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Desktop Computer Case Sizes

Desktop Computer Case Sizes Size matters in desktop computer cases. Here, we discuss the different sizes and what causes these differences. By now, you know that the case houses a computer’s components. It is also tasked with cooling these components. That’s why there’s need for enough space for air to circulate. The case determines the size […]

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The Different Types of Computer Cases

The Different Types of Computer Cases A computer case is also known as a computer cabinet. It refers to the chassis that contains a computer’s components. This is in the case of a traditional desktop computer. Laptops and notebooks do not have a housing that can be considered as a case. However, computer cabinets do not […]

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How Important is a Computer Case?

How Important is a Computer Case? The computer case is an integral part of any PC. It serves as the main part that contains all the other components of a computer. Would you operate your computer with its interior parts exposed? It’s a hard NO for most people. But apart from housing the computer’s hardware, it […]

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How to Build the Most Expensive Gaming PC in 2021


How To Build The Most Expensive Gaming PCIf you’re a passionate gamer, you need the most expensive PC build in order to enjoy all the newest titles in HD quality. You don’t need the most expensive computer, but the most expensive gaming computer instead. People who use their computers to do some office work and/or […]

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G-Sync And FreeSync Monitors: The Ultimate Guide


Serious gamers need the best monitors. The best gaming experience requires the best visual effects from displays. As a gamer, you will notice immediately some changes as soon as some monkey business starts appearing on your monitor. That is the time all Adrenalin skyrockets giving you a high sense of rage. But we all don’t […]

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144Hz Monitor vs 60Hz Monitor – See The Difference

144hz-vs-60hz gaming monitors comparison

144Hz Monitor vs 60Hz Monitor – See The Difference Question, If you’re gaming on a 60Hz monitor, is it worth the upgrade to 144Hz? When you’re choosing a gaming monitor, there are a lot of considerations to make. Unless you want to go all-out, you’re going to need to make sacrifices in different areas. Sometimes, you’ll have […]

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LCD Panel Types: IPS, VA, PLS, AHVA & TN Monitors


So you’ve decided to buy a monitor? This is a good decision because you need this screen to use your computer. However, the most important part of your monitor is its display. Apart from having different manufacturers, monitors also have different types of display panels. The most common display technology is the liquid crystal display […]

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1080p vs. 1440p – Which one Should you Get?

1920×1080 vs 2560×1440 Compared1920 x 1080p vs 2960 x 1440p debate is going on right now. The question on many people’s minds is whether the jump to 1440p will make images look not only better but sharper too. Since 1440p gives lower frame rates, is it worth the better imagery. The thing is; if you sit […]

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