​The Best 1440p Monitor (WQHD) for Gaming

Looking for a new 1440p gaming monitor? Then you have a lot of models to choose from. See, as we move fast beyond 1920x1080p toward 4K, there many gaming monitor deals to look at 1440p. And the best part is that the monitors have been designed to deliver sharp, brilliant and detail images without the need to invest in expensive graphic cards.

After thorough research, we came across a couple of gaming monitor options and reviewed them for you. Featured below is our overall top choice and nine other incredible monitors of different price ranges, all featuring great specs for gamers like you. We hope you’ll find an excellent monitor for immersive gaming experiences.

Top Pick - Acer Predator XB271HU 

  • 27″ Display
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • 2560 x 1440 Resolution
  • .233mm Pixel Pitch
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Inputs: 1 x Display Port & 1 x HDMI 1.4 Port
  • Acer Predator XB271HU - best 1440p monitor
    NamePanel TypeScreen SizeResolution Syncing TechHz & msCheck Price
    Acer Predator XB271HU bmiprzIPS27”1440G-Sync144Hz, 4ms
    ASUS ROG Swift PG248QIPS27”1440G-Sync165Hz, 1ms
    Omen by HP 27 MonitorTN27”1440G-Sync165Hz, 1ms
    Dell S2417DG YNY1D TN24”1440G-Sync165Hz, 1ms
    Acer GN246HLTN24”1440G-Sync144Hz, 1ms
    ASUS MG278QIPS27”1440FreeSync144Hz, 1ms
    ViewSonic VX3258-2KC-MHDVA32”1440FreeSync144Hz, 1ms
    LG 34UC80-BIPS34”1440FreeSync144Hx, 5ms
    VIOTEK GN27DVA27”1440FreeSync144Hz, 4.8ms
    MSI Optix MPG27PQVA27”1440FreeSync144Hz, 1ms

    Top 1440p Monitor for 2020

    1. Acer Predator XB271HU

    If you’re upgrading from a 60Hz monitor, or 1080p, or both, you’re going to be blown away when you fire this one up.

    It’s 27 inches instead of the others on this list which are each 24. It’s a perfect size, it’s not so huge that it’s overwhelming, but especially at 1440p, 27 inches is still enough to leave you in awe.

    If you want a super fast, professional-tier gaming monitor this one is a great choice. It’s an IPS, so it’s going to look great no matter what you’re using it for due to superior color accuracy. It’s got NVIDIA G-Sync, DisplayPort and HDMI, a super high quality display, and everything else a gamer could need.

    It also looks pretty badass sitting on your desk, especially compared to monitors of yesteryear which were big, clunky grey boxes. This one looks aerodynamic enough to take off, but the only thing moving at breakneck speeds will be your games.


    • 27″ Display
    • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
    • 2560 x 1440 Resolution
    • .233mm Pixel Pitch
    • Panel Type: IPS
    • Inputs: 1 x Display Port & 1 x HDMI 1.4 Port

    2. Dell Gaming S2417DG YNY1D 24-Inch LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC

    This is a very versatile gaming monitor from Dell. You can do a number of different combinations of resolutions, depending on what your card can handle and what games you’re playing.

    You can run 1080p at 144Hz for a buttery-smooth experience, you can also run this monitor at 1440p for insane looking graphics. Dell doesn’t always get enough credit for their monitors, but they put out some excellent screens for consumers and professionals alike.

    This monitor is great for editing images, photos, videos, and other creative endeavors. But where it really shines is giving you a reasonably sized display packed full of gaming-power goodness.

    You lose a little bit in size, but you make up for it with an incredible value option that can hang with the best of ’em.

    • Supreme performance: NVIDIA G-Sync, rapid 1ms response time, and QHD resolution.
    • See the difference: Support for multiple monitor setups, an IPS screen, and tons of settings to get perfect visuals.
    • Get comfortable, Game longer: Easily maneuver your monitor, swap between systems, and set your sights on a marathon gaming session with a flicker-free screen. (descriptions via Amazon)

    This LED monitor has support for G-Sync for people who have NVIDIA graphics cards, but you can definitely use this monitor with AMD cards, too.

    It’s more expensive than the budget option we’re about to look at. Both are great monitors, but the Dell outshines our budget pick by offering a stunning display with all the features you’d expect for peak gaming. Also, while it’s 24 inches instead of 27 inches, there is actually a plus to that. When you’re stuffing more pixels into a smaller size screen, you’re going to get a crisper image.

