Best Budget Gaming Chairs Under 200

As a gamer, you probably spend much of your time seated at your desk gaming. Investing in a good gaming chair can go a long way in improving your overall performance and gaming experience. It helps you remain comfortably seated and supported throughout your gaming sessions.
The good news is that not every quality gaming chair will cost you a fortune as there are some great budget chairs that will cost you less than $200.
This budget gaming chairs come equipped with unique features that can help eliminate any discomfort or pain that comes with many hours of gaming. In our list, you’ll find some of the best budget gaming chairs under $200 that are sure to give you the best gaming experience.

     Best for 2020

Nokaxus Retractable Gaming Chair

After research, our top pick is Nokaxus Retractable Gaming Chair, which stands out from the rest as it includes the best ergonomics including an innovative lumbar massager, high-density padding, high-back support, and a retractable footrest.  Not to mention other additional functions such as rocking, recline, and height adjustments for an exceptional gaming experience.

If you want a super-comfy chair with speakers, then the X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 and X Rocker 51259 can be great options for you. Bigger and taller people looking for a large and sturdy gaming chair that they can comfortably sit in can opt for Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair.

Best Budget Gaming Chairs Under 200

1. Nokaxus Retractable Adjustment Thickening YK-6008 BLUE – Best for lumbar massage

This Nokaxus chair is a chart-topping gaming chair that sets itself apart from the rest with its thickened seat. It is 30%thicker than any other gaming chair out there. Even the most expensive brands cannot match the kind of comfort and pleasure this chair offers.

With that in mind, this chair is robust, performance-driven, and comes with expandable footrest, adjustable lumbar pillow, coupled with a USB-powered massage pillow. On top of all these impressive features, Nokaxus is super comfortable such that you will not need move out of the seat during the entire gaming session.

The Nokaxus is ideal for large people since it can hold up to 350 pounds and it boasts a total weight of 57 pounds. All this weight is as a result of thickened steel designed to make it more firm.


  • Thickly padded than the other options for maximum comfort during prolonged gaming
  • It has a massage pillow, footrest and recline functionality for extreme comfort and relaxation
  • It is ideal for larger gamers with a maximum capacity of 350 lbs.
  • Attractive looking design
  • Solid construction for improved sturdiness and stability
  • Easy to clean
  • The retractable footrest provides ample leg support while reclining
  • Comes with a one year warranty


  • ​Limited color options
  • Requires assembly

2. X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 - Best gaming chair with the Bluetooth speakers

When it comes to audio gaming chairs, X Rocker is always on top of the list, and this Pro Series is the one of the best X Rocker gaming chair that has speakers. Although all other chairs in our list are great, this one stands out. It has powerful speakers, Bluetooth-enabled and pretty much everything you need in an industry leading gaming chair.

First, this chair has Bluetooth wireless connection which works with almost every RCA stereo output, and if you don’t like the wireless functionality you can use RCA cables that are included in the package when purchasing.

Second, the powerful speakers are designed to offer a total sound immersion experience. It has two-inbuilt speaker at the back of the chair, each on both sides and the 4 inch subwoofer takes this powerhouse to another level.

For comfort, this chair is a reigning champion. It comes with pedestal for lifting the chair up to give you a greater oversight of the games. It also has a thick padding that offers extra support as well as enabling the chair to handle the 2.1AMF technology subwoofer.

Moreover, it is perfect for gaming, watching, reading, listening to music, and even relaxing.


  • It has Bluetooth-enabled speakers for an unbeatable sound
  • The chair’s cover is waterproof and fade-resistant
  • It has a thick padding for maximum comfort
  • The pedestal is firm enough for optimum support
  • Great compatibility with audio devices


  • It is not great for tall people above 6’4”
  • Limited color options

Sometimes, all you need to create a winning atmosphere is an ergonomic gaming chair, and GTRACING chair is ideally made to meet this need.  It is a perfect option for anyone looking for a premium and budget-friendly gaming chair.

This chair comes with adjustable height and lumbar support plus a footrest to ensure you experience maximum comfort.  It is also covered in a genuine, durable and easy to clean leather with appealing red and black colors.

In addition, the chair features a customized 360 degrees swivel base for flexible movements. More importantly, it has a robust base enough to support a maximum weight of 330 lbs and allows you to rock back and forth.

