Meet Our Authors

Marty Dorn

Known to his friends as the gadget wizard, Marty was always the guy that his crowd went to for advice on games, computers, phones, and just about anything else technology-oriented. Currently the oldest staff member on the payroll, Marty was playing games back when Windows 95 was the hot ticket. Homeschooled and naturally good with machinery and electronics, he was always taking apart the vacuum cleaner to get it going again, repairing the television set or bulding his own ham radio.

It was only natural for him to graduate into input devices like 4D mice, gaming headsets, VR glasses and the like. His first big project once he moved into his own place was a racing simulator that used six big-screen television sets, mounted to a hot tub, connected to an actual theater surround system from a recently-closed movie house down the street.

All of this was paid for by scrounging computer parts out of dumpsters behind businesses and repairing, then selling them. Although never formally trained, Marty is our resident go-to guru whenever somebody's having a technical issue with all the new gear that shows up around here. Look out for him in his vintage 1970s VW Karmann Ghia when you're out on the road. It's the purple one!

Jamal Simmons

Growing up in Baltimore's Pikesville neighborhoods, Jamal Simmons learned to crave adrenaline and the high-energy mindset. He loved to be outdoors and always on the go. 

Focusing on his studies and working in construction, he earned a scholarship to Virginia Tech for his mathematical prowess, eventually earning an Associate degree in Electronics Technology. Along the way, he discovered gaming, after tearing his achilles during a collegiate half marathon, ending his season. Recuperating from surgery was boring, and a friend suggested gaming as a way to pass the time. What better way to spend your time stuck in doors then to play a little Csgo or Dota 2.

When the recovery was over, he'd had more than enough adrenaline to last a lifetime. But he had discovered a new passion to take its place. He returned home and started looking for freelance writing gigs. Now he combines his technical knowledge, love of games and passion for writing to bring you only the finest tech and gaming content.

Carolina Reyes

Carolina is your average, run-of-the-mill Southern California surf queen. She loves photography, milkshakes and the Huntington Beach pier. She first discovered gaming while attending University of Arizona for a law degree. Roommates and other friends used gaming as a way to socialize and blow off steam. Crushing her buddies in Halo 3 and World of Warcraft became boringly routine and she soon changed her major.

Taking up the challenge of software engineering with a specialty in virtual reality, Carolina learned the combination of art and science that goes into not only the creation of a virtual world, but the high-zoot hardware it takes to run and interact with these environments. Graduating in 2012 after a stint as an intern at a major Silicon Valley developer, she headed to the midwest and worked on, played on and maintained some of the biggest-selling devices and machines available, in support of multiplayer masterpieces like GTA V, Madden NFL and Fallout 3.

When she's not writing, troubleshooting gear or gaming, Carolina can be found sailboarding on Lake Michigan, backpacking Canada or just heading back home to Cali for killer surf and classic wood-fired pizza.