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Best Graphics Cards under $200 – 2020 Review

Best Graphics Cards under $200 for Gaming

Best Graphics Cards under $100/$200When you’re a PC builder looking to upgrade, the graphics card is among the top components. Most motherboards feature inbuilt integrated graphics cards, which although low-performance, are powerful enough to run the OS, browse the internet and run old games that aren’t graphically intensive. Some PCs come with a graphics card […]

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Intel i5-8600K vs i5-9600K- is 8600K Overrated?

Intel i5-8600K vs i5-9600K​- is 8600K Overrated? Intel Core i5-8600K4.8 out of 5 Check Current Price vsIntel Core i5-9600K4.8 out of 5 Check Current Price Intel’s Core i5 processors have long been the go-to CPUs for midrange gaming PCs. With the entry of AMD’s Ryzen CPUs which are cheaper and equally powerful, it’s right to question […]

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Best B350 Motherboards – 2020 Review

Best B350 Motherboards for Gaming

Best B350 Motherboards for 2020When you’re an enthusiast builder who values flexibility and overclocking, then a B350 motherboard would work best with your AMD processor. Although AMD B350 motherboards have chipsets with striking similarities, the boards are distinct in their own way with a wide array of designs and features. One key aspect that makes B350 motherboards […]

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Best AMD AM3+ Cpu for Gaming for 2020

Best AMD AM3+ CPUs for Gaming

Best AM3+ CPUs (Processors) for Gaming and Overclocking – 2020 ReviewT​he longevity of the AM3+ platform can be accredited to its relatively affordable pricing and performance. It operates as well as most processors in terms of overclocking, clock speeds, cores, threads, and more, which is why AM3+ sales remain high despite the new Ryzen series […]

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Best Hard Drive for Gaming – Top 10 HDDs for 2020

Best Hard Drive for Gaming Reviewed for 2020As the battle for gaming storage rages on, hard disk drives are still as popular as the good old days. Even with Solid State Drives being much faster, HDDs always offer the best price per gigabyte. For that reason, gamers still opt for HDD for massive storage. If you […]

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Best z370 Motherboards for i7 8700k – 2020 Review

Best Motherboard for i7-8700k

Best z370 Motherboard for i7 8700k – A Buyer’s GuideIf you’re a build fanatic or are looking to purchase a prebuilt computer system that you can expand or overclock, then you must pay extra attention to the motherboard.  After rounding up different models, we compared, analyzed and then reviewed the best motherboards for i7 8700k. All […]

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The 8 Best 140mm Case Fan – 2020 Review

Best 140mm Case Fans

Best 140mm Case Fans – A Buyer’s Guide for 2020When you’re a hardcore gamer or handle resource-intensive tasks such as video editing, then your system’s temperatures are bound to elevate to high levels. Sure, your PC comes integrated with stock case fans, but if you’re a gamer, these existing case fans will not cool your […]

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Best Ryzen Motherboard 2020 Review

Best Motherboard for Ryzen 5 1600

Best Motherboards for Ryzen 5 1600 for 2020The Ryzen 5 1600 lineup represents the cream of AMDs Zen CPUs revered for reliable maximum performance, lightning-fast speed, improved overclockability and optimal stability. The overclocked CPU gets some steam up for faster and hashing efficiency. However, it all boils down to the components synchronized with the Ryzen 5 […]

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Is a 240HZ Monitor Worth it for Gaming?

240Hz monitor

PC monitors have witnessed a great evolution over the past few years. When I talk about PC monitors, I mean gaming monitors and professional monitors. Simply put, a monitor can be any display device. It’s easily noticeable that different monitors render different content distinctively. As a business professional, you probably want a screen that will […]

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