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2021 Ultimate Buyers Guide

2021 Winner: Mad Catz R.A.T PRO S Gaming Mouse

mad catz R.A.T Pro

4.8 out of 5

The Mad Catz PRO S Gaming mouse is fitted with one of the latest versions of Philips PLN2037 twin-eye laser Sensor Module. The physical design will suit any gamer. And because this unit only weights 77 grams, you will experience no fatigue even after long gaming stretches on your PC.

A big hand is advantageous when it comes to accessing all the buttons of a gaming mouse. But it can be the most significant disadvantage if you fail to select a mouse that best suits you.

Because you want to have the best experience in your gaming binge, you should choose a gaming mouse that fits naturally into your hand. And then makes the customization of the buttons just right for the type of grip you enjoy the most.

Luckily, many gaming mice perfectly suit gamers with big hands. And we’re going to discuss some of them in this guide.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Mouse for Big Hands

1. Determine Your Grip Style

The three most commonly used types of grip include palm grip, claw grip and tip grip. The size of your hand matters because the positions of the control buttons on the mouse should be in tandem with the parts of your hand used to click the buttons.

a) The Palm Grip

This grip utilizes the palm, and the fingers lay flat on the mouse buttons while your palm rests on the upper part of the mouse. Players with big hands should consider buying mice that have a larger surface to accommodate their large hands. If you are among the users of palm grip, consider holding the mouse first before you buy to ensure that the control buttons are placed in positions that your fingers will not have to bend to click.

b) Tip Grip

Tip grip involves only the tips of your fingers, and the palm is completely above the mouse. Your middle finger and ring finger rest on the left side of the mouse while the index and the thumb are on either side of the mouse. If you have a big hand, this grip will be strenuous while using a small mouse because the fingers will have to bend. You should buy a gaming mouse that is wider than average to slightly stretch the fingers.

c) Claw Grip

This grip is a blend of both palm and grip styles. The palm usually rest on the back edge of the mouse while the thumb and the fingers are positioned at an angle towards the buttons.  For a player with big hands, you should select a mouse that is elongated and slightly wider than the others. This will ensure that your palm and fingers do not strain to rest on a small space on the mouse.

2. Consider Mouse Customization

You should also consider the customization options available in the various gaming mice such that the buttons you intend to use frequently be placed at convenient parts of the mouse.

Most effective positions can be determined by first knowing your type of grip although bigger hands work better with buttons on the extreme ends. The software of the mouse you choose should allow you to customize macros for different buttons and possibly make adjustments on the mousepads.

Best Gaming Mouse for Big Hand Reviews


Editors Pick 2021

1. Mad Catz R.A.T PRO S  - Best Overall

The Mad Catz PRO S Gaming mouse is fitted with one of the latest versions of Philips PLN2037 twin-eye laser Sensor Module. The physical design will suit any gamer. And because this unit only weights 77 grams, you will experience no fatigue even after long gaming stretches on your PC. The mouse has a smooth baseplate that will not cause disturbance but slide effortlessly on the mouse pad.

You will love the sleek shape of the Mad Catz PRO S, which conforms to different grip sizes, and its lightweight only adds more comfort to your gaming experience. You can create a custom fit for the grip by tilting your palm until you get a perfect position. The mouse has a contoured scroll button that will ensure you do not miss those precision moves.

The precision sensor in Mad Catz PRO S is a True 5000 DPI Optical that ensures you get the real feel of an optical mouse. The software in this unit has an adjustable DPI feature such that you can program it and assign some distinct DPI values to the Aim button. The OnBoard Memory feature can store up to three profiles that you create on the PC software.



  • The challenge with this unit is its raised finger-press tabs that can be vulnerable to breakages if you happen to apply too much force.
  • The position of the DPI button can also be a challenge if you have a big palm, but you can always get a proper grip.

 Wireless with 11 buttons

2. Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G602 mouse brings comfort in the gaming experience because it is wireless, and you will never have to curse the day due to lag effects. This machine has 11 programmable buttons that you can reliably set to suit your customization preferences.

The mouse has a smooth design that can be handled by all sizes of palms without any struggles. The buttons are placed correctly on the sides for ease of access, and the DPI button is a bit behind the scroll button such that errors are a thing of the past here.

This option has an incredibly long battery life that can go for as long as 250 hours thanks to the use of Polaroid AA Batteries. The mouse can be used in a Performance and Endurance mode which increases the battery life without compromising on the accuracy of the clicks. This unit is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7. In addition to these, you can use it on Mac OS X 10.6.8 and Window Vista too.

This mouse is designed to last long with clicks rated up to 20 million and the 11 programmable buttons allow you to use most of them and avoid overusing some. The mouse gives you high accuracy using Delta Zero sensor technology that ensures real-time clicking and zero-lag effects. This unit is efficient, and you can quickly shift the DPI values from 100 to 2500 within just 100 steps.


  • The chief merit of this mouse is the wireless feature that is further supported by a long battery life that can last you up to 250 hours or marathon gaming.
  • The comfort of the grip is topped up by the customizable lightings on the mouse to make the gaming experience even better.


