The 10 Best 240 Hz Monitors for Competitive Gaming

Hardcore E-sports gamers know the value of a gaming monitor with super-fast refresh rates. Impressive resolutions and superior screen sizes help deliver incredibly impressive responsive experiences, but not when the refresh rates are insanely pitiable. The transmission from the traditional 60Hz to the more glorious 144Hz refresh rates allowed competitive players to explore a new world of immersive and unbelievably high-resolution gaming actions at incredibly fast speeds.

However, the less tech-savvy gamers didn’t believe the refresh rates would go beyond 144Hz until the stratospheric 240Hz refresh rates entered the market. Gaming monitors with the gigantic 240Hz refresh rates have the power to refresh your action images faster, giving smooth images free of motion blurs. And since the monitors refresh and update the images super-fast, they make the gaming experience not only responsive but also full of fun.

 Is A 240 Hz Monitor Worth It?

For an ultimately responsive gaming experience, quick refresh rates and fast response times are necessary ingredients. The 240Hz monitors are designed to address this issue by offering superior responsiveness, full-HD gaming with reduced motion blurs, and fluid gaming experiences. They also allow for fast reaction times in competitive multiplayer games.

If you’ve tried playing your favorite games on the 60Hz or 144Hz refresh rates, you likely have discovered blurry visuals at times. The higher refresh rates of 240Hz provide the clearest of images at super high speeds and reasonable frame rates. This ensures you can enjoy the gaming thrill and experience better.

     Best for 2020


This super-fast and highly responsive gaming monitor has an impressive 240Hz native refresh rate and 1ms response time. The monitor uses the Extreme Low Motion Blue technology to deliver ultra-realistic visuals and silky-smooth gameplay.

If you’re a hardcore twitch gamer, you’ll always want to respond to your enemy much faster, and that is only possible if the gaming monitor has fast refresh rates. Have a look at our version of the top 10 240Hz gaming monitor reviews and choose the best.

The Best 10 240Hz Gaming Monitor Reviews

1.ASUS ROG Strix XG258Q 24.5-inch Full HD Gaming Monitor

Are you a hardcore lover of fast-paced action-adventure, first-person-shooters, and sports games and would want to enjoy these games in a lag-free and seamless visual quality, the ROG Strix XG258Q promises to offer you the ultimate best gaming experience.

This super-fast and highly responsive gaming monitor has an impressive 240Hz native refresh rate and 1ms response time. 

The monitor uses the Extreme Low Motion Blue technology to deliver ultra-realistic visuals and silky-smooth gameplay. ROG Strix XG258Q also packs unique Strix-exclusive design components and ASUS Aura RGB lighting that delivers superior ambiance to your gaming setup.

Additionally, this gaming monitor uses ASUS’s Adaptive-Sync technology to deliver extra fast, smooth, and breathtaking visuals. The advanced Adaptive-Sync technology in the Asus Rog Strix 24.5-inch gaming monitor works by reducing display input lag and shutter. As well, it eradicates choppy and tearing frame rates. The monitor’s design is super narrow, a feature that allows for seamless multi-display setup and easy transportation.

The ASUS-exclusive GamePlus hotkey with user-friendly in-game enhancement is another gamer-friendly feature. This Gameplus hotkey is co-developed by pro gamers to ensure gamers can boost their gaming skills. Another feature gamers will find useful is the intuitive software utility as it enables them to adjust the settings and configure the Blue Light filter or ASUS GameVisual App Sync. Notably, ROG Strix CG258Q has an ergonomic design highlighted by seamless tilt, swivel, and height adjustment functions that let you adjust the monitor to the most desired viewing angle.


  • Supports both G-Sync and FreeSync
  • Lots of amazing gaming features
  • Rich connectivity and functions
  • A highly ergonomic design
  • Super quick response time
  • Low input lag


  • The image quality is not the best
  • The viewing angles are narrow

2.ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q 24.5-inch Full HD Gaming Monitor

Take your fast-paced and E-sports gaming experiences a notch higher with the Asus Rog Swift PG258Q.  This is a budget-friendly full HD gaming monitor that combines an insanely impressive refresh rate of 240HZ and the patented NVIDIA G-SYNC technology to deliver mindboggling gaming experience highlighted by fast and smooth visuals.

