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How to Build the Most Expensive Gaming PC in 2020


How To Build The ​Most Expensive Gaming PCIf you’re a passionate gamer, you need the most expensive PC build in order to enjoy all the newest titles in HD quality. You don’t need the most expensive computer, but the most expensive gaming computer instead. People who use their computers to do some office work and/or […]

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Difference Between DVI-I and DVI-D

DVI-I And DVI-D: What’s the Difference?DVI technology is not new to most of us who have been in the monitor world for a while now. Among the many ports that come with your PC monitor one of them is a DVI connector so it’s something you are likely to have come across.But do you understand […]

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LCD vs OLED vs Plasma- Which is the Winner?

LCD vs OLED vs Plasma ExplainedIn competing TV tech; OLED, LCD, and plasma, which one is top of its game? The better question; which one works best for you? Even though plasma TVs production ended in 2015, they still exist in the secondary market. Only three companies made Plasma TVs. They include LG, Panasonic, and Samsung. […]

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Professional Gamer Salary: The Complete Guide and Advice


Gaming has boomed over the years. In the past few years, professional gamers can now make a livable income on their gaming performances. But make no mistake, it is difficult to make a lucrative income with gaming. Because only a few people are doing so compared to the thousands of professional gamers. Having said that, […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Building a Kick Ass Gaming Rig PC

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Kick-Ass Gaming PC Nowadays, it’s easy to build a gaming PC thanks to the ease of putting together components. But choosing which hardware goes in your gaming rig is the tricky part. As we look into the features to consider when buying components, we want to guide you into fine-tuning […]

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