Best 1440 144 Hz Gaming Monitor Reviews

If you want to skyrocket your competitive gaming experiences, we’ve got good news for you. Upgrading from the not so impressive 1080p monitor to high-definition 1440p gaming monitor comes with the assurance of exceedingly remarkable immersive gaming experience. The 2160p gaming monitors deliver extra amazing optical quality and higher resolution, but they require superior hardware. Lower resolution 1080p models don’t need higher hardware upgrades, but they don’t deliver the best visual quality.

The 1440p 144 Hz monitors are budget-friendly alternatives to the 2160p 144 Hz monitors. They deliver almost the same quality visuals on most competitive games. They do support ultrafast refresh rates and provides superior performance under all conditions. Don’t just pick any 1440p 144 Hz gaming monitor. Have a look at our reviews of the top 11 high-resolution 1440 gaming monitor with ultrafast refresh rates.

     Best for 2020

ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q 27-Inch

  • Crisp, clear images
  • Immersive gaming experiences
  • Exceptionally low input lag
  • Impressive ergonomics
  • Great horizontal viewing angles

Top 11 1440 144 Hz Gaming Monitor Reviews

Don’t shy away from the world of immersive gaming. Check out these 1440 144 Hz to add flavor and vehemence to your competitive gaming.

1. ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q 27-Inch

If a gaming monitor hits the nuts and bolts of immersive gaming, it qualifies to be called an industry giant. Asus ROG Swift PG279Q has defied all the odds with its stable build quality, low 4ms gray-to-gray response time, and impressive optimal refresh rate of 165Hz. The 27-inch gaming monitor has a gamer’s friendly 2560 X 1440 display. It’s simply amazing to look at, thanks to its quarter-inch thick, triangular stand neck and red LED-backlit accents.

Optimize the use of the limited input options such as DisplayPort 1.2a, dual 3.0 USB ports, HDMI 1.4a, and G-Sync module to up your game.

 Enjoy immersive 178-degree viewing angles accompanied by vibrant color reproduction and superior image quality. The square yet sturdy stand base swivels from one side to the other in a circular module, giving you any desired field of view. Game all day without worrying about fatigue and headaches, thanks to the advanced proprietary technology and anti-glare coating that lowers the outputted blue light.

With the monitor’s low input lag time of 3.25ms, you won’t notice blurring or ghosting while playing your favorite fast-paced games. The monitor supports Nvidia G-Sync with optimal 300-nits brightness and boasts a wide color gamut AH-IPS display. Unlike other gaming monitors, PG279Q does have a built-in joystick that allows for smooth and seamless menu manipulation.


  • Sharp and bright visuals
  • High optimal refresh rates
  • Seamless adjustments
  • Simple to control
  • G-Sync
  • Works stably at 165Hz


  • The video inputs are limited
  • Quite expensive

2. Samsung C32HG70 32-Inch Curved Monitor

  • Supports HDR to deliver stupefying contrast and details
  • Sharp resolution and impressive response time
  • Superb color accuracy and superiority
  • Great image sharpness and quality
  • Excellent support for AMD FreeSync 2
  • Curved Display
  • The Most Affordable Option

Samsung has a time-honored reputation in making high-end smartphones and TVs that address the core needs of modern end-user. Its manufacturing strength doesn’t end there. They are also a pioneering gaming monitors’ manufacturer with a worldwide client base. The Samsung C32HG70 is a true definition of a modern gamer’s favorite monitor that boasts unmatched performance, superior image quality, and ultrafast refresh rates.

Add Samsung C32HG70 to your gamer’s appliance collection and get to enjoy exemplary HDR image quality and vibrantly saturated color reproduction. 

The monitor has 10-bit VA panels, and quantum-dot advanced LED lighting, both of which help deliver 125% sRGB color gamut. Its 32-inch screen is a bit big for some, but with its wide 178-degree viewing angles and the superior 350-nits brightness, you won’t have to worry about visual quality when playing those HDR-compatible games.

This 2560 x 1440 gaming monitor does 144Hz and FreeSync to give you tearing-free and shutter-free visuals when gaming in HDR. As with its impressively fitted OSD joystick and buttons at its back, you can easily apply customizable gaming presets. The joystick makes navigating the monitor’s menu intuitive and user-friendly. The light matte anti-glare screen coating helps to remove reflections, while the 1800R screen curvature gives a more immersive viewing experience.


