Best Triple Monitor Stand – Buyer's Guide

Some professional monitors come accompanied by a monitor stand. However, these stands are have limited range of adjustability in height, tilt, swivel, and pivot. A monitor stand at the eye level and tilted slightly up ensures comfortable viewing angle ensuring that you don’t suffer back pains, shoulder muscle fatigue or even eye strain.

What if you want to set up multiple monitors on the same table/desk, say, three monitors, for intensive work like video editing or gaming? Although practical, three monitors each with an independent stand would take lots of space. Buying three stands would even be costlier compared to a stand monitor. That’s where a triple monitor stand comes in.

Considering the large variety of triple monitors stands available on the market, choosing an ideal stand can be confusing. We want to help you select a flexible triple monitor stand that you can position as you wish. One that’ll not only save space but also get your desk looking tidier & organized. A monitor stand with a strong enough base plus the capacity to hold your monitor in place.

To help in your decision making, we’ve reviewed the best trip monitor stand, included a comparison table and a simple buyer’s guide down below.

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Top Pick - Jestik Horizon Stand

Jestik Horizon Triple Monitor Stand features a heavy-duty weighted base. With a robust 18 inches pole, plus a solid base, the unit will stand solidly and firmly on your desk without wobbling. It’ll support three 15-27 inches monitors each not more than 17.6lbs. The stand also has an anti-theft kit, excellent cable management, and Jestik Quick Release features.

Best Triple Monitor Stands including for 24" and 27" monitors

1. Mount It! MI-753 Triple Arm Monitor Mount & Stand (Our Best Triple Monitor Stand)

Clear out your desk, increase your productivity with three screens positioned side by side and forget about neck and shoulder pains with Mount It! M1-753. The horizontal stand can support 13 to 24 inches monitors.

Designed from robust steel and aluminum, Mount It! MI-753 sports a heavy duty and 17.5 inches pole design. It will support up to three monitors each 22lbs (66lbs in total).

The monitor stand is compatible with VESA 75 (75x75mm) as well as VESA 100 (100x100mm). Its C-Clamp base features an integrated double lock that guarantees solid mounting onto your desk or tables up to 4 inches thick.

With Mount It! MI-753, you’ll no longer need to remove the monitors. The triple arms are adjustable with the side arms capable of articulating in different positions up to 360° so it’s easy to share your screen with another person. Each of the three monitors will tilt up to 15° and even rotate 360 degrees allowing for portrait or landscape positioning. Integrated into each arm, also, is a clip for cable management. See why this is at the top of our best triple monitor stand list. 


  • Robust construction
  • Allows landscape & portrait positioning
  • Wide 360° angle of rotation
  • thumbs-up
    Clips for proper cable management


  • Installation problems with different monitor models

2. EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Stand

Designed to enhance your comfort and increase productivity, EZM Deluxe Triple free-standing monitor stand is compatible with up to 3 widescreen 28 inches monitors. The monitors must be VESA 100mm or VESA 75mm compliant for hassle-free installation.

With a pole 7/8 inches, this triple monitor stand is robust enough to support the three monitors. The outside mounting heads can slide in and out along the curved arms allowing you to mount different monitor sizes.

Install the monitors in either the portrait or landscape position with the clockwise/anticlockwise rotating mounting heads. Each of the side mounting heads tilt up and down 180° and swivel left & right 180° and rotate up to 360°. The center mounting head tilts up & down 30° and swivels left & right 30° and will rotate up to 360°

Also, you can adjust the height of the monitors. The pole comes with predrilled holes. Move the arms along it to adjust the height of each monitor up to 1 inch up/down for your comfort.

EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Stand features a heavy-weighted metal base that allows it to stand freely on the desktop. Alternatively, you can bolt it on to the desktop. This came in #2 on our best triple monitor stand list. 


  • Height adjustable
  • Can stand freely or be bolted on the desktop
  • Supports different monitor sizes
  • thumbs-up
    Sturdy construction


  • Height adjustment can be better

3. Jestik Horizon Triple Monitor Stand 

Crafted to free up your desk space, Jestik Horizon Triple Monitor Stand features a heavy-duty weighted base. With a robust 18 inches pole, plus a solid base, the unit will stand solidly and firmly on your desk without wobbling.

The stand is solid enough to support up to three 15-27 inches monitors each not more than 17.6lbs. Love the curved monitors? This stand will support up to three of those thanks to VESA 75x75mm and VESA 100x100mm mounting plate patterns.

With this stand, you can tilt, swivel and rotate the three monitors up to 360°. Even better, extend them as you wish for comfortable viewing. At each mounting point is a simple height adjustment knob.

Integrated into each mount is an anti-theft kit. If you aren’t around, this kit will protect your monitors in the event of a break-in.

We all loathe the unsightly cables. The included cable management system makes it possible to organize and conceal the wires effectively ensuring a clutter-free desk. All you need is to clip them at the back of the armbar or the base bar.

