Best 4K TVs for Gaming for PC, PS4, Xbox One Gaming

Gaming on a TV can be a tricky endeavor. You don’t want to worry about picture performance because, well, TVs are great at picture reproduction. Enjoying less motion blur, less ghosting, and tearing comes with choosing a 4K TV that has low input lag and decent refresh rates.

Samsung, Sony, and LG have managed to score better in response times while TCL brings you smart features for better use of your TV when you are not gaming. You must expect a gaming mode to reduce the input lag as well as multiple connectors for compatibility with consoles and PCs.

Check out our highly recommended lineup below:

Top Pick - LG Electronics OLED65C7P Ultra HD

With a 4K display, this TV is pixel dense since you have over 8million pixels on a 65-inch TV. The beauty of it is that you can be as close or as far as you want from the TV and your eyes won’t get distracted over the area you have to cover. It’s right at the edge of the largest size you could get for a gaming TV.

We went high and low on this one as manufacturers don’t list TV input lags, so we had to look at lab tests from various sources. After comparing over 30 models, checking boxes on our short list of must-have features and pitting together the best we could find, LG Electronics OLED65C7P Ultra HD is the TV to beat.

From perfect blacks, excellent contrast, a 21ms input lag, and HDR 10, it supports just about every title you can throw at it on PCs and consoles the same.

If you are more about pixel density, no better way to game than on a 32-inch TV. Samsung puts its best leg forward with the Samsung UN32N5300AFXZA. It is not about 4K but a perfect size for the bedroom or dorm room.

Best 4K TVs for Gaming for PC, PS4, Xbox One Gaming for 2020

1. LG Electronics OLED65C7P Ultra HD: Best 4K HDR TV for Gaming

LG has perfected OLED TVs and if you are looking for perfect blacks, no better TV to get than the LG Electronics OLED65C7P Ultra HD. Apart from offering a sleek exterior, you can game on this TV thanks to its 21ms input lag.

With a 4K display, this TV is pixel dense since you have over 8million pixels on a 65-inch TV. The beauty of it is that you can be as close or as far as you want from the TV and your eyes won’t get distracted over the area you have to cover. It’s right at the edge of the largest size you could get for a gaming TV.

When it comes to refresh rates and picture technologies, LG is careful to give you its best features. You have HDR 10 with Dolby vision alongside pixel level illumination, deep contrast, and cinematic imagery. Not forgetting, over 1 billion of explosive colors.

This TV can deliver detailed imaging with extended lighting that allows you to enjoy gaming in all types of lighting conditiond. Whether in a sunroom or a dark cinema playroom, the pixels are self-lit hence no squinting with hours of gaming.

Since this TV has not invested in anti-tearing technology, you could expect stutter but because new titles play at high frame rates, its near-instant response time eliminates blurring. You will see this happen in car and first-person shooter games.

You’ll like that it has native 1080p at 120Hz support, which is why it’s a favorite with older titles.

To make it better, this TV is smart. It has built-in Wi-Fi on a future-proof protocol meaning you don’t have to worry about Wi-Fi compatibility decades from now. The TV connects over the advanced smart platform-webOS 3.5/3.6 which is super intuitive. It opens up your world to enjoy not only online games but also a ton of apps from Netflix to YouTube, Hulu, and many others.

Looking at the ports, LG also offers a ton of them. It has four HDMI inputs that are ideal for multi-console homes. You won’t be buying an extra cable or an HDMI switch to support multiple users. The TV has other inputs including three USB ports, Ethernet, a composite video input, RF, and optical inputs.

When it comes to the audio performance, LG OLED65C7P is doing great with 40W speakers that offer surround sound. It has six sound modes and a smart sound mode. You can even play music from Bluetooth sound bars that support wireless connectivity.

Flaws but not Dealbreakers

The only thing you have to put up with is that it lacks Google cast which is obvious considering it’s of a different brand. You have to bring a media streaming device like Chromecast if you want to access stuff like Google Play.


  • Does not need backlighting
  • Super thin to blend with décor
  • Fast response time
  • thumbs-up
    Active HDR and Dolby vision
  • thumbs-up
    USB 3.0 input
  • thumbs-up
    User-friendly webOS interface


  • Lacks a component input and analog audio out
  • thumbs-down
    First-time use with a split screen can be confusing

2. LG Electronics OLED55B8PUA: Best 4K Gaming TV

LG OLED55B8PUA is an excellent 4K TV offering infinite contrast, enhanced black levels, and support for HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HLG. It does not come on the cheap, and it’s no wonder why it ranks high in HDR gaming.

