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Most PC gamers find it hard to transition to the controller for FPS. It’s hard to aim on a console if you have been using a mouse and keyboard all your life.

With the Xim Apex, you can now get around the restrictions of modern consoles and use your trusty PC peripherals.

Sounds like cheating because folks who have been on the controller can’t compete on the same level as you if they are switching to the keyboard and mouse.

What is Xim Apex?

First-Person Shooters offer a better experience when played on keyboard and mouse. While some consoles like PS4 accept keyboard and mouse inputs. Most games don’t. That’s where the Xim Apex and other adapters (Console Input Adapter-CIA) come in.

Even with games that offer native keyboard and mouse support like Neverwinter, there are still underlying issues.

The Xim Apex adapter tricks the consoles by masking the input devices. This way, the console thinks you are using the controller. Every PC gamer can go back to the sweet control offered by the keyboard and mouse. But you will be doing so on a console.

Xim Apex vs Xim 4 – Is it Worth the Upgrade?

For those coming from Xim 4, it’s important to understand whether the Xim Apex is a worthy upgrade.

It all depends on the game. For Overwatch, aim sensitivity is not an issue but latency is. As such, it’s a nice upgrade for 1:1 precision gaming. Xim Apex has worked a lot on the response rate. It manages to showcase this side in Overwatch.

Everything feels better on Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Battlefield on Xim Apex. From Aim assist to smoothing; it’s worth it if you play all these games and more.

Xim 4

Xim Apex

Console Compatibility

PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360

PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360

Platform Support

PC, Android, iOS

PC, Android, iOS,

Latency Modes


1ms, 2ms, 4ms, & 8ms

Form Factor


USB Drive and USB hub


Bluetooth Classic

Bluetooth LE

USB Audio

Xbox One, Xbox 360

Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4

Config Storage



Joystick Support

Limited Support

Full Support




Pros of Xim Apex

  • Wide Compatibility

Xim Apex supports Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. It is ideal if you game on different consoles. It also works on devices like TAC PRO licensed for PS4, Venom-X, Keymander, and Titan Two. Xim Apex does not call for complicated settings like acceleration.

And, it supports most console headsets and chat pads.

  • Easy to Use

This adapter is at the height of accuracy in keyboard and mouse adapters. It offers a sophisticated, but simple to use mobile app to configure all your settings. You can customize input commands for a game and even change things mid-game.

  • Zero Lag

A common issue with those coming from PC to console is dealing with latency. But Xim Apex offers a near-perfect PC gaming experience with precise aiming on console.

  • Expert Configuration

It’s just as easy to fine-tune settings to match the game, mouse, and keyboard you are using. It allows you to add smoothing to the mouse and also change the type of input. Not to mention the ability to create auxiliaries or separate key binds and inputs depending on the game.

For example, in Fortnite, you can use a hotkey to help switch from a different type of input so that looting is faster.

  • Useful Videos and a Supportive Community

Xim Apex offers detailed instruction videos for the setup and also how to deal with issues. There’s also a vibrant online community. It is super helpful with the settings regarding various games.

Preparing Xim Apex

Xim Apex offers the best experience with the latest firmware update. To perform the update, just press and hold the single button on the USB drive as you plug it in.

  • Hold down the button until the USB stick lights up blue.
  • Download and run Xim Apex Firmware Tool for Windows or Mac
  • Select update firmware option on the platform. Wait for it to give the “updated successfully” notification.

Setting up Xim Apex

This adapter comes with the Xim Apex thumb drive and a USB hub. The thumb drive has a plug on one side and a USB port on the other.

  • The USB hub has three ports. Connect the mouse to port one and keyboard to port two. The third port is for your controller which should be turned off before you plug it in.
  • Next, connect the USB hub to the Xim Apex. You can supply your USB hub but make sure it’s a USB 2.0 hub.
  • Plug the Xim Apex to your console.
  • The Xim Apex will flash a rainbow color sequence when it connects with your console. It will flash green once it has clear communication with the console.
  • Download and run the Xim Apex Manager App on your phone. It is supported on both Android and iOS.
  • Connect the app to the Xim Apex via Bluetooth.
  • The app will indicate that you don’t have any saved game settings. It opens a window to create a new configuration for Xim Apex.
  • Make sure the mouse DPI is set to between 3000-4000 DPI. This DPI is usually the sweet spot for Xim. You can change the sensitivity of the mouse later.
  • On the app, choose the game and the console you are using. It’s here that you’ll be able to change stuff such as the aim sensitivity. Remember that sensitivities work differently for every game. So, once you select a game, ensure you input the ideal Hip and ADS for that game.
  • On the Heads-Up-Display (HUD) screen, Xim Apex will show you the settings you have configured. It also shows real-time key presses and the action the keypress will produce in-game.
  • Next, set up the mouse sensitivity using the Edit Config button. It allows you to change the aim sensitivity. Enter the ideal number for hip aiming and Aim Down Sights (ADS) for the game you will be playing. For example, in Call of Duty: Black Ops III we have Hip set at 95.00 and ADS at 70.00.

Usually, you’ll want the Hip to be higher than the ADS. The aim sensitivity can go up to 500 if you want higher sensitivity depending on the game.

It can be a little tricky to find the right sensitivity. You’ll want to tinker a little with the settings until you have the right sensitivity for your game.


Xim Apex cannot power awesome RGB. If you have a nice RGB lit keyboard, Xim Apex recommends that you turn it down or off. This is to ensure the adapter stays within the set power limit. Also, you’ll find that the RGB lighting dims when you connect Xim Apex.

Xim Apex Settings for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4 has some of the best look mechanics on the console. Achieving the correct Xim Apex configurations will help you get exceptional mouse movements.

The in-game sensitivity should be maxed out and Aim Assist should also be On. Also, make sure that you are using the latest game profile version for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on the Xim manager. Before anything, go to Global Settings and Enable Expert Configuration.

Here are the settings you should have for Black Ops 4 for Xim Apex.

  • Set polling rate to 1000Hz for mouse and Xim Apex
  • Set Sync to Default for All Profiles
  • Hip Sensitivity – 12
  • ADS Sensitivity – 9
  • ADS Delay – 224
  • ADS Smooth – 7
  • Hip Smooth – 0
  • y/x Ratio – Default

The sensitivity settings may not work for everyone. We all have different dexterities. You can choose to have synchronization at common if you are experiencing mouse stutter. You can also use the smoothing feature. Start from a low value say, 3 an increase