So if you spend hours on end gaming or watching or even working on your computer, you will find this seat convenient and firm and enjoyable to rest your head and your foot for optimum relaxation.


  • The chair comes with a multifunctional design so that it can accommodate different body shapes and sizes.
  • The structure of the seat has a frame made from heavy-duty materials to ensure it lasts longs.
  • It has a wide range of height adjustability that allows you to easily and quickly adjust the height until you get a comfortable sitting posture.
  • It has headrest pillows to provide more support


  • The chair has no instruction manual, which makes it hard for some people to assemble.

4. Rocker-51259-Audio-Gaming-Wireless – Best for PRO gamers

The 51259 is a top-of-the-line gaming chair and is referred to as one of the most accomplished chair by X Rocker. This performance-boosting chair is disturbingly well designed for PRO gamers looking for a chair with speakers to boost performance, as well as those who use audio to detect an enemy.

Although most gaming chairs with built-in speakers have two-available speakers, it’s not enough for a pro, where a decibel of sound can make a huge difference in terms of winning. And that’s why this 51259 comes with four speakers and 4.1 stereo system.

With that in mind, these four speakers can help you determine the exact point, where your enemy is. On the other hand, with two speakers you can barely triangulate the position of your enemy, which requires signal from three or more point. So the four speakers allow you to triangulate the sound from the four speakers.

Better yet, the speakers have a built-in wireless receiver that allows you to connect to almost all devices including Nintendo 3DS, PS2, PS3, CSP Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360, iPad, iPod, iPhone, MP3 Players, CD, TV,DVD, and BluRay among other popular gaming devices.

Another impressive feature with this X Rocker model is that it’s easy to store since it has gun stock arms that you can easily fold up if you want to store the chair. And since it doesn’t have a stand, you can store it in a closet or under a desk with a lot of ease. 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Has heavy-duty upholstery that’s easy to clean and can withstand extended use
  • Can connect with multiple chairs and devices for an ultimate immersive audio experience
  • Ergonomically designed to reduce back pains


  • Upholstery involves vinyl, which is less durable
  • It’s floor placement design isn’t ideal for most living rooms

5. Homall Computer Executive Ergonomic Adjustable – Best for tall people

If you are not tied to a particular brand, this Homall gaming chair is a perfect match for gamer sitting for long hours. It features an incredible design based on racing car style and can be used as an office chair.

It boasts an ergonomic design with every feature being adjustable, from 360-degrees swivel mechanism, tilt locking, flip-up armrest, to backrest. For this reason, you can use it from anywhere using it height adjustment option, which you can also lock for maximum security. Moreover, you can adjust the height depending on the situation without any worries since it has a handle just under the seat.

For those looking for overall body support, this chair has a lumbar contoured back in addition to the integrated headrest. It is not only known for its peak performance, but has also been tried and tested by rolling it for 1000 miles.  On top of that, his chair can hold a maximum weight capacity of 300pounds.


  • Tilt locking mechanism allows you to recline up to 180 degrees for maximum relaxation
  • The rolling casters are smooth, thus allowing you to roll on any surface
  • Comes in a wide array of colors
  • It is ergonomically designed to alleviate back pain, fatigue and to keep your spine aligned
  • The headrest offers more support
  • The wheels are made from rubber to ensure a friction-free, smooth and quiet movement


  • The chair is heavy weighing 42lbs
  • Although it comes with an instruction manual, it’s a bit overwhelming to set it up

6. Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair – Best for weight

If you are a pro gamer or spend long hours working on your computer or often experience back pain problems, this Homall chair is a must have. It is specially made for gamers looking for a pocket-friendly chair that offers enough comfort. It can hold up to 300lbs weight capacity making it ideal for family use since it can withstand change in weights.

For under $200, this chair is the real deal. It comes with a recliner, tilt rock mechanism, and height-control lock so you can customize the chair to your convenience.  The chair is also equipped with an adjustable backrest with removable neck support and lumbar pillows to offer added support on your neck and lower back. You can even recline the backrest up to 180 degrees so you can take a nap after an extended gaming session.

The chair also features a 360 degree swivel for easy movement made with Class-3 explosion-proof materials for more support. And the retractable footrest provides added support for your feet and legs.