LG has invested in emissive technology to bring you this TV. It has accurate pictures whether you are viewing it directly in front of you or from an angle. You’ll notice that its screen brightness changes with the content you are viewing.

You may be wondering how different this TV is from our first choice, but there are some subtle differences. Apart from being slightly cheaper, this TV has Google Assistant built-in. It has an almost similar 21.3ms input lag in the gaming mode and 50.2ms outside the gaming mode.

As you can see, it plays just as great for a slightly cheaper price tag.

Its color representation is just as expected. It is remarkable since it can output up to 98% of DCI-P3 wide color gamut. It will support all your HDR and Dolby vision shows which also means you can play on PS4 and Xbox One without any hitches.

Another impressive feature is its support for SDR content which brings a dash of color to traditional cable and DVD content.

Moving on to its smart features, you will be streaming on LG’s webOS menu system which always feels snappy. It gives extensive app coverage, and for those who feel they want more you can consider the Apple TV 4K as it supports Dolby Vision.

Like its C7 counterpart, LG B8 also supports different resolutions but not 1440p. But it enjoys smooth motion handling for fast action games.

B8 has four HDMI ports, three USB 2.0, Ethernet, Optical out, and Tuner. Again, it lacks an analog audio jack so no wired headphone connections for you.

Flaws but not Dealbreakers

OLED pixels are sensitive to burn in, and this TV is no exception. Even with LG’s pixel refresher, it’s still too early to tell the life of OLED pixels.


  • Motion control remote
  • Built-in Google Assistant
  • Cinematic 4K HDR gaming
  • thumbs-up
    Pixel-level dimming
  • thumbs-up
    Dolby Atmos audio technology


  • Extremely thin and easy to damage when handling

3. Samsung QN65Q9FN: Best for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X

Samsung Q9F Series speaks of total luxury which is what most competitive gamers want. It has a modern but simplistic design with slim bezels that allows for sleek placement in living and playrooms.

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of this TV is that it is a QLED, not an OLED. It’s not far from what LG is offering especially because you have to choose one or the other. This TV explores Quantum Dot LED which displays black blacks and near perfect light precision-very close to OLED.

Samsung Q9F also offers exceptional bright room performance, and you won’t be worrying about off-angle viewing because it is equally amazing. You get to enjoy quantum color and impactful HDR10 which adds up to the best gaming experiences with consoles that support 4K and HDR.

This TV pushes color volume to 100% with over a billion shades. With anti-reflective screen and precise backlighting, all you can expect is a stunning picture effect. It supports, 4K, 1440p, 1080p, 720p, and 480p inputs which gives you a variety of choices in content sources.

The gaming mode has 60Hz refresh rates and an input lag of 22.4ms during HDR gaming. You can even game at a fantastic 120hz at an even faster response time of 10.8ms. These features provide for its exceptional performance when paired with PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Q9F is as smart as they get, with Bixby, a voice assistant at the center of Samsung’s Tizen OS. Alongside the operating system is the OneRemote, for an effortless way to search and find stuff on this platform.

Other impressive features of the Q9F include the Q Style Elite designed to allow the TV to blend in with your décor plus the clutter-free setup where only one cable connects to the TV.

 Flaws but not Dealbreakers

Samsung Q9 has not yet achieved perfect blacks since you may notice a slight dirty screen effect which is only noticeable when watching similar colors over a large area.


  • Premium HDR picture performance
  • Effective local dimming
  • Supports no-gap mount
  • thumbs-up
    Ideal as a smart hub
  • thumbs-up
    Powerful Q Engine processor


  • You can’t opt out of ads

4. TCL 55R617 55-Inch 4K Ultra: Best Gaming TV Under $500

Pro gamers looking for an affordable gaming TV will love the TCL 6 Series R617. At under $500, this TV packs all the nice features of a high-end TV including HDR with Dolby Vision and a Roku operating system.

This TV enjoys full array local dimming which contributes to excellent peak brightness and deep blacks. Don’t expect relish imaging but it is great with gaming since it can produce smooth motion using backlight flicker. Its picture performance also includes a full palette of colors and contrast control technology which helps to optimize over 160 zones individually.

TCL 6 Series brings you the simplest smart TV platform Roku. The OS ensures you can open apps fast and easy instead of flipping and swiping through hundreds of apps. It allows you to access content through cables, satellite subscriptions, and even live streaming.

An impressive part of it all is that you can also use your phone as a remote, streaming device, or headphones when you want to enjoy some private listening.

