The Best CHEAP Gaming Desks (Under $100)

A sturdy, well-equipped, cheap gaming desk (otherwise known as a battle station, if you’re die hards like us) makes all the difference in the gaming world. An extra inch here or there or a shift in positioning could be the difference between a Victory Royale in Fortnite, and an untimely demise in Call of Duty. Having been on both ends of the spectrum, trust us, a viable gaming desk will take your experience to the next level.

Desks come in all shapes and sizes, and the worst mistake you could make is choosing the wrong one (can you say “rage quit”?). But finding the right one, especially if you’re on a budget, is never easy.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of finding a cheap gaming desk, and have narrowed the list to a few of the best gaming desks under $100.

Top Pick - Zinus Port Computer Desk

The thing we enjoyed most about this particular desk was the ability to customize its layout. The Zinus Port comes with a movable side storage area, perfect for additional controllers, mice, or just to house a frosty beverage while playing.

NameDesk TypeMaterialCheck Price
Zinus Port Computer DeskStandardWood
GreenForest L-Shape Computer DeskWorkstation - LshapedMDF
Merax Modern Simple DesignStandard Wooden Top, Metal Legs
CHEFJOY Computer DeskStandardParticleboard + Steel Tube
Atlantic Gaming DeskWorkstation Fiberboard, Steel Tubing
OrigamiFoldable Computer DeskFoldable Wooden Top, Metal Stands
Techni Mobili Mobile WorkstationMobile Workstation MDF Panels, Steel Frame
Best Choice Products Wood Computer DeskWorkstation - Lshaped Wooden Top, Metal Frames

Our Favorite Cheap Gaming Desk: Zinus Port Computer Desk

Listen, the ideal cheap desk depends comes down to what you need. But overall, our favorite cheap gaming desk was the Zinus Port Computer Desk. It absolutely blew us away; it’s hard to imagine how we survived so long in our space without it. The smaller version was big enough to fit two monitors comfortably, and the larger model was easily capable of handling three. The ability to position and switch monitors as you like was exactly what we were after. Not to mention the moveable side storage compartment.

That being said, no matter what type of gamer you are, each of these models has something different to offer. Read up and see if it’s got what you’re after.

The Best CHEAP Gaming Desks (Under $100)

1. Zinus Port Computer Desk

Serious gamers need a serious desk; one that can handle plenty of equipment, can be adjusted to fit whatever your needs are, and something sleek and fashionable in design.

The Zinus Port covers all of those bases, as efficiently as you covering the flanker side of your teammates in your favorite first-person shooter. This cheap gaming desk doesn’t skimp on anything, despite its price tag.

Unlike the competitors we reviewed here, the Zinus comes with a one-year warranty, so you won’t have to worry about damaging it if you rage quit during a match.

In the past, we’ve found desk frames, especially steel legs, to be pretty prone to scratching and damage. Luckily, this warranty neutralizes that.

Honestly, this desk was just a step ahead of the competition in most major categories.

For one, the design is absolute MINT. As a gamer, you know you either get aesthetics or quality; you can’t have both.

Not with this desk. The smooth design, rugged steel frame with additional leg support, and rich, espresso finish combine elegantly. The result? A tank of a desk that could easily double over as your dining room table.

The thing we enjoyed most about this particular desk was the ability to customize its layout. The Zinus Port comes with a movable side storage area, perfect for additional controllers, mice, or just to house a frosty beverage while playing. The storage area can be mounted on either end of the table, a distinctive quality.


  • One-year warranty
  • Lightweight at 38 lbs.
  • Customizable desk layout
  • thumbs-up
    Strong steel frame with leg support


  • A high-end desk model that’s slightly pricier

2. GreenForest L-Shape Computer Desk

It was difficult to decide between the GreenForest and the Zinus. It comes with everything you need and would definitely be #1 on the list if it weren’t for the Zinus Port’s slightly upgraded features. It’s the best bang for your buck though, since the price tag is lower.  If you’re on a real budget, this is your choice hands down.

