How to Use Laptop As Monitor For PS4

Any gaming enthusiast will affirm that among the many gaming consoles, PS4 is absolute fun. Years ago, the gaming geek in me couldn’t afford my family members any peace in the house. As a lover of action and strategic games, I would marvel for hours with PS4, thanks to its myriads of gaming options. As you would expect, this wouldn’t go well with other members of my family since they felt I was denying them opportunities to watch their favorite TV programs. In the long-run, I would lose the battle. As they say, ‘necessity is the mother of invention.’ It didn’t take long before I learned how to use laptop as monitor for PS4, the rest is history. For any gamer who is unfortunate to be in that sad situation as I was, worry not. I got you. After this read, you won’t have to ever beg for your turn on the TV again.

How to use Laptop as Monitor for PS4

Nothing worth having comes easy. Using your laptop’s screen as monitor for PS4 is also not a walk in the park. Don’t get it twisted thinking that just by connecting a cable from your gaming console to your laptop you’re good to enjoy the features that PS4 provides. By the way, is that even possible? Yes. Well, there are a few different methods of converting your laptop’s screen into a monitor for PS4. Sharing is caring and since I do, I hereby make this tricky task easy for you. All you need is put your thinking cap on and follow every single step herein.

To start with, you need a laptop whose video input is compatible to play PS4 games. Unfortunately, most laptops don’t have the option of such connections. Probably you’re now thinking that you can decode a solution to this by connecting the HDMI cable to your laptop and start gaming on your laptop’s screen, right? Sadly, it won’t work. This is simply because the HDMI connection is unidirectional, therefore, it can’t support a duplet link. Additionally, both ports-for laptop and the PS4, are output ports, meaning you can’t connect them and get output on the laptop screen. You’re now wondering, how do I change my HDMI output to input? Relax! That’s not the dead end, there are steps you can follow and get connected to use your laptop as monitor for PS4 thrills.

How do I use my laptop as a monitor for PS4 with HDMI?

There you go, call it light at the end of the tunnel. To help you do your stuff easily, this is how you convert your laptop’s screen into a monitor for PS4 games:

Use a Video Capture Card

This method is quite easy in helping game lovers play PS4 on a laptop with HDMI. However, it doesn’t come on a silver platter. You’ll have to dig deep into your pocket to get all the necessary apparatus ready for the setting.

Requirements for this technique:

  • PS4.
  • Laptop.
  • Internet Connection, either Ethernet of WIFI.
  • HDMI cable with dual-functioning.
  • File sharing compatibility.
  • Once you arm yourself with these, you’re good to go.

Step 1: Turn on file-sharing.

Go the PS4 menu and under the setting tabs, locate the option of network settings. Open the internet connection settings to establish an internet connection for the device. If you don’t have WIFI, configure the laptop and the PS4 to the same router using Ethernet cables. By the end of this, ensure you’re able to stream between the two machines seamlessly.

Step 2.

Connect the video capture card to the laptop via the USB port. These video cards are manufactured with an installation suite thus easy to install and set-up. This constitutes an S-video connection. For optimal outcomes, ensure the video capture care is of high quality.

Step 3.

Now you need an s-video connection. If your video card package didn’t constitute the s-video, you can get it from the nearest retail store. Connect the PS4 console with the video capture card via the s-video connection cable. Look out for the ‘HDMI-IN’ end, attach it to the video capture card, for the ‘HDMI-OUT’ end, link it to the PS4 gaming console.

Step 4: Open and run the software to turn on the PS4.

Open the application software that was in the video capture card and power up the PS4. The software will detect the PS4 console and display it on your laptop screen. You may need to set the application to full-screen mode for display of the full resolution. After completing these processes successfully, run the software. Boom, you’re now set to show your prowess in the games.

Well, just that and you’ve configured your laptop to stream games from the PS4. Easy, right? Quality-wise, this is also the method to go with. However, this process may be a little bit expensive for some of us. Here are some other solutions you that may also come in handy in helping you get the desired results that you are contemplating playing PS4 games on your laptop.

