Best Portable Gaming Monitors for 2020

The year is 2020, and Xbox One X, Xbox One S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 4 Pro are the most powerful consoles currently existing. These powerful consoles have 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and 4K video streaming capabilities, and when used alongside smart and high-resolution gaming monitors, they make your gaming experiences more amusing and desirable.

 Getting the smartest of these consoles may not be a big deal. However, selecting a portable playback screen with high definition and higher refresh rates to enjoy higher graphics gaming free of ghost images and motion blur may prove a challenge.

The smartest and most intuitive of playback screens have comprehensive and sleek designs. If you want the video quality and action of your consoles games presented without screen blurring or flickering, look for a high-end and feature-packed portable gaming monitor, and here is how to go about it.

     Best for 2020

GAEMS M155 Full HD

A 1080P Portable Gaming Monitor for PS4 Pro, Xbox One, S, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch,  PC and  PlayStation 4

With Gaems M155, you can enjoy solid gaming experiences at an aspect ratio of 16:9, superb resolution of 1920 x 1080, and at a refresh rate of 60Hz.

Check out these smart, intelligent and portable gaming monitors that are destined to add flexibility and versatility to the way you access and play your favorite games on the go.

Best Portable Gaming Monitor 2020 Reviews

1. GAEMS M155 Full HD 1080p Gaming Monitor

If you’re looking for superior performance coupled with unequaled handiness while gaming, GAEMS M155 FHD 1080p gaming monitor is a real gem. Adding this portable monitor to your list of gaming appliances will introduce a whole lot of interesting and exciting gaming experiences.

Get this monitor and get to the game from anywhere and on virtually any device, laptops, consoles, and PCs included. It’s a super gaming monitor with LED design and only 2 pounds of weight.

GAEMS M155 FHD 1080p measures 15.75 by 0.6 by 9-inches, a small enough size that lets it fit comfortably into a laptop bag. Its chassis’ rear end is slightly recessed to improve its grip during transportation. The small yet compact remote control supplied together with this gaming monitor allows for convenient adjustment of the screen brightness, volume, and other settings, as well.

With Gaems M155, you can enjoy solid gaming experiences at an aspect ratio of 16:9, superb resolution of 1920 x 1080, and at a refresh rate of 60Hz. The monitor includes a built-in rear speaker, glossy display finish, 3.5mm headphone jack, and an HDMI slot. In addition, this smart gaming monitor has a rubberized base and rubberized feet, both of which provide a sturdy and stable setup.

Get this gaming monitor to enjoy low input lag, less delay between your actions as well as smear-free fast-paced content. You can power the monitor using the AC adapter or USB it comes with. Gamers are sure to enjoy a more immersive audio experience while gaming thanks to the 3.5mm audio jack.

Features You Will Like              

  • Small and compact remote control
  • Control buttons for power, menu, brightness, and volume
  • Micro USB power port
  • HDMI port 1.4
  • 3.5mm headphone jack 1W
  • Integrated speaker
  • ¼ camera screw socket
  • It’s only 2 pounds in weight and easy to carry around
  • The display gives the best viewing experience for both slow and fast-action contents


  • Intuitive and versatile design
  • Performs impeccably
  • It’s easy to set up and connective
  • It has interior protection and flexible external casing
  • Small and light enough to fit in a laptop bag
  • Outstanding refresh rate
  • It can be used as a portable laptop monitor


  • Doesn’t include a speaker

2. GeChic 1503H 15.6 inch IPS 1080p Multiplatform Gaming Monitor

Any hardcore gamer that understands the value of gaming on a high-performance, high-definition, and ultra-portable monitor will love the GeChic 1503H.

This 15.6-inch multiplatform gaming monitor has a plug-and-play feature that allows for instant start. It doesn’t require any hardware or driver installation. You can easily carry it along in your laptop bag or backpack.

It runs on advanced IPS and a full HD LCD display that provides crystal clear picture definition of 1920x 1080. Notably, the monitor has a flexible magnetic stand that can be adjusted horizontally or vertically to an angle of 170 degrees. That gives gamers an extensive view field, which ensures immersive gaming experiences. The magnetic stand is firm and strong enough to keep the monitor in place and prevent slipping.

It’s only 1.75lbs, meaning it is light enough to be transported with ease. Its connectivity is super impressive. It has highly compatible VGA, HDMI, and USB-C ports that lets you connect to virtually any gaming console, laptop or mini PC.  The ports and buttons are ergonomically presented on one of the monitor’s side. That leaves the front uncluttered and vivacious.