  • Intense refresh rates
  • Supports AMD FreeSync 2
  • Delivers excellent image sharpness and color quality
  • Delivers sharp 1440p resolutions
  • Offers value for money
  • Superior color accuracy
  • Superb HDR support


  • Warping and color-shifting issues
  • Doesn’t have in-built speakers

3. AOC AGON AG271QX Monitor

  • Budget-friendly
  • Fast response rates
  • Superior performance
  • Accurate color consistency
  • Sharp and clear images

Those performance-oriented gamers searching for a mid-range gaming monitor can never go wrong with AOC AGON AG271QX. This fast 27-inch gaming monitor by AGON has reasonable 144 Hz refresh rates and low response time. It’s a TN panel type monitor with excellent motion handling and low input lag. The monitor supports FreeSync and gets bright to beat the dull reflections during gaming.

The monitor packs a light-matte finish for handling direct glaring to minimize eye-straining. AOC AGON AG271QX has a minimalistic design with a black frame and slim bezels. Its adjustable metal stand allows you to adjust, tilt, or swivel its position to give a wider angle of view. 

The monitor’s display is bright, boasting decent contrast and superior color accuracy. This monitor packs dual 3-watt built-in speaks, which though not good enough for gaming, give gamers value for money.

As for the monitor’s input features, it has one HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort, HDMI 1.4/MHL, VGA port, and DVI-D. You also get an audio input, microphone out, and USB 3.0 upstream and downstream ports. It is justified to say that AOC AGON AG271QX’s is a highly responsive gaming monitor with low input lag that’s designed to address the needs of gamers that want to upgrade from less responsive full HD 60Hz screen.


  • Customizable DPI, RGB lighting, and button mappings
  • Mechanical-style keyboard
  • Macro and media keys
  • Great for MMO and MOBA games
  • Molded rubber grips


  • Keycaps are not swappable
  • The mouse is not distinctive for a gaming mouse

4. Dell S2417DG YNY1D 24-Inch Gaming Monitor

Do you love gaming for extended hours, but your monitor doesn’t provide the settings for comfortable gaming free of eye strain? Dell just introduced the S2417DG YNY1D monitor model to address such issues. It allows for smooth tilting, pivoting, and adjusting to achieve the most ergonomic gameplay.

The monitor’s screen is flicker-free to offer optimal eye comfort when gaming for long hours. Dell S2417DG YNY1D provides an outstanding variety of connectivity ports, which allows you to seamlessly switch from gaming consoles to PC gaming without needing to rearrange the cords.

Dell S2417DG YNY1D’s ultra-thin bezel allows for multi or dual-monitor setup, while the customizable settings enable you to customize your settings to achieve the ultimate personalized gaming experience. The monitor’s ultrafast 165 Hz refresh rates and NVIDIA® G-Sync™1 will provide you with professional-level gameplay with crusty clarity regardless of the speed of the gaming action. The monitor is super responsive and on-point, so it gives you a real-time and fast gameplay free of screen tearing, ghost images, and stuttering.

While gaming on this monitor, you’ll experience superb clarity thanks to its QDH 2560 X 1440 resolution and stellar 3.68 million pixels. The extensive range of preset configurations, including RTS mode and FPS mode, offers you optimal control over your gaming experiences.


  • Excellent color depth and reproduction
  • Super high-resolution rates
  • Highly responsive and reasonable refresh rates
  • A vast range of gaming features
  • Good motion processing


  • Input connectivity issues
  • The viewing angles aren’t the best

5. Asus TUF Gaming VG32VQ

Asus VG32VQ packs competitive-grade and immersive features to bring about a curved VA panel monitor that enhances the way everyone plays their competitive games. Featuring Asus’ advanced proprietary ELMB-Sync technology, the monitor aims to offer exciting gaming with variable refresh rates and reduced motion blur. The monitor has an analog strobing blur reduction backlight feature, which provides flexible refresh rates on the panel’s full range.

The monitor also features an IPS technology panel that has an impressive 2560x1440 resolution and native 144Hz refresh rates. 

The monitor’s design is characterized by an adjustable stand that allows for smooth tilting, pivoting, height adjustment, and swiveling. Also, you’re getting input stuff such as DisplayPort and dual HDMI 2.0. The unit has black design highlighted by matte plastics on its base, bezel, rear enclosure, and arm.