 Its ultra-low motion blur technology is superbly calibrated to give motion images a sharper look while making the gameplay responsive and fluid.

Add this full HD monitor to your gaming workshop and have a taste of a futuristic, gaming-inspired design characterized by bold and strong lines alongside impressive built-in lighting effects.  The ROG SWIFT PG258Q monitor has high-end light projection effects such as three blank covers and two ROG covers that let you customize your light projections to get unique and better quality lighting.

The ASUS-exclusive GamePlus hotkey functions, which is a product of co-development between the manufacturer and the world’s smartest gamers, aim to make your gaming seamless and lag-free.  The function provides in-game advancements such as better frames per second counter, crosshair overlay, display alignment function, and onscreen timers. These are intended to enhance your gaming skills and give you an edge over other gamers.

You can always play fast-paced games in high definition 1080p resolution in a big 24.5 screen. The monitor has attractive and slim metal stands, and a thin bezel rounded edge.


  • The image quality is superbly good
  • It has a versatile and stylish stand
  • The design is slim and sleek
  • You get an awesome gaming experience
  • Has highly function G-Sync


  • It’s quite costly
  • You’ve got limited connectivity

3. Alienware AW2518Hf 24.5-Inch Gaming Monitor

Looking for an affordable yet high-performance 240Hz gaming monitor to play your favorite fast-paced competitive games effortlessly and seamlessly, then Alienware AW2518Hf has got you covered. Alienware AW2518Hf is made by pro gamers for gamers.

 It gives incredibly reasonable refresh rates of up to 240Hz that deliver tear-free graphics and rapid-fire visuals. Get yourself fully involved in highly responsive gameplay with the super-fast 1ms response time and undistorted, sharp images.

Alienware AW2518Hf is built using high-quality materials in an easy-to-adjust and thin design. It has the iconic feel and looks common with most Alienware notebooks and desktops. In its epic, black chrome finish, the monitor will make a perfect addition to your ecosystem. With its 920 x1080 full HD resolution and the standard 16.8 aspect ratio, the monitor delivers extra clear and detailed images.

Enjoy your favorite games in a vast field of view with the monitor’s 24.5-inch anti-glare widescreen flat-panel.  The AMD FreeSync technology will synchronic the refresh rates between the display and GPU to give clear images free of choppiness and tears. As with this monitor, you’ve got dual HDMI inputs and one DisplayPort input to guarantee high-quality and clear video and audio signals. You also have got the option to adjust the vertical viewing angles of the screen to 170 degrees for an increased field of view.

The ergonomic yet adjustable stand allows you to adjust the height, swivel, and pivot of the monitor to meet the most comfortable viewing position. You can also take advantage of the advanced contrast ratio that gives you a whole range of accurate color reproduction. As for the pre-set and customized game modes such as counter, timer, display, and FPS modes, they provide you with the most optimized game visuals without you having to adjust the settings manually.


  • Low input lag
  • Quick response time
  • Fast refresh rates
  • Rich connectivity functions
  • Ergonomic design


  • The viewing angles are narrow
  • The image quality may not be the best

4. Alienware New AW2720HF 27 Inch FHD Monitor

Any gamer in search of furiously fast and superb immersion should look nowhere else besides Dell’s Alienware New AW2720HF 27 Inch FHD Monitor. Experience your gaming in high-end IPS technology with furiously fast refresh rates of 240Hz and super response time of 1ms. It’s the real deal for gamers who want to enjoy responsive gameplay with overdrive blasts, free of blurs, and devoid of gimmicks.

The Alienware new AW2720HF uses the AMD FreeSync technology to coordinate the monitor and the graphics card to produce full-frame images. The monitor uses Fast IPS panels that deliver an outstanding resolution of 1920x1080, 1000:1 contrast ratio, and 350-nit brightness to give the most thrilling gaming experiences. 

