The Best SSD For PS4 Pro Console

Performance and efficiency are the core reasons gamers upgrade their PS4 storage from HDD to SSD. When SSDs entered the market sometime in the late 1990s, people didn’t deem it worth to upgrade their PS4 Pro. SSDs were extraordinarily costly, and for beginner gamers, they weren’t worth an upgrade since they didn’t offer equal value.

SSDs are known to have superior physical resistance to shock, lower latency; they operate silently and have excellent access time. The modern SSDs integrate advanced technologies such as QLC and 3D V-NAND, which aid reduce the costs per GB of SSDs and enables gamers to experience brusquer console experiences

Replacing the unreliable PS4 pro HDDs with the superior SSDs aids speed up the loading of games and apps, eliminates long boot times, and improve your console’s performance and speed. And good enough, SSDs are quite versatile and reliable enough to serve you for years.

Is It Worth Upgrading PS4 Pro to SSD?

Gamers want to be sure upgrading PS4 Pro to SSD will be a worthy investment. We’ll give you a clear outline of the reasons most players are upgrading their PS4 pro to SSD.

  • High-Speed Performance

PS4 Pro consoles running on SSD are faster by more than 60% compared to the ones that run on HDD. Upgrading your PS4 pro to SSD make your operating system faster, ensuring apps and games take less time to load. The transfer of data from the SSD to external storage devices also takes less time.

  • Superior Reliability

Once you replace your gaming console HDD to SSD, it will serve you for many years before you experience any error or failure. SSDs are created to be durable and reliable, and so they can serve you for more than five years without showing any signs of failure or performance issues. That’s one of the reasons gamers are opting for SSDs since they offer protection against unexpected drive failure and data loss.

  • Great Multitasking Capabilities

SSDs allow for seamless multitasking. You can simultaneously perform multiple tasks, while gaming and loading different apps. SSDs come in capacities of as high as 4TB, unlike HDDs, which cannot go beyond 2TB. That means you can load your consoles with enough storage spacing to store as much content as you want, while still enjoying superior performance and reliability.

  • Superior Online Gaming Experiences

Upgrading your PS4 Pro to SSD will smoothen and improve your online gaming experiences. The experience will be better if other players have gaming consoles installed with SSDs.  However, the experience may not be as smooth if other plays have a stock hard disk, though it won’t be as it would have been if all the players had SSDs on their gaming consoles.

  • Extended Warranties

Modern-day SSDs come with limited extended warranties that can be up to 5 years. Provided you get your SSDs from a trusted and reputed manufacturer, you are assured of being covered in case the SSDs fail within the warranty periods. The extended warranties come with the assurance of durability and reliability, which acts in the replacement of the high prices.

Best SSD for PS4 Pro—The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 

Have you given up on your HDD and want to invest in SSD for your PS4 pro, look for an SSD with transfer rates of more than 300 MB/s. Anything less won’t make your PS4 effective and fast as desired. Gaming consoles don’t have the power to leverage the high speeds of the SSDs, and so you should get an SSD that’s compatible with your gaming console.

Whichever SSD you buy, ensure it offers you the reliability you want at an affordable price. There are various features in modern-day SSDs for PS4 pro that add to their reliability and efficiency, and here is a list of the features you cannot afford to neglect when shopping.

Type Of Data Storage Technology

SSDs that use the single-level cell technology stores a maximum one data bit per cell. The SLC NAND-infused SSDs are more costly. However, they have superior cell endurance and low power consumption. These types of SSDs are mostly used in enterprise-grade drivers, and professional gaming enterprises as their high cost doesn’t allow for general use.

These types of SSDs use flash memory to store data. The NAND-type SSDs are non-volatile, and so they don’t need the power to keep or store data. They come in multiple options, including quad-layer, multi-level, single-level, and triple-level cell units.

The multi-level cell NAND type SSDs can efficiently store two data bits on one cell. They are a bit cheaper to produce and offer higher storage at a lower price. These SSDs work by compromising price, data density, performance, and longevity.

The triple-level cell are budget-friendly choices capable of storing three data bits per cell. These are easy and affordable to manufacture, they have better storage capacity, and have lower write endurance. As for the quad-level cell SSDs, they use the most advanced flash memory architecture and can store 4 data bits in one cell.