    3. Acer GN246HL

    We’ve featured this badboy already on a handful of other lists, it keeps emerging as a strong contender is many different categories. It might be the best deal you can find in gaming displays currently, it gives you a lot of key features at a super reasonable price.

    Yes – you can find monitors for less money, but when you take all of the features and specs into consideration, along with image quality, warranty, and so on – this is hard to beat if you’re looking to spend under $200 or so for your monitor.  

    The nice bonus with this one is it comes 3D-ready, too.

    • Screen size: 24″
    • Refreshes at: 144Hz
    • Pixel pitch: 0.276mm
    • Response time: 1ms
    • NVIDIA 3D Vision support
    • NVIDIA 3D Lightboost technology 

    If  you have a bigger budget, consider the other options on this list first, but you can’t go wrong with any of them. We’ve spent a lot of time to curate selections that will be most suitable for most people, just choose the one that meets your budget the best and you’re off to the races.

    4. ASUS ROG Swift PG27VQ 27-Inch 1440p, G-Sync

    Designed and optimized for pro-gaming, ASUS ROG Swift PG27VQ is in every way the arsenal for outshining the competition. This IPS panel has a lot to offer those who participate in gaming competitions.

    Let’s start with the ASUS exclusive Aura Sync lighting technology which you can synchronize with other aura-enabled components.

    And to connect other devices to this monitor, simply install the Aura Sync software and you’ll have access to a spectrum of colors and the power to synchronize the effects over a wide array of Aura sync enabled products.

    ASUS ROG Swift PG27VQ features a 1800R panel curvature that all gamers like. A curved display guarantees an immersive gaming experience. Add to the impressive 2160x1440 resolution and you'll be in for brilliant visuals.

    This monitor is excellent in all respects boasting of outstanding overclocked 165Hz refresh rate and an ultra-fast 1ms response time.  Enjoy more fluid, highly responsive and perfectly sharp motions with the fast response time. The monitor’s superior NVIDIA G-Sync technology syncs the high refresh rate giving rise to a smooth gaming experience with no screen tearing or stuttering.

    As a gamer, we tend to spend long hours behind the screen and ASUS ROG Swift PG27VQ monitor was designed for your eye comfort. Its TUV Rheinland-certified ASUS Ultra-Low Blue Light will help protect your eyes from the harmful blue light. Besides, the screen reduces light flickers from the screen for reduced eye strain and fatigue. For a comfortable viewing angle, tilt, swivel and rotate the ergonomically designed stand.

    Features at a Glance

    • 27-Inch 1800R curved display
    • 2160x1440 resolution
    • 1ms response time
    • 165Hz overclocked refresh rate
    • Nvidia G-Sync technology
    • Eye Care
    • ASUS exclusive Aura Lighting technology

    For pro-gamers, ASUS ROG Swift PG27VQ offers enough 27-Inch real estate, an impressive refresh rate and an ultra-high response time for fast-paced actions.

    5. ViewSonic VX3258-2KC-MHD 32-Inch 1440p FreeSync, Curved

    Gain a competitive edge in your gameplay with ViewSonic VX3258-2KC-MHD, a 32-Inch curved gaming monitor. Designed to make a difference in those fast-paced actions, this monitor carries a couple of outstanding features.

    One remarkable trait that will catch your attention is the 1800R curved screen design complete with incredibly thin bezels. As such, you’ll be in for an immersive viewing experience marked by images with vivid colors and incredible detail.

    With the WQHD 2560x1440 resolution, the display guarantees stunning images for your games and other work while still maintaining the 16:9 aspect ratio.

    Further, ViewSonic VX3258-2KC-MHD boasts an ultra-fast 1ms response time and a high 144Hz refresh rate. It doesn’t matter how intense the action gets, this monitor will deliver fluid and smooth visuals without the annoying effects of lagging, screen tearing or image blurring.

    Even more, the monitor has AMD FreeSync Technology, capable of syncing the frame rate between the graphics card and the monitor. Working in collaboration with the amazing 144Hz refresh rate, these two properties help the monitor render smooth visuals with no screen tearing or stuttering. 

    Also, ViewSonic VX3258-2KC-MHD features optimized view settings thanks to its ViewMode that makes it possible to set the color temperature, contrast, and brightness depending on the screen application. Tune to ‘Game,' ‘Movie,' ‘Text' and more of the available preset modes to optimize your view in eSports and MOBA games.