At 27 inches, the monitor may not give incredibly superb resolutions and picture quality. But, considering its ability to display in over 16.78 million colors as well as reproduce 99% of sRGB color space, it guarantees consistent performance.

Stay locked in the game with the help of the dynamic gaming-centric menu that has a user-friendly dashboard, multi-screen setup guides, and customizable preset game modes. The monitor’s design is characterized by a sturdy and matte-finished anti-glare coating along with ultra-thin bezels with highly ergonomic stand. As for the connectivity options, you can choose from an audio line-out port ideal for external speakers, DisplayPort 1.2, quad-USB 3.0 Hub, and dual HDMI 2.0 ports.


  • Super vibrant and precise colors
  • Rich connectivity functions
  • Ergonomic design
  • Quick response time
  • Low input lag
  • Wide viewing angles


  • Lack of motion reduction function
  • The pixel density is quite low
  • ​ 

5. ViewSonic Elite XG270 27-inch 1080P Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic Elite XG270 is every gamer’s must-have accessory for optimal gaming responsiveness. It’s big enough 27-inch LCD screen provides esports enthusiasts with the clarity and speed they need to make the most out of their gaming experiences. The monitors run on the IPS panel technology and deliver ultra-fast 240Hz refresh rates and 1ms response time.

That offers smooth and seamless screen transitions with precise color reproduction and a wider angle of viewing. The monitor’s panel is equipped with Full HD 1920x1080 resolution along with 99% sRGB color coverage to provide gamers with spectacular images.

One of the most outstanding features that make the ViewSonic elite stand out is the PureXP+ Motion Blur Reduction technology. This blur-reduction technology use backlight strobing to give clear images free of motion blur and ghosting. The ViewSonic XG270 is not only incredible in terms of performance and strobe crosstalk, but also great when it comes to delivering superior fast-paced gaming experiences free of input lags.

As for the construction, ViewSonic XG270 has a durable brushed metal stand and low-haze anti-glare screen coating, which helps prevent reflections. The design is also highlighted by detachable sight shields, headphones hook, customizable RGB lighting, and mouse bungee. You can adjust the monitor to the most accessible and comfortable height using the VESA mount or swivel and pivot. When it comes to connectivity, you’ve got options such as USB 3.0 hub, headphones jack, dual 2.0 ports, and DisplayPort 1.2.


  • Incredible flicker-free backlight
  • Outstanding viewing angles
  • Excellent response time and refresh rate
  • The input lag is quite low
  • Super MBR implementation
  • Ergonomic design and superior performance


  • Poor black uniformity

  • The contrast ratio is a bit low

6. HP OMEN X 27-Inch 240 Hz 1ms Gaming Monitor

This is another 254Hz monitor that esports gamers will find great. Manufactured by one of the world’s most reputed HD gaming monitor manufacturers, HP, HP Omen X 27-inch is characterized by a high-performance QHD TN panel, 90% DCI-P3 gamut coverage, and a 240 Hz refresh rate.  

The monitor’s stand provides a height adjustment of 130 mm, VESA mount compatibility, and -3°/23° tilt. You can as well swivel the monitor right/left to achieve the most comfortable portrait position.  It provides connectivity options such as DisplayPort 1.4, two-USB 3.0 hub, HDMI 2.0, and headphones jack.

HP Omen X 27-inch is definitely the gamer’s best monitor. The monitor supports AMD FreeSync 2 and provides superior G-SYNC performance. It also features impressive features such as customizable RGB LED lighting, custom crosshairs, and pre-calibrated picture presets. The Omen X 27 can support a high-dynamic-range with optimal brightness of 400 nits. 

The monitor has top-shelf build quality but with a small metal base. Its height adjustment is firm and smooth. As for its impressive QHD resolution, it delivers outstanding visual quality that is better than FHD monitor pixel density. That guarantees smooth and blur-free gameplay, ensuring you can always respond fast to the gaming action with ultra-sharp graphics. Gamers deserve to enjoy seamless gaming experiences and brilliant HD pixel quality, and the Omen X 27-inch promises to make that realizable.


