Best Dual Monitor Stand for Gaming for 2021

Two monitors are better than one. Finding the right stand for them is the tricky part. You can go for a basic, freestanding riser, a gas-powered, or high-end electric solutions that are customizable. But the brands never make it easy. That is why we have identified some of the top-quality stands for commercial and home use.

A high-quality dual monitor stand is designed with stability in mind. A model that supports the weight and width of your monitor is what you will want to consider. 

We have also reviewed the best triple monitor stands for Gaming setups

Best Dual Monitor Stand - Freestanding, Adjustable etc.

1. AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor Stand: Most Ergonomic and Versatile

Basics Premium Dual Monitor Stand

Perhaps the most versatile of all is the AmazonBasics Premium. Designed to be used with nearly all desks, you can use it on work surfaces as thin as 0.4 inches or as thick as 2.6 inches. The clamps fit effortlessly allowing you to install monitors fast and easy.

This stand provides side by side mounting so that you will never have to toggle between tabs. Not to mention getting a productive workspace that can actually increase your productivity by up to 25%.

The stand is height-adjustable using a spring mechanism. Plus, it can extend and retract as close as you’d like. It can go from landscape to portrait mode to give just about every position where you can skip scrolling pages.

We like that it meets the ergonomic needs of most people since the arm can extend in a range of up to 13 inches. And it’s not one of those that you have to go crazy about when repositioning. You will be casually pushing your monitors' side to side like you would when using one monitor on a bare desk.

As we said, this is a versatile stand and installing it should be a breeze. You can use the clamps directly or a grommet when you want to attach it through a hole. You also get a cable management system with four clips to ensure cables stay neat under the arm.


The Allen wrench that comes with this stand is not the best quality. There are complaints about it stripping the screws when tightening or loosening any parts. As such, you may find yourself with a faulty stand not long after owning it without any possibilities for getting a new one since the warranty is only one year.


Amazon Basics Premium is an affordable model though with a short warranty; it is cheaper than the Ergotron WorkFit that has a work surface. With AmazonBasics, you get ergonomic positioning as well as ample workspace without sacrificing any versatility.


  • Can rotate in portrait and landscape orientations
  • Accommodates wide LCD monitors up to 32 inches wide
  • It can be used with desks from 0.4 inches to 2.6 inches thick
  • Built from robust and lightweight aluminum
  • Height-adjustable to accommodate heights of 9 out ten adults


  • It has a short 1-year warranty

2. VIVO V002 DUAL LCD Monitor Stand: Best Cheap

VIVO V002 DUAL LCD Monitor Stand

VIVO offers a vast array of mounts in their selection. We chose the V002 stand as a good pick for the office. This is because it meets the needs of most users as it can fit screens from 13 to 27 inches wide. Your monitor must have either 75 x 75mm or 100 x 100mm VESA backside mounting holes.

But don’t fret if it does not because you can use an adapter to get your screens mounted on the stand.

This is a VESA-compliant stand that comes with removable mounting plates as well as a hex tool to perform height adjustments. The stand provides landscape and portrait orientation. You can have screens rotate over 360 degrees and tilt over 180 degrees. The arms also provide swiveling from +80 to -90 degrees. Talk of flexibility even without gas spring arms.

If you want gas-powered dual stands, you can compare the V002O, and V002D stands. Otherwise, this stand is most probably going to meet your dual screen needs.

After attaching the VESA mounting plates, it is as easy as sliding your monitor to perform a complete setup. Since the arms have 180-degree articulation, all you need now is to decide how tight or lose you want the monitors to be by manipulating the joints to your liking.


This stand wobbles when used with monitors close to the 22 pounds of maximum recommended weight. You will have to use it with computers that are about 11 pounds.


VIVO V002 is a cheap dual monitor stand no doubt, but it is one of the most functional ones for the price. It is thoughtfully built with heavy-duty steel tubing and assemble in 30 minutes only. Now you get the correct monitor-height level, and it’s going to be an excellent addition to your desk. 


  • Cable management works effectively
  • Built from steel and aluminum for longevity
  • It uses heavy-duty C clamps or optional grommets
  • Height adjustable
  • Installs easily with VESA mounting plates
  • Foam padded clamps protect desktops


  • You may have to take down the monitors to adjust the arms

3. WALI GSDM002 Dual LCD Gas Spring Stand: Best for Large Monitors

WALI GSDM002 Dual LCD Gas Spring Stand

WALI GSDM002 is anything like the VIVO V002. It uses gas springs that allow it to be more flexible with the capability of handling wide monitors. It fits two screens up to 17.6 pounds each and 32 inches wide. It also comes with VESA mounting plates that allow using it with monitors with 75 x 75mm or 100 x 100mm mounting holes.