    For hardcore gamers, the ability to connect with more multimedia devices is inborn. And with this monitor, flexible connectivity is possible thanks to its integrated HDMI and DisplayPort inputs. It also comes with dual integrated speakers that promise that superb stereo sound for an immersive experience.

    Key Feature Highlights

    • 32-Inch LCD curved display
    • 2160x1440 resolution
    • ViewMode for optimized view settings
    • AMD FreeSync Technology
    • 1ms response time
    • 144 refresh rate

    Featuring a curved designed, an impressive 1440p display resolution, a high 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, ViewSonic VX3258-2KC-MHD 32-Inch is the ultimate pro-gamer arsenal for an immersive gaming monitor. 

    6. LG 34UC80-B 34-Inch QHD PS Curved Gaming Monitor

    Advanced gaming requires a monitor that’s properly equipped with the necessary features and LG has an incredible model on offer. LG 34UC80-B 34-Inch IPS gaming monitor is an excellent option for gamers. 

    This QHD 3440x1440 IPS gaming monitor is the ultimate solution for gamers and other users alike who value highly accurate visuals. Be ready to enjoy super clear and detailed visuals in all your applications.

    LG 34UC80-B 34-Inch boasts ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio which provides large pixel area for immersive gaming experiences. For the gamers value relatively large gaming screen, this is the perfect option. 

    LG 34UC80-B takes multitasking to a whole new level with its Screen Split 2.0 property. Resize and display multiple windows on the same screen at once and forget about the need to keep flipping through.

    What’s more, LG 34UC80-B comes equipped with AMD FreeSync technology that synchronizes the graphics card’s frame rate and the monitor’s refresh rate. That help deliver seamlessly fluid visuals without screen tearing or stuttering.

    For the best gaming experience, the monitor has Game Mode function already incorporated. Use the 3 game modes – 2 first-person shooter and RTS pre-set mode to tune to the mode that best suits the action.

    As a gamer, how you view your screen while seated for long hours matters a great deal. LG 34UC80-B has an ergonomic stand whose height you can adjust, swivel and rotate to achieve a comfortable viewing angle.

    Feature Highlights

    • 34-Inch WQHD 3440x1440 curved display
    • IPS panel
    • AMD FreeSync technology
    • Game Mode
    • Screen Split 2.0
    • Ergonomic adjustable stand

    If you love large curved gaming monitors, LG 34UC80-B will not disappoint. This IPS panel display with an impressive 1440p resolution promises nothing short of sharp, stunning and clear visuals.

    7. ASUS MG278Q 27-Inch WQHD FreeSync

    In intense gaming action, you want to make sure you keep up with your competition lest they thrash you. But that’s only possible if you have the ideal tool like ASUS MG278Q WQHD gaming monitor.

    Measuring 27 inches, ASUS MG278Q strikes the balance between relatively a ideal-sized monitor and the extremely large gaming monitors. It provides enough pixel area for your gameplay. And with the impressive WQHD 2560x1440 resolution, be ready for sharply detailed images.

    Those intense gaming actions are about to get more immersive thanks to the monitor’s rapid 1ms response rate and the 144Hz refresh rate. AMD FreeSync technology and the high refresh rate combine efforts to render smooth visuals without blurring, screen tearing or stuttering.

    What’s more, ASUS MG278Q has been optimized for gaming with ASUS exclusive GamePlus and GameVisual technologies. These incorporated properties guarantee a comfortable and immersive gaming experience.

    For those of us who engage in long hours of gaming, eye protection technology is crucial in a monitor. MG278Q comes equipped with ASUS Eye Care technology with blue light filters and flicker-free backlighting to reduce eye strain and fatigue.

    The monitor also features an ergonomic stand that tilts, swivel, pivots, and rotates fully allowing you to adjust the height and viewing angle for your comfort.

    Key Feature Highlights

    • 27-Inch 2K LED display
    • WQHD 2560x1440 resolution
    • 1ms response time
    • 144Hz refresh rate
    • ASUS Eye Care technology
    • GamePlus and Game Visual technologies

    ASUS monitors are gaming workhorses designed to handle the most intense actions and ASUS MG278Q is not different. We believe this model won’t disappoint in performance and functionality.

    8. VIOTEK GN27D VA Panel, FreeSync

    In gameplay and general applications alike, curved monitor displays offer wide viewing angles and such a monitor is the dream of every hardcore gamer. VIOTEK GN27D is another remarkable gaming option in the series of curved monitors.

