Logitech G403 vs Logitech G900/G903

From casual gamers to seasoned competitive players, Logitech seems to have a gaming mouse for everyone.

Take the G403, for example. First released in 2016, this mouse reminds you of the Razer DeathAdder in design and shape. But it's similar to the Zowie ECI-A in size. But, a little bigger than the HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro.

While it bears similarities with some top-tier mice, it does not favor any particular genre. And that’s perhaps why it’s a best-seller among newbies looking for competition-ready mice.

But what if you want some extra features on your mouse. Enter the G900 (wired) and G903 (wireless). These are much more sophisticated mice. They offer customization options hence they do not fit the same spectrum as the G403.

        Logitech G403

Logitech G403


             Logitech G903

Logitech G903

But why are we comparing the G403 to the G900?

For one, these are top-selling mice. They share a high-end sensor. Whether it’s the older version with the PMW3366 optical sensor or the new Hero 16K sensor. Both sensors have stellar in game performance. All you need to do is identify the features you want in your mouse since they game with utter perfection.

Brief Overview

Logitech G403

                                                     Logitech G403

Logitech G403
  • Ergonomic, right-handed design
  • Hero 16K sensor/ PMW3366 sensor
  • Six programmable buttons
  • 100-16,000 DPI
  • 1ms Report Rate
  • Lightsync RGB lighting

Logitech G903

                                                      Logitech G903

Logitech G903


  • Ambidextrous design
  • Hero 16K sensor
  • 11 programmable buttons
  • Wireless (140 hours battery life)
  • 1ms Report Rate
  • Supports Powerplay Wireless Charging
  • Lightsync RGB lighting

Logitech G403 Specifications

As we said, the G403 is not for any particular genre. Whether you enjoy hammering enemies as Captain America or venturing through hubs in Rise of the Tomb Raider, this mouse delivers on its features.

Size and Shape

  • Weight- 87.3g
  • Length- 12.4 cm
  • Width- 6.8 cm
  • Height- 4.3 cm

The Logitech G403 mouse comes in an angular shape to showcase its elegance. It’s a simple but super comfortable mouse with a gentle thumb groove and a broad thumb rest. It curves out in a bow shape with the hump slotting into the hand comfortably.

Since it is of medium height, it tends to fit all grip styles within a range of different hand sizes.

  • Palm grip- 16.5- 20cm hand size
  • Claw grip- 17-20.5cm hand size
  • Fingertip grip- 18-22 cm hand size

This mouse is an ideal choice if you have medium-large size hands. It offers natural placement of the pinky and ring fingers thanks to the rubberized side grips.

G403 has a matte, black plastic shell. It is made of smooth plastic, but the sides are rubberized to emphasize a firm grip.

At 87 grams of weight, the G403 is pretty light. It comes with an optional 10g weight if you prefer a heavier mouse. The weight goes into the Logitech’s weight insert on the bottom of the mouse.



You get six programmable buttons on the G403. There is a right button, a left button, and a tactile scroll wheel. Behind the scroll wheel is the DPI switch. it allows you to change the DPI from 100-16,000 on the G403 Hero and 200-12,000 DPI on the G403 Prodigy.

There are two thumb buttons on G403. Some gamers have complained about the thumb buttons being flimsy. If you are like me, thumb buttons are not very important and the keyboard can do the trick.

We, however, like that it uses Omron switches that have a low actuation force. There’s a satisfying, audible click which is nice for every game. The tactile wheel is also clickable.

And it has the same satisfying click whether you are on StarCraft II, or cranking it up with Overwatch. The only thing you won’t enjoy with G403’s scroll wheel is an infinite spinning mode like in the G900.


Logitech G403 comes with the PMW3366 optical sensor on the Prodigy and the new Hero 16K Sensor on the new G403 Hero. So far, there are no differences in performance between the two sensors.

However, Logitech has claimed that the new sensor is not too demanding on the system.

With high-end sensors, you don’t except spinning, acceleration, and jitter in game. It tracks excellently which means you can swipe as wide as you can without missing a shot. While it offers up to 16,000 DPI, it’s a bit too high and we don’t see any gamer going beyond 3200DPI.

Logitech Gaming Software

G403 has six programmable buttons. This happens on the Logitech gaming software. Like always, it is a straightforward platform that anyone can use. You can program any of the buttons, set up to three profiles, and manage the Lightsync RGB lighting.

Speaking of RGB, the Lightsnyc feature is a nice touch when you want to sync the color on the mouse to that of other Logitech devices.

You can save up to three gaming profiles. It is thoughtful since you can camp at a friend’s house without losing favorite gaming profiles.

