Best Gaming Monitors Under $500 (144hz, 4k, Curved, 1080p and More)

Shopping for a monitor can be confusing, so we’ve put this guide together to help simplify the process. It’s a good idea to start by determining budget, and then to go from there. We’re going to be looking specifically at the $500 range as far as budgets go, it’s a really comfortable price range where you can get some absolutely sick monitors for gaming. 

We’ll be looking at options below $500, you don’t necessarily have to spend exactly that much. If you can save a bit of cash and still get something amazing, the money you save can go towards other upgrades. Maybe an SSD? A better GPU? Either way, congrats on deciding to upgrade your gaming experience, and we’re here to help make that as easy as possible.

There’s a lot of research required to stay on top of all the latest offerings, and we going through that process so that our readers don’t have to. We’ve got you covered, we’ve been spending a lot of time looking at monitors in this price range, so check out our conclusions…

The less you have to spend, the more sacrifices you’re going to have to make when it comes to picking and choosing which specs and features are most important to you.

Thankfully, once we’re in the $500 range, there’s no shortage of excellent monitors, and you won’t have to cut any corners, the best gaming monitor under $500 is an absolutely stunning screen that’ll have you enjoying a peak gaming experience for years to come.




Top Pick - BenQ ZOWIE 27 inch 144Hz

This is our number one option because it brings a LOT to the table, especially for the price. It’s not the cheapest by any means, but it’s a great complimentary monitor for most mid to high end builds.

For this price, you can get a very well-rounded monitor that has everything you need for excellent gaming, a large screen size, and even the versatility to do other things very well besdies gaming (like design and multimedia work.) Not to mention all of the basic stuff you’d use a monitor for, from Youtube videos, streaming, watching movies, and so on.

We’ve picked a selection of different monitors to choose from, so you can buy the one that suits you the best. Some people care more about certain features than other features, so each of these monitors shines in a different way – and our number one pick is the one that’s the most well-rounded without having to give up any of the most important features and specs for perfect gaming on your PC.

So, whether you want to pony up for something well-rounded, or whether there are other traits that matter more to you, we’ve got some great monitors to choose from. And choose you shall!

If you’re building a high-end gaming system, you need to drop some cash on the monitor, there’s no way around it because otherwise your monitor will be bottle-necking the experience and holding you back, so there’s no point in even having the superior hardware if you can’t visually see the difference. Even if you’re building a lower or mid-tier system, it’s nice to have a monitor that’ll last you for future builds so you can ‘grow into it,’ so to speak.

Whatever your situation is, we’ve found three monitors that are going to be perfect for gaming, that aren’t going to hold back your hardware, and that will also have you all set for when you upgrade your rig down the road.

You’re almost there, just take a few minutes to check out these options, decide which one is best for you, then go for it! Before you know it, it’ll be sitting on your desk, plugged in, and you’ll be in awe as you notice the different from this upgrade. We’re excited to hear how awesome your games look with your new monitor!

Here’s the Top Gaming Monitors under $500:

1. BenQ ZOWIE 27 inch 144Hz

The ZOWIE 27 inch by BenQ is our choice for the best gaming monitor under 500, because it hits all the right notes for somebody who has gaming as a priority.

It’s not 1080p, but it’s not 4K either. It’s sitting in the middle of the two resolutions at a comfortable 1440p, so you’re going to get a noticeably higher resolution than just 1080p, without needing the absolute mammoth of a GPU to handle 4K gaming at higher settings.

We’ve found that 27 inches is a great pair for 1440p, things look incredibly crisp, even if you sit relatively close to your monitor. Also, the screen is big enough that you can get comfy and sit a bit further back if you’ve got a couch nearby. All around, this is a great balance of high-end features, and a monitor we’ve been really excited about.

This is a great balance between performance and incredible graphics. With the 1ms response time and 144Hz refresh rate, this monitor is checking off all of the most important boxes, and more…

In addition to “maxing out” all of the standard most important gaming features, this monitor has additional features like low blue light and flicker-free to help with eye strain during long gaming sessions, an S-switch to quickly toggle between different settings, plenty of inputs including D-sub, DVI-DL, 2X HDMI, and DisplayPort 1.2. It’s also got jacks for your headphones and mic.

It’s even a viable choice if you’re planning on sticking to 1080p and upgrading sometime in the future, this monitor will give you room to grow into for your next gaming PC build, rather than buying a cheaper monitor now and having to replace it when you upgrade your system down the road. The ability to use the same monitor for multiple builds down the road is something that people don’t always put enough emphasis on, but it can make a big difference!

Overall, if this one sounds like a good fit for your needs and you don’t care about curved glass, and you don’t plan on upgrading to 4K resolution (which means you need some of the highest-end and most expensive graphics cards to handle), this is a perfect choice and we highly recommend it.

If you absolutely want a curved monitor, or want something that can handle 4K, keep reading. Otherwise, go for this one!

2. LG 34UC79G-B (Curved)

This beast of a screen measures in at an UltraWide 34 inches. The resolution is 2560 x 1080, which is like if you take the height of 1080p, and then make it wider. So, compared to a “regular” monitor, you’ll have some extra vision on either side of you.

It’s also curved, which is always a nice touch for monitors this large. It’s quite a sight to behind when it’s sitting on your desk, but what’s even more impressive is what’s displayed on this monitor. Super crisp, vibrant colors, a blazing fast 144Hz refresh rate,

This monitor has 1ms Motion Blur Reduction for gaming. That, along with the fast refresh rate and large side with a wide field of vision make it great for gaming. In addition, the IPS panel makes it great for more than just gaming, not to mention the ability for this monitor to have more windows side by side than a typical monitor. So if you’re

It comes with a DPI cable so you’re ready to rock as soon as it arrives at your door. As for ports, it’s got 2x HDMI, DisplayPort version 1.2, 2x USB 3.0, and USB 3.0 Quick Charge.

The downside here for some people is that it runs at 1080p instead of 1440p or even 4K. It saves you some cash, if this monitor was either of those other resolutions, you’d expect to pay a LOT more for it.

Ultimately, it comes down to your hardware and how much you care about the extra wide screen and the curved display. If you aren’t going to be playing at 4k anytime soon, it’s a pretty solid choice, especially for people who plan to do a lot of work and productivity stuff, having one ultra wide monitor is super useful for everything from researching and writing papers, to trading stocks or coins.

3. LG 27UD68-W (4k Resolution)

If 4K resolution is a must-have for your dream monitor, this is our top choice under $500. It’s a large 27 inches, it has an IPS panel, a nice aesthetic and slick look, and it’s an excellent looking monitor.

The drawback is that instead of 1MS response time and 144Hz refresh rate, you’re looking at 5ms and 60Hz. There still work for gaming, but if 4K isn’t super important to you (Keep in mind, you’ll need a very high-end graphics card to push out 4K resolution in games) then you’re better off with one of the other options. If you plan on gaming in 4K, this is an excellent choice, especially for under $500.

This really highlights that while 4K is getting cheaper, you’ll still have to either pony up more cash, or lose out in some other important specs for gaming.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, a 1080p (wide) option, a 4K option, and a 1440p gaming monitor under $500 right in the middle that took home the prize of being our number 1 pick currently. We’ll keep this guide updated as new monitors come out, as prices shift around and previously pricier ones get cheaper, and anytime there’s something to update about.

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