For starters, it’s got a stylish and sleek design that gives it an awesome contemporary look. Four choices of finish allow for the perfect match in any room, our personal favorite is the jet black. Again, its looks completely outperform its price tag.

This desk really blew us away, both in appearance and craftsmanship.

Its durable design is comprised of medium density fiber board (MDF) that goes a long way aiding in appearance and functionality. The desk legs are coated with an epoxy resin, fancy wording for protection, that keeps them from scuffs and dings that could occur in the heat of battle. Adjustable footpads not only allow for height modification, but are also made with an ABS resin material that won’t scratch your floor.

The desk boasts a weight capacity of over 100 pounds, which should assuage any fears you may have about your takeout bottoming out your gaming station. And with a total length of 102 inches, it can easily fit a multitude of gaming monitors. Despite its incredible surface area, the GreenForest’s L-shape design minimizes the amount of space it occupies.


  • Sturdy design, made of MDF and ABS resin
  • Middle piece is removable, allowing for smaller desk size if needed
  • Enough desk space for at least three monitors
  • thumbs-up
    Takes up minimal space


  • Assembly required
  • thumbs-down
    Shorter and longer sides of the desk are not interchangeable

3. Merax Modern Simple Design

The big guns in gaming call for bigger guns in desks, and the Merax Modern delivers on quality in an enormous way. Its simplistic design allows for positioning in even the most crowded of game spaces.

What struck us instantly was how strong of a desk this is. We’re talking Hulk strong. Its surface is made up of thick MDF (medium density fiber board). In terms of gaming desks, MDF is like adamantium.

There’s also a PVC edge band, which adds to the structural strength of this model. It’s an extremely durable desk, even for the most reckless of gamers. Because of the high quality materials that go into manufacturing this desk, it’s advertised as scratch resistant as well as waterproof. If you’re prone to spilling a beer while playing (like we are…), this will come in handy.

In spite of being a cheap gaming desk, it doesn’t forego style for quality. It comes in both a white & oak finish as well as a black & espresso option. It’s also a tank structurally, weighing in at 45 lbs., but at 47 inches long it still fits into spaces easily.

 Another feature we loved was the ability to adjust the leg pads on the bottom of the desk legs. Picture this: you’re lining up for the perfect long-range sniper shot to win the match for your team. Just as you’re about to pull the trigger, your desk shifts, causing you to misfire and blow the entire game. Horrible right? The adjustable leg pads keep this desk standing strong on the most uneven of floors.


  • Wide and spacious, can fit in most areas seamlessly
  • High-end craftsmanship and material despite the low price tag
  • Scratch resistant and waterproof
  • thumbs-up
    Adjustable leg pads keep the desk from wobbling


  • Assembly can be complicated
  • thumbs-down
    Desk surface may be too small to fit a large amount of items

4. CHEFJOY Computer Desk

For some of us, time is money, even if it’s virtual currency. We don’t have time to waste on assembly and set-up, we just want to get down to gaming. If that’s you, you’ve found your gaming station.

Options are the name of the game with the CHEFJOY Computer Desk. It comes with more color schemes than Fortnite has skins, a real treat for someone looking to compliment a stylish gaming space. With 10 different color configurations to choose from, you’re sure to find a look that’s perfect for you. The brown and black color combo was my personal favorite.

The desk is constructed of durable steel, with a smooth finish on its surface. Its design is simplistic, but still spacious and it gets the job done. It’s perfect for your Man Cave. The surface finish allows for easy cleaning, especially useful for spills during the heat of battle.

Because of the simplicity of its design, the CHEFJOY can fit just about anywhere. This desk can also serve a multitude of purposes; while it’s great for gaming, it can also be used as a simple computer desk, writing station, storage area etc.

It’s the cheapest option that we reviewed but unlike other bargain bin models, it actually delivered on quality far beyond our expectations. And it was ready to go in 30 minutes!


