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Best Ergonomic Mouse Pads With Wrist Rest

Do you feel discomfort or pain in your wrists after spending many hours glued to your computer busy working or gaming? Well, this is mainly because your arms often rest flat on the surface of the desk while using a mouse, causing strain to the wrists.

Ergonomic mouse pads offer you a simple and inexpensive way to prevent any discomfort or pain to your wrists. Unlike regular mouse pads, ergonomic mouse pads are designed with wrist rests that help keep your arm and wrist in a neutral position while you perform keying tasks.

The good news is that there are all kinds of ergonomic mouse pads that not only help reduce wrist discomfort and fatigue, but also enhance your productivity at work and better gaming experience.

Needless to say, they vary significantly in terms of both the features that they come with, and the price. So, which one should your buy?

After taking a look at all the different options out there we think that one of these best mouse pads with wrist rest might just be the one for you!

Ergonomic Mouse Pads with Wrist Support

If you're in a hurry, here is our top three recommendation for the best ergonomic mouse pad with wrist support.

     Best for 2020

1. Kensington Duo Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest

Kensington Duo Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest comes filled with gel, providing complete support and comfort during the few hours you’ll be on your computer.  It boasts a ventilation channel that maintains your hands cool and dry throughout. Its duo-tone color combination along with the stylish ergonomic design can perfectly complement your office décor.

Not yet decided about which ergonomic mouse pad best meets your needs? To help you make a more informed buying decision, here’s a detailed review on the best ergonomic mouse pads you can find out there;

Best Ergonomic Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest

1. Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad

Uniquely designed to offer exceptional comfort while gaming or working, Kensignton’s ergonomic mouse pad boasts duo-gel pillows shaped to fit the natural curves of your wrists and arms. It has a sleek design that can add a touch of style to virtually any office decor. With a variety of color options available, you can choose one that best suits your office design.
The dual gel rest is sure to keep your wrist comfortable as you’re working. If you have sweaty hands, the built-in ventilation channel will help keep your arms and wrists cooled and dry while you’re busy working. The rubber base keeps the pad firmly in place, so you don’t have to worry about it moving around the desk surface.

2. Cushioncare Ergonomic Keyboard Wrist Rest + Mouse Pad

Great choice for long term users with large keyboards

CushionCare Keyboard Wrist Pad features a premium and durable construction with a simple, yet professional look. It boasts a non-slip design and perfectly fits standard keyboards. The fabric and foam are both breathable, soft, and sturdy, providing unmatched comfort typing or gaming on your keyboard for longer hours. Also comes with a mouse pad and three-year warranty.

Topping the list of the best ergonomic mouse pad is the CushionCare Mouse Pad.  This mouse pad boasts a comfortable, memory foam-stuffed cushion that helps you keep proper wrist posture while you work or play.

Featuring ergonomic design and high-quality materials, this mouse pad is not only incredibly durable but can also withstand long hours of pressure without losing shape. Unlike many other mouse pads, this model comes with both a keyboard and mouse wrist rest that offers exceptional comfort and support while you’re typing or scrolling.

Beyond its unique design, it’s also large enough, providing you ample room to work on and rest your arms during times of inactivity. The fabric and foam covering are breathable and sturdy and easily conforms to your wrist nicely.

Apart from offering wrist support and protection from repetitive strain injury, it retains body heat and promotes circulation without causing sweating on your skin.

The rubber backing helps prevent it from moving around the surface of your desk while you’re busy working.

3. Gimars Large Smooth Superfine Fibre Memory Foam Ergonomic Mouse Pad

Uniquely designed with gamers in mind, this ergonomic mouse pad from Gimars is generously sized, ensuring ample space for effortless mouse movement while gaming. Its high-quality lycra covering is breathable and soft, providing an ultra-smooth surface for fast and accurate mouse movements. The wrist rest is made of soft memory foam, which protects your arms from getting fatigued or injuries after prolonged typing or mouse scrolling.

The cozy memory foam is designed to perfectly mold to your wrists without losing sturdiness or shape. With a non-skid backing, you don’t have to worry about constant repositioning of the pad as it’s firmly held in position.

Overall, this mouse pad not only comes at a decent price but also offers you an amazing gaming experience.