Use of PS4’s Remote play

This tool comes with your gaming console. Remote Play lets your stream PS4 game on a Windows laptop or a Mac. Anyone who is like, ‘how can I use my laptop as a monitor for PS4 with remote play? Hold on. This system will allow you the chance to enjoy fascinating PS gaming while you’re connected remotely to your PS4 system. For this arrangement to work, you’ll need to have the following:

  • A Laptop.
  • Gaming console-PS4 system.
  • LCD/ a screen.
  • An account set up on PlayStation Network.
  • USB Cable
  • High-speed internet connectivity.

Use the LCD to twist some settings in the PS4 system before streaming in on your laptop, and then follow this procedure to set up the Remote Play on your laptop.

Step 1:

Download the most recent Remote Play app from the website. Ensure the app is compatible with your laptop’s Operating System-windows or Mac. Use the app to stream your game play onto the screen of your laptop. Run the pre-installed installer on the app to kick start the installation process.

Step 2:

After the installation, enable the Remote Play option from the PS4 settings. You proceed on this by going to the settings tab and the remote play connection settings to enable Remote Play. For you to have network access to the games, the PS4 should power on or be left in the active rest mode. In case of any doubt as to whether the activate rest mode is on, check by going to power save settings and do any necessary adjustments. Ensure the ‘enable turning on’ PS4 from network’ is activated to be able to stream.

Step 3:

Ensure all settings are appropriately done, and then move from the remote play app on the laptop by tweaking things up on the PS4 settings. Ensure settings like frames per second are all set. Set your preferred resolution settings, ideally 720p to 1080p. Under the frame rate, I prefer from standard to high frame rates, they’re fairly dope, according to me.

Step 4:

Use the USB cable to link the controller to your computer.

Step 5:

After step 4 above, you’ll see a start option on the Remote Play app on the laptop. Click on it and log-in to your PS4 network. The app will direct you to the PS4 system. This the game console streaming games on your laptop. Interestingly, at this point, you can still use your laptop keyboard for typing.

Isn’t this an interesting way to enjoy PS4 on laptop screen through PS4 with HDMI? Ultimately, when you want to switch off the PS4, press down the PS button then locate the power settings and set it to ‘Rest Mode.’ This terminates the connection. By using this method, you’re guaranteed more feasibility and entertainment rather than fatigue.

Well, by now, any serious PS4 lover ought to have gotten some insights on how to use laptop as monitor for PS4 with HDMI. Out of abundant love to share, here are some more options on how to play PS4 on laptop. Take a look.


 Use of Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).

Thanks to technology, this is another awesome way to use laptop as monitor for PS4. To capture OBS, first install the PS4 Remote Play and link it to your PS4.

Start the OBS, add a menu and then select window option.

To begin capturing PS4 games, click ok.

Avail all sorts of customized recording by altering the settings and you’re good to go.

This software’s use of inbuilt recording functions is highly convenient and cheaper. It’s undoubtedly a high-end source and technique for recording PS4 games on a laptop’s screen.

Last but not least, below is another method to shed light on those ‘can I use my laptop as a screen for my PS4’ kind of queries.

The capture of a PS4 game by inbuilt recording functions when the game play saves to laptop’s system.

This is how it works.

Open the game you intend to record.

Press the share button on the controller to enter the ‘share page.’

Check off the ‘include microphone audio in the broadcast.’ Record your voice for recording gameplay.

Start the game that you’ve recorded.


This technique of using a laptop monitor for PS4 with HDMI will prove cheap for game lovers.


By using a built-in recording function and some tactful techniques that I have mentioned here, you can easily stream your laptop screen.


When it’s all said and done, the techniques outlined above on how to use laptop as monitor for PS4 provide you more than one option to choose from. The very first methods of how to use laptop as monitor for PS4 with HDMI are a bit expensive but won’t bother you while enjoying PS4 on your laptop’s screen. However, I won’t ask you to stick with a particular technique without considering the others, chose whatever suits you. Enjoy playing on!

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