Best Dual Monitor Computer Desks

Nowadays, multiple monitors are part of a standard gaming setup. As such, you need every inch of available space for your multiple monitors, ample room for your mouse and keyboard and even storage space for other accessories.  And a dual monitor desk helps you achieve all that.

A good dual monitor desk is designed to offer you the best space solution, allowing you to stylishly personalize your gaming rig the best way possible for the most immersive gaming experience.

As a gamer, there are certain features in a dual monitor desk that matter most to you and that’s why not every gaming table out there is ideal for you.

Our list of the best gaming computer desk for multiple monitors includes just about every feature that you may need such as solid construction, adjustable height, a designated space for your monitors, cable conduits, ample storage, USB hub and even RGB lighting.

Read on to find the best gaming computer desks for multiple monitors out there in the market to help you make a more informed buying decision:

     Best for 2020

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After doing extensive research on the different gaming desks on our list, our top pick is the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk as it comes with a quality and sturdy build, gaming-oriented design, has a spacious layout and can be height-adjusted.

Not to mention storage features for a clutter-free gaming setup.
For gamers with monster monitors with enormous desktop footprints, then the Need Computer 63 inches Folding Table can be the perfect option. And for those looking for an option with plenty of space for multiple monitors but have a limited budget, the Walker Edison Modern Corner L Shaped Glass desk should fit their needs.

Gaming Computer Desk For Multiple Monitors

1. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk- Best Overall

Uniquely designed with the gamer in mind, the Arozzi Arena features virtually everything you might need for an elevated gaming experience.

With a 63 inches desktop, this gaming desk offers you plenty of space to mount up to three massive monitors comfortably. Its 31 inches depth, allows you ample room for your keyboard and other items and most importantly enough space for your mouse movements.

It comes with a sleek design that can complement your gaming station with ease. This gaming desk also boasts a custom mouse pad surface covered with a micro-fiber cloth, enabling you to achieve fast control and greater accuracy and precision while using your mouse.

It’s ergonomically design with height adjustable legs, helping you achieve the most comfortable desk height while gaming. While it weighs a hefty 61.7 pounds, this desk can comfortably accommodate loads of almost 176 pounds without any issue. Not to mention it’s designed with a strong and sturdy steel frame that’s sure to remain in place no matter what you throw at it.

Another great feature is the smart cable management, which helps maintain your desk surface clutter free for the best gaming experience.

The surface material is water resistant so you don’t have to worry in case of spills as you just wipe with a dry cloth.


  • Sleek and appealing design
  • Large desktop surface for multiple monitors
  • Great load capacity
  • It’s height adjustable allowing you to sit in different positions
  • Cable management feature allows you to maintain the surface free from clutter
  • Comes with detachable parts for easy storage and transportation
  • microfiber mouse pad surface for greater mouse responsiveness
  • It’s available in nearly 5 different colors


  • Can be a bit expensive for people on a limited budget
  • Requires assembly

2. Z-Line Designs Feliz Glass L Desk- Best value gaming desk

Coming second on our list, the Z-Line Designs Feliz Glass L Desk features an appealing modern design along with some amazing features that any gamer will love.

This gaming desk comes with an L-shaped design with plenty of desktop space for placing several monitors and other accessories you might have.

 This stylish desk is incredibly sturdy and durable as it’s constructed using a powder coated metal frame with reinforced joints and a tampered glass on top. 

This means you can place multiple monitors on it without worrying about breaking the glass as its super strong. Not to mention it offers an elevated shelf for placing your monitors for proper viewing.


  • Has a sleek and attractive design
  • Spacious enough to hold several of your gaming monitors
  • Offers a pull-out keyboard tray for your convenience
  • Elevated monitor shelf for better viewing
  • Overall sturdy and solid design
  • Quite easy to assemble


  • Relatively heavy in weight
  •  Not height adjustable

3. EUREKA ERGONOMIC Z60 Gaming Desk- Best For Professional Gamers

Eureka is a renowned brand for producing some of the best ergonomically designed gaming accessories including gaming desks. And their ERGONOMIC Z60 Gaming Desk is not in any way different as it comes packed with some amazing features that any professional gamer out there may need.