As with this gaming monitor, you’re getting five-color pattern settings. The superior color setting flexibility lets you calibrate the monitor to deliver excellent color uniformity, depending on your preferences. Quite notable, 1503H is outfitted using a patented protective cover with good hardness and thickness to keep the fragile panel free from damage by impacts and scratching.

Features You Will Like

  • Vertical and horizontal adjustable detachable stand
  • Full HD and 16:9 IPS FHD panel
  • Thick and hard proprietary protective cover
  • OSD color settings
  • Easy to reach and connect design
  • HDMI & USB ports
  • Highly portable and lightweight


  • High-end touchscreen display
  • Superior image quality characterized by full HD resolution and 16:9 IPS FHD panel
  • Highly adjustable and detachable stand
  • Anti-glare monitor that allows for easy visibility in the brightest of conditions
  • It’s powered using USB
  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • It has a sleek and multifunction design


  • The physical interface and buttons aren’t the sleekest you can ever get
  • It’s a bit more costly
  • The sound quality is not so impressive

3. G-STORY 11.6-Inch Eye-care Portable Gaming Monitor

Sized at 11.6 inches, G-story is here to change your gaming on the go story for good. Its small size doesn’t interfere with its ability to deliver flicker-free and blue-light filtered visuals to keep your eyes safe throughout the gaming experience.

G-story 11.6-inch does an even better job of presenting your games’ action in 1920 by 1080p image quality. It can be adjusted to 178 degrees, ensuring gamers get to see the actual gaming action vividly.

Interestingly, the small size does not affect its ability to brighten up dark scenes to minimize eye strain. Its superior HDR technology does strike contrast in between dark and light, presenting the game view in a highly satisfying way. 

As for the dual audio jacks and HDMI ports, they promise to ensure you can hear and see the game more vividly.

Moreover, this smart, portable gaming monitor has a seamless FreeSync tech that lets gamers enjoy a seamless, fluid, and distortion-free gameplay for many hours. You don’t have to worry about input-lag as this small yet highly effective monitor has taken care of everything. The aesthetic design and sizing of this gaming monitor is simply amazing. You can close it just like you do to your laptop and pack it safely in your game backpack or bag to enjoy the thrill anywhere you go anytime you feel like.

The monitor’s manual provides you specs such as support for way over 16.7 million colors, low power consumption of only 10 watts and an awesome 8msTYP response time. Rated at 190ppi, its pixel density is incredible. As for the overdrive function, it minimizes ghosting, ensuring you can enjoy your fast motion games more thrillingly.

Features You Will Like

  • Spectacular visuals presented at a whooping 1080p resolution and Full HD display
  • Support for High Dynamic Range
  • Easy to fold laptop-like design
  • Easily adjustable to an awesome viewing angle of 178 degrees
  • Its body is designed to be durable, lightweight and compact
  • Dual built-in multimedia stereo speakers
  • Game Plus and FreeSync functions to minimize viewing disturbances
  • Works perfectly with FTS AND FPS games


  • Great sound quality
  • Clear and crisp images
  • Decent screen size for gaming
  • No blurring issues
  • Highly portable and adjustable
  • Adjusts to 178 degrees to offer best viewing ability
  • Can be folded and stored in a laptop bag


  • The screen needs a different plug
  • A weaker buckle for holding the screen to consoles

4. G-STORY 17.3 Inch Eye-Care Portable Gaming Monitor

G-Story is one of the world’s most trusted manufacturers of superior portable gaming monitors that guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. G-Story is the brain behind the G-story 17.3-inch eye-care portable gaming monitor that brings every gaming story to life more vividly and thrillingly.

The monitor was manufactured with the gamer’s needs in mind. The monitor supports High Dynamic Range, a feature that gives every scene and image in your game the color clarity they deserve. It brightens bright areas and darkens the dark ones to offer superior contrast between dark and bright images.

With this gaming monitor, you’re getting an AMD Radeon FreeSync technology, a feature that provides you plug-and-play HDR gaming experience free of visual distraction and lag times. And regardless of how heavy the game you’re playing is, G-story 17.3 inch monitor will present it superbly fast action. Its 120Hz refresh rate and rapid 1ms response time eliminate all the smears and ghosting that may make your game boring. The fast response time coupled with the low refresh rate enables the monitor to deliver fast-moving and high-quality images so you can target enemies with a higher level of accuracy.