For gaming, TCL 6 Series supports the world of 4K and HDR with an impressive input lag of only 19.6ms. You obviously have to select game mode to enjoy low input lag. It can also be a PC by enabling the computer mode.

You get a decent number of inputs with this TV. These include three HDMI, one USB, Ethernet, and composite. Its high-quality metallic finish is sleek and looks high-end thus able to match with modern and contemporary décor.

Flaws but not Dealbreakers

This TV’s voice function powered by Roku is not its best feature. It is not comprehensive like Alexa and Google Assistant so you may want to skip on the whole advanced artificial intelligence with this model.


  • Enjoys local dimming
  • Low input lag at only 19.6ms
  • Simple Roku TV interface
  • thumbs-up
    Brushed metal design
  • thumbs-up
    It is 4K with HDR Dolby Vision


  • It lacks a cable management system
  • thumbs-down
    Blacks are not perfect

5. Samsung UN32N5300AFXZA Full HD Smart TV: Best 32-Inch Gaming TV

Samsung N5300 is for casual gamers. If you want more than just watching games on your TV, this model is built for your exact situation. The TV has a full HD resolution and supports most videos sources including PS3 and Xbox One consoles.

Since this TV comes on the cheap, you can expect some plastic parts. The good thing is that Samsung does not overdo it. In fact, only the borders and stand are plastic, and the rest is all metallic. As a 32-inch TV, a lot goes for it in terms of detail and color.

Its IPS panel handles multi-angle viewing with decent native contrast and deep blacks. It invests in PurColor and advanced picture algorithm for a stunning view. It supports a high percent color gamut for SDR, and it can also support HDR. The brightness level is designed for average to dark rooms since it experiences a bit of glare when exposed to too much light.

When it comes to gaming, Samsung N5300 games at 60Hz refresh rates. It does not deliver smooth motion, and you will experience blur from time to time. That’s why it’s better in the hands of a ‘here and there’ gamer rather than a competitive gamer. This is especially because it has a 51.3ms input lag that is disappointing in hardcore gaming.

A quad-core processor sits at the heart of this model. It provides fast and smooth execution of apps on the Tizen smart platform. It is also easy to control all your connected devices using the SmartThings app support. Not forgetting, that with a compatible phone, it’s easy to control content from it, instead of the remote.

The total number of inputs is not that high as you get two HDMI 1.4, one USB, Composite in and Component in, Ethernet, and Tuner. If you have lots of devices, an HDMI switch will be a must-have item with this TV.

Flaws but not Dealbreakers

Unfortunately, even with the game mode on, the input lag remains relatively high. That’s why you will not want to depend on this TV for fast-paced games. But it can play most AAAs like GTA V.


  • It has an energy-saving eco sensor
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Supports two-way mirroring
  • thumbs-up
    It has a contrast enhancer
  • thumbs-up
    Supports 720p and 1080p gaming
  • thumbs-up
    It has Micro Dimming Pro


  • Does not handle motion blur well

6. LG 43UK6300PUE 4K Ultra HD Smart TV: Best TV for PC Gaming

Another of LG’s smart TVs with ThinQ AI, Google Assistant built-in; LG UK6300 is an easy pick for PC gaming. As an IPS TV, we don’t see problems when viewing or gaming at whichever angle you choose. It boasts 4K resolution and HDR support to give you a remarkable PC gaming experience.

The 43-inch display of this TV has a 60Hz refresh rate. It enjoys true to life colors, but it does not have local dimming only edge-lit backlighting. This means it suffers from unwanted light in scenes supposed to be dark. We do, however, like that it has 99.8% color gamut indicating that it is keen to detail and color accuracy.

Although it has different picture modes, you will find that its brightness is best in the Expert mode and in HDR which is a contrast especially because it does worse in SDR. LG UK6300 is a badass when it comes to gray uniformity and achieving brilliant white balance. It gives you perfect color temperature unlike most TVs in its price range.

With an input lag of 11.3ms, it is the lowest we have seen so far. It allows you to play at various resolutions without suffering slow input speeds which further contributes to less ghosting and motion blur.

The price does not dictate the performance of its smart features as it still operates on the webOS platform. From the ThinQ AI to the ribbon-style menu, everything is as we expect to be.

Flaws but not Dealbreakers

For the price, LG does not include the magic remote that lets you take advantage of the voice control feature. It comes with a basic remote with only 46 buttons which is rather annoying.