4. Koreyoshi Studio

How are you going to own an ergonomic mouse pad with a wrist support and not pick up Koreyoshi Studio? Featuring an incredible design, this chart-topping product is charming to look at with a soft touch. You cannot go wrong with it.

if you'd love something unique that everyone will always notice it, this is a great choice

It also makes a great gift for gamer - I guarantee no one can get this and fail to smile

5. Gimars Upgrade Enlarge Superfine

This ergonomic mouse pad from Gimars comes in a set of ergonomic mouse pad and keyboard wrist rest, providing a comfortable experience when typing or scrolling the mouse.

Apart from providing exceptional wrist support, the wrist rest keeps your skin cool as it’s made of breathable memory foam filled with gel. With gel padding material, the foam nicely molds to the shape of your wrist and doesn’t lose shape even after many hours of use.  Its ergonomic design ensures proper wrist alignment, which can help relieve pain associated with carpal tunnel as well as prevent straining your arms.

Both the keyboard and mouse pad have generous dimensions, allowing ample space for mouse movements and fits nearly all standard keyboards and laptops. The non-slip rubber backing help maintain the pad in place while you’re busy typing or mouse scrolling.

6. VicTsing Mouse Pad

With a gel-filled cushion, VicTsing ergonomic mouse pad offers great support and comfort to your wrists. The pad’s ergonomic shape helps maintain your wrists in neutral position, reducing the risk of injury and discomfort. The soft, lycra covering not only offers a cozy non-sticky surface to rest your wrist but also helps you achieve a great balance between control and speed while using your mouse.

The non-skid base maintains the pad in position, allowing for more consistent, accurate mouse movements.  Along with the cozy wrist rest, the pad’s large size makes it quite easy to use even for a prolonged time.

7. Redragon P020 Gaming Mouse Pad

Perfect for anyone seeking an amazing gaming experience, the Redragon P020 gaming mouse pad features a stylish design with a memory foam-packed wrist rest. The memory foam softens with body heat to conform to your wrist’s shape without losing its original shape even after hours of use.

 It’s also large enough to allow more restful space for your arms while gaming. The surface is covered with a silk fabric that provides exceptional tracking and mouse gliding regardless you’re using a laser or optical mouse. The outer waterproof coating makes cleaning effortless and its non-slip silicone backing holds it in position.

8. 3M Precise Mouse Pad

3M precise mouse pad includes a gel wrist for added wrist comfort and support. This ergonomic pad is constructed using high-quality, durable material that can withstand intense gameplays without worrying about rips or tears.

The leatherette cover makes it super easy for you to clean the pad. The precise surface is optimized to help you achieve faster mouse speeds while also conserving the battery due to its precision.

The gel cushion has a decent height, which maintains your wrist elevated in a more natural fashion that allows you to move the mouse efficiently. No more discomfort or pain on your wrists as the gel pillow provides a comfortable surface to rest your arms without straining your muscles and joints.

9. Fellowes Gel Wrist Rest

For Laptop or Thin Keyboard Users

We all love memory foam, which makes it so obvious as to which wrist rest is best suited for laptop as well as thin keyboard users. The Fellowes Memory Foam Wrist Rest is a legitimate and industry-leading masterpiece with the most comfortable wrist rest and it’s less costly. Beyond its impressive non-skid backing, it comes with a jersey covering that’s extremely durable.

If you spend many hours on your computer gaming or working, you should consider getting this mouse pad from Fellowes.  Not only is this pad super responsive, but its sturdy enough to support the weight of your arms and incredibly comfortable even after long hours of gaming.

Its outer jersey coating is highly durable and can stand consistent use without getting damaged. It has a simple design and specially made for thinner gamer keyboards or laptops.  It also perfectly fits the length of standard keyboards, eliminating the worry of repositioning your hands continually as you perform keying activities.

10. 3M Precise Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest, Chevron Design

Perfect choice if you’re looking for an ergonomic pad that helps you extend the battery life of your mouse. The micro-grooved surface is uniquely designed to enable your mouse to work seamlessly without drawing much current.

The beautiful chevron design is sure to give your workplace a touch of style and personality. The optimized surface promotes more precise mouse movements even at fast speeds. The gel-filled cushion works well in keeping your wrists comfortable while working.

11. iKammo Memory Foam Non Slip Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Pad

iKammo offers another incredible option for lightweight, comfortable wrist protection from developing carpel tunnel disorder while you’re typing or using the mouse.  The mouse pad is large enough allowing for ample space to rest your arms and room for easy mouse movements. The wrist rest is filled with memory foam providing a comfortable surface to lay your arms.

