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Acer Predator Z35 Review – {Updated June 2023}

Acer Predator Z35 Review 35-Inch Curved Full HD Gaming Monitor with Nvidia G-Sync Display Acer as a brand receives a lot of gaming attention because their models are full of purpose. It goes without saying that our next monitor of focus is equally monstrous and attention-grabbing. We are talking about the Acer Predator Z35. Labeled as […]

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LG 32UD99-W Review – {Updated June 2023}

LG 32UD99-W Review 32-Inch 4K Gaming Monitor with HDR By now, you may have realized that 4K is not enough to give the best picture quality. Well, not unless it is coupled with HDR which is what LG 32UD99-W is all about. This flagship monitor speaks tons about the expectations of a good gaming monitor. It not […]

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Dell S2716DGR Review – {Updated June 2023}

Dell Gaming S2716DGR 27-Inch LED Monitor Every gamer has in mind what to expect in their gaming monitor. From a high resolution to low input lag, it is understandable why some will take nothing short of 4K and 9ms input lag. But on a limited budget, you have to cut out some to gain some. And […]

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Acer Predator XB271HU Review – {Updated June 2023}

Acer Predator XB271HU Review – bmiprz WQHD Gaming Monitor with Nvidia G-Sync Complete with a gamer’s look and equally adorable gaming features, we are pleased to have a look at the Acer Predator XB271HU monitor. From the first impressions of this machine to its gaming experience, we are satisfied that you will have a smiley grin […]

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LG 27UD58-B Review – {Updated June 2023}

LG 27UD58-B Review – 27″ 4K UHD IPS Monitor with FreeSync Experience fluid gaming with a monitor designed to bring the best out of every title. As one of the best cheapest options, its flaws are negligible compared to its gaming performance. We can put it side by side with Samsung UE590 and its LG counterpart […]

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Dell U2718Q Review – {Updated June 2023}

Dell U2718Q Review – 27-Inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q is a captivating monitor. It has a modern look that is appealing for demanding gamers and content creators. It is an affordable model that gives you the best of low input lag and reasonable HDR gaming. With an InfinityEdge display, it offers a borderless […]

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Dell D3218HN Rewiew – {Updated June 2023}

Dell D3218HN Review – D-Series LED FHD Monitor with IPS Panel If you have an old console and want a large monitor to play your favorite titles, Dell D3218HN falls right in with what you want. This is an FHD monitor with no bells and whistles for competitive gaming. It is better as a multimedia monitor […]

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Top Monitor for PS4 and Xbox Gaming {Updated April 2023}

best ps4 and xbox monitors

8 Best Monitor for PS4 and Xbox GamingWhile it’s nice to lay down on the couch, controller in hand, and play the latest games, sometimes you need to get your game on while at a desk, maybe next to your computer while working on something else, fragging out during breaks. Whatever the case may be, there’s […]

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