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2019 Winner: ZOWIE EC2-A

4.8 out of 5

We start with the most popular of Zowie mice. The EC series has four variants ranging from medium to large.
The EC1 has large-sized mice while EC2 has medium-sized mice. The mouse is ergonomic, right-handed unlike FK, ZA, and S series which are ambidextrous.

BenQ is better known for the Zowie line of gaming mice. This line consists of four series including EC, FK, ZA, and S. The mice vary in size and grip style. But they are all made for FPS gamers.

Zowie has nailed FPS mice thanks to the simple, no-frills styles in all their mice. Over 50% of CSGO players use a Zowie mouse. The EC series is the most popular with over 35% of CSGO players preferring an EC series mouse over any other. Even etching out brands like Logitech to take the top seat in most used mice for Counter-Strike.

If you are in the market for a Zowie mouse, all you need to remember is your grip style and hand size. All other features are strikingly similar in all Zowie mouse. But still, it can be difficult to narrow down to the specifics when all the models are staring back at you.

This guide is created to help you figure it out.

Compare the different features of the Zowie Mice.

EC1-A, EC2-A

Zowie EC Series

We start with the most popular of Zowie mice. The EC series has four variants ranging from medium to large.

The EC1 has large-sized mice while EC2 has medium-sized mice. The mouse is ergonomic, right-handed unlike FK, ZA, and S series which are ambidextrous.


FPS gamers don’t need a ton of buttons. That’s why Zowie is taking on performance instead of all the gimmicks that add weight to the mouse. The EC mouse has a simple rounded design that is ideal for palm and claw grip styles. The EC2-A is the most popular at 93g.

It features good weight distribution which makes it great for long hours of gaming. If you have large hands, the EC1-A is a better pick. It is 3mm higher and 3mm wider at the middle and front than the EC2-A mouse. EC1-A is also heavier at 97 grams. If you have long and chubby fingers, it feels way more comfortable than if you have long skinny fingers.

The gradual slope in the EC series makes it difficult for fingertip style players to use the mouse comfortably.

When it comes to long gaming sessions, you will like that the mouse has deep grooves on the side. They give you a firm grip that’s easy on the wrist. Although the coating a kind of glossy it doesn’t present trouble for sweaty palms as you would with the S1 and S2 mice.

EC1 Size

  • Length – 12.8cm
  • Width – 6.4cm
  • Height – 4.3cm

EC2 Size

  • Length – 12cm
  • Width – 6.1cm
  • Height – 4cm

The EC2-B mouse is the newest entry in the EC series line. It features four small feet instead of two large feet as seen in the other Zowie mice.

Sensor and DPI

ECA has the older AVAGO 3310 sensor while the ECB uses the newer PMW3360 optical sensor. Both sensors are flawless. But the AVAGO 3310 sensor may spin out when you flip your mouse too fast. The PMW3360 solves this problem. You can expect to game without spinning out, smoothing, acceleration, and jittering.

All Zowie mice have similar DPI from 400 to 3200. The DPI colors are the same across the board. Apart from the DPI switch button on the bottom of the mouse, the EC2-B also has a polling rate button. You no longer need to go through a series of button combinations to change the report rate.

Also, on this mouse, there are LEDs to highlight the report rate. It’s the only fancy stuff you will find on a Zowie.

Buttons and Scroll Wheel

Zowie is all about performance. Except for the red logo, nothing else is going on in the design of this mouse. EC1 and EC2 have a 5-button layout. Because it is right-handed the side buttons are only on the left side.

It has tactile mouse 1 and mouse 2 buttons. We like that they have a low travel distance and are easy to click. However, the side buttons feel recessed. They are stiff and have a high travel distance. This can make it harder for you to click in a firefight.

The scroll wheel is another feature we don’t like in all Zowie mouse. It seems intentional because the 16-step scroll wheel has the signature loud click. If you like your mouse super quiet, you may not like what you get with Zowie.

Overall, the build quality is nice and solid. The mouse does not creak when squeezed or rattle when shaken. As far as durability is concerned an EC mouse will go a long way.

