LG 32UD99-W Review 32-Inch 4K Gaming Monitor with HDR 

By now, you may have realized that 4K is not enough to give the best picture quality. Well, not unless it is coupled with HDR which is what LG 32UD99-W is all about. This flagship monitor speaks tons about the expectations of a good gaming monitor.

It not only bundles itself with 4K resolution but the monitor also supports FreeSync and low input lag to perhaps take gaming to the next level. But does it reach the level it claims? Let’s find out what this monitor is all about.


  • Wide viewing angles
  • High-contrast IPS panel
  • HDR10 support
  • AMD FreeSync support
  • Ultra-thin bezel
  • HDCP 2.2 compatible


  • Does not produce perfect blacks
  • Limits gaming to 60Hz refresh rate

Design Features 

 If you want to upgrade from a low-resolution monitor to a high-end gaming monitor, you can rest assured that LG 32UD99-W will stand up to the task. This monitor has an excellent build quality with a luxurious exterior. You get ultrathin bezels that are only 1.3mm so it will look frameless when it is on or off.

The bezels are thin on all sides and coupled with the silver plastic borders; it is going to look amazing in any gaming setup. You will receive the monitor in one box bundled with all the cables and the power brick. It installs in a moment since the stand bolts to the metallic base and then locks on to the rear of the monitor in one snap.

Instead of using black trims, LG proceeds to use white trims to complete the elegant look. The base is of cast aluminum in a satin texture which gives it a grand look. It won’t shift when you accidentally push it from the desk.

The adjustments for this monitor are not so impressive because it does not pivot. But it tilts to some limited degree from -20 to 5 degrees. The monitor will also switch from landscape to portrait which is an excellent addition for video and photo editors.

We also like that this monitor is so thin it is perfect for a dual or multi-monitor setup.


 LG offers an extensive collection of connectivity ports. You get an HDMI, DisplayPort, two USB 3.0 ports, and a USB-C port. You will like that none of the ports is facing downward so connecting your devices is going to be a breeze. With the USB-C port, it’s now possible to plug in your laptop and use it as it is charging.

This is because the USB-C port supports DisplayPort Alt Mode which allows you to display an image from a compatible device.

Controls and Customization 

 It is a joy to use and customize the settings on this monitor using the joystick. It is accessed easily in the middle of the display allowing you to make any settings changes. A single click on the control button turns on the joystick. A second click gives you the quick menu while the third click brings you to the On-Screen controls.

You can change the brightness, volume, picture mode presets, game mode, color temperature, gamma, etc. It opens a world of possibilities in the way you want to calibrate the monitor into custom settings. LG has nailed the joystick configuration so no need to stress whether or not it will be intuitive to use.

Apart from the controls, you also get a set of 5-watt speakers that don’t do much to deliver punchy bass. We can understand how much the frame can accommodate in terms of speakers.

Image Quality 

 LG 32UD99-W supports HDR gaming which is the highlight of its features. When you get down to setting OSD, you will discover it has 16 picture presets and more when you bring in HDR. On the custom mode, you will be able to get into HDR effects and also see significant contrast changes in the SDR department.

What we like is that since it is an IPS panel monitor, it has excellent contrast ratio bringing its A-game at an incredible 1300:1. It performs well in dark offices and bright rooms the same. It follows with a remarkable color volume in SDR and color gamut.

Since the menu is divided into four submenus, you can play with the picture menu to adjust the luminance, brightness, and other settings. The game menu allows you to toggle FreeSync as well as brighten shadow areas and also set the overdrive.

When it comes to HDR gaming, LG 32UD99-W will automatically sense HDR signals and switch to HDR mode. It allows the monitor to give a wide range of contrast and image depth that allows you to experience lifelike imagery. You will find that your games explode with color and battlegrounds look more realistic thanks to its dynamic range.

We found that even though the calibration of this monitor looks good out of the box, it looks better when calibrated. You will want to bring gamma up to 2.19 from its native 2.09 and DeltaE which is high at 3.84 down to .51. This should give you perfect color accuracy for everyday viewing, gaming, and even photo and video editing at 6543K color temperature.

Gaming Performance 

 Motion handling is what you want to look at after the picture performance. Fortunately, LG performs just as good in this area. Even though this monitor is limited to 60Hz refresh rate, the entry of FreeSync gives you tear-free gaming performance. It has a 4.9ms response time meaning it can load games fast. Its input lag is short regardless of the input resolution.

It allows for immersive gaming which is as a result of its 4K resolution.

Flaws of LG 32UD99-W

Unfortunately, when compared to other monitors, LG 32UD99-W is still a way off in HDR performance. It does not support the features that make it great at HDR gaming. It quotes to have a peak brightness of 550 nits, but it manages only 350 nits. Not to mention using HDR with apps is worse than without HDR. The only thing you can enjoy with HDR10 is games and movies.


LG 32UD99-W comes in a stunning display that supports immersive gaming. Coupled with its ultrawide screen, IPS panel, HDR10, and FreeSync support, this monitor is ready for competitive gaming. You get onscreen controls, inbuilt speakers, and a USB-C port which increases the possibilities of this monitor. For all its luxurious features, LG 32UD99-W does not come cheap.

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