The monitor intends to provide outstanding visuals from multiple angles with an excellent superb 1800R curvature. This helps boost your viewing and gaming comfort from multiple viewing angles. Also, the Asus TUF gaming monitor has an excellent contrast ratio, which delivers deep blacks. The response time together with the flicker-free backlight are excellent, too. It’s one of the most outstanding gaming monitors available today, which have excellent support for black frame insertion and FreeSync.


  • The monitor is quite afford
  • It boasts an impressive performance
  • Superb response time
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Support for deep black


  • The image quality downgrades at different angles
  • Limited connectivity ports

6. ASUS ROG Swift PG279QZ 27-Inch

ASUS ROG PG279QZ is a sure bet for gamers searching for a vibrant screen with excellent performance. The monitor’s design has a control layout, hotkeys, and uni-directional joystick that allows for seamless OSD manipulation. The monitor boasts excellent craftsmanship and build quality.

The removable stand is ergonomic and durable and allows for easy adjustment, pivoting, and swiveling. With this monitor, you’re getting other amazing features such as dual USB 3.0 peripherals slots, input HDMI 1.4 slot, DisplayPort 1.2, and FreeSync function.

This 27-inch monitor from Asus uses an IPS panel with an impressive 2560 x 1440 resolution, 4ms response time, and 165Hz refresh rate. Asus installed a 350cd/m2 backlight to power the screen at a contrast ratio of 1000:1. Its display is powerful enough to deliver 99% sRGB coverage with unmatched picture clarity and color accuracy. The level of vibrancy you get from this high-end monitor is superb enough to make your gaming experiences awe-inspiring.

Notably, the Asus PG279QZ can reach a contrast ratio of 1190:1. It’s undoubtedly one of the best monitors that allow you to enjoy gaming for extended periods. The monitor makes use of double-sized custom heatsink and Smart Air venting design to keep it cool during lengthy gaming sessions.


  • The visuals are bright and vivid clear
  • The refresh rate spectrum is quite big
  • Works stably at 165 Hz
  • Superb adjustments
  • The controls are quite easy to use
  • The monitor supports G-Sync


  • Fewer video inputs
  • Need for calibration to deliver high-quality images

7. LG 34GK950F-B 34-Inch Ultragear Monitor

Don’t struggle with blurred and slow responses while playing your favorite action games, while you can make the gameplay more immersive with LG 34GK950F-B. It’s LG’s first gaming monitor in our review that has an optional black frame insertion features and excellent response time, both of which enhance motion clarity. The monitor delivers superior image quality along with excellent peak brightness in good reflection handling and SDR. It supports HDR, but won’t be an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy a superb HDR gaming experience

Also, LG 34GK950F-B supports the technologically advanced AMD’s FreeSync variable refresh rates. Its input lag is low, while the large 34-Inch curved IPS panel runs on 3440x1440 to deliver highly immersive gaming experiences. The monitor has 4-sided borderless design and curved design, both of which add immersion. LG 34GK950F-B is held up by a triangular plastic base that offers seamless swivel, height, and tilt adjustment.

Additionally, the monitor features a center-weighted joystick at the bottom edge that allows for unaltered access to the on-screen display menus. The monitor’s back is highlighted by a circular protrusion that acts as the house for USB type B input, dual HDMI 2.0, 3.5mm headphone audio output, and a DisplayPort 1.4 video input.


  • Ideal for competitive gaming
  • Color accuracy is superb
  • Works with G-Sync and FreeSync
  • The input lag is superb
  • The response time is great
  • Superb gradient handling


  • Quite costly
  • The HDR performance on a computer seems bizarre

8. LG 32GK850G-B 32-Inch QHD Gaming Monitor

The LG 32GK850G is a 32-inch monitor with an 8-bit display and an optimal luminance rating of 350cd/m2. The monitors deliver clear visuals even in the brightest settings, and will never cause migraine or brain-ache. Notably, LG 32GK850G-B has an anti-glare screen coating that’s free of the glittery effects common with other types of panel coatings.

The visuals are crisp, clear at all viewing angles. The panel’s contrast levels and response times are superb enough to ensure smooth performance. At 144 Hz, its refresh rate gives the 32-inch 2560x1440 resolution screen optimal fresh rates for seamless gameplay.

The LG 32GK850G resembles the latest high-end gaming displays. Its base is V-shaded with red accents.  Quite interestingly, the monitor has RGB backlighting and dubbed sphere lighting that aid reduces black levels and eye strain, allowing for hassle-free prolonged gaming. LG positioned the inputs HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2, and USB 3.0 ports seamlessly for easy access.