  • A fantastic amount of customization options
  • Simplistic, yet beautiful design
  • Protective foot caps prevent floor scratching and add extra stability


  • Smaller surface area makes it difficult to house multiple monitors

5. Atlantic Gaming Desk – Best for Gear Storage

Designed for gamers, Atlantic Gaming Desk is the perfect desk you need if you’re short on space but you want a sturdy unit that can support all your gaming gear. Why has this desk become so popular among gamers?

Atlantic Gaming Desk measures 15.5(L)x7(w)x6.25(h) and comes in a simple yet innovative design. Laminated with a sleek charcoal carbon fiber finish, the top provides sufficient room for a 32-Inch gaming monitor while still leaving enough space for a laptop, games and more.

Featuring four adjustable, non-marring level feet, Atlantic Gaming Desk is remarkably robust and stable. And that’s for a good reason, too. The desk is your go-to base for everything gaming.

Integrated are a charging stand for your smartphone or tablet, a storage unit for up to 5 games, an under-desk basket, a stand for two controllers, a headphone/headset VR hook, and more. The desk also comes with an inbuilt monitor stand meaning you'll save the money that would go into buying one. Wanna participate in a long night quest? Serve your drink and place it in the cup-holder and sip at your pace with little to no distractions.

As a gamer, you can take advantage of all the creative features to free up the top space of the desk, keep everything you need at an arm’s length and make your gaming room, bedroom or dorm room look more sophisticated and organized.

What’s more, the desk doesn’t require much effort to assemble. It’s also super-easy to clean and doesn’t occupy much space.

Overall, the major selling point for this gaming desk is that it offers storage for all your gaming gears for easy access helping you stay more organized.


  • Ample storage features
  • Inbuilt monitor stand
  • Remarkably robust and stable
  • thumbs-up
    Attractive carbon fiber finish top


  • Can’t support multiple monitor set-up
  • thumbs-down
    Not height adjustable

6. Origami Multi-Purpose Foldable Computer Desk

Will you agree with us that a foldable desk in a gaming room look pretty funky and is revolutionary? Our goal is to help arm you with the knowledge as well as resources related to gaming. And in this review, we present Origami Multi-Purpose Foldable Computer Desk.

Origami Foldable desk is has been designed to be functional and to provide maximum comfort as you play your games or as you surf the internet or finish your project on PC or laptop in the office.

Your gaming room or space deserves a desk that is sturdy enough to support the gaming monitor as well as a couple more gaming gear. Crafted with a steel frame and a wooded top, the desk doesn’t chip easy and is the ally you need for years of immersive gaming and other general office uses.

Even more, this gaming beauty comes complete with a black finish that gives it an added style whether you place the desk in the living room or in your gaming room. Plus, the black finish complements pretty much any décor. And if you prefer a different color, you can also get a desk with a bronze, platinum or bronze finish, whichever you prefer.

Want to move or store the desk? The desk measures 29 inches high 23.6” width and 47.4” in length. Simply remove the tabletop and fold it for hassle-free transportation or storage.


  • Sturdy steel and wood construction
  • Foldable
  • Pretty black finish


  • Not for multiple monitors set-up

7. Techni Mobili Mobile Computer Workstation

Still think the beauty of a computer desk comes from its length? Then Techni Mobili Mobile Computer Workstation is about to prove you wrong.

It doesn’t matter if you want to use it for your home office, for your kid’s gaming computer or want to position your gaming rig on top, this desk deserves the name.

Let’s start with the design. Techni Mobili Mobile Computer Workstation has been carefully crafted using wood complete with scratch-resistant powder coated steel frame. 

Besides, it comes equipped with 4 non-marking locking casters that render it mobile. Provided you’re on a level ground, you can move desk about in the living room, gaming room and even the bedroom without much effort.

What’s more, the desk comes with an elevated shelf easily adjustable to the center, right and left. Easily position your gaming monitor at the center and let your gaming console, printer or even another monitor sit the right or the left side.

