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Best Gaming Monitor Under $150 – Budget Friendly!



best gaming monitors under $150

So, you’ve got $150 to spend, and you want to find the best gaming monitor under 150? We’ve got you covered.

PC gaming on a budget isn’t as hard as some people would make it sound.

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Sure, you’ll have to cut certain corners here and there, but if you do just a little bit of research and planning, you can stretch a small budget very far. One area that’s important to go above the bare-minimum is the screen, because if you don’t invest enough in your screen, then you won’t be able to take full advantage of the rest of your hardware.

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If you just look at the ratio of price to performance, some of the best value out there is in the lower-end of the price range. As you spend more on higher-end stuff, you start to hit more of a point of diminishing returns. The higher up the ladder you get, the less value you’ll find. So, you may not be pushing the highest resolutions and refresh rates on max settings with a lower-budget system, but you’ll be getting the overall best performance per dollar.

What matters the most?

When it comes to a monitor, some of the most important aspects for gaming are the refresh rate, the response time, making sure it has the right inputs, the size, and the resolution. The refresh rate and response time are both very important for a great gaming experience, so you’re not going to be able to get the biggest monitor, and anything above 1080p is out of the question in this price range. None the less, we’ve found the best gaming monitor under 150 USD, where you’ll get the most important gaming features, without having to sacrifice too much in other areas.

The goal here was to get something that was well-rounded, full HD, with a refresh rate higher than 60Hz, and a 1ms response rate. We did it, here’s what we came up with as our top choice:

LG 24MP59G-P 24-Inch

This is the best gaming monitor under $150

We chose the LG 24MP59G-P as the best gaming monitor for under $150 becasue it strikes a great balance by being a decently-sized 24 inches with features that are suited for gaming like the 1ms response time, and the 75Hz refresh rate. It has AMD Freesync, as well. 

This gaming monitor has an HDMI input, and a DisplayPort as well. You can use  the DisplayPort for your desktop computer, and then have the HDMI available for your laptop, a gaming console, a BluRay player, or whatever else you want to use with your new monitor.

What features can you expect from the best gaming monitor under 150?

LG 24MP59G-P

Here’s a rundown of the specs for this gaming display, along with some of the important features…

  • 24″ full HD IPS Display
  • 1ms Motion Blur reduction
  • AMD Free Sync. Viewing Angle : 178/178(CR≥10)
  • On-screen control
  • 4 screen split
  • 75Hz refresh rate
  • 1920x1080p high definition resolution
  • Black stabilizer
  • Dynamic action sync
  • Includes an HDMI cable

As we mentioned earlier, there’s always going to be certain areas where you’ll have to give up a little in order to save money, but we feel this monitor provides an amazing value for the price. It doesn’t have all the highest specs, but it doesn’t cost very much, either.

Other options

If you wanted to add another $50-$100 to your monitor budget, it definitely opens up more doors. Below 150 that hits all the right notes, there aren’t a ton of other options, but once you get into the $200-$250 range, you can start looking at 27 inch screens that still have good refresh and response times, along with panels that will have better color accuracy for things like image and video editing.

There’s also a 27 inch version of this exact LG monitor that costs about $70 more than the one we’ve featured on this page. Is the extra money worth having a larger screen? That’s up to you, and it depends on the rig you’re using, too. If your hardware isn’t going to take advantage of features on the monitor, and vice-versa, then things are out of balance. If you have a top-tier system and a lower-end monitor, or a decked-out monitor with a budget gaming PC, you would have been better off trying to strike a better balance.

In conclusion…

If you’re looking to spend $150 or less, this is going to be your best bet in terms of gaming monitors, at least currently. It strikes a perfect balance between price and legit specs. There are some monitors for less money, but most of them weren’t created with gaming in mind, and even in the cases of the ones that were, if you’re spending much less than this, you’re going to be missing out on some important features.

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