Additionally, LG 32GK850G has an outstanding variety of physical adjustments. The monitor’s screen can rotate to 20 degrees while the height can rise to 4.3 inches. Also, you can angle the screen both backward and forward as well as pivot it to a portrait orientation of 90 degrees.


  • Great range of adjustments
  • 165Hz refresh rate
  • Sphere lighting
  • Minimal issues with black crush
  • Natural and rich visuals
  • Good sRGB color coverage


  • Issues with color consistency
  • The static contrast ratio is not very good

9. ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD

This is another excellent gaming monitor that packs the accessories and features competitive gamers want to achieve immersive and thrilling gaming experiences. The ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD features a sleek frameless design that gives you smooth experiences when gaming on multi-monitor setups. The two of its main features, the AMD FreeSync technology, and impressive 144Hz refresh rate, enabling the screen to deliver crisp visuals free from tearing during fast-paced actions.

Adding to the monitor’s superiority in modern competitive gaming is the ultra-fast 1ms response time that helps to offer seamless screen performance with no issues to do with ghosting. 

You’re also going to enjoy a captivating competitive edge, thanks to the game mode hotkeys. These features also aid in improving the quality of gameplay during MOBA, FPS, and RTS game genres.  You’ve got a lot of connectivity options, including HDMI and DisplayPort, that lets you seamlessly connect to your gaming consoles and graphics card.

The monitor runs on the Uperclear® IPS panel technology. This outstanding feature aids in boosting the vividness and accuracy of the color and the screen brightness. Unlike other monitors in its category, ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD has two built-in speakers and VESA-compatible mount design. Likewise, with its Flicker-Free technology and Blue Light filter, the monitor works to reduce issues with eyestrain causing by extended gaming sessions.


  • Good value for your money
  • The quality of visuals is outstanding
  • The motion handling is easy
  • Supports both G-Sync and FreeSync
  • Superb pixel density
  • Low input lag and high response rate


  • The stand has a tilt-only design
  • Not adjustable for backlighting

10. Acer Predator XB271HU Abmiprz 27-inch

Acer Predator XB271HU Abmiprz is a 27-inch gaming monitor with a premium 8-bit AU Optronics M270DAN02.6 IPS panel that displays over 16.7 million colors. The monitor’s screen uses a White-Led backlight that delivers flicker-free visuals at all brightness levels.  The anti-glare screen coating offers superb resistance against reflection even in the brightest lit rooms. Enjoy optimum brightness levels of up to 350-nits and a 1000:1 static contrast ratio.

The monitor has a 4k resolution. It displays all details of the game in crisp, clear visuals. The included gaming features, such as the support for G-Sync, low input lag, and expansive fast response time, aims to give you crisp motion while playing speed-paced games. 

The Acer Predator XB271HU has an expansive color gamut and delivers slight bright visuals in SDR.

One area the XB271HU falls ahead is in its 2560x1440 pixels panel that offers a typical gamer’s 110ppi super-high-pixel density display. Its 144Hz refresh combined with a 4ms gray-to-gray pixel response will give you a remarkable gaming performance. The motion handling is also excellent and comes free of ghosting and blurring. You can as well enjoy seamless gaming action even when the G-Sync is disabled. To make matters better, the monitor has properly arranged default settings and buttons that make it possible for you to adjust the monitor to your preferences.


  • The design is quite stylish and of good quality
  • Supports most gaming consoles
  • Quite responsive and efficient
  • Clear and bright visuals
  • Excellent gaming and gray-scale performance


  • The speaks aren’t quite great
  • The price is a bit high

11. ASUS ROG Swift PG279QZ

The ASUS ROG Swift PG279QZ boasts outstanding features and functions that make it the ultimate best past-faced gaming monitor. Starting from its design, the monitor has a simple yet stylish frontal look highlighted by angular back details. The ergonomic design and versatility let you adjust, tilt, swivel as well as rotate it to achieve the most comfortable height and position for seamless gaming.

When talking about the monitor’s gaming performance, it stands out in most aspects. It implements the advanced NVIDIA G-Sync technology to deliver tearing free action.  

Also, the monitor uses Ultra-low motion blue technology to eradicate issues with ghosting and deliver crisp, clear visuals.  The PG279QZ is simply one of those gaming monitors you can never abstain from regardless of your financial limitations.