Visuals are presented in Full FHD 1080P display at a good aspect ratio of 16:9. The display can be adjusted to 178 degrees to deliver a lifelike visual experience that gives you full enjoyment.  The 100% sRGB function reproduces the real color of the actual game, making your gaming experience more realistic and thrilling. And if you want to watch the game from multiple devices, the HDMI ports make it possible for you to link up the monitor to another HDMI device concurrently. The dual 3.5mm audio jacks deliver premium sound quality in two-player mode, while the built-in speaker ensures you can enjoy quality gaming audio without connecting to an external speaker.

Features You Will Like

  • 120Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time
  • Supports HDR and AMD FreeSync
  • Dual HDMI ports and built-in speakers
  • Powered by use of power adapter so you get more power
  • HDR and FHD Picture
  • FPS/FTS Game Plus function & Eye-Care
  • RGB and Type-C with USB


  • It supports multiple interfaces
  • It’s quite affordable
  • It performs excellently in gaming mode
  • Clear and high-quality images
  • Quite big-screen presentation
  • Carrying case and adjustable stand


  • The viewing angles are quite narrow
  • The quality of the images is not so outstanding        

5. UPERFECT 15.6-inch 4K Gaming Monitor

UPERFECT 15.6-inch is the ideal 4K gaming monitor for any gamer looking for great versatility and outstanding features. The monitor has a 4K screen, which delivers images more than 4 times clearer than a 1080 resolution monitor.

The monitor has highly functional HDMI and USB ports that are compatible with different types of consoles, laptops, and PC. UPERFECT 15.6-inch has smooth, slick and sturdy built quality with frontage standing out in a matte finish.

Just like other monitors in this review, UPERFECT 15.6-inch uses an HDMI to connect to different game consoles and computers. 

You may need to connect it to the mains power to enjoy your gaming experiences. But the good thing is that once you are connected, you won’t have to worry about drivers download or complicated setup. It’s a bit big, but will comfortably fit in any laptop bag or backpack.

You’re not getting an ordinary gaming monitor. This portable 4K resolution laptop monitor offers outstanding sharp, crisp, and clear graphics to make your gaming experiences way more outstanding. It runs on an IPS screen panel that provides an excellent 178-degree viewing angle to ensure amazing picture quality in multiple positions. It weighs less than 3 pounds, it’s highly versatile and portable. It’s the best deal for anyone who wants to take their gaming experiences to a higher level with minimal to no hassle.

Additionally, the monitor boasts a stellar 3ms response time and 60Hz refresh rates. Very few travel screens can match the performance and versatility you’re getting with this gaming monitor.

Features You Will Like

  • Connects to multiple ports
  • Foldable stand cover and screen protector
  • 4K high-definition image resolution
  • Excellent response time and refresh rates
  • QHD+ 3200×1800 resolution
  • Slight and lightweight design
  • Vivid clear images presented at 16:9 ratio


  • Super clear and vivid image quality
  • It’s super light and portable
  • Offers the best resolution around
  • 60Hz refresh rate and 3-5ms response time


  • It’s a bit quit costly
  • It’s a bit fragile

6. HORI Universal HD Gaming Monitor

Chill out anytime wherever you are in your most favorite joints playing your favorite games with the Hori universal HD gaming monitor. One of the features that make this portable gaming monitor every gamer’s favorite is its compactness. It does not exceed 3 pounds in weight, despite its big screen size of 15.6 inches.

It’s not only lightweight but also compact enough to fit in a laptop backpack.  The monitor has its sturdy and durable leather cover that doubles as a foldable stand. Other amazing features making this portable gaming monitor great include, dual headphone jacks, dual headsets, and dual HDMI inputs. This gaming monitor has a good pixel density of 768p and a good screen size of 15.6 inches.

Another of the features that make Hori universal HD monitor stand out is the low input lag. Not many portable monitors for gamers can give a low lag between initiating a command and seeing the effects.  The monitor works with most gaming consoles including Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, and PS3. Unfortunately, the monitor cannot be charged using a battery, so you should keep it plugged in. Good enough, the monitor uses HDMI cable and AC adapter for charging.

The quality and clarity of the action, however, depends on how you set the screen resolution.  Most past users recommend setting the monitor at a resolution of 720p. Unless the game you’re playing has sound issues, you will always enjoy superior sound quality at all times.