  • Offers exemplary gaming experiences
  • Offers superior refresh rates of 240Hz
  • Packs outstanding gaming features such as G-sync and FreeSync
  • The build quality and design are quite outstanding
  • Super low input lag  
  • Quite amazing response time


  • The contrast level is a bit low
  • The image quality degrades, depending on the angle of view

7. Acer Predator XB252Q Bmiprz 24.5-Inch Full HD Gaming Monitor

Turbocharge your gaming experiences with the Acer Predator XB252Q Bmiprz that’s designed to offer the best framerates ever. The monitor has low pixel density and average contrast ratio, but it does provide an outstanding gaming experience you likely have never experienced. The absence of issues such as stutter, motion blur, and tearing will get you fully involved in your gaming.

This super impressive gaming monitor has jaw-dropping specs capable of supporting 240Hz refresh rates. The NVIDIA G-SYNC technology is one of the monitor’s remarkable features that enables it to deliver bright and vivid images free of screen tearing. 

Also, the built-in eye ergonomics and protection lets you stay locked in the battle with no fear or fatigue. The Asus XB252Q monitor shares the same design as its predecessor. That’s the thin bezels, large logo, stand, and matte black shade that makes it look super outstanding.

The ZeroFrame branding logo means it can be used on a multi-monitor setup. You’re also getting complete ergonomic flexibility with pivot, tilt, height, and swivel adjustments.  The monitor has more footprint as the stand or legs are a bit bigger. The good thing is that those who have limited spacing can use the VESA mount. Enjoy outstanding gaming free of those annoying screen flickers, thanks to the monitor’s flicker less technology that does protect against eye strain when you game for extended periods. The monitor colors are quite vibrant and deliver sRGB color space coverage of up to 98.5%. Also, the monitor boasts a higher brightness threshold and backlight strobing that proves great in providing high-quality and clear images.


  • Excellent 24.50inch TN film display
  • Fast response time of 1ms
  • It packs G-SYNC tearing preventing technology
  • High-quality and clear images


  • Doesn’t have the best color saturation
  • The performance is not the best

8. Acer XF250Q Cbmiiprx 24.5-Inch Full HD

Professional gamers that want to make the most out of their gaming experiences should consider investing in the Acer XF250Q Cbmiiprx.  As well, if you’re looking for something for your kind of budget. It runs on a 24.5-inch screen with the HD 1080 resolution and zero-frame thin bezels.

These great features are aimed at giving you a seamless multi-monitor view.  The monitor features highly responsive AMD FreeSync adaptive sync that, together with the blazing-fast refresh rate, will provide you with smooth gaming experiences.

Maneuver through different thought-provoking and action games with crystal clear and detailed display viewing, thanks to the monitor’s Full High Definition. And as with Acer’s Vision Care Technology, it has an eye care system that offers low dimming technology, blue light filter effect, and ComfyView to keep your eyes safe against straining when you play for long hours.

The Acer XF250Q Cbmiiprx is one of the best 240 Hz monitors for gamers. It has tons of amazing gamer-friendly features such as the AMD Free Sync technology and Acer’s XF.  Another great feature of Acer XF250Q Cbmiiprx is the Acer Ergo stand, which makes it possible for you to move, twist, and adjusts the monitor upwards and downloads as per your desires.

The monitor has a low input lag of 3ms and 1ms fast response time, which enables it to offer buttery-smooth gaming experiences. Regardless of how dark or bright the gaming room is, you’re going to receive clear, and quality images free of motion blurs and ghosting.


  • The input lag is low while the response time is high
  • You are provided with multiple gaming features
  • G-SYNC compatible and FreeSync up to 240Hz
  • Quite affordable
  • Offers complete ergonomic design
  • The brightness is ideal
  • The refresh rate is quite goo
  • The contrast ratio is low 
  • The ports are limited

9. LG Electronics UltraGear 27GN750-B 27-Inch Full HD Monitor

Make your gaming experiences more responsive and thrilling with the innovative 27GN750 UltraGear gaming monitor from LG. With this advanced gaming monitor, you will experience breathtaking immersion on the patented Nano IPS display with 1ms response time, crisp visuals, and high-pitched clarity. Play your games at unbelievable speeds free from those boring flickering and dimming screens, thanks to this modern full HD monitors.