The triple monitor stand also includes the Jestik Quick Release features.  Looking to swap or upgrade your monitors? You don’t have to go through all the trouble of assembling and disassembling. Just slide the monitor and you’re good to go. That's why we picked this as our #3 best triple monitor stand. 


  • Excellent swivel, tilt & rotation ranges
  • Cable management system
  • Anti-theft kit
  • thumbs-up
    Height adjustment
  • thumbs-up
    Easy to swap and upgrade monitors


  • Relatively heavy

4. Planar Triple Monitor Stand, 997-6035-00

Planar 997-6035-00 is a solid built triple monitor stand designed to support up to three 17-24” monitors not exceeding 52.8lbs in total.

The stand is height adjustable up 13 inches. Planar 997-6035-00 can rotate up to 90° to assume a landscape or portrait mode. For a comfortable viewing angle, it’ll tilt up & down and swivel left & right 20°.  It’s also height adjustable up to 13”.

What’s more, Planar 997-6035-00 is VESA 100x100mm as well as VESA 75x75mm compliant and will support three VESA compliant monitors.

If you hate the unsightly view of the dangling cables, then this monitor stand has you covered. Planar 997-6035-00 features cable organizer that makes it possible keep the cables organized and not occupying the desktop space. You can see why this one was #4 on the best triple monitor stand list. 


  • Cable organizer
  • thumbs-up
    Height adjustable
  • thumbs-up
    Flexible to tilts, swivel & rotate
  • thumbs-up
    Supports portrait and landscape modes


  • Limited rotation range

5. Ergotech Triple Horizontal Monitor Stand

Free up your desktop space, enjoy more productivity and comfort with Ergotech Triple Horizontal Monitor Stand. This stand packs a lot of awesomeness.

The triple monitor stand boasts a solid construction and is sturdy enough to support three up to 24 inches monitors each 25lbs. It’s VESA 100x100mm and 75x75mm compliant.

And thanks to the remarkable stand flexibility, you can rotate the monitors 360° if you have to share with others. You can also tilt them up and down up to 25° for a comfortable view.

Ergotech Triple Horizontal Monitor Stand comes preassembled with a tool-less design that allows for quick set up. It can be easily installed using a desk clamp, grommet or be mounted directly if you purchase an upgrading kit. To upgrade, you can fit the standard 16 inches pole up to 28 inches depending on your preference.

When the time comes to upgrade your monitors or swap them, you'll not have to go through the trouble of disassembling the entire unit and then reassembling it. The patented Quick Release Pivots allow you to slide and insert the monitor with no effort.

To keep the cables organized, Ergotech Triple Horizontal Monitor Stand employs a crude yet effective cable management. We picked this as our #5 on the best triple monitor stand list. 


  • Excellent adjustability
  • thumbs-up
    Easy tool-less design installation
  • thumbs-up
  • thumbs-up
    Solid build


  • Requires an extra-large desk

6. WALI ML-003 Triple Monitor Fully Adjustable Stand

best triple monitor stand list

Constructed using superior grade steel and aluminum, WALI ML-003 is a solid triple monitor stand that can support three 27” monitor each 22lbs for each arm.

The stand is VESA 100x100mm and 75x75mm compliant. It should be relatively easy to mount your monitors with the detachable VESA plates capable of screwing easily into the monitor stand and then sliding back onto the stand’s frame. Even better, WALI ML-003 is height adjustable up to 28.5”.

It has a two-stage locking system compatible with the included 4” C-clamp and 4” Grommet base allowing for installation on 4 up to inches thick desks and tables.

For flexible movements, the three arms feature joints. These joints allow for 360° rotation and 360° swivel. Adjust the tightness of the joints so that everything is stationary.


  • thumbs-up
    Sturdy construction
  • thumbs-up
    Excellent full-angle rotation and swivel
  • thumbs-up
    Height adjustable arms


  • Requires a bit of work to install

7. VIVO Stand VO03M Triple Monitor Stand

Engineered using high-grade steel and aluminum, VIVO Stand VO03M has been designed to last years of use. It’s a pretty solid unit dedicated to enhancing work efficiency.

The triple monitor stand can support three 13”-24” screens up to 17.6lbs each. It’s VESA 75x75mm and 100x100mm compatible. Also, you can mount three 27 inches monitors although there’ll be less room for adjustability.

VIVO Stand VO03M is remarkably adjustable. Its mounting arms, as well as plates, can tilt up to 90°, swivel up to 90° and rotate 360°. Easily rotate the monitors to assume either the portrait or landscape mode. And with the VESA plates, adjust each individual plate up and down up to 1.1” so the three monitors are in alignment.

Integrated into the stand is a cable management system. Use it to clip and conceal the unsightly cables hooked to your monitors.

The heavy-duty C-clamp and an optional grommet will attach on desk up to 4 inches thick for that solid non-wobbly installation.