To start with, it comes with a z-shaped leg design, allowing you ample leg room while providing great stability and sturdiness. With a whopping 60 inches wide desktop surface, you get plenty of space to mount two monitors as well as your keyboard, mouse and other important accessories.

The Z-shaped metal frame is strong enough to support a load of up to 220 pounds with ease. 

The top panel can be detached for easy storage and transportation. It also comes equipped with a cable management system that helps keep all your cables nicely hidden and out of the way.

The top surface is covered with carbon fiber allowing for enhanced mouse responsiveness and control. The gaming desk features a cup holder to prevent spills, a CPU holder, an adjustable keyboard tray and a headphone hook where you can safely keep your headphones when they’re not in use. Another unique feature with this chair is the RGB-lighting on the sides for a better gaming experience.


  • Vivid RGB side panels for the best gaming experience
  • Sturdy Z-frame design
  • Sleek carbon fiber top with an extra-large mousepad
  • Great ergonomic design with numerous gamer-centric features
  • Exceptionally durable and sturdy
  • Relatively easy to assemble


  • Might a little expensive for gamers on a tight budget
  • Doesn’t offer tilt capability
  • It may tend to be smaller for some gamers

4. Need Computer 63 inches Folding Table- Best for Stability

Probably the sturdiest gaming desk out there, this Need folding table is truly build for unmatched quality and sturdiness and comes backed by BIFMA certification.

With this gaming desk, you get great quality pre-laminated particleboard surface with a glossy finish. Not to mention it’s also an anti-scratch and waterproof surface, making it exceptionally easy to clean.

It has a strong metal frame that provides ample support for nearly 800 pounds load capacity.

While this desk doesn’t have lots of features you’ll find on a high-end gaming table, you’ll appreciate the fact that it’s sturdily built to remain completely flat and stable no matter what you throw at it. 

What’s more? This table is highly adjustable, enabling you to adjust the height of the legs remaining stable even when placed on an uneven surface.

Measuring 63 inches wide, the desk is large enough to perfectly accommodate multiple monitors and any other accessory you may have for the perfect gaming experience.


  • Exceptionally sturdy and strong
  • Great option for gaming purposes
  • Large enough to accommodate up to two large monitors
  • It’s BIFMA certified, guaranteeing you quality
  • The top is waterproof and scratch resistant, making it easy to clean
  • Simple design yet incredibly adjustable
  • The surface is completely flat and doesn’t wobble
  • Relatively easy to assemble


  • Its quite expensive, but you get great value
  • No cable management

5. Teraves Reversible L Shaped Desk- Best L-shaped desk for space-saving

With a modern yet attractive design, the Teraves Modern L-shaped desk is designed to perfectly fit into any corner, saving plenty of space in your room.

This sleek gaming table comes with a reversible top surface design, allowing you to personalize your gaming setup the best way possible. Weighing an estimated 66 pounds, this table is designed strong enough to hold up to 450 pounds load capacity.

The desk top is large enough to comfortably fit multiple monitors and still provide ample space for your keyboard, mouse and other items. Featuring two tier shelves, you get ample storage space for your gaming accessories, keeping the surface neat and uncluttered.

The surface is designed with monitor mount holes in place, eliminating cluttering of cables all over. It comes with adjustable legs, enabling you to set it in the most stable position. Not to forget that it’s equipped with a footrest, which gives you maximum leg comfort and support while you’re busy gaming.


  • Modern and elegant design
  • Comes with monitor mount holes
  • Enough storage space to keep the surface neat
  • Adjustable legs for enhanced stability
  • Foot rest space for utmost support and comfort
  • Great size for mounting multiple gaming monitors
  • Great option for space saving and load capacity
  • Comes with a free CPU stand
  • Available in three different colors: Dark Teak, Beige and White Frame, and black oak



  • Relatively heavy
  • Requires assembly, which can be hard for some

6. Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk- Best L-shaped desk for stability

The Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk is specially designed for gamers looking for a spacious yet incredibly sturdy and stable corner desk.

Boasting two rectangular-shaped top panels that measure 49.21 inches and 47.24 inches, you get plenty of space for mounting multiple monitors while leaving you enough space for all your other gaming accessories.