This stand uses steel tubing complemented by high-grade C clamps and grommet base to provide sufficient balance when using large LCD monitors, LED flat screen TVs. The heavy-duty clamps and robust tubing guarantee that you will never get a sagging desktop space over time.

We like that this stand provides a tilt to +/-35 degrees, 360-degree rotation, and +/-90-degree swivel options. With a hex tool, you will be able to adjust the height to your like up to 23.6 inches. And it can extend to a reasonable 18.34 inches. 

We particularly like that, unlike other monitors it assembles in only 10 minutes. If you plan to use the monitors with the arms all the way back, you may not need to install the under desk bracket. But it’s a good idea for those who want maximum flexibility.


Since this stand is designed for large monitors, we would have liked to see a base to counterbalance the weight. It is also not ideal to mount monitors with different VESA mounts since they will not line up correctly.


With a gas spring mechanism, it is easy to see why the WALI GSDM002 makes a good pick for large monitors. You will experience not only improved posture but also a durable performance from this stand. Just remember to use similar VESA mounting holes for proper alignment.


  • Assembles in ten minutes
  • Comes with VESA mounts
  • It can be used with curved monitors up to 27 inches wide
  • Great for flat screen monitors up to 32 inches wide
  • Comes with high-grade C clamps and grommets


  • It’s not ideal for different VESA mount monitors

4. Mount-It MI-725 Dual Adjustable Desk Stand: Best on a Budget

Mount-It MI-725 Dual Adjustable Desk Stand

You don’t have to make compromises when looking for a budget dual monitor stand. Mount-It got you covered. This stand is ergonomically designed to fit different sized flat screen monitors from 22 to 27 inches wide. It helps to eliminate neck strain since your screens will be at the correct eye level.

At the same time, you will be able to clear your desk and remove clutter that often comes with having dual computers.

It has all the adjustability options you would like to see in a quality stand. From tilting to swiveling and rotation, anything goes with Mount-It. The stand allows swivel and rotations over 360 degrees and tilting up and down up to 15 degrees. That is about it with this stand so don’t expect complete landscape or portrait orientations.

This stand boasts a construction from steel and aluminum. It is a durable mount that should serve you well beyond the warranty. With a weight capacity of 22 pounds on each arm, it lives up to its word by eliminating wobbling.

Mount-It comes with all the necessary installation tools. From the VESA mounts to the C clamps that need securing to the edge of a desk that is up to 4 inches thick. You do not need to perform any drilling.


Don’t expect to align one monitor in an upright position while the other is in the landscape position because this stand only tilts up to 15 degrees. It is designed for everyone who works in the standard setup.


This budget-priced stand is ideal for home and office use. It is suitable for similar size screens where you don’t have to worry about the height of one computer. It allows sharing of work and improving organization at any desk. Mount-It serves the majority of needs. Combined with the quality build, you are looking at an attractive deal.


  • Heavy-duty base eliminates wobbling
  • Arms move easily without room for sagging
  • Fast SDD and HDD
  • Arms leave up to 4 inches of room between 27-inch screens when both are close together
  • Comes with all the installation tools
  • Can swivel and rotate over 360 degrees


  • It does not adjust monitors individually

5. Elgotron LX Dual Stacking Arm 45-248-026: Best for Laptop and Monitor Combination

Elgotron LX Dual Stacking Arm 45-248-026

Whether you want to reclaim valuable desktop space or you want a stand to install two monitors or a laptop and one monitor, Elgotron is the brand for you. With a steel and aluminum construction, this stand passes the test of time for up to five years of flexible adjustments without any hint of sagging.

Elgotron has tested this stand for up to 10,000 cycles of motion. It is the longest you will ever get when looking for reliable height adjustments. The dual arm allows installation of monitors side by side or in an up and down configuration. It can accommodate up to 25-inch monitors while allowing an adjustment range of 18 inches.

This model uses their patented Constant Force™ lift-and-pivot technology to ensure you use the least effort to make adjustments. It comes with the desk clamp that fits up to 2.6-inch thick desks. It can also be installed using a grommet and making a hole from 5/8 to 2inches wide and up to 3 inches thick.


The joints on this mount are stiff the first few months. It makes it hard to make the adjustments you need. You are left with tolerating the first little annoyances until it accommodates your needs.