  • Solid steel & aluminum construction
  • thumbs-up
    Excellent swivel, rotation, and full degree rotation
  • thumbs-up
    Height adjustable
  • thumbs-up
    Cable management system


  • Isolated complaints of one of the outside monitor not in alignment

8. TechOrbits Three Monitor Stand Mount

Constructed from heavy-duty aluminum and superior articulating gas springs, TechOrbits Three Monitor Stand is durable and highly flexible. It’s been designed to help you make the most out of your desk space and enhance your view.

The triple stand employs smartSWIVEL engineering plus three self-balancing arms with full range motion. TechOrbits Three Monitor Stand can support three 13-30” monitors (VESA mount 100x100mm & 75x75mm compatible), up to 20lbs for each arm.

Once mounted, adjust the monitor however you want. Swivel and rotate up, down, left & right and to tilt the screen at an angle to enhance visibility and reduce glares. You can view the monitor in any direction whether seated or standing.

If you hate the mess brought about by the cables, you’ll love TechOrbits Three Monitor Stand. With remarkable cable management, it’s possible to keep your desktop clean.


  • Solid construction
  • thumbs-up
    Excellent flexibility
  • thumbs-up
    Large monitor support range
  • thumbs-up
    Easy to assemble


  • Sketchy instruction manual

9. Stand Steady 3 Monitor Stand

If you’ve got problems with your back sitting long hours at your desk slouched while working with your computer, then your solution is a three monitor stand.

Stand Steady 3 Monitor Stand will help improve your posture by raising your screens to your eye level. It’ll support three 13”-32” monitors up to 17.6lbs each.

The monitor is fully adjustable with three points of adjustment. It’ll swivel left and right 360°, tilt up and down 45° and rotate 90°. The monitor stand will also adjust the height from 3-35 inches allowing for the more comfortable view.

Stand Steady 3 Monitor Stand is also simple to install thanks to the slide on detachable VESA bracket mounting plates. To install, use either the grommet mount or the C-Clamp.

What’s more, the triple monitor stand features innovative cable management with cable clip on both the arms and the center pole. The clips keep the cord away from the workstation so it’s clean and organized.


  • Remarkable cable management
  • thumbs-up
    Easy installation
  • thumbs-up
    Height adjustable
  • thumbs-up
    Excellent articulation


  • Set up instruction poor

10. Suptek Fully Adjustable Triple Monitor Stand

An excellent triple monitor stand will not only save you desktop space, improve the view but also keep the desk looking professional. We introduce you Suptek Fully Adjustable Triple Monitor Stand.

This triple monitor stand is VESA 100x100mm & 75x75mm compliant with VESA plates capable of supporting three 13”-27" monitors weighing not more than 22lbs.

Suptek Fully Adjustable Triple Monitor Stand is pretty simple to install with two installation methods. And it can be installed on to desks up to 4 inches thick and mounts using a C-Clamp with desk protective thin padding or an optional grommet base. Either install in the portrait or landscape mode.

For a comfortable view, the screen plate can tilt up/down 15°, swivel left/right 180° and rotate 360 degrees in any direction. It’s also height adjustable up to 15.7 inches.

Worried about the messy and disorganized cords? With Suptek Fully Adjustable Triple Monitor Stand comes with wires clips that leaves your desk looking clean and organized.


  • Excellent articulation
  • thumbs-up
    Simple installation
  • thumbs-up
    Height adjustable
  • thumbs-up
    Remarkable cable management


  • We wish the adjustment screws were tool-less

Things to Consider Before Picking a Triple Monitor Stand

You have the budget in place but are undecided on which triple monitor stand to purchase. An ideal monitor stand should feature most of the necessary features. Here are the things to look for in a triple monitor stand;

  • Screen Size

How large is your monitor in inches? Most monitors range from 17-34 inches, although some oversized monitors will go beyond that range. The larger the screen, the sturdier the monitor stand ought to be.

  • Type of Monitor Stand

The most standard ways of installing a monitor stand are to clamp it to a desk or use a heavy-duty grommet base.  

  • Weight Capacity

In this case, we refer to the weight limit of the desk and the combined weight of the monitors themselves. Monitor stands will always come with the maximum weight supported indicated on the packaging. However, it’s up to you to determine the cumulative weight of your monitors and how much your desk can support. It would be a shame and huge loss if the desk comes crumbling down with all your investment.

  • VESA Compliance

When purchasing a monitor or a triple monitor stand, for that matter, VESA mount is usually a major consideration as getting it wrong will only render the entire stand useless.

VESA mount is the plate that attaches your monitor to the stand and comes categorized in terms of the weight limit. So before settling on any particular triple monitor stand, check that it is VESA compliant.  

The Bottom Line

If you’re a hardcore gamer or perform demanding tasks such as video editing, you need multiple monitors set up. And for three monitors, a triple monitor stand will support your monitor, allowing for comfortable viewing and enhanced efficiency. In choosing a triple monitor stand, there isn’t much to look out for. The screen size, desk & stand weight limits, the stand type VESA compliance are just a few of the important considerations. We hope you’ve found the perfect monitor stand for your monitor set up.

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