With an L-Shaped design, this gaming table perfectly fit any corner in your house making it a great space saver desk. What makes this table stand out from the rest is the high-quality rugged and mechanical construction that can efficiently stand the test of time.

It comes made of a steel frame and safe particleboard top surface, making it strong and sturdy enough to support a load capacity of up to 450 pounds without any problem. It is entirely scratch-resistant and doesn’t stain easily despite its bright color.

Ergonomically designed for comfort, the support bars across the frame at back are well-raised and can serve as a footrest. You can comfortably rest your feet on the footrest as you’re reclining in your gaming chair for extreme comfort and relaxation.

 We also love the fact that this table has an M-style buckle design, which ensures that every part is sturdily connected at all times. Not forgetting that it comes with a free CPU stand that holds your CPU safely, avoiding scratches on the floor surfaces.


  • Superior rugged steel construction and durable wooden top
  • Secure and reliable M-buckle style attaching feature
  • The spacious design able to hold all your gaming accessories and peripherals
  • Includes a footrest for maximum leg support
  • Easy to clean
  • Scratch-resistant and waterproof tabletop
  • Comes with a stand for your CPU
  • Creative bevel angle design


  • Assembly process could be made easier
  • Doesn’t include shelves, but it’s incredibly spacious

7. Walker Edison Modern Corner L Shaped Glass- Best Budget L-shaped gaming desk

As one of the most popular and best-selling L-shaped gaming desks on Amazon, the Walker Edison boasts a sleek and stylish design that’s perfect for any gaming room.

What sets this model apart from the rest is its high-quality build, versatility, and affordable price. This gaming table comes with a designated compartment at the bottom center that safely holds your gaming tower.

Crafted with strong powder-coated steel frame and beveled tempered glass with a polished black finish, makes this table not only pleasing to the eye but also incredibly durable and sturdy.

Another great benefit with this desk is that it has an L-shape, which gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to configuring your gaming rig layout to your liking. Measuring 51 inches long, this desk provides you a lot of space where you can place multiple monitors on either side as well as other essential items.

It also comes with a keyboard tray, which adds to its handiness as you can optionally mount it on either side of the table.


  • Modern, stylish design with polished glass desk-top
  • Comes with a stand for your CPU
  • L-shape fits perfectly in any corner of your room
  • Large enough to accommodate multiple monitors comfortably
  • Durable steel frame for longevity and sturdiness
  • Innovative keyboard tray design
  • Highly affordable


  • Not height-adjustable
  • Cable management could be made better

8. Need Computer Desk 47 inches Computer Table- Best for small spaces

With BIFMA certification, this computer desk by Need is specially designed for sturdiness and to provide you a large space to work with without lots of extra features.

Measuring 47.2 x 23.7 x 29.5 inches in size, this table can fit perfectly into small spaces while still providing you enough space to place your two monitors and other peripherals you might be having.

It’s made from 1.6 inches thick metal frame and a pressed particle wood tabletop for maximum stability and sturdiness. This makes it strong and sturdy enough to support nearly 800 pounds load capacity, which is more than you’ll ever need.

It has adjustable legs, which ensures that everything your gaming rig remains in place even when you’ve placed the table on uneven floors. It comes with an assembly guide, which makes the process pretty straightforward for you. Moreover, it comes with all the necessary tools for assembly so you don’t have to look elsewhere.


  • Weighs only 40 pounds making it super-lightweight to carry
  • Great size for limited spaces
  • It has a simple but attractive design
  • It’s BIFMA certified, guaranteeing you the best quality
  • It has a solid build for sturdiness and durability
  • Large enough surface for duo monitors and other items
  • Excellent load capacity
  • Relatively easy to assemble
  • Available in six different colors


  • Doesn’t come with storage shelves
  • No hole for cables
  • Requires assembly, which can be confusing for some

9. GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk- Best L-shaped gamin desk for small spaces

As the perfect L-shaped option for small spaces, the Greenforest gaming desk is designed to fit snuggly in corners of small rooms while providing adequate room for dual monitors.

To begin with, this model has a sleek modern design, making it a great addition to your game room. It is made of durable steel frame and eco-friendly P2 particle board tabletop for maximum stability and sturdiness.