In gameplay, posture matters a great deal. Equipped with a sliding wooden pullout keyboard shelf with graphite finish, Techni Mobili Mobile Computer Workstation is the wonderful ergonomic posture solution you need. Sit in optimal comfort, type away or get fully immersed into the quest.

Positioned on the side are 3 racks that you can use to store your consoles, games and other media. Use the bottom shelf to store accessories. All these storage solutions guarantee that there’s no clutter on the shelves.

If you’re looking for a sturdy mobile gaming desk, then you’ll love Techni Mobili Mobile Computer Workstation.


  • Robust and stable
  • Ample accessories storage space
  • Attractive and innovative design


  • Not height adjustable

8. Best Choice Products Wood L-Shaped Computer Desk

Looking for a classy corner work and gaming desk? Then we found an L-shape desk that fits the bill perfectly. Best Choice Products presents you a corner desk that will serve virtually any purpose.

We live in a contemporary world where we strive to make everything look good from our bedrooms, living room to our workspace.

 This wooden L-shape desk helps you accomplish that by providing extra working space while at the same time making your office or gaming room appear more stylish.

Curved in the middle, the desk can easily assume an L-shape making it possible to fit in the corner of your gaming room or your office. That way, you're guaranteed of the additional workspace without the unnecessary excessive office room.

Gaming enthusiast like you and me own lots of gaming gear from monitors, controllers, computer games to consoles. And without shelves or a large enough desk, it might be hard to keep them organized.

Fortunately, Best Choice Products Wood L-Shaped Computer Desk features a robust frame meaning it can support all your gaming gear and keep them at your arms reach. Considering multiple monitor set-up? This classic wooden desk is strong enough to support them.

The desk also comes integrated with a keyboard tray capable of rolling in and out so it saves additional space when not in use. Underneath the table is an additional platform/stand that supports your computer tower.

Worry not about putting the table together. Best Choice Products Wood L-Shaped Computer Desk comes accompanied by the essential tools as well as instructions to assemble it, which makes the task pretty simple.


  • Stylish and chic wood tabletop
  • Easily bends to fit in a corner
  • Has a stand for a computer tower


  • The curved middle corner doesn't go flush against the wall

9. Z-Line Claremont Desk

Z-Line Designs is a renowned manufacturer of office furniture including computer desks, office chairs, cabinets, TV stands and more. In the gaming world, Z-Line Designs has something to offer - the Z-Line Claremont Desk perfect for gamers. Let’s explore this desk.

This desk has been designed in a modern style. Forget about the wobbly computer desks you’ll find out there. Made of wood, Z-Line Claremont Desk comes with a decorative finish on real wood veneer that not only renders it classy but also sturdy enough to support your gaming monitors and accessories.

On the top is a smoked tempered glass tough enough not to shatter easily for your safety. Supporting the 6mm thick toughened glass desktop are two equally elegant chrome cylinders which further prevent the glass from breaking easily.  As such, you can about your gaming business without worrying that the glass might break on placing a few items on it.

Also, the glass desktop is an excellent break from the normal wood or metal top, a property that adds a touch of sophistication to your gaming station. The desktop workspace is spacious enough to support your gaming monitors, a laptop, and a couple of gaming gear. Sit, relax and get immersed in your favorite quest.

Z-Line Claremont Desk also features a mesh pull out keyboard tray with additional space to hide your mouse. Although you can place your keyboard on top of the desk and work from there, you can also keep it intact in the tray and type away.

Lastly, while the desk comes with assembly instructions, although they’re not as reliable. However, you’ll appreciate that it’s pretty easy to assemble the desk.


  • Sturdy glass top and wood construction
  • Attractive & stylish glass top desk with wood finish
  • Comes with a mesh keyboard tray


  • Not easy to assemble

10. Walker Edison Corner Computer Desk

If you live in a modest house or a congested office, you'll agree that space is limited and comes at a premium. A lot of the time, the space in the corner of the room goes unused.

