Best 1080p 144Hz Gaming Monitors on the Market

Choosing a gaming monitor is really, really important for your overall PC gaming experience. Don’t neglect the significance of finding a monitor that’s going to sync up nicely with your current rig, but also with future upgrades. If you buy your monitor smartly, you won’t need to upgrade it the next time you upgrade your PC because you’ll already have support for the higher specs you’ll be gaming at.

It can be a tricky balancing act at times. You want to ensure that your monitor is future-proof moving forward, but you also don’t want to end up over-paying for features that might be obsolete by the time you need to upgrade anyways. We’ve found a great balance between future-proofing your investment, but also saving some cash and getting the most out of your new monitor TODAY, too, along with tomorrow.

Pairing up 1080p with 144hz is a great way to save  some cash compared to a higher resolution monitor. The 144Hz is going to give you much smoother gameplay without screen tearing, compared to slower monitors, and having that at 1080p means there’s more processing power in your GPU for beautiful, fluid graphics rather than using a ton of resources on higher-res. It comes down to preference and what you’re going to be playing, but we’d opt for smoothness and super high quality textures over 1440p resolution, if we had to pick one or the other.

We’re excited that you’re looking for the best 144hz monitor, because we’ve done extensive research and this category currently offers some incredible value and performance. As some people are looking to scale up their resolutions to 1440p and 4K, we’ve seen 1080p monitors getting a lot more affordable and it has really opened up the flood gates for really high-spec’d monitors to be more affordable than we’ve ever seen them in the past.




Top Pick - ASUS Monitor 27" (VG278Q)

  • 27” Full HD (1920 x 1080)
  • 144Hz / 1ms 
  • ASUS Eye Care Technology
  • Stereo 2W speakers
  • GameVisual & GamePlus functions
  • FreeSync/Adaptive Sync with 144Hz refresh rate

  • If you don’t have a beastly GPU, you aren’t going to be able to take advtange of a great gaming experience on a resolution that’s higher than 1080p anyways, so by sticking to a 1080p gaming monitor, you’re able to find something at an amazing price that highlights the rest of the specs that matter most for playing games. By not needing the highest resolutions, you can get a bigger screen with a better response time, a higher quality display, and save a bunch of money while you’re at it.

    By narrowing this search down to just 1080p, we’ve found a couple monitors that are running at 144Hz, and perfect for gaming, without breaking the bank. There are two different options here, our top pick overall, and our budget pick if you’re trying to save some cash to spend on other parts in your gaming rig instead. Either way, both of these are excellent options, and highlight what we’ve been saying about this being a perfect time to scoop up a super powerful 1080p monitor at insane prices.

    Let’s start with our overall top pick, then we’ll go over our budget option. There’s not a huge different in prices between the cheaper and more expensive 1080p 144Hz monitors since they’ve all come down in price a lot.

    Here’s the Top 1080p 144Hz Gaming Monitors:

    Top Pick – ASUS VG278Q

    Asus isn’t cutting corners with this bad boy, not only will it look super slick on your desk, but it’ll have your games feeling super slick, too.

    The built-in speakers aren’t going to have your neighbors calling to complain about noise any time soon, but they’re great in a pinch, and super convenient.

    If you just have a pair of cheapo computer speakers anyways, take a few minutes to compare the quality of those with the built-in ones because you might even be able to free up some desk space.

    Granted, in either case, we’d recommend getting a better pair of speakers since it makes a big difference, but if you usually play with headphones anyways, these can definitely handle those times when you don’t have your headset on, for watching videos, and so on.

    • 27” Full HD (1920 x 1080)
    • 144Hz / 1ms 
    • ASUS Eye Care Technology
    • Stereo 2W speakers
    • GameVisual & GamePlus functions
    • FreeSync/Adaptive Sync with 144Hz refresh rate

    This is a fully-loaded gaming monitor. You’re saving a ton of cash by going with 1080p on this one, and getting a very legitimate gaming display for a great deal. This isn’t even our budget option, but it’s still such a strong value. Here’s a quick overview of what makes this such a good gaming monitor…

    • The 144Hz refresh rate, obviously.
    • Playing at 1080p, you probabally prioritize having a silky smooth frame rate, and this speedy monitor will have no trouble handling that.
    • The 1ms response time means that victory is a matter of your reflexes alone, since your monitor won’t be holding you back at all.
    • This 1080p 144Hz gaming display comes with ASUS Eye Care Technology and an ergonomic stand that’s easy to adjust to suit your height and posture.
    • There are a couple of 2W speakers built it. These aren’t going to be shaking the foundation or waking up your neighbors, but they’ll get the job done.
    • FreeSync/Adaptive Sync means this monitor will have the potential for added performance with AMD graphics cards, but it will still work great with NVIDIA GPU’s as well.

    We highly recommend this monitor, 27 inches is about as big as you’d want to go at this resolution, but as long as you’re not sitting with your eyes 10 inches from the screen, things are still going to look very smooth and crisp.

    2. Acer GN246HL (Budget Friendly)

    This option is a bit smaller, but other than that, pretty comparable in every way. If you sit really close to your screen, we figure you might as well go for the 24 inch instead, save even more money, and things will look better up close because your pixels aren’t going to be stretched as much as they would with the 27 inch.

    It’s not super noticeable or anything either way when you’re not sitting super close, but still – it makes enough of a difference that it’s worth considering.

    This Acer gaming display runs at 144Hz, and has a 1ms response time. It has three inputs, VGA, DVI & HDMI. This is an excellent monitor for gaming if you’re cool with a 24 inch screen size. This is a bright LED monitor with a nice viewing angle that offers a versatile display and a very immersive experience for games.

    A nice bonus on this one is that it’s all ready to go for NVIDIA’s 3D Vision platform, so if you want to make this experience extra immersive, you’ve got the option available. You’ll still need other hardware that’s compatible to play in 3D, but you’ll be on your way.

    This monitor is very well reviewed, people are generally thrilled with the image quality and the refresh rate, especially if they’re upgrading from a 60Hz or 75Hz gaming display.

    • Viewable Area: 24″
    • Refresh Rate: 144Hz
    • Pixel Pitch: 0.276mm
    • Response Time: 1ms
    • NVIDIA 3D Vision Ready
    • NVIDIA 3D Lightboost

    One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need DVI-D output (Dual link) on your video card in order to get 144Hz, otherwise you’ll only be able to hit a lower refresh rate. If you don’t have that type of output on your video card, and don’t plan on upgrading any time soon, you may as well get a monitor with a lower refresh rate and either get a larger size, higher resolution, or even just pocket the cash you’ll save and put it towards something else for your system.

    But we’d also urge you to consider upgrading your GPU as well, depending on how old it is, becasue that’ll probabally have the biggest overall impact on the graphics and performance when you game.

    Final thoughts on choosing your 144Hz gaming screen

    There’s usually some kind of trade-off when it comes to buying a monitor. You can either save money, give up one or two specs that aren’t as important to you, or spend a lot and get one that comes with everything.

    If 4K isn’t your jam yet, both of these monitors represent great buys. As more people shift towards looking for higher resolutions and the demand for 1080p (Which is still perfectly suitable for gaming at your desk) declines, it’s a great time to be somebody shopping for a 1080p gaming monitor, and you won’t spend nearly as much for 144Hz as you would with a higher resolution screen.

    Do you know of any other 1080p, 144Hz monitors that are worth considering? We keep this page up to date with the latest and greatest, so as new players enter into this category or drop their prices and become more viable options, we’re always on the lookout to ensure that our readers are up to date and able to make informed, diligent decisions because let’s be real – this is a pretty important decision!

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