Features You Will Like

  • A slim, sleek yet sturdy design
  • Durably engineered leatherette cover
  • Built-in speakers and headphone outputs
  • Short HDMI cable and AC Adapters
  • Highly compatible with most HDMI systems
  • Full HD and high-definition resolution


  • Great portable monitor ideal for use on the Go
  • High resolution and clear picture presentation
  • Hardwearing and durable leather cover
  • Comes with a highly-efficient AC adapter
  • Delivers great performance
  • Delivers super accurate colors


  • Plug and play but does not work with Mac OS
  • 2000 DPI is low for seasoned gamers

7. Eyoyo 13-inch Portable HDMI 2K Monitor

Eyoyo 13-inch stands out one of the most innovative portable monitors that promise to enhance your gaming experience. It features a 2k 2560 by 1440 sharp screen. That makes it a multi-purpose gaming monitor that allows gamers to play at high resolutions and excellent picture quality. It has a viewing angle of 178 degrees and an aspect ratio of 16:9.

That ensures the delivery of clear and high-quality colored images while gaming.  It is a high-end monitor designed following the current technological inventions. Moreover, it is compatible with most brands of modern laptops and Pcs, so you can use it as your secondary display. Its smaller size and lightweight make it easy and convenient to handle and carry around.

Eyoyo portable gaming monitor comes with inbuilt speakers to ensure the game sound is presented vividly. It is powered by the use of a micro USB cable, USB jack, power bank, or DC adapter. The HDMI cable can as well be used for plugging the monitor to a laptop or any other device with HDMI port. This advanced portable monitor is equipped with two mini HDMI inputs that support 2k HDMI signals making it an excellent choice for gamers. Eyoyo portable gaming monitor operates at 8.5w, meaning you can game all day without worrying about your energy bills going up.

The monitor uses a BOE IPS panel screen, so you’re going to enjoy fast response time and excellent color rendition while gaming on the go. It has an aluminum material design alongside a plastic and alloy desk stand to deliver optimal steadiness when in use. When in use, the screen can be adjusted to 178 degrees to give a wider visual angle. And to make it more of a travel monitor, it has a stylish yet simple design that allows for convenient use while going camping or hiking.

Features You Will Like

  • It is compact and portable
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Amazing resolution
  • Dual speakers


  • Affordable and portable
  • It is easy to operate and set up
  • Produces clear images
  • Large viewing angle
  • Light in weight
  • It is powered by a USB


  • Lacks a button to adjust the volume
  • Has no protection case

8. Lepow 15.6 Inch Portable Gaming Monitor

Lepow 15.6 inch is a portable and lightweight gaming monitor that enables gamers to play their favorite games in electrifying, Full HD 1080P display. The monitor is designed to deliver impressive visuals with superior color reproduction at a superb 1920 x 1080 resolution.

It is small and slim and can comfortably fit in a laptop bag to allow for easy conveyance. It has a wide resolution but that won’t affect the clarity and quality of the visuals when you’re playing your favorite games on the go. The monitor can be powered using a laptop or the AC adaptor it comes with.

Lepow 15.6 inch has Mini HDMI and USB-C ports that are compatible with most gaming consoles. Also, it has HDMI and type C-cables, which connects smartly with most high-end laptop or desktop brands to provide premiering gaming experiences. To ensure optimal security to the panel and the screen, the monitor has an exterior leather cover and a soft interior lining. The proprietary leather cover can be folded into different positions to provide a stand for easy setup and positioning of the gaming monitor.  The screen protector helps keep the screen and other components safe from developing scratches.

Quite notable, Lepow 15.6 inch gaming monitor has two inbuilt speakers and HDR models. These make the gaming experience better by offering optimal audio and excellent picture clarity. The HDR model alongside the high panel resolution enables efficiency and clear displays that make gaming more enjoyable. You can connect an external speaker through a 3.55mm audio input if you want to achieve better sounds while playing your favorite games. This portable gaming monitor has an auto-rotation function. It supports both landscape and portrait modes. That means you can choose to set it in either mode to enjoy your gaming to the fullest.