This makes an ideal option if you spend a lot of time on your computer.  The double stitched and pressed edges make it pretty durable as it cannot easily curl up or crack. The latticed, non-skid base is firm enough to keep the pad from sliding or making unwanted movement as you type.

12. Jelly Comb Mouse Pad

This amazing ergonomic mouse pad from Jelly Comb is ideal for both your gaming and office needs. It’s larger than most mouse pads, providing you with ample room for a greater range of motion and mouse control while busy working or gaming.

With a wrist rest made of synthetic leather, you don’t have to worry about wrist pain and strain after staying on your PC all day as your wrists are nicely and comfortably supported. The firm rubber backing keeps the pad from slipping, which gives you complete mouse control. The edges are firmly pressed to prevent fraying and enhance the pad’s durability.

13. Yicaihong Ergonomic Padded Mouse Pad

This mouse pad comes in a set of ergonomic mouse rest and an ergonomic keyboard rest both uniquely designed with massage hole for enhanced comfort to your wrists and arms.

They wrist rests are made using soft, memory foam and fit your palm and wrist nicely for optimal support and comfort. They are large enough to allow you more room for resting your arms while leaving plenty of space for moving your mouse.

14. AmazonBasics Gel Mouse Pad

If you want something inexpensive without compromising on the quality, then this gel mouse pad from AmazonBasics is the deal. Its compact design can fit almost any space and makes it easy to use both in the office and at home.

The gel wrist rest nicely molds to the shape of your wrist, giving you a comfortable gaming experience. It also works well in providing wrist support, which helps minimize wrist strain and relieve any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing in your arms. The surface is covered with a high-quality fabric that’s smooth enough for fast and seamless mouse gliding.

15. J&G MODERN Mouse Pad

Ergonomically designed to help relieve any pain or discomfort you may be having, the J&G modern mouse pad provides you with added wrist comfort without compromising on the functionality.

It’s also largely sized, which gives you ample of space to maneuver your mouse without continually causing strain to your wrists.  The memory foam cushion keeps your hands comfortable and well supported and doesn’t lose its original shape even after prolonged gaming sessions.

The soft surface offers little resistance while using your mouse, allowing for faster and more accurate movements.  The anti-skid rubber bottom also helps you achieve better mouse control as it holds the pad firmly in place.

16. Lizimandu Non Slip Mouse Pad

Probably the first and most striking thing about this mouse pad is its delightfully colorful design, which is sure to give your workspace a touch of style.  This mouse pad is available in a staggering twenty different designs, so you can rest assured to find one that best suit your style. The wrist pad is made of high-quality foam material that can comfortably support your wrists for many hours gaming or working.

This ergonomically designed mouse pad has a soft outer surface, allowing for easy, smooth mouse gliding whether you’re using an optical or the normal mouse. In addition to the smooth surface, it also features a rubber backing that prevents unwanted movements thus giving you the best experience every time.

17. VORNNEX Ergonomic Memory Foam Mouse Pad

Looking to add an aura of elegance to your workspace and enjoy the many benefits of using a mouse pad? If so, then this is the best option for you.

The Vornnex ergonomic mouse pad boasts an elegant design that’s visually appealing and it’s on the larger side, making it ideal for both gaming and work purposes. The rest pad is made of quality memory foam, which helps keep your arms and wrists comfortable and nicely supported while you work.

You also shouldn’t worry of unwanted movements while using this mouse pad as its rubber bottom helps hold it securely in place.

18. Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad

Another popular option, Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad is ergonomically designed to provide you with enough space for mouse movements and exceptional wrist comfort and support while working on your computer. The mouse pad is available in a modern grey design, which can nicely match any office décor.

Made of polyurethane material, you can rest assured that this mouse pad can stand the test of time. The polyurethane surface together with the non-skid base gives you optimal tracking while using your mouse.

19. VIPAMZ Ergonomic Mousepad

If you feel pain or discomfort on your wrists or just want extra support, then you can’t go wrong with this ergonomic mousepad from Vipamz.  This mouse pad features a compact design that fits well in a limited workspace and good for travel.

It’s ergonomically designed with a gel rest pad for added comfort and support without compression. The top surface is made of premium material that ensures you get precise tracking without skipping when using your optical mouse.