Other SSDs use the 3D V-NAND technology to store data. These types of SSDs involve the vertical stacking of flash memory cells. 3D V-NAND SSDs compromise the durability and performance by reducing the cost per GB.

The Write and Sequential Read Speed 

The sequential write and read speeds enable SSDs to transfer data on and off the drive at different speeds. These functions work to determine the rate at which movies are downloaded, or game files are saved.  You should get an SSD that performs excellently when it comes to read and write speed for your game download and file saving speeds to be excellent.

Random Read and Write Speed 

This SSD metric is ideally used to measure the real-world SSD’s performance. Random read and write speeds are gauged as per input and output operations per second, which works by counting drive’s random pings. The metrics determine the PS4 Pro’s boot-up rate as well as the game loading speeds.  SSDs with high random write/read speeds make gaming interfaces smoother, ensuring you can browse menus and open applications with ease.

The Write Endurance and Warranty 

The write endurance is described as the data amount your SSD can write before the warranty period expires. The write endurance is gauged in terms of Terabytes Written. The write endurance of an SSD wears out as you keep on using it.  Consider getting the best SSD for PS4 pro that has extended warranty period and high endurance. Ensure the warranty period is at least five years for you to reap value for your money.

     Best for 2020

Best SSD For PS4 Pro

1. Samsung 860 QVO 1 Terabyte

Scale up your PS4 pro performance and loading speeds with the 1TB Samsung 860 QVO drive. It’s a solid-state high-performance drive with superior sequential speeds of 550 MB/s and write speeds of 520 MB/s. It’s the ideal choice of a drive for gamers who want to store and render large file formats such as 3D data and 4K videos. It’s the drive for gamers that want to enjoy up to 10x faster file transmission speeds and up to 4X faster boot-up speeds.

The drive’s huge terabyte storage capacity allows for seamless and fast storage and loads up of games, 4K movies and photos. 

The drive has a solid-state design, and so there aren’t any moving parts, which means it’s quite reliable. The Samsung 860 QVO is a second quad-level cell SSD that runs on the 4-bit NAND. It’s compact enough to fit in your compact laptop and big enough to deliver unmatched performance.

The drive is 2.5-inch, 7mm thick and has a lighter gray shade. It has an amazing Terabytes written rating of 360TB for each 1TB capacity. The drive uses intelligent Turbowrite technology to deliver superior write speeds while maintaining excellent long-term performance with good variable buffer.

The drive lets gamers keep their data secure by allowing for seamless selection of different data security options. The AES 256-bit hardware-ware based encryption is the safest of the technology that gamers can use to keep their data safe. With this drive, you are getting a 3-year limited warranty. The drive is compatible with SATA 6 GB/S interface, 1.5 GB/S interface and 3 GB/S interface.


  • It offers real value for money
  • It delivers great performance
  • Highly compatible with most computers and laptops
  • It uses the most advanced V-NAND technology
  • It includes a 3-year limited warranty
  • Offers excellent write speed of 520 MB/s and sequential read speed of 550 MB/s


  • The warranty period is not long enough
  • It uses an old-fashioned controller

2. WD Blue 3D NAND 1TB Internal PC SSD

Upgrade your M.2 slot desktop or laptop with the high performance and reliable WD Blue 3D NAND 1TB internal storage SSD.  This WD Blue 3D NAND ITB SSD boasts superior storage capacity and unmatched reliability. It uses the 3D NAND flash memory, which does lower not only the cell-to-cell interference but also guarantees unmatched durability.

It’s a budget-friendly internal storage SSD drive for laptops and PCs that employs a 64-layer charge trap flash technology.  The drive uses the well-known Marvell 88SS1074 4-channel controller and LPDDR3 DRAM to keep its performance at the peak. The SSD is housed in a black metal casing that has a big sticker on its top indicating the SSD interface, branding, name, and capacity.

Make your high-end gaming faster and more immersive with this highly reliable and high-performance internal SSD. It boasts impressive sequential read speeds of 560 MB/s and excellent sequential write speeds of 530 MB/s. That means upgrading your PS4 pro to this SSD comes with the assurance of superb transfer speeds, quick system boot-ups, and immersive gaming experiences.