Its punchy 109 pixel-per-inch ratio and superb 4ms response time enable the monitor to achieve impressive color consistency and 165Hz refresh rate. No matter your preferences, you’ll also find the IPS panel impressive since it aids give you clear and shade-free visuals under different lighting conditions. At 27-inches, the screen is big enough to make your gameplay as immersive as possible.


  • Impressively low input lag
  • Superbly outstanding response time and refresh rate
  • Ergonomic and high-quality construction
  • Clearly presented details and consistent colors
  • The viewing angles are impressive
  • Vibrant and accurate visuals


  • Doesn’t support HDR
  • The display may need calibrating

What Buyers Should Consider When Buying 1440 144 Hz Gaming Monitors 

There’re various things to pay attention to when buying 1440p 144 Hz gaming monitors. Here are the four primary considerations.

Display Panel Type and Size

Our review of the top 11 1440p 144 Hz covers screens that use different panel types and have different screen sizes. The game types you play often will determine the perfect monitor screen size for you. Gamers who extensively play fast-paced action games with pioneering graphics are advised to opt for bigger display sizes. Many of the monitors we have reviewed use either TN or IPS display panels. While TN panels have better response times and higher refresh rates, the IP panels deliver superior color rendering. Monitors that run on TN panels are ideal for fast-paced action, FPS, and sports games, while those who run on IPS are ideal for slow-paced games with detailed color graphics and vivid colors.

Support for FreeSync and G-Sync?

Most gaming monitors support both G-Sync and FreeSync functions. These two adaptive sync technologies are intended to make visual playback smooth. The adaptive technology works in a fantastic way to synchronize the monitor’s refresh rate to the game’s RPS. Not all of the monitors we have reviewed support these two adaptive sync technologies. Some support FreeSync functions only while others support both.

Design and Ergonomics 

The outside structure and design of the gaming monitor also matter. The design difference in most of the monitors we reviewed is on the borders, back, and the front design. The monitors with thinner borders are always the best since they deliver superior immersion. The feet and stand all play an essential role in determining how much the screen can tilt, swivel, or adjust to match the gamer’s height and position preferences. Just pay close attention to the design of the gaming monitor you want to buy if at all you wouldn’t wish to buy a monitor, you won’t feel at ease presenting before your friends.

The materials these screens are made of also differ, meaning their ability to resist scratching and damage differ. You’ve to ensure you are getting a monitor made of sturdy and durable materials for enhanced performance and durability.

Blue Light Filtering and Anti-Glare Coating 

If you play for prolonged hours on ordinary gaming monitors, you’re likely to experience eye strain. Most of the 1440p 144 Hz monitors have an anti-glare coating and blue light filtering.  Monitors that use the blue light filtering technology works miracles to give you immersive gaming experiences free of eye-straining. The blue light filter technology is infused to help in lowering the level of harmful blue light and panels contrast level. 

Frequently Asked Questions {FAQs}

Those in doubts or in need of clarifying specific issues before buying a 1440 144Hz gaming monitor ask these questions quite often.

  • Should I get 144 Hz or 1440p?

The 144 Hz gaming monitors are mostly recommended for gamers who want to enjoy a smoother performance while playing competitive shooting games. 1440p gaming monitors are perfect for those who want to achieve higher graphics and visuals when playing fast-paced games.

  • Is 1440p 144Hz possible?

Of course, yes. Most of the monitors we reviewed above are 1440p 144Hz. While the 1440p 144Hz may put systems into various performance issues, they do deliver the smoothest and brightest of visuals when paired with the right systems.

  • What GPU do I need for 1440p 144Hz?

The best GPU for a 1440p 144Hz monitor depends on the kind of games you play often. If you play graphically demanding games, you should consider getting a 1080ti graphics card. Those who play less graphically demanding games should consider 1070 graphic cards.

  • Is 32 inch too big for 1440p?

Currently, there is a limited range of 1440p 32-inch gaming monitors. Most of the 32-inch gaming monitors are 4k. That is a clear indication that the 32-inch is a bit big for 1440p if anyone has to enjoy immersive and smooth gaming experiences.

  • What the best monitor size for 1440monitor?

The majority of 1440p monitors we have reviewed are 27-inches. Rarely will you find 1440p monitors below that screen size. So, we can say that the best monitor size for an impressive 1440p resolution is 27-inches.

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