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Some regard Steam as the virtual monopoly in PC games distribution. PC gaming enthusiasts can purchase their favorite games from it. It also makes constant and automatic updates to prevent downtimes in playing. Steam is a client (software that you install in your computer to communicate with a server) that allows users to enjoy free-to-play games or to buy computer games. This client gives you a means to stop playing console games for the more flexible PC gaming.

While on the site, you can browse games. You will find many genres such as Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Indie, Adventure, Strategy and Casual to name but just a few of them. When traveling, you can sign into your account, download your game again and enjoy it on a different computer.

When you sign up on Steam and start playing their games, you will definitely want to make the best background profile. The default profile background is plain, and boring.

How to get Steam backgrounds

This should not be too hard. You can create a Steam background with inventory items from the marketplace. You can buy these items for a small amount of money since most of them cost from $0.15 to several dollars or thereabouts. However, if you don’t want to spend money, you can trade these items with your friends on the marketplace.

Buying rare backgrounds can be costly. Some can even go for tens of dollars. However, before you buy a background, you can check whether you have cards. Cards are the inventory items that you earn when you buy or play games, awarded by Steam. To find out whether you have cards, just click your username, scroll down to inventory. If you have any cards, you will see them there.

You can even sell these cards! Just click any card, and below it on the right hand side, you will see the sell button. Accept the subscription agreement, put down how much you would like to sell the card for and then click the “put up for sale” button.

When the card sells, the system deposits the money in your wallet. You can then proceed to the community tab, click and go to the marketplace. Click advanced, Click Steam, choose profile background. Choose what background you want and once you click buy, it will be added to your inventory.

How to change Steam background

If you have followed the steps to buy a Profile Background well, changing your background should be easy.

Just go to your profile, click edit and as you scroll down, you will find a “Profile Background” button. Please note that this button will not come up if you do not have any backgrounds in your inventory.

Since in this case you have already bought your background, you can choose it from the available list of backgrounds. Once you click on it, click the button labeled “save these settings” and voila! It is done. Your new backround goes live.

How to make your Steam profile cool

If you are a consistent Steam user, you must have noticed incredible profiles with bios, backgrounds, showcases and stuff that make them sizzling hot. You must also have noticed some that are not so flashy. It takes a bit of work to make your profile stand out.

To make an exciting profile, follow the tips shared below:

Add a good background – This is the surest way to take your profile from bland and boring to exciting and thrilling with a couple of mouse clicks. We have already discussed how to set a background in the preceding sections of this post.

Put some introduction below your picture – Below your profile picture, add bits of information about yourself. You can put the name of your business there if you want people to know it.

Showcase a few items – You can pull items from some of your favorite games and display them on your profile. This just serves to tell the gaming community more about yourself.

Create a full bio – Create a bio tellling people who you are, where you come from, what you do and so on. If you have a website, show it here. Also, show your trade link so that other gamers can trade some of their items with you.

Favorite games, movies and shows – Create a list of your favorite things such as movies, games and shows. The more stuff you have in common with other people, the more they trust you.

Create a friends’ list – You can add a few people to this list. Make sure this list is of people that you like and frequently play games with.

How to make your own Steam background

You cannot really make a custom Steam background. The reason for this is that you cannot upload your own images to Steam. You can only use the images that the client provides if you own them. However, with so many backgrounds available at such low prices, you probably will never find the need for a custom background.

Nevertheless, if you must give your profile a custom touch, you can go to Steam Design. You can use this tool for cropping and adding animation to your profile background. With some graphic design knowledge, this should be bliss. However, even without any knowledge in design, it should take you about 20 minutes to get it to work.

How to add Steam background

When you sign up and get the default profile, you realize that it is quite bland looking without a background. We have already looked at how to buy backgrounds. Once you buy one, the system will automatically add it to your inventory.

Buying a background is all that you need to do. Of course, to buy one, you can sell the cards that you have earned while playing or buying games. To change your profile background, just go to edit profile, choose a profile, click “save setings” and it is done. We discussed this process in detail above.

Cool Steam profile backgrounds

Cool Steam profile backgrounds are easy to create. After all, there are thousands of backgrounds to buy on the system. Depending on how detailed and robust a background is, it can cost anything from a few cents to several dollars.

Using the Steam Design tool, you can crop your background; add animations and other artwork as may be allowed. This site does not allow the creation of fully custom profiles or upload of user images. Therefore, this is the only way to customize your backgrounds. You can buy as many different backgrounds as you like and change them as often as you want a new look.

10 Popular Steam backgrounds 

Cloudbuilt Dawn - It is simple and it fits with many templates primarily because it uses a beautiful pink theme. This background is from the Cloudbuilt game.

Alternate Dimension – Gamers love this background because of its purple and blue color combinations. These colors fit together so well. This is a pricey theme, and it may even cost more than $10.

Sunset - This was a trending theme in 2018 thanks to the minimalist design and rich sunset color. Like the Cloudbuilt Dawn, this one also fits with many templates.

Nighttime background – You can never go wrong with such a profound background where every detail appears so vividly. The price is quite affordable as well, mostly selling at less than $1.00.

Forest King - The combination of the blue and dark color makes this background a good fit for any template.

E.D.N III Vista – The burst of purple sky, the dark hulks that look like stalactite, the bluish middle ground make this background so stunning.

The Wilderness – The dark edges and the bluish middle ground make this theme look eerie and game-like. This is one of the most beautiful backgrounds on Steam.

Jungle Temple – The golden colored temple doors are eye-catching. The streams of bluish light and the dark edges give this background a medieval look. Despite the color combination, this theme is simplistic and fits well with many templates.

Cloudbank - For a small price, slightly more than $1, you can own this beautiful city-themed background.

Cloudbuilt Day – Just like its sister the Cloudbuilt Dawn, this one is a minimalist background with a bluish theme. It works with any template.

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