Further on, the seat has a thick padding for more comfort, while the covers are made from PVC leather, which is easy to clean and fade resistant.


  • It has an ergonomic high back so you can enjoy long gaming sessions without back pains
  • It comes with multi-direction wheels that boost movement and flexibility
  • The construction of this chair is sturdy, which guarantees longevity of use
  • It comes with a padded footrest for maximum comfort and support
  • It has a compact design to ensure the seat doesn’t clutter your space


  • The armrests are not adjustable
  • Assembly process could be made easier

7. Devoko Ergonomic Adjustable High Back Executive – Best Overall

Your hunt for the best gaming chair under $200 will come to an end once you stumble upon this brand. It offers unmatched comfort and support along with an impressive price tag making a must have seat.

It is an ideal chair for every gamer looking forward to play hours on end without feeling tired or discomfort. The comfort it brings is beyond the price. For example, the pillows are supper soft to the touch. And, even though the chair might feel stiff at first, it gets more comfortable once your body comes into contact with the material.

Design wise, this Devoko Chair is well balanced. It is skillfully made with high-quality PU leather that’s not too firm and not too soft, and the cushion is firm. Further, it is sturdy enough to hold up to 300lbs. But ensure you have tightened the bolts to ensure the chair doesn’t wobble.

Better yet, if you are a tall person, this chair provides great support even indifferent positions thanks to its pneumatic mechanism. This feature gives the chair the flexibility to adjust the height and to easily glide into a reclining position.

Another impressive feature is the lock-tilt adjustment that comes with angle adjuster designed to help you to easily adjust the chair so you can relieve pressure after a long gaming session.

And do you know that you can recline the chair up to 180 degrees for you to take a nap. Plus, it has an adjustable lumbar pillow and a curved back to fully support your back, and a headrest for extra comfort.

Better yet, it has deep sit pan that covers most part of your thigh area, while the padding on the backrest and seat ensure that it is not stiff and does not produce any sound when you sit.


  • The seat cover is made with corrosion and fade resistant PU leather that’s easy to wash
  • Comes with an easy to follow instruction manual and it is easy to assemble
  • The body of the chair is sturdy, well-built and made with durable materials.
  • It comes with 30 replacement warranties that are free if there are any faulty parts.


  • You cannot adjust the armrests

8. Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair Massage – Best for lower back pain

The best gaming chair is not only about having an ergonomic design with extra padding. You should be able to customize it to fit your current activity as well as height.

The Ficmax Gaming chair is carefully and skillfully designed with a tilt mechanism that enable you to adjust the backrest to 50 degrees if you want to sleep after a long or tough gaming session. Or you can recline the seat up to 100 degrees, and if you want to read or watch in a relaxed position, tilt the backrest to 120 degrees.

Besides, the chair comes with a lumbar support cushion for a soothing feeling, and an expandable footrest that supplements the adjustable backrest so as to provide an extra space to relax and stretch.

For your comfort, the sitting area has a high-density sponge covered with water and fade resistant PU leather.

Better yet, you can use this Ficmax in the office and it’s also ideal for people looking to support painful lower backs.


  • The seat is covered with premium PU leather for long use
  • The retractable footrest allows you to recharge in a napping position
  • The side cushion allows you to adjust the seat to fit your posture
  • The frame is made of heavy-duty metal to ensure it is firm and stable
  • The chair boasts an executive style making ideal for office use.


  • You have to manually retract the footrest
  • You cannot adjust the armrests

9. Fortnite RESPAWN Rocking HIGH-STAKES – Best for rocking

If you are looking for a gaming chair that allows you to get closer and lower when gaming, RESPAWN Fortnite gaming rocker is your perfect solution. It is designed to provide comfort all day and to ensure you stay immersed in the game.

For comfort, the chair comes with thick padded headrest, seat and armrest, adjustable armrest, a high back with contoured padding, and a firm lower back support as well as the ability to rock back and forth.

The chair is skillfully crafted to fully support you during intense gaming sessions. It has a firm pedestal base for stability and 360 degrees swivel for flexible movement. It also features a tilt tension adjustment and it’s covered with durable and stain resistant material ideal for extended use. And it can hold up to 275 lbs.