EC Series Bottom Line

As you can see, most of the features are similar in this series. Well, except for the size. For large hands, we suggest going with the EC1-A. It is the heaviest of the EC mice. The lightest is the EC2-B.

It also happens to be smaller than the rest. As such, gamers with medium-sized hands will find it the most comfortable. The EC1-B and EC2-A fall in the middle, weighing at nearly the same. You can’t go wrong with either as long as it fits with your grip style.

FK1, FK1+, FK2

2. Zowie FK Series

Zowie FK series is just as popular as the EC series. But it feels quite different it lacks a hump. The low-profile design makes it ideal for claw grip styles. With three variants, it also fits a different set of players regarding the hand size.

Shape and Size

FK series have ambidextrous mice. The design is still discrete with only the addition of the side buttons so that right and left-handers can use the mouse. Only the red Zowie logo graces the top of the mouse. It features a matte black finish that is comfortable whether you have sweaty palms or not.

FK1 and FK1+ are large mice weighing in at 90 and 95 grams respectively. The F2 is super light at only 85 grams.


  • Length – 12.8cm
  • Width – 6cm
  • Height – 3.7cm


  • Length – 12.8cm
  • Width – 6.2cm
  • Height – 3.8cm


  • Length – 12.4cm
  • Width – 5.8cm
  • Height – 3.6cm

The slight size variances make all the difference in the way they feel. The FK1+ is ideal for large-sized hands above 18.5 cm. On the other hand, if your hand size is between 16-17.5cm, we’d suggest going with the FK2 model. And for those in the 17-18.5cm range, the FK1 is a nice pick.

FK feels great in the hand if you prefer a claw or fingertip grip style. It has curves in the right places. It ensures you can maintain a firm grip without risking achy fingers at the end of the day.


Being ambidextrous, FK features a 7-button layout. It uses Huano switches. These are not as clicky as Omron switches, but have a decent 20-million click span. The buttons are all at an excellent distance from each other. The side buttons are not as stiff as in the EC but are still a bit squishy.

The right-side buttons come deactivated. If you are a leftie, you can deactivate the left-side buttons. This will activate the right-side buttons.

You get a controlled glide thanks to the two large feet on the FK series. And if your glide is no longer as smooth as you bought it, the extra pair of feet is easy to change.


FK still uses the AVAGO 3310 sensor. It works as expected with only a few spinning out flaws. The spin-outs rarely happen unless you are holding the mouse at an angle. Whether on Far Cry, Battlefield 1, or Overwatch, it tracks like a pro. You will also find the mouse exceptional when browsing and scanning through long documents.

Combined with the plug and play design, you can take the mouse to arenas that don’t allow taking your laptop.

FK Series Bottom Line

You don’t need any of the fancy stuff to impress the competition when you have an FK, the scores will do it for you. If you are into heavy, large, mice, the FK1+ strikes the deal. But for small and medium-sized hands, you will like playing with the FK2 and FK1 respectively.

All the mice follow with a durable design. Though ambidextrous, you won’t suffer any cramping. It allows you to pick the size that is right for your hand.

EC1-B, EC2-B, S2

3. Zowie Divina S Series

Divina S is another weapon of choice for FPS players worldwide. The series is available in two sizes featuring the PMW3360 optical sensor. Instead of the usual black and white colors, Divina S first started with baby blue and pink. Perhaps to bring more equality in the esports scene. But now you can get Divina S in a matte black coating.

While many gamers may shy away from the blue and pink colors, Zowie has not made the colors flashy. The blue and pink are subdued so not many people will notice you are adorning a pink mouse.

Shape and Size

Divina S looks much like the typical gaming mice we have come across. It is ambidextrous and not narrow and long like the FK series. It is also taller than FK. As such, it accommodates all grip styles. The S1 is large and S2 is medium-sized.



  • Length – 12.6cm
  • Width – 6.1cm
  • Height – 3.9cm


  • Length – 12.2cm
  • Width – 5.9cm
  • Height – 3.8cm

As long as your hands are not small to prefer a narrow mouse, or too large to take on an EC1, you will find the S quite a fit. It is even a better find if you prefer different grip styles. It has the hump that allows a palm grip, but not too high that it will hurt claw and fingertip grip styles.