What to Consider When Choosing an Ergonomic Mouse Pad

There are many ergonomic mouse pads available in the market. And since these mouse pads come in different designs, construction materials, and functionality, it can be quite challenging to choose the right one for you. To help you weed out the junk, here are key factors that you should consider when shopping for the best ergonomic mouse pad with wrist rest.

Pad Material

The two main types of cushion material used in ergonomic mouse pads is gel and memory foam.

Gel often feels cool to the skin and provides a soft, cozy surface for wrist support. But can be somewhat sticky. Memory Foam offers great support and softens with heating, nicely conforming to your wrist shape. But can feel a little warm.

Make sure you choose a wrist rest with a cushion material that’s sturdy enough to support your weight yet soft enough to enhance proper blood circulation.

Wrist Support Height

When it comes to the wrist support height, you need to maintain a neutral position to ensure there is reduced bending of your wrists.

However, if your wrist bends too low, the weight of your arm will strain the wrist. This can heighten the chances of getting carpal tunnel syndrome.

And if the wrist rests too high, your hands and fingers can experience fatigue.

So to make sure you have a proper alignment, you need at least 1’’ – 1.2 ‘’ inches wrist rest that’s not too soft or too hard either.

Mouse Pad Size

When purchasing a mouse, always check the dimensions to ensure it fits your working set up as well as enough area to easily move your mouse.

Check the thickness of the rest and ensure that it perfectly suits the height of both keyboard and mouse, which will allow your wrist to level up. You also need to consider how small or large it is to make sure it fits your desktop. For example, if your space is small, you may consider a short wrist rest, and vice-versa.

Quality of Material

The right type of material for your mouse pad highly depends on the kind of work you are highly engaged in, for example office work or gaming.

If you are into gaming, accuracy, control, and speed are your main concerns. So you can consider a glass or an aluminum mat especially for beginners.

This is because mouse pads are prone to wear and tear especially when used on a daily basis, and you do not want it to get damaged that fast.

That’s why you need a durable material to ensure the pad stays firm, prevents tears, and still allows you to move the mouse easily on the surface without snagging.

Non-Slip Back

No one wants a rest that slides around especially in the middle of a game since it requires lots of controlled and quick movements. That’s why you need a mouse pad with a rubber base to firmly hold the mouse in place.

So when buying a mouse pad with a wrist rest, make sure that the base of the rest has an inbuilt suction or non-slip rubber. The perfect base will hold it to ensure it doesn’t move.


  • What are alternative substitutes for a mouse pad?

Some of the best alternatives for a mouse pad includes a hard cover book, wax paper, cardboard, duct tape, magazine, wood desk, or even a piece of cloth.

  • Do ergonomic mouse pads actually help?

Yes, ergonomic mouse pads can help you keep your wrists properly aligned to prevent causing stress on your joints and muscles. This protects you from developing carpal tunnel and other repetitive strain injuries. By maintaining your wrists nicely elevated, an ergonomic mouse pad lowers the angle you bend to use the mouse, reducing your chance of getting fatigued faster and helping you work for more hours. 

  • Do you need an ergonomic mouse pad if your mouse is already ergonomic?

This will mostly depend on the level of comfort you’re seeking. If you want extra support and comfort for your wrists and arms while using your mouse, then you should consider using both an ergonomic mouse and mouse pad. 

  • Why is it a good idea to use a mouse pad with a gel wrist support?

If you spend a shorter time on your computer gaming, a gel wrist rest can help support the weight of your arm and wrists. You also don’t have to worry of pressing down too hard since the gel distributes the force of impact. However, resting your wrists on a gel support for a prolonged period of time can potentially result in nerve entrapment and swollen tendons.

  • Do mouse pads help carpal tunnel?

Yes, a mouse pad with a wrist rest can help relieve carpal tunnel, as it maintain your wrists and arms in a position that allows for unison movement with your fingers as you scroll using your mouse.

Boost your performance with the best mouse pad with wrist rest for your needs

Now that you have all the right information, you can make the best purchase. Check out all the above options and choose the best mouse pad with wrist support that perfectly meets your needs. It should reduce fatigue and should allow you to enjoy working and having fun.

Always remember that there is no-one-size-fit-all. So you need to consider your budget, personal preferences among other important factors to ensure you get the best.

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