  • Thick padding for utmost comfort
  • Exceptionally durable and sturdy
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Incredibly lightweight for portability
  • Sleek and attractive design
  • 275 weight capacity


  • Not ideal for taller and heavier people
  • Doesn’t come with footrest

10. RESPAWN-110 Reclining Ergonomic Leather Footrest – Best for design

Although all the gaming chairs on the list are of great quality and come with impressive features that are almost similar, this particular chair from Respawn is quite different. It has unique features that don’t fit the normal construction of a gaming chair.

First, this chair is a fully reclining chair, but it does not only recline with the back area alone. It is designed to also recline along with the arms. The arms are not fixed to the chair, instead they are attached with hinges to the back so that they can move back when you recline.

Second, the controls of this RESPAWN gaming chair are placed on the right side, and the recliner and tilt options are integrated into one, while the height is placed as the second option.

As a result, to use the recliner option, you need to push it down so it can lock into free movement mode until when you need to pull the level up. This unique feature is incredible although it can be quite cumbersome when reclining in a position that you cannot reach the lever with ease.

Third, just like most reclining chairs, 110 has a footrest, placed under the seat. To retract the footrest you have to reach down and pull it out so you can toss the padded side upwards. With this you can turn the chair into a comfortable cot-like bed after gaming for long hours.

For comfort, this chair has an attachment designed to use the two holes placed near the headrest so you can snap it into place. This allows you to adjust the height as you desire. It also has a headrest pillow with a leather cover making you feel like you on a leather couch.

As an added bonus, the chair comes with extra thick support padding on the armrests and footrest.

However, it also has some weakness as well. While it comes with thicker padding, it’s maximum weight capacity is 275 lbs indicates that the base is not that firm. Moreover, the frame is made of steel, which add to the strength of the chair.


  • The chair has a big head and lumbar support making it ideal for tall people.
  • It has a thick padding for added comfort
  • It can fully recline with a footrest so you can take a nap or relax after an intense session
  • Extendable and nicely-padded armrests for added support and comfort
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty


  • The pillow gets stiff after sitting on the same spot for long
  • The footrest feels like you are putting too much weight on it.

11. RESPAWN 900 Racing Recliner Reclining RSP 900 BLU – Best with Cup holder

Have you ever tried to look for a decent and comfortable gaming chair with a cup holder? If so, you understand how it can be frustrating since none meets the standards.

Luckily, there is one now - RESPAWN 900. This is a legitimate masterpiece that was designed with one main purpose in mind: performance-enhancement!

For starters, RESPAWN is a reputable American company known for supporting high caliber gaming teams. They also produce high-quality gaming chairs even for HSEL and NACE, who help high schoolers and college students to boost their gaming potential.

Other than the cup holder, another impressive feature is the uniquely designed all-in-one footrest that is neatly prolonged. These two incredible features are the real eye-catchers, but still this chair has more to offer.

The chair is firmly built with a pedestal skillfully designed to balance the chair for maximum performance.

Every element of this chair from the backrest, seat, armrests, to the tilt angle, were specially designed to offer optimum support for prolonged gaming sessions. They also offer pro gamers with durability and flexible movement.

So if you are not picky about brands, you’ve got to give it to RESPAWN 900 gaming chair. It’s capabilities are breathtaking and it has clearly set itself apart with extra features that are unheard of so that you can enhance and step up your gaming skills.


  • It comes with a cup holder
  • It is made to enhance your gaming skills
  • The chair is covered with durable and easy to wash materials
  • It comes with a sturdy pedestal designed to offer greater support and stability even when moving
  • Quite easy to assemble


  • Not ideal for heavier people above 250lbs
  • Requires assembly, which can be hard for some people

12. Musso Ergonomic Camouflage Gaming Chair – Best Camouflage Chair

Musso Camouflage gaming chair is one best chair best suited for comfort from HugHouse. It boasts a firm and stable construction and a super smooth finish. It is a perfect chair for gamers, office use and conference centers.

In terms of design, you will marvel at its easy to use and simple construction. It is ergonomically designed with thick padded cushions, adjustable headrest, long height and a wide sitting area. Besides, the camouflage color is what appeals to many gamers and also gives the chair a superb finish.

