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Samsung CHG90 Review – {Updated September 2023}

Samsung CHG90

Samsung CHG90 Series Curved 49-inch Gaming Monitor ReviewThe Samsung CHG90 is a beast that combines smooth, stutter and tear-free gaming experience offering exceptional brightness and high-contrast visuals. Support for wide color gamut and black levels to show the faintest and brightest of images makes this monitor a stand-out in its category. It offers HDR content […]

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Best Dual Monitor Setup for Designers, Digital Photography, Video Editing, and Gaming {Updated September 2023}


Best Dual Monitor Setup for Designers, Digital Photography, Video Editing, and GamingFor people looking to expand their monitor applications, having a dual monitor setup is a must-have. It opens up your possibilities for simultaneous use of programs something hectic with only one monitor. It increases coordination and communication in offices more so for those in […]

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Is a 144Hz Monitor Worth It for Gaming? {Updated September 2023}

If you’re a passionate gamer and you care about upgrading your gaming knowledge and experience, you should put resources into a 144Hz screen. It could be the difference between ‘merely’ playing a game and ‘truly’ enjoying it. And there’s a BIG difference between the two. With a lot of ultra-wide monitors for gaming, how do […]

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Best 27-Inch Monitors under $300 – {Updated September 2023}

Best 27-Inch Monitors under $300

Best 27-Inch Monitors under $300 – Buyer’s GuideIn this day and age, we spend a substantial amount of time in front of our computers, working on our projects, gaming or watching our favorite shows. Whether your monitor died recently and needs replacing or you just want to upgrade to a larger size/better one, buying a […]

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Dell S2716DG Review : {Updated September 2023}

Dell S2716DG Review : 1440p 144Hz G-SYNC Gaming Monitor Refresh rate continues to be a significant feature for lots of gamers. And even on a budget, you may be wondering which monitor will meet your gaming needs regarding high refresh rate. That said, Dell which has been a significant player in the monitor industry brings us […]

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