The S Divina offers a choice for glossy or matte coating. Initially, it was only a glossy coating. It did not sit well with those with sweaty palms. That’s why Zowie embarked on creating the S Divina in matte black.

Like its other counterparts, S Divina is built to last. Some gamers have experienced a bit of a rattle when you shake it. However, it’s not something you experience when gaming.

The rubber cable is placed higher than in other Zowie mice. This feature reduces drag significantly.

Buttons and Scroll Wheel

Although ambidextrous, Divina S has only five buttons. It does not have the two right-side buttons for lefties. It is only useful for lefties if you don’t use side buttons in your play.

With Divina S the Huano switches are more responsive than we have seen in any of the other Zowie mice. They are tactile, light, and much easier to click. They reduce fatigue which is common with the side buttons on the EC and FK mice.

The scroll wheel is still the same loud and chunky.


Divina S mouse uses the PMW3360 sensor. You get to enjoy a low lift-off distance and smooth consistent tracking. It is accurate and far more reliable than the AVAGO 3310. Since the DPI on the Divina S is up to 3200, it does not showcase instances of smoothing.

Divina S Bottom Line

This series presents a safe shape for most users. It covers all grip styles. It will fit comfortably in medium-sized hands for the S2 and large-sized hands for the S1.

ZA11, ZA12, and ZA13

4. Zowie ZA Series

This series consists of three mice. The ZA11, ZA12, and ZA13. ZA11 is the largest and ZA13 is the smallest.

Shape and Size

Zowie ZA gives you the ZA13 if you have small-sized hands. More so if you can’t find your pick from the other series. The shape of the mouse is ambidextrous and looks much like the FK series. Except on the ZA, there is a higher arch towards the rear of the mouse.

It is built for palm and claw grippers. It is well built with no sharp edges or rough patches. The mouse comes in both glossy and matte coatings. It is just as solid any other Zowie mouse. The scroll wheel, however, tends to rattle. It happens only when you shake the mouse.



  • Length – 12.8cm
  • Width – 6cm
  • Height – 4cm


  • Length – 12.4cm
  • Width – 5.8cm
  • Height – 3.9cm


  • Length – 12cm
  • Width – 5.6cm
  • Height – 3.8cm

No compromises have been made on the weight distribution. ZA consists of lightweight mice with the ZA13 being the lightest at only 80g. That’s why it fits in well with small hands. The ZA11 is heavier at 90g. It is identical to the EC2-B except for its sensor.

Specifics wise, ZA11 fits hand sizes above 20cm. ZA12 is ideal for hand sizes from 18-19.5cm while ZA13 goes well with hand sizes from 16.5 to18.5cm.


The ambidextrous design follows that of the FK and S series. You have two thumb buttons on both sides of the mouse. It uses Huano switches which are stiffer than Omron switches. If you tend to misclick with the light actuation of Omron switches, Huano require a bit more force to activate.

The side buttons are robust with a nice satisfying click. We probably like the side buttons on the ZA more than on any other Zowie mouse. They have a midrange travel distance. It makes them easy to click even in long sessions.

The ZA scroll wheel has well-defined steps though it also feels a bit messy. We noticed that most gamers have become indifferent to this scroll wheel. It just needs getting used to during the first few uses.

This mouse uses two large feet. It also comes with an extra pair for when the current pair runs out of juice. Still, at the bottom, there’s the DPI button. It allows you to toggle through the four DPI settings from 400 to 3200 in increments of 400.


Zowie ZA uses the AVAGO 3310 sensor. It performs with minimal flaws. No acceleration and smoothing on this sensor too.

ZA Series - Bottom Line

ZA series is not as popular as EC and FK series. But that does not mean any compromises have been made on the quality and design. It falls in between the EC and FK series. In that, it is taller at the back than the FK and its side buttons feel like those on the EC.

The weight has been shed significantly. You can enjoy using this mouse even with small fingers. If you like a palm grip that hugs the hand completely, this is the mouse to pick.


Zowie is a dominant name in the eSports gaming world. The best thing about this brand is their take on different mouse sizes. It doesn't focus on a size and shape that works for most people. As such, you can find a model that feels truly yours because it fits right in with your hand size and grip style.

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