When it comes to quality standards, this Musso gaming chair is unrivaled. It is made premium and heavy duty materials so that it can endure long term use without losing its elegance. The gas lift, on the other hand is stage 5 so that you can easily adjust the height and to accommodate its maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds without bending or breaking.

The base is made of thick and robust metal construction for excellent stability and to give you a centered feeling even when moving. The wheel casters allow you to move around your room or office with minimal noise.

In addition, it is a huge chair that can perfectly fit most people since it has a length of 33 inches as well as a width of 20 inches, and an extra height of 21 inches, which you can control with its height adjustment levers.


  • Comes with a unique and robust camouflage design
  • The frame and casters are made of durable and high-grade materials for added support and stability
  • It has an ergonomic design to ensure you are comfortable even after long hours of gaming or working
  • It features a thick cushioning for added comfort
  • It can recline up to 180 degrees so you can relax or nap after a prolonged session


  • It is not ideal for heavier people
  • It is heavy-weight so it’s not easy to store

13. Ace Bayou X Rocker II SE 2.1 Black Leather Floor Video Gaming Chair – Best X Rocker for padding

If you are looking to step up your video gaming experience using an audio-enabled chair, this chair is your perfect fit. This well-connected chair takes your gaming to a whole new level thanks to the V Rocker Interactive Audio, 2.1 wireless audio system integrated with AFM technology, superb subwoofer system and front-facing speakers.

In addition, it has a control panel on the right side with bass dials, volume control, and input and output jacks. The best part? The audio system is compatible with a range of major consoles including PlayStation, Nintendo DS, MP3 players, xBox, and home theaters.

Beside its audio capabilities, this Ace Bayou X Rocker comes in a sleek and elegant compact design that’s easy to fold for portability. It also boasts a full back and lower back support for a comfortable gaming experience.

It is finished with premium and durable vinyl and a breathable mesh to allow enough. On the other hand, it has a thick padded headrest for maximum head and neck support. Moreover, it has rocking capabilities and a firm base for maximum stability and to support up to 250lbs.


  • It has an ergonomic and thick padded backrest for optimum comfort.
  • The chair comes with a curved underneath, making it ideal for rocking.
  • It features a powerful audio system compatible with different gaming consoles.
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to move around


  • The chair is not ideal for tall gamers
  • Limited color options to choose from

All these gaming chairs under $200 are the best for the price, but the Devoko gaming chair stands out and it’s our best pick. Although the rest are amazing, gets the job done and even have advanced features such as headrests footrests and lumbar pads, Devoko is the best overall under $200. From comfortability to adjustability, Devoko will perfectly suit you. Better yet, it does not produce a bad smell since it is made from high-quality synthetic carbon leather. 

On the other hand, Ficmax and Nokaxus are great too, where Ficmax is best suited for people with lower back pains, while Nokaxus comes with a USB-powered massage pillow.

FAQs around gaming gaming chairs

  • What is the best gaming chair?

There is a wide range of gaming chairs in the market today with all the crucial qualities and features that makes the best gaming chair. However, not all are worth it. The right chair should have proper height, seat, lumbar support, padding, 360-degree swivel movement, adjustment features, rocking and reclining capabilities among other extra features.

  • Are gaming chairs worth it?

Yes, they are! Unlike normal office chairs, gaming chairs tend to have unique features since gaming requires you to sit a lot. And you cannot do this using a normal office chair.  That’s why gaming chairs are incredibly and specially designed for maximum comfort even after prolonged sitting hours.

  • Why are gaming chairs so low?

Most gaming chairs are low-leveled since they do not have a built-in lower back support and that’s why they feature a lumbar pillow.

  • Is the durability of a gaming chair important? 

Yes, the durability of the chair is one of the decisive factors when it comes to how long the chair will last. Durability highly depends on the frame, and most gaming chairs are made of steel, which is heavy, thick, robust and unbreakable. Also, when buying gaming chairs under $200, you are likely to get a lifetime warranty on the frames.

  • Why do some gaming chairs smell bad?

The bad odor is a result of cheap faux leather material used to the cover. That’s why it’s advisable to buy a chair with few plastic parts or look for chairs made with high-quality leather such as premium synthetic carbon leather.

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