The LG UltraGear 27GN750-B will take your game a notch higher by providing fluid gaming motion at high refresh rates of 240 Hz. The monitor offers to render all the gaming actions clearly for fantastic visual fluidity and smoother gameplay. Get this innovative monitor to have clear visuals to all the fast-moving gaming actions.

It runs on the IPS technology and delivers 99% sRGB that gives you impressive color accuracy along with a better viewing angle. As for the NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible, it will help make your gaming experiences smoother and faster with minimal screen tearing. Also, it runs on the adaptive-sync to provider gamers with seamless and fluid visuals at high resolutions.

The UltraGear 27GN750-B also supports HDR 10, which allows for accurate visual immersion highlighted by rich contrast and colors. It also features dynamic action sync that ensures gamers can enjoy the game with minimal input lag and real-time action. Its black stabilizer helps gamers maneuver snipers, ensuring they can avoid dark places and escape harsh situations with ease. Additionally, 27GN750-B has a super ergonomic and stylish design that’s characterized by the ultra-thin 3-side bezel and versatile screen pivot and height adjustments.


  • Excellent viewing angles
  • There are no dead pixels
  • The colors and resolutions are great
  • No issues with ghosting
  • Great visual clarity
  • Gamer-friendly


  • It only has a display port cable​

10. AOC Agon AG271FZ2 27-Inch Gaming Monitor

If you’re hunting for a responsive gaming monitor that will improve your gaming experience without having to sacrifice a lot financially, you should opt for AOC Agon AG271FZ2. AOC Agon AG271FZ2 has an endless list of amazing features that enables it to deliver the much-desired framerates and smooth performance.  The monitor offers super-fast 240 Hz

AGON AG271FZ2 blends exclusive aesthetics and gamer-centric cues that combine black matte with classy red dash and brushed metal surfaces. The display has plastic borders that allow for smooth lightning-fast display gameplays. 

The metal is constructed with excellent durability and stability to give you cosmetic-free design with reinforced plastic. The monitor comes with additional features such as folding headset hanger on its rear, pesky OSD buttons, and desktop controllers.

This innovative 27-inch TN panel monitor has 0.5ms response time and a full HD 1080 resolution. The monitor is here to give gamers a clean looking screen. You don’t need to scale the walls to get precise details of all the action of the game. The color results are excellent, and the sRGB gamut can cover 98%. The panel uniform is attractive and guarantees near-perfect images free of clouding issues or leaks. What’s quite interesting about this monitor is the superb pixel responsiveness, which delivers bright and vivid visuals free of blurs.

The backlight strobing, which helps lower blurring issues, is also a great feature. The adaptive sync is designed to work with most advanced GPUs and drivers.  Its input lag is set at 4ms, which means you will less likely experience de-synched instances or delays.


  • Quite pocket friendly
  • Offers superb pixel responsiveness
  • The input lag is low
  • The design is sleek and sturdy
  • It’s compatible with both G-Sync and FreeSync


  • Image quality is not the best you can get
  • The resolution is low

Frequently Asked Questions {FAQs}

There are many frequently asked questions about the best 240 Hz gaming monitors. Check out these three questions customers tend to ask most.

  • Can you run a 240hz monitor at 144 Hz?

Of course, yes. But most people use the native refresh rate since it delivers the highest clarity and visuals quality. I don’t see any reason you would want to reduce the refresh rate lower than the native frequency. Even if the game cannot go past 144 Hz, it’s strongly recommended you let it play at 240 Hz.

  • Do you need 240 fps for 240 Hz?

Yes and no. While you can use 144 fps to run 240 HZ, your computer will experience delays and struggles trying to hit the 60fps mark in the more advanced games. So, consider getting 240 frames per second to enjoy outstanding gaming quality free of screen tearing.

  • What graphics cards can run 240 Hz?

Most 240 Hz monitors come at 1080p resolution. That means you have to get a 1080 card to enjoy a super responsive and outstanding gaming experience. A higher-quality PC can work with smaller resolution cards, but that isn’t always assured.

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