  • One downside is that the mouse sometimes lags or fails to synchronize with Windows 8 and Windows 10. So you have to keep adjusting the settings until it works perfectly.

8200 DPI, 16 million colors

3. MIONIX NAOS 8200 Multi-Color Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse

The mouse has a comfortable design that suits most grips of the right-hand side. It has a truly ergonomic design that will feel like it was built for your grip. The soft and gentle slopes on the sides of the mouse give your palm a comfortable rest, and the fingers can relax when you are not pressing or clicking. The custom lights on the scroll button and at the logo will make you experience an authentic feel of a gaming guru.

This machine uses the NAOS 8200 laser and the NAOS QG Optical features. The mouse has an 8200 DPI laser sensor meant to give you accuracy and real-time effects on the game. The unit has a total of 6 LEDs integrated into four different colour zones. The True ergonomic design is perfect for comfort and ensuring that you can game for long hours without straining.

The NAOS 8200 laser and the NAOS QG Optical are integrated into the making of this masterpiece to come up with a machine that has both quality and reliability. The mouse has 128kb memory built-in to cater to the programming features that allow you to customize the buttons differently for various games. The mouse has a considerably long life because it has up to 16.8 clicks and the material used to make the casing is elastic so that pressure won’t break the buttons.


  • You can count on the accuracy and speed of this mouse due to the 32bit ARM Processor put together with the 8200 DPI laser.
  • The mouse is optimized for comfort because of the ergonomic Mionix NAOS shape that ensures your grip is tight and relaxed.
  • The customizable lighting LED effects on the mouse to allow you to get a personalized appearance of the mouse.


  • It doesn’t have a DPI indicator light

up to 6,500 CPI, 6 buttons

4. SteelSeries Rival 300, Optical Gaming Mouse

The SteelSeries Rival 300 has a sleek design that is perfect for grip and controls are easy. The mouse has smooth contours on the side for your fingers to rest, and the raised upper part ensures your palm wraps around the mouse. This unit has a total of six buttons, including the DPI button that is positioned right behind the scroll button. The backplate of the mouse is smooth, and it will slide at the slightest push over the mouse pad.

The mouse is wired, and the mouse cord is soft and flexible. This allows you to move the mouse easily, and you can easily fold it to fit in a small pouch or even your pocket. The resolution of this mouse is configurable up to 6,500. The six buttons can be programmed to perform various functions, and their customizations give you the flexibility of using some buttons for different purposes in different games.

The mouse has the Zero Hardware Acceleration feature that ensures you get precision tracking and responses at all speeds. Zero Hardware Acceleration is also crucial because you experience real-time effects in controlling the game. The mouse has a program that is designed to last for long, with about 30 million clicks. This unit has 2 zones of illumination and a wide array of LED colours summing up to 16.8 million that you can choose from and customize.


  • The mouse has a 3D Printable Name Plate, and the ergonomic buttons are positioned perfectly such that pressing the buttons feels natural and quick.
  • The side grips are refined and sculpted with durable materials that also provide comfort in the grip.
  • The performance of this mouse is unmatched because it gives you the advantage of tweaks over your competitor thanks to the development of SteelSeries switches.


  • The challenge you might experience here is accidentally clicking the DPI buttons as you scroll, but you can always get used to holding the mouse correctly.

13 programmable controls:

5. Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

You can hardly fail to notice the unique shape that this mouse has and the feel on your palm makes it worth every penny. The design of the configuration is twisted such that the buttons are all placed in subtle but accessible positions. The mouse has a total of 13 programmable buttons including the DPI button which is right behind the scroll button, and three more buttons are on the left of the scroll button. This unit can work both with a cable or a wireless connection.

The mouse has 13 programmable buttons that will give you the flexibility of performing both simple commands and intricate macros by simply clicking on the pre-set buttons. The mouse offers you quick connections to the data cable and the switches to data-over-cable option are automatic such that you can game without stopping to charge.

This unit is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP, and the gaming-grade is top-notch in all these options. The process of customization is easy since you drag and drop the settings to customize buttons or you can opt to use the pre-figured customizations that utilize automatic detection of the game you are playing.


  • The programmable DPI switch buttons are located near the left click button so that you can easily record up to 5 DPI settings by switching within the range of 200-8200 DPI.
  • The design suits gamers perfectly because the surface is covered with a material that is non-stick rubber so that sweat will never affect your gaming precision.
  • The long-life buttons are designed to endure up to 20 million clicks, and the low-friction scroll buttons add on the mouse's durability.


  • The mouse sometimes requires you to download some optional features to integrate and function with individual PCs.

With all that information to inform your options for buying a gaming mouse, you should land yourself the best deal in the market. Consider the overall gaming experience right from customization to clicking and accuracy in the graphic resolutions. I would recommend that you always get to hold the gaming mouse in your hand before purchasing to ensure that it will feel natural in your hand depending on the type of grip you use.

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