is not a big deal. If you encounter problems, you can always watch the SecretLab installation video here.

Why Game on the SecretLab Titan 2020?

SecretLab Titan is not your average gaming chair. It integrates lumbar support into the chair. Rather than using a cushion as most models on the market. It has a firm seat that supports medium to large persons up to 290 pounds.

Its exceptional padding on the seat and backrest makes it a chair for long gaming sessions. And so are the armrests. They can adjust in different ways and they now include PU leather for additional comfort.

The tilt mechanism is to die for-literally. It is a unique aspect of this chair in that it allows the chair to rock back and forth or lock in place. It provides gamers with utmost comfort while keeping you focused.

Titan 2020 also supports the elbows. It’s a feature we can’t overlook. The chair will not leave you with a sore neck because of compensating for the lack of elbow support.

Titan 2020- What’s not to like?

As much as we love this chair, certain flaws can’t go unmentioned. For large guys, it tends to be less comfortable in the flat position. The armrests don’t cater to the arms once you go flat. This leaves you with nowhere to place your hands.

Again, the flared sides are not the best for big guys. They can dig into your sides if you find that your body fills the chair. And if that’s the case, you may also find yourself trapped rather than free. As much as it is sold as a chair for large guys, it may not meet the needs of all folks in this category.

Another thing we noticed is with the seat. This happens to everyone. Although the padding is ample, the area towards the back does not have enough plush padding. We take it that there’s a solid frame on the underside. SecretLab should have used a little more padding in this area. It would even out the hard feeling that you will sometimes feel if you sit for long hours in one position.

Lastly, there are complaints about SecretLab’s return policy. If you find that you don’t like this chair, you have to pay for the return fees. And if you want your money back, SecretLab will take 20% of the purchase fees. It’s something that does not sit well with most people which brings us to the warranty.

SecretLab Titan has a 3-year warranty just like other chairs from this brand. But you can have this warranty extended to five years if you post this chair on social media. That is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Bottom Line

As the bigger brother to SecretLab Omega, Titan 2020 is designed for tall and large guys. It is heavier to accommodate more weight. This chair provides lots of adjustable features, the armrests being the most remarkable. It uses high-quality materials to guarantee durability on every feature.

Although the seat is firm, it is not rigid which makes it more comfortable than models that use firm padding. The leather is spill-resistant and the headrest pillow is extra comfy. It is at the top of its game, and a solid recommendation from us here at

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