  • Supports TruMotion 120
  • Lowest input lag in a gaming TV
  • Good viewing angle
  • thumbs-up
    Fast response time
  • thumbs-up
    Google Assistant voice control


  • It is not as bright with SDR

7. Sony XBR49X900F 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD: Best Midrange TV for Gaming

Sony X900F is a nice alternative to our top pick when it comes to the imagery. It is way cheaper, and its input lag is just slightly higher. Our most likable features are that it represents top-tier color accuracy and manages to keep its throne as the best TV Sony has produced without hurting your pocket.

You’ll like that as soon as you turn on this TV, the bezels disappear, not that they take away any of its aesthetics, but it is pleasing when there are no distractions around the screen. With a 49-inch screen, it’s not easy to lose your focus; that’s why you will like it better for gaming than bigger screens.

TRILUMINOS and X-Motion Clarity complement its 4K resolution. Together, these technologies are responsible for delivering smooth motion and brilliant colors. It has local dimming and impressive native contrast for exciting gaming in bright and dark rooms.

Looking at its gaming performance, its low input lag combined with a 4K resolution makes for outstanding gaming. It can game on Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, and even PCs because of its fast response time and the capability to flicker the backlight as well as HDR support.

Sony strives to beat its competition regarding its smart platform. LG and Samsung can’t match Android TV in terms of app coverage. Its Google-run smart platform has endless access to apps and is as responsive as Roku. It is also Alexa and Google Home compatible which makes it effortless to control using your voice.

You get to enjoy updated apps, some of which enjoy 4K and HDR support, thus widening the use of this TV.

Flaws but not Dealbreakers

If you like sitting at any angles when gaming, sorry, because it tends to be black on the sides when you seat at an angle. This means competitive gaming with two controllers may not be for you unless both gamers are seated in front of the TV.


  • X1 Extreme image processor
  • Deep blacks and contrast
  • Low input lag at 24.2ms
  • thumbs-up
    X-Motion Clarity technology
  • thumbs-up
    Google Assistant is built in
  • thumbs-up
    Unlimited access to apps through Android TV


  • Disabling Alexa can be a tricky process

Best Gaming TV: Buyers Guide 

Gaming TVs take graphics to the next level especially if you are gaming with a 4K TV. Here are the features to consider in your choice of the best 4k tv for gaming on 2019.

Input Lag 

Picture quality isn’t just enough if you can’t load your games at the fastest rate possible. With monitors being able to game at as low as 1ms, TVs must have at least 30ms or lower in the gaming mode to be considered for intensive gaming. It makes all the difference is a fighting scene since you will not be dealing with delayed action, especially in FPS.

When playing with 4K and HDR, low input lag becomes hard to achieve, but most TV brands like Samsung, TCL, and LG have managed to offer low input lags with 4K and HDR which is why they are better for PS4 Pro and Xbox One than Sony and Vizio brands.

Future-Proof with 4K 

We are not saying that gaming on HD is bad. In fact, if you still hold on to older titles, a 1080p is your best bet at achieving great gaming with a bit of wow factor. But with Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, and high-end AMD and Nvidia graphics cards, it’s high time you take advantage of 4K. And it does not have to hurt your pocket because prices continue to be slashed across the 4K board.

What about HDR?

They say it’s the sauce to 4K and we couldn’t agree more. HDR is quickly catching on to modern gaming. Some TVs may lack 4K, but they include HDR in lower resolution panels to offer better visuals and a cinematic experience.

Refresh Rate 

The refresh rate is just as important as the response time. Most TVs are still stuck at 60Hz which is understandable because they are made for watching shows and enjoying music videos. For gaming, you can still achieve great gaming at 60Hz since many games play at 30-60fps. This way, you can eliminate ghosting and achieve smooth, fast-paced gaming.

What Size for Gaming TV?

Unless you are sitting across the room, big isn’t always better on a TV for gaming. Since most gamers sit close to the TV, you don’t want to have a wide area for your eyes to scan which may cause you to lose crucial moments that make the difference between winning and losing.


Don’t get killed by investing in a TV that won’t support your fast-action gaming needs. Where input lag matters, LG UK6300 is all in with the lowest input lag of It can game on just about any console or PC.

And while most 4K models stick to 60Hz refresh rates, Samsung Q9F kicks it up a notch with up to 240Hz refresh rate with Game Motion Plus. It has exceptional motion handling which means you will be equally responsive when executing actions.

For more than just gaming, Sony X900F presents Android TV, a smart platform with an endless choice of apps. It supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant making it an ideal choice for the ultimate smart home.

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