But an L-shaped desk can easily be positioned in one of the corners to maximize the space. WE Furniture presents you a sleek corner computer desk.

As an avid computer gamer, you'll love this Walker Edison Corner Computer Desk. The L-shaped desk provides the perfect set-up for your gaming gear for easy access. Its’ not only spacious enough to support multiple monitors but also highly cost-effective. If you're fond of multitasking, then this L-shaped desk will be your best ally.

Walker Edison Corner Computer Desk employs a simple design without getting burdened by excessive multiple drawers and shelves that usually go unused. Coming in a three-piece design, this desk assumes an L-shaped set-up that can easily fit in that empty corner helping you save and optimize the limited space in your office or room.

Hardcore gamers have a lot of gaming gear and a weak desk won't cut it. Walker Edison Corner Computer Desk has been crafted from steel frame decorated with a powder coated finish plus tempered safety glass shelves complete with beveled edges for that soft and smooth finish. The desk is strong enough to support multiple monitors, all your gaming gear, and then some more. Used carefully, it’s a lifelong investment.


  • Simple design yet sleek and sophisticated
  • Maximizes and saves available space
  • Sturdy and stable


  • Isolated complaints of the finish scratching

What to Look for When Buying A Gaming Desk?

There is no perfect gaming desk under $100. When shopping for one, consider these factors. While personal preference will differ from person to person, we found these laws to be somewhat universal. No matter what type of gaming you’ll be doing, consider the following before you settle on a purchase:

Space is Important! - Regardless of your gaming pleasure, you’ll need to make sure you have enough surface area to play comfortably. We wouldn’t advise any desk with a surface area less than 45 inches.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality! – Arguably the most important law of all. The worst possible outcome when searching for a cheap desk is that the price tag reflects the quality. Make sure your desk is comprised of quality materials, such as the MDF boards we’ve mentioned in many of these models.

Aesthetics! – No one is saying you need to have the flashiest, loudest desk in all the land. But an attractive workstation will lead to more productivity and a better gaming experience overall. Plus, you’ll add to the overall décor of your Man (or Woman) Cave.

Budget! – Most of the time, you’ll find that many of the features found in the higher end models of desks can just as easily be found in the models we’ve reviewed here. There is no reason to break the bank to have a fully functioning gaming area, as all of the desks we’ve reviewed here are more than capable of getting the job done.

Of course, more goes into the final decision than what we’ve outlined above, but we’ve found these four things to be among the most important factors to consider.

Benefits of Buying a Gaming Desk

“I’ll just play on my table. It’s the same thing”!


There’s a reason why the world’s best gamers all have a dedicated gaming station. If you want to get serious about becoming the next Pewdiepie, your choice of gaming desk is crucial. Here’s why you can’t “just play on your table”. 

Keep Everything Together! -  A gaming desk will help you keep all of your equipment and games together in a convenient place, ready to go at a moments notice. You won’t have to worry about misplacing your expensive game investments.

Comfort! – This may seem fairly obvious, but comfort is king when you’re settling in for a marathon session in the gaming world. Most desks are optimized for height, preventing you from having to crane your neck up or down to get a good view of the screen.

Enhanced Gameplay! – Alright, a good game space isn’t going to directly impact your kill to death ratio, but hear us out. You can’t argue the fact that the more comfortable you are while playing, the better you’ll perform.

The Look! – Of course, while the overall goal is to have a functioning space to own players across the Internet, a sleek, contemporary gaming desk will absolutely add to the overall feel of your game room. Atmosphere is everything!

Ultimately, the perfect choice for your game space will depend on your individual needs. While some prefer simplicity to unique features, others crave all of the bells and whistles a distinctive game desk has to offer. The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer – most desks will accomplish whatever gaming goals you may have set out to smash. Whatever your preference may be, there’s no doubt that an excellent choice in game desk will absolutely add to your overall gaming experience.

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