    VIOTEK GN27D features an 1800R curvature plus a 2160x1440 resolution which provide wide viewing angles as well as brilliantly sharp visuals for optimum immersion. The QHD screen has a 1M:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio that provides stunning images in 16.7M colors.

    The monitor has a high 144Hz refresh rate and a 4.8 response time, which is a little disappointing but fast enough for fast-paced actions. VIOTEK GN27D also comes equipped with AMD FreeSync technology which helps sync the monitors’ refresh rate and the GPU for seamless visuals with no lags, screen tearing or stuttering.

    What’s more, VIOTEK GN27D gaming monitor has been optimized for gaming with its GamePlus feature. The property provides crosshair functions and other game enhancements for the best gaming experience.

    Equipped with eye protection, VIOTEK GN27D allows you to get into the action and play non-stop. The antiglare display and the low blue light technology integrated into the monitor prevent eye strain and fatigue.

    Flexible connectivity is possible with VIOTEK GN27D thanks to the integrated HDMI and DisplayPort inputs. Hook in your multimedia devices and take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

    Key Monitor Features

    • 27-Inch 1440p display
    • 144 refresh rate
    • 4.8ms response time
    • GamePlus
    • 1000000:1 DCR
    • Eye Care Technology
    • HDMI & DisplayPort inputs

    While the screen size is not as large as say that of LG 34UC80-B gaming monitor, VIOTEK GN27D offers enough real estate for gaming. The GamePlus, high DCR and impressive refresh rate will ensure explosive gameplay.


    Specially designed by HP, OMEN 27-Inch diagonal monitor was engineered for advanced gaming. It comes with a couple of impressive features that will catch the eye of every serious gamer out there.

    This 27-Inch diagonal monitor boasts a high 165Hz refresh rate and a rapid 1ms response time that ensure smooth actions with significantly reduced input lag and zero irritating effects of screen tearing, blurring or stuttering.

    What’s more, OMEN 27 by HP features NVIDIA G-SYNC technology which links the graphics card and the monitor’s refresh rate rendering fluid actions without image blurring or screen tearing.

    OMEN 27 by HP has a QHD 2560x1440 resolution plus 16:9 aspect ratio, which deliver ultra-sharp and detailed visuals. The 10M:1 Dynamic Constant Ratio guarantees brilliant color-rich images.

    The monitor also comes with an adjustable stand that you can swivel, tilt and rotate to adjust the height and angle for a comfortable view. An ambient lighting at the base of the stand illuminates the bottom effectively reducing eye strain and fatigue.

    As a gamer, flexible connectivity is a huge plus and OMEN 27 by HP has made it possible. Featuring HDMI, DisplayPort, 2 USB 3.0, HDCP, and audio outputs ports, the monitor allows you to hook in a wide array of HD multimedia devices for an improved gaming experience.

    Key Feature Highlights

    • 27-Inch Diagonal Display
    • QHD 2560x1440 resolution
    • 1ms response time
    • 165Hz refresh rate
    • 10M:1 DCR
    • HDMI, DP, USB 3.0, HDCP & audio output ports
    • Illuminating adjustable stand

    OMEN 27 by HP shouts pro-gaming and will take your gameplay a notch higher. The rapid 1ms response time, incredible refresh rate, high DCR, and the multi-connectivity are all its major selling points.

    10. MSI Optix MPG27CQ LED Curved Gaming Monitor

    The secret of a successful gameplay is to always keep your eyes on the status of your game and to never lose the sight of your enemy. And that’s what MSI Optix MPG27CQ curved gaming monitor offers.

    MSI Optix MPG27CQ 27-Inch employs a 1800R curvature which guarantees wider viewing angles for that engaging gaming experience.

    What's more, screen boasts WQHD high 2560x1440 resolution that displays stunning and detailed visuals for your gameplay. 

    Moreover, the monitor has an ultra-fast 1ms response time and a high 144Hz refresh rate. Both ensure that it delivers extra-smooth visuals with zero lags, no screen tearing or stuttering in the fast-paced actions. The Adaptive FreeSync ensures fluid visuals with no screen tearing.

    Besides, MSI Optix MPG27CQ comes integrated with Less Blue Light as well as Anti-Flicker technologies that ensure reduced eye strain and fatigue during those long gaming hours.

    What’s more, the monitor features SteelSeries GameSense, a property that enables external game alerts via inbuilt RGB LED lighting when taking part in the hottest competitive online gaming. Check your ammo, health and power status right on your computer for the next course of action.