The tabletop is also scratch resistant, waterproof and doesn’t easily peel-off on the edges making it exceptionally durable and easy to clean. The large desktop allows you to place up to three monitors and all your other peripherals.

It is ergonomically designed with adjustable legs, which enable you to always keep the table stable and balance even on uneven surfaces. It comes in three different parts, which you can interchange to achieve the most comfortable position.


  • Modern and stylish design
  • Exceptionally versatile configuration
  • Large tabletop for multiple monitors
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable legs ensure it remains stable and balanced
  • High-quality material for longevity


  • Offers limited color options to choose from
  • Not the best for massive gaming setups

10. Need Gaming Desk All-in-one Gaming Computer Desk- Best gaming desk design

Uniquely designed for gaming purposes, the Need All-in-one desk has all amazing features that any avid gamer would ever need in a gaming desk.

This simple yet elegant desk features lots of fancy designs such as a drop-in cup holder, RGB LED lighting headphone hook, retractable try, debris cup, and controller hanger. The debris cup and cup-holder are designed interchangeable, so you can easily switch them out to suit your preferences.

The headphone hook and controllers are definitely great additions and you can install them inward or outward for the best experience. You can as well customize the RGB LED lighting to your liking as it has up to seven different lighting modes.

And more importantly it is equipped with a cable storage rack, keeping the table looking neat and uncluttered. It is large enough to accommodate two monitors and includes a monitor stand that allows for comfortable viewing.

Though pretty lightweight, this gaming table has a solid construction, which makes it incredibly sturdy and stable.


  • Lightweight design yet exceptionally sturdy
  • Simple yet attractive looking
  • Comes with a large mouse pad with RGB lighting
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with a cable storage rack, eliminating clutter
  • RGB lighting display for an immersive gaming experience
  • Ample leg room for added comfort
  • Great fancy features for a better experience


  • Not height adjustable, which can be pretty uncomfortable for taller gamers
  • Relatively expensive
  • Requires assembly

We hope our list has helped you find the best dual monitor gaming desk for your needs. While all the options on our list are exceptionally great for your gaming setup, some come equipped with fancy and unique features for a much better experience.

For instance, the M-buckle design on the Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped table that makes installation quite easy. Another unique feature is the pull-out keyboard tray and even RGB lighting display which gives you total immersion.

Be sure to choose a gaming desk that provides solutions to some of the problems you face with traditional tables, elevating your gaming experience.

FAQ around Gaming Desks for Multiple Desks

Should I choose an L-shaped desk or standard gaming computer desk?

Both options are great but the one you’ll choose will greatly depend on the amount of space you have for your table. An L-shaped desk is a great option if you have limited or narrow space since it snugly fits on a corner against the wall maximizing every inch of space while offering you plenty of desktop space.

On the other hand, rectangular gaming desks usually take up more space and serve best when used in open space, making them a superb choice if you have a bigger room.

How long do gaming computer desks last?

How long a gaming computer desk can last is mainly determined by the quality of materials used and the build quality of the desk. A good gaming computer desk can last for several years without any major problem if it’s taken care of properly without placing excessive weight loads more than what it’s intended to carry.

As such, you should try and find one that is made of high-quality materials and has a quality and sturdy build for longevity. All the models on our list are great options worth considering as they are built to stand the test of time if well looked after.

How much does a good gaming computer desk cost?

Prices usually vary greatly based on the features a certain gaming desk has. However, the prices range anything from $100 to $700 and above.

So, before you head out shopping for one you should always determine how much you’re willing to spend on a gaming desk. This will help you help you narrow down your options and make a more sound buying decision.

What should I look for in a good gaming computer desk for multiple monitors?

A good gaming computer desk should offer a stable and spacious tabletop where you can enjoy playing your games. It should also offer great ergonomics for your comfort and safety since you spend stretches of time seated. This means choosing a desk that has the right size or one that’s height-adjustable and one that has everything within arm’s reach.

You should also consider one that offers ample storage space either in the form of built-in shelves, cup-holders, headphone hooks, cable management grooves and channels just to mention a few. This helps keep the desk top neat eliminating clutter that can distract you while you’re busy gaming. For the style, choose one that best suit your taste or that nicely fits and complements your interior dĂ©cor. 

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