Logitech G900/G903 Specifications

g403 2

If you are looking for sophistication, the G900/G903 should be on your radar. The G900 is wired and the wireless version is the G903. And like the G403, there is a Hero 16K sensor version of the G903.

  • Shape and Design- (G903)
  • Weight - 110g
  • Length - 13 cm
  • Width - 6.7 cm
  • Height - 4 cm

Logitech G900 weighs 107 grams. It does not support Powercore module for wireless charging with the Powerplay mouse pad. If you want to truly wireless, G903 is the one for you. You’ll never again worry about low battery life. But there’s a $100 investment on the wireless mouse pad which is sold separately.

Size and Shape

The G900 and G903 have high-performance features. The exterior is all matte black and built of robust plastic. They are medium-sized, being a little smaller than the Rival 650 and a little longer than the G Pro. However, they have a shorter profile so they are more suited to claw grip players with a hand size between 17 and 19.5cm.

But, it can still fit palm style player with a hand size 16-19 cm. And fingertip style players with a hand size from 17-20.5cm.

G900 and G903 have an ambidextrous design. They have sharp edges complemented by smooth grooves to rest your ring and pinky fingers. The curved sides can accommodate either the left or right thumb so no worries about comfort.

Weight is still customizable on the G903. You will get the extra 10g of weight to slot in the circular panel on the bottom.


You can change the button configuration on the G903 between seven and eleven options. All eleven buttons are programmable using the Logitech gaming software. It still on this software that you can create macros, save profiles, and shortcuts. Not to mention, changing the DPI settings and monitoring the battery life.

The G900 and G903 use mechanical Omron switches. On the G900 they are rated for 20 million clicks and 50 million clicks on the G903. Not that it makes so much of a difference because the G900 has remained reliable over the last few years.

Omron switches are known for their satisfactory tactile feedback. They give you an audible click which is superior to that of the G403.

There are four thumb buttons on the G903, two on each side. It uses the metal spring button tensioning system. The mechanism keeps the left and right buttons at top speed and responsiveness. Also, using the metal-spring tensioning system, you can now clean the Omron switches.

Let’s talk about the scroll wheel. It a superior, hyper scroll wheel that can be customized in three different options. It can function as a clickable scroll wheel for side to side clicks.

The scroll wheel can also spin infinitely. It comes in handy when scanning through long documents like reports, browsing, or releasing rapid-fire on an enemy. For gamers, this is an invaluable feature.

There are two DPI shifters and a button to switch from one gaming profile to another. As far as the buttons are concerned, we can say that Logitech has nailed it on the G903. Most professional FPS and MOBA players use the Logitech G903 because of the button set up.


The G900 and G903 have the PMW3366 sensor on their previous versions. And the Hero 16K on the newer G903. You get 1:1 tracking which means you’ll experience precision like no other. What’s more, whether it’s a PMW3366 or a Hero 16K, there’s zero acceleration, smoothing, or filtering.

However, if you want to preserve battery life the Hero 16K has shown to be more power-efficient. The polymer battery on the Hero 16K G903 can last 10x more than with the Pixart PMW3366 sensor. We are talking a jump from 24-30 hours to 140 hours.

It delivers superior tracking and unsurpassed responsiveness at whichever DPI setting. That’s the beauty of a Logitech- never disappoints in precision and consistency.

G403 vs G900/G903- Verdict:

First, if you are out for a wireless mouse, no need to consider the G403 or G900. Go straight to the G903. But if you are a newbie looking to get a simple mouse G403 is the ideal choice. With only six buttons, it is not a handful to deal with. Plus, it’s an ergonomic mouse so it won’t be long before you get the hang of it.

For amazing clicks and the ability to customize numerous features, G903 ticks all the boxes. It is a medium-large sized mouse that can suit different grip styles and genres. It experiences no lag and you can go truly wireless with the Powerplay charging mat. It’s a nice choice if you don’t mind buying the charging pad, to begin with.

If and only if you want a lightweight mouse and don’t mind dealing with cable drag can we recommend the G900. It performs like the G903 thanks to its flawless PMW3366 sensor.


We are yet to see a Logitech mouse that disappoints. Depending on your needs, it is clear which of the two styles of mice suits you. The good thing is that all three will stay relevant for a decent period.

And with the price going down after every new release, you can rest assured that each of these mice is now at a bargain. That is if you are picking one with the Pixart PMW3366 sensor and not the new Hero 16K sensor. Be prepared to dig a little deeper in your pocket for new versions of the G403 and G903.

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