Elgotron has made a name for themselves, and the quality of this stand justifies the high price. You can count on it to provide remarkable support and flexible options. It is the ultimate stand for everyone looking to mount a laptop and LCD monitor.


  • Comes with a notebook tray and a fastening kit for laptops
  • It has a 10-year warranty
  • Lift mechanism has a 10,000 test cycle
  • Built from steel and aluminum
  • Improved stability with a snap-fit cap


  • It is more expensive than most dual monitor stands

6. EZM 002-0007 Basic Dual Monitor: Best for Curved Screens

EZM 002-0007 Basic Dual Monitor

EZM boasts sound engineering from the very first time you install your monitors and after years of use. Though in the budget side of stands, you may be left wondering why you should go for high-end models while this one works great for the price.

This stand is built for large and curved monitors up to 27 inches wide. You may not be able to have enough space between the monitors, but you get stability similar to that of upscale brands. You get quick release monitor brackets that make it easy to install and remove monitors when need be. Not to mention the full height adjustability that you can fine-tune using a hex tool along the pole. It provides an ideal height range for tall people.

When it comes to adjusting the monitors, it provides 360-degree rotations. This means the monitors can be laid in either a portrait or landscape orientation. It also tilts to +/- 80 degrees or swivels to +/-180 degrees. While it weighs 10.25 pounds, each arm will support up to 24 pounds.


We found that since the arm does not have a joint when connecting to the VESA mounts, it restricts installation of small monitors. This is because you may need to pull the arms forward and very close to have them side by side.

But EZM offers a vertical freestanding model for stacking screens on top of each other.


EZM may be basic, but its sturdy construction wins it a place on our list. If you have large or curved screens, you will like the convenience of this stand. It offers a simple and flexible setup whether in the hospital reception or tech office.


  • Solid build quality
  • Can support curved screens
  • It has a decent weight capacity of up to 24 pounds per arm
  • Provides full rotating and swiveling
  • It uses heavy-weighted pole and arms


  • Not suitable for small monitors

7. HUANUO Gas Spring Dual Monitor Mount: A Midrange Stand That’s Easy to Lift

HUANUO Gas Spring Dual Monitor Mount

If you have weight lifting restrictions, exerting strain to your joints while making monitor adjustment is the last thing you want to do. That is where the HUANUO stand comes in handy. It utilizes a gas spring mechanism that makes it easy to make height adjustments.

Without drilling any holes on your desk, you will be able to use clamps with desks up to 2.6 inches thick. It can be installed at any desk position without worrying that your screens will sag and fall over when you are not around. Better still, it also allows a wide range of adjustment options that are all enabled by the gas spring system.

When you want a tilt position, HUANUO offers -90 to +85 degrees while it can swivel to 180-degrees and rotate all around over 360 degrees. It is a matter of reading and understanding your spreadsheets the way they should instead of opening and closing tabs on only one screen.

The unique thing is that you can use it with different size monitors and they can be stacked on top of each other. This indicates you can adjust the arm individually which allows proper alignment at all times.


HUANUO has a construction from steel and aluminum. It is likely that it is going to scratch glass desks. You will want to consider a freestanding model that does not need any clamping.


From the individual arm adjustments, HUANUO is a first-class model in the ease of use. It is an incredible stand if you own different size monitors as it frees you from misalignment. Height adjustment is also easy. You can thank it later for a straight back and eye-strain free experience.


  • Secures monitors in an ergonomic position
  • Eliminates strain to the back and wrists when making adjustments
  • Height is adjusted directly on the arm instead of undoing screws
  • It uses high-quality hardware for long-lasting use
  • Comes with cable clips


  • It can be tricky to perform a seamless assembly if you start by assembling the pivot joint instead of the rear post

8. Dell MDS14 (5TPP7): Best for Dell Computers

Dell MDSI4

Replace your Dell desktop stands with the Dell MDSI4 dual stand. With a U-shaped base, this stand helps to free space such that you can place your keyboard and other work-related items where monitors previously occupied. The surface underneath the monitors is flat which comes in handy for holding coffee cups and the like.

The stand can accommodate wide monitors up to 24 inches, but it limits the weight to only 14.3 pounds. That’s why it’s optimized for Dell computers. It does not require monitor installation with screws as it comes with a quick-release mount to snap the computer in place.

