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60Hz/120hz/144hz Monitor for Gaming: Which is Better?

gaming monitor

Gaming is a very enjoyable experience if you know what I mean. And part of the glamor is the visual aspects of gaming. Apart from trying to improve gameplay every year, video game companies also try to improve the graphics. It’s true that people enjoyed video games 30 years ago. People still have fun memories […]

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Best 27-Inch Monitors under $300 – 2018/2019

Best 27-Inch Monitors under $300 – Buyer’s GuideIn this day and age, we spend a substantial amount of time in front of our computers, working on our projects, gaming or watching our favorite shows. Whether your monitor died recently and needs replacing or you just want to upgrade to a larger size/better one, buying a […]

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Best Monitor Under $100 for Gaming and more !

best gaming monitors under $100

Best 1080p Monitor Under $100 for Gaming (60hz – 75hz)Let’s face it, gaming monitors under $100 might not have all the bells and whistles, but we’ve looked long and hard to bring you options that meets the requirements for gaming and more, without breaking the bank.For example, its pretty hard find a monitor with a […]

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Best 1080p 144Hz Gaming Monitors on the Market

best 1080p 144hz gaming monitors

The 6 Best 1080p 144Hz Gaming Monitors for 2018Pairing up 1080p with 144hz is a great way to save  some cash compared to a higher resolution monitor.  The 144Hz is going to give you much smoother gameplay without screen tearing, compared to slower monitors, and having that at 1080p means there’s more processing power in […]

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Best Gaming Monitor Under $150 – Budget Friendly!

best gaming monitors under $150

5 of the Best Gaming Monitor Under $150 – Budget Friendly!So, you’ve got $150 to spend, and you want to find the best gaming monitor under 150? We’ve got you covered. Sure, you’ll have to cut certain corners here and there, but if you do just a little bit of research and planning, you can stretch […]

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Top 1440p Monitors (WQHD) for Gaming

best 1440p monitors for gaming

Top 1440p Monitors (WQHD) for GamingLooking for a new 1440p gaming monitor? Then you have a lot of models to choose from. See, as we move fast beyond 1920x1080p toward 4K, there many gaming monitor deals to look at 1440p. And the best part is that the monitors have been designed to deliver sharp, brilliant […]

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