    Key Feature Highlights

    • 27-inch LCD curved display
    • WQHD 2560x1440 resolution
    • 1ms response time
    • 144Hz refresh rate
    • Less Blue Light & Anti-Flicker technologies
    • SteelSeries GameSense
    • Inbuilt RGB LED lighting

    A curved gaming display providing wide viewing angles and when accompanied by a wide WQHD resolution, a high refresh rate and an ultra-fast 1ms response time, then you’re in for advanced gameplay.

    Final Thoughts

    Let us know which is the best 1440p monitor for you, and how you’re enjoying your new gaming display once it arrives. With so many choices, it can be downright overwhelming. Hopefully this breakdown has helped to make a little more sense of it all, we try to keep things concise and simple enough that you can easily figure out which one is the best fit for you.

    We don’t feature any monitors that aren’t great, so even if you just throw darts at a board to make your choice, you’d still end up with something great. Note that prices can vary over time, and as new options drop in price as technology moves forward, we’ll always keep everything up to date so that you know you’re getting the best of what’s currently available, at the best price, with the most value. What’s not to love?

    Now, with that out of the way, it’s time to frag some newbs. Enjoy!!

    Buyer's Guide

    Is it time for a new gaming monitor? There are lots of choices to choose from, obviously, and a handful of different resolutions you’ll find yourself shopping for. If you think 1440p is the way to go, it’s hard to argue with that, for a variety of reasons. As 4k becomes more widely available and mainstream, there are some insane deals to be had at lower resolutions like 1440p, and it will still output incredible looking graphics without needing as insane of a graphics card. It’s a win win for anyone who is okay with slightly less than the absolute cutting edge.

    1440p is a popular resolution for gaming monitors because you get something that’s a higher resolution than 720 or 1080p, but doesn’t require nearly as beefy of a system to run as you would need for 4K gaming. It’s a really nice middle ground, and as of late there are some great buys to be had when it comes to picking up the best 1440p Monitor in your budget.

    We’re going to be featuring our overall top choice, and then two other selections based on price and value. If you don’t want to spend a lot to get the absolute best, you can still get some incredible monitors in other price ranges that feature 1440p and all of the essentials for a great gaming setup. At the end of the day, what matters most is how good your game is going to look, and that your monitor isn’t slowing you down at all or holding you back. All of these choices look great, and make excellent options. What does it mean for a monitor to be ‘holding you back’? Here’s some thoughts on that…

    If you have enough power in your rig to max out at 1080P on ultra settings and then some, and you only get a 1080p monitor, it’s going to be holding  you back. Now, if you have a lower end GPU and haven’t upgraded your PC in a while, you might not be able to take full advantage of a 1440p display anyways so it will be the hardware that holds you back rather than your monitor, but if your hardware can handle it, it makes a big difference to go for the higher resolution option.

    Not only that, but it’s also  great for productivity and work. You can fit more on the screen at once, like having multiple windows open instead of always having to switch between tabs. It also comes in very handy for larger spreadsheets, or video and image editing tasks. This is becasue there are simply more pixels on the screen at any given time, the screen has more space. So, if you have a 100px by 100px box on a 1080p monitor, and the same sized box on a 1440p monitor, the box is going to take up a smaller % of the overall available pixels on the higher resolution screen, meaning you can fit more on the screen overall.

    Choosing the BEST 1440p Monitor for Gaming

    Besides this particular resolution, there’s more to a gaming monitor. You want a monitor that’s capable of refreshing quickly, that has a really quick response rate, and obviously one that’s going to make your games look absolutely stunning. We’ve tried to include a selections of screens that require you to make as few sacrifices as possible, while still getting a premiere gaming experience.

    When you’re upgrading, you really want to notice the difference immediately to feel like you’re getting your money’s worth, and we strongly beleive that all of these options will be a noticeable upgrade if you’re coming from 1080p, especially if you’re using a 30Hz monitor. Even if you’re using something more modern, there’s still a ton of leeway with all of these options featured below to get that “Wow!” feeling when you fire up your favorite game and slide those settings over to 1440p.

    Ideally, this monitor will also be versatile enough for other tasks, like having good enough color accuracy for editing and design. Gaming monitors typically won’t have quite as high color precision as monitors that are designed specifically for professional multimedia people, but for hobbyists and students, all of these will be great. Monitors that come as close to perfectly replicating colors as possible can be even more expensive than high-end gaming monitors, but if you aren’t working for a movie studio, you’ll be just fine, so don’t worry about that. Each of these options is perfectly capable of handle all sorts of work and applications beyond gaming.

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