Features You Will Like

  • Flexible leather covers that act as a stand
  • High-resolution and superior image clarity
  • Dual speakers
  • Screen protector
  • High dynamic range
  • Mini HDMI and USB-C ports
  • Autorotation function


  • Large viewing screen
  • Reasonable price
  • Equipped with both USB-C and HDMI inputs for easy connectivity
  • Good OSD menu and controls
  • Suitable for use with most types of gaming consoles
  • Offers optimal value for money


  • The cover stand may not be suitable for portrait orientation
  • It produces average picture quality with slightly dull colors

What Makes a Good Portable Gaming Monitor?

When searching for the best portable gaming monitor the 2020 market can offer, it’s only wise you look for value and quality. Here are the features and functions that make a good gaming monitor, and the fundamentals to guide your selection.

Screen Size and Portability

Bigger gaming monitors offer superior immersive gaming experiences. However, bigger screens aren’t quite portable and take up more storage spacing. The best gaming monitor should provide optimal picture quality and excellent viewability. It should be big enough to offer a better field of vision and small enough not to congest your gaming table. Smaller gaming monitors have higher pixel density, which if combined with the high resolution from the top gaming monitor brands will give premium picture quality and superior viewability.

  • Aspect Ratio

A gaming monitor’s display height and width are determined by its aspect ratio. The aspect ratio of most advanced widescreen monitors is 16:9. The older monitors have a square format ratio of 4:3, which definitely is not a sure bet for 2020 gamers. The smarter, ultra-wide monitors have better aspect ratios of 21:9. They present your video game at a wider field of vision, ensuring you can enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest.

  • Refresh Rate and Response Time

A gaming monitor’s refresh rate determines how often it updates new data per second. Monitors with higher fresh rates offer smoother, less choppy, and high-end pictures. Gamers are advised to consider monitors with at least 75Hz of refresh rate. If your budget allows, you can go for monitors offering as high as 144 Hz.

The gaming monitor’s refresh rate goes hand in hand with its response time. The best and smartest of gaming monitors offer low response time, which gives you fluid and fast actions with minimal input lag. The best of monitors will offer a low response time of up to 1 millisecond. Give your gaming experience a boost by choosing a monitor that has the highest refresh rate available and the lowest response time you can get.

  • The Display’s Resolution

The major display resolutions common with modern gaming monitors are: 1080p {full HD}, 2160p {UHD/4K}, and 1440p {QHD/2K}. Gaming monitors with higher resolutions have higher pixel count and always deliver higher image clarity and superior visual details. Gaming monitors with UHD and QHD resolutions are quite popular today but have hardware limitations. They’re also a bit more expensive.

Consequently, before settling for any gaming monitor resolution, you should consider your preferred visual quality and performance, and your available GPU power. Higher resolution monitors are future-proof, and will ultimately give you value for money.

  • The Panel Technology

Gamers can choose from two main monitor panel technologies, which are twisted nematic {TN} and in-plane switching {IPS}. If you’re a competitive gamer, a monitor powered by the twisted nematic panel technology will be the best choice. These panel types are affordable, offer better response times and refresh rates, but they don't deliver the best viewing angles, color reproduction, and contrast ratios. If you’re a diehard PC master race game player who wants to enjoy an outstanding visual experience at varied viewing angles, consider getting monitors with in-plane switching panels.

  • Connectors

The gaming monitors available today have outputs and inputs such as:

HDMI 1.4/2.0- this one is suitable for mid-range solutions and can efficiently transfer both audio and video. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support higher refresh rates.

DisplayPort 1.4-this offers premium audio and video transfer on different PC types.

5mm Audio Out- this allows for easy and convenient direct connection of speakers and headphones to the monitor.

How to Game On The Go?

If you're a hardcore gamer looking for compact designed monitors for your gaming consoles that allow for easy playability and versatility on the go, you’ve come to the right place. We‘ve covered the 8 most intuitive and gamer-friendly portable gaming monitors that allow gamers to enjoy their favorite games while on the move.

These portable gaming monitors are powerful and highly efficient. They offer high definition resolution, quick response time, and higher refresh rates. Most of these gaming monitors are powered by the use of a USB cable. And the good thing, these gaming monitors allow for easy use by anyone for any type of task, gaming and watching movies included.

If you’ve been hunting for the most portable gaming monitors to take your gaming to a higher level, the article above was specially tailored for you. It will give you details into the 8 most trending and efficient portable gaming monitors that stand out from the crowd. These monitors offer the best resolutions, the best response time and the lower refresh rates. Get one of these gaming monitors and take your gaming to the next level. Each of the monitors is lightweight and compact enough to be carried around in an ordinary laptop bag or backpack.

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