Its flexibility also comes through if you have a different computer but with VESA mounting holes. You will get a VESA adapter plate that helps to install a VESA-compliant monitor. If you have a small desk, the base will eat up most of the space, but then, that’s where the stability comes in.

The arms of this dual stand also move independently. It should not be a problem aligning different size monitors.


Our only issue is that you can’t use a computer in the vertical position unless you perform some installation tricks. This involves using the VESA mount adapter to install the monitors 90 degrees off which is not everyone’s cup of tea.


If you own a Dell computer, don’t go looking for just any stand. Dell MDS14 (5TPP7) provides multiple-adjustment capabilities while providing a straightforward installation process. It has more than enough stability to take care of your computer needs and improve your productivity in the process.


  • Wide U-shaped based improves stability
  • Flat bottom base provides extra desk surface
  • It has cable slots behind the arms
  • Provides screw-free installation for Dell computers
  • Allows mounting VESA-compliant monitors


  • It has a limited weight capacity of up to 14.3 pounds

9. Planar 997-5253-00 Dual Monitor Stand: Best for Glass Desks

Planar 997-5253-00 Dual Monitor Stand

Featuring an adjustable height range of 13 inches, Planar is not just ideal for glass desks, but it also accommodates tall users. You will find this stand totally flexible and capable since you don’t need to drill or clamp onto anything.

Its metallic construction guarantees a stable footing. Since the base is wide, it counterbalances heavy monitors up to 26 pounds each. The stand is ideal for computers from 17 to 24 inches wide. The adjustability of this stand is also limited since it will rotate only over 90 degrees, swivel to +/-20 degrees and tilt to +/-15 degrees. If you never play around with the position of your computers, this stand is ideal for you.

You will like that this dual stand weighs only 8 pounds. While it’s light, we can’t speak of its weaknesses in terms of the stability.


There’s little not to like on Planar. The arms do not provide individual adjustments so you will have to use it with similar monitors. Also, not all the products come with the arm holes cut to the correct diameter. You may have to return the order if you receive one of the wrongly cut ones.


Clamping a stand on a glass desk is tricky. You risk scratching or worse breaking it. With the Planar 997-5253-00, it is as easy as installing your monitors on the arms, and you are good to go. Not to mention its improved stability that allows use with bulky monitors.


  • Excellent for monitors up to 24 inches wide
  • Height adjustable to a range of 13 inches
  • It’s freestanding; no need to clamp or drill
  • It has a small footprint for small desks


  • It has limited flexible options

10. Loctek D5D Gas Spring Dual Monitor Arm: Best for Lightweight Monitors

Loctek D5D Gas Spring Dual Monitor Arm

An affordable model that is ideal for monitors up to 11 pounds. The Loctek D5D is built to take the hassle of a cluttered workspace when you don’t have the money to spend on a high-end stand. With the help of VESA brackets, you can mount 14 to 27-inch monitors as long as they meet the weight descriptions.

Its aircraft-grade aluminum showcases durability since it resists scratches over time. With a black, powder-coated surface, you should also not expect any rusting. It blends in with just about any office environment while allowing full motion adjustments.

The stand provides a full 360-degree rotation and swivel. Its tilt degrees are limited to -85-15 but its way better than on the Planar stand. Another thing we like is the gas spring system which helps to adjust the height of the monitor. It also has a torque control valves that is useful in regulating the arm’s movements.

Installing it is either through the clamp or grommet method. Fortunately, the parts are reliable and offer a final professional look in whichever desk you are using.


Loctek D5D has some delicate plastic parts. Even with most of it made of aircraft aluminum, you will find that plastic affects the overall life of the stand.


Loctek D5D is suitable for art studios thanks to its extensive range of motion. You can eliminate strain and be on top of your projects. Get it for your lightweight monitors as it is also an affordable pick.


  • Ideal for light monitors
  • Offers height adjustability
  • It has full motion articulation
  • It uses gas springs
  • It supports ergonomic positioning


  • It does not provide a stacking option

Wrapping up 

Transform your desk and the way you work with dual monitor stands. Whether you are looking for a replacement or are just entering the dual monitor world, our list includes stands for every need. These are some of the Best Dual Monitor Stands as they help to ergonomically position your computers which in turn reduces neck, back, and eye fatigue.

We’ve considered only the well-built VESA-compliant models with lots of adjustability options, cable management, and ease of installation. Our top pick that is affordable and versatile is the AmazonBasics. Elgotron dual LX Arm is another impressive brand as it offers laptop and monitor installation. And if you are worried about your glass desk, Planar is the one for you.

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