The leading-edge SSD technology is free of moving parts, and so it prevents data loss in case the SSD is plunged or jolted. It offers 1 terabyte of writing spacing and high-end error correction technologies. The SSD is highly compatible with multiple choices of laptop and desktop computers. It comes with a smart WD edition software that allows you to monitor your drive’s operating temperature and available capacity.

And considering that the SSD drive has a 3-year limited warranty, you are fully assured that your upgrade will be worth it for years. You will have the choice to get a free replacement in case the drive fails within the warranted period.


  • Offers superior endurance ratings
  • Guarantees spot-on performance
  • Excellent cost per gigabyte
  • Comes with an all-encompassing software package
  • Quite affordable and reliable
  • Compatible with most computers and laptops


  • It isn’t as fast and reliable for gamers
  • The warranty period isn’t the longest

3. Adata Ultimate SU800 SSD

Do you want to upgrade your PS4 Pro to SSD without hurting your budget? The Adata ultimate SU800 SSD is an ideal choice. The Adata ultimate SU800 SSD uses a multi-layered 3D NAND flash and works reliability to offer optimal efficiency and good storage density. This SSD has intelligent SLC caching and DRAM cache buffer, which aids to enhance read/write performance.

The SSD uses the latest LDPC ECC, RAID engine and data shaping technology to offer gamers superior data integrity and extended stability.  The ultra-high total bytes written ensures your SSD can last for years, providing optimal performance and reliability. 

Its support for device sleep technology allows for superior energy efficiency. The ADATA branded migration and toolbox utility software, which allows for seamless and straightforward data migration and management.

Its advanced 3D NAND flash memory technology provides rugged reliability, higher storage capacity and unmatched efficiency. It also provides a superior cost-performance ratio compared to similar models. It can reach optimal read/write speeds of up to 560 MBps and sequential write speeds of 520MBps, both of which guarantee better boot-up speeds and fast load times.

The SU800 PC SSD drive also features error-correcting technology to protect against data errors and improve data integrity. Upgrading your PS4 pro with this SSD drive guarantees optimal protection against data corruption for extended periods. That’s not just all, you are also assured of minimal energy consumption and extended battery life.


  • Excellent sequential reads
  • Good value for money
  • User-friendly and efficient branded software
  • Guarantees superior performance and reliability
  • Guarantees minimal errors and data integrity
  • Guarantees minimal energy consumption
  • Helps extend your PC’s battery life


  • It isn’t the most affordable SSD in our review
  • You must register to use the branded software

4. SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD 500GB

Another of the most impressive choices of SSDs for PS4 pro is the SanDisk ultra 3D 500GB. Its performance isn’t the best considering the price, and so it may not be the best for heavy gaming.

The solid-state technology used in the SSD provides speedier boot-up times and superior performance. The SSD also includes shock and vibration resistance to deliver superb performance and reliability.

With the easily manageable SanDisk’s dashboard, gamers have real-time visibility of the software’s performance, firmware updates, and disk analysis tools.

The SSD boasts sequential read speeds of 560 MB/s and write speeds of 530 MB/s. It comes in standard SATA 6Gbps and 7mmp-thick form factor that makes it perfect for upgrading mid-sized desktops and laptops. When it comes to appearance, the SanDisk Ultra 3D has a classy red logo that offers an impressive look.

The 500GB SSD has a rating of 200 terabytes written that guarantees many years of heavy use, meaning you can store your favorite movies and play the heaviest games without needing to worry about slow load times. The superb rating is backed by a 3-year warranty, which adds to its superiority and performance. The drive is versatile enough to serve both as a storage device and core boot drive.

The SSD uses the nCache 2.0 technology to improve the performance and efficiency of your computer and gaming console.  The drive can accommodate as many AAA games as possible, ensuring you can enjoy immersive gaming performance. It’s the ideal drive to review your indisposed laptop and the ideal choice of a drive to make your gaming powerhouse computer faster and more efficient.


  • It has the nCache 2.0 technology
  • It includes the 2.5-inch form factor
  • The SSD pack the most advanced SATA III 6.0GBps technology
  • The drive boasts terrific read speeds of 560MB/s
  • The drive boasts superior sequential write speeds of 50 MB/s


  • The warranty period is short
  • It doesn’t have encryption functions

5. Crucial MX500 500GB 3D

Upgrade your PS4 pro with this 64-layer 3D TLC NAND SSD drive by Crucial. The drive uses the latest TLC NAND technology and Silicon Motion SM2258 controller. Also, the SSD features integrated power loss immunity that aids keep your data intact, minimizing loss during unexpected power outages. It fantastically does work to keep your data updated on entry, ensuring you won’t experience data loss on instant shutdowns.

The SSD uses an advanced hardware-based 256-bit AES encryption to keep data and files safe from hackers. It also does work to keep internet-based apps from hackers while the error correction mechanism aids protect data and files from corruption. 

The drive comes with a Crucial Executive application that lets you manage all the activities and functions of the drive.

This drive is 2.5-inch in size and boasts a compact and nifty design. Despite it being small, it packs superior self-monitoring, thermal protection, and trim support mechanism. As a pro-level solid-state drive, the MX500 offers a high capacity that ensures you can retrieve and store files instantly. Get this NAND SATA internal SSD to upgrade your computer and console, giving it fast and superior performance. The drive’s 24/7 helpful service works deliver superb speed, maximum security and splendid performance.

Installing the drive takes minutes, meaning you don’t need to have installed by a professional.  Its exterior is made of a metal casing, with impressive branding on its top and sticker containing the drive’s model number and capacity at its bottom.


  • It has power loss immunity feature
  • The drive offers a low cost per gigabyte
  • Its performance is outstanding
  • It has an extended warranty
  • The sequential performance is superb
  • Comes with useful software for managing the drive’s functions


  • The random access performance isn’t great
  • It doesn’t support NVMe

Is it worth upgrading ps4 Pro to SSD?

Knowing whether upgrading PS4 to SSD is a worthy investment is a common concern among enthusiast and professional gamers. Here are worthwhile reasons most people are considering upgrading their PS4 pro to SSD.

Super Reliable 

SSDs are designed to serve for many years, with minimal to no errors or failure. Powerful and reliable enough, SSDs offer optimal durability alongside extended warranty periods. That’s one of the reasons gamers are upgrading their PS4 pro to SSD.  While low failure rates don’t mean SSDs can never fail, they do offer optimal data protection and assurance against unexpected drive failures.

Improves PS4 Speeds 

SSDs deliver an impressive speed of up to 60% compared to HDDs.  They make PS4 Pro OS, games and apps to load faster as well as allow for quick data transfer. That simply means if you want to make your gaming experiences immersive, you should upgrade your PS4 to SSD.

Enhances Internet Gaming 

Upgrading your PS4 Pro to SSD comes with the assurance of smoother and more immersive gaming experience. It’s even funnier and more intriguing if other players have SSDs on their gaming consoles.

Extended Limited Warranties 

SSDs from trusted and reliable manufacturers come with incredibly long warranty periods of 3 to 5 years. The many years of warranty guarantee that SSDs are not only durable but also reliable.

Allows For Multitasking 

When you upgrade to SSD, you will be in a position to perform multiple tasks at once. That means you can game while still other apps are running on the background. That won’t be the case when your PS4 Pro is running on HDD drive.

Frequently Asked Questions {FAQs} 

Why are people upgrading their ps4 pro SSD

The upgrade from HDD to SSD is entirely on the rise nowadays. More gamers and everyday computer users are upgrading their PS4 pro for good reasons. SSDs allow for gamers to enjoy heavy games without worry about buffering and delays.

SSDs also promise lasting performance with minimal errors and data failure issues. With most companies offering up to 5 years of limited warranties, you are assured of optimal durability and performance. Having SSDs installed on your PS4 pro console comes with the assurance that you will enjoy immersive HDR gaming experiences.

Does SSD make ps4 faster?

Compared to standard HDD hard drives, SSDs are 60% faster and more reliable. SSDs make PS4 pro faster by up to 6X when compared to those running on HDDs. While SSDs do make computers more powerful, they don’t do the same to consoles. Of course, SSDs do make consoles faster but not as faster as they do to computers.

In most instances, SSDs will only improve the performance of PS4 pro consoles to only 50%. That means by upgrading your PS4 pro with SSD, you will make it more powerful and boost its performance.

What SSD is compatible with ps4 pro?

Most PS4 pros are compatible with the majority of SSDs. However, PS4 console works best with SSDs that use the SATA interface.

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