Zowie Camade Review

Zowie Camade Review

4.0 out of 5

For the longest time, gamers have had to put up with mouse cable drag. Whether from the cable catching on the edges of the desk, or from bunching up.

If you have never considered using a mouse bungee, it’s high time you do. Zowie Camade is one of the best mouse bungees today. It fits most mainstream mouse cables. And though its price tag is a bit high, I’d say it’s worth every dollar.

What is a Mouse Bungee?

We don’t think much of it as a computer accessory. But when it comes to improving your aim and tracking skills, a mouse bungee is one peripheral you don’t want to ignore. This intermediary or weight like we like to call it holds the cable of your mouse.

It takes the weight of the cable which gives your mouse a wireless feeling. Basically, your cable hangs in the air meaning it will no longer be caught around your desk.

The main job of a mouse bungee is to eliminate cable drag. And thus, keep the mouse movement consistent. The last thing you want is to miss shots because you couldn’t make a wide swipe with your mouse.

If you are an arm aimer, the near-wireless experience provided by a mouse bungee is desirable.

Zowie Camade- Design

We’ve looked at a couple of mouse bungees. But none of them is as aesthetically appealing as the Zowie Camade. Perhaps it’s because of the matte black finish with red glossy highlights. But it is a nice accessory to have alongside your gaming rig.

Camade comes with four rubber nubs on the bottom. Once they stick to your desk, it will be super hard to move the Camade from its place. This bungee has an impressive length of 9.8cm and a width of 7.2cm. Even better, the arm is height adjustable from 9.4 to 12.5cm.

Some people have complained that adjusting the height is a bit difficult. But since it’s not something that you will do often, we don’t see its potential for being a nagging problem.

You will like that the general appeal of this bungee comes from its clean geometry. This means it can blend in with most gaming setups.

Build Quality

BenQ has invested in build-quality in all its devices. The Zowie Camade follows through with a similar level of sophistication. We are talking about how easy it is to tell that Zowie Camade is a well-thought-out product.

The weight on this bungee speaks volumes. At 245g, it keeps the bungee from moving or sliding. Not only that, it ensures you get consistent and reliable performance each time. The bungee is capable of holding the weight of your cable and make it feel wireless. This is especially so when you are dealing with thick, stiff cables.

Setting up Zowie Camade

Not much goes into setting up a bungee. With Zowie Camade, it’s easier and straightforward. No instructions or manual come with the package though.

You will notice that it has two springs that are connected to the plastic part that holds the mouse cable.

  • First, place the bungee in a comfortable position.
  • Measure how much cable you need. That is, move the mouse to a position you would normally place it, when aiming in a game. It gives you a good idea of how much cable you need.
  • Next, place the cable in the plastic holder. You can have it attached to the top part of the holder only. Or extend the hold to the notch on the bottom part of the bungee.
  • Check to see if you have enough room to move the mouse.
  • Adjust the cable length if you have too much room or limited space to move your mouse.
  • It’s advisable to have the arm at its highest. To adjust the height, simply use the red lever so that you can have the most leverage.

Performance of the Zowie Camade

The best thing about Zowie Camade is that it allows you to focus on the game and tasks at hand. The first thing you’ll notice with this bungee is how well it eliminates resistance whenever you pull your mouse.

It increases in-game performance such that you will never miss a shot because of your mouse. More so for FPS and MOBA gamers, its consistency is a plus. We like that it provides smooth cable movements. It follows the natural movement of your hand.

And even better, you will see more life to the material that makes your cable. Since the cable will never get caught, you no longer have to constantly replace your mouse because of a frayed cable.

Is it Worth it?

The price tag of the Zowie Camade is one that often gets on forums. Is it worth spending as much as a low-end mouse for a bungee? Well, most gamers have reported an accuracy increase of around 6% in the first week of using Zowie Camade.

If you are looking to see massive improvement in your tracking and aiming skills, Camade is a nice consideration. It helps you rank faster across the board which feels great after hours of Overwatch misses.


Zowie Camade provides a flawless gaming experience. It provides zero cable drag and hence excels in its role as a bungee. Its design is well-thought-out. The weight is decent and the adjustable height improves the way it feels.

Overall, Zowie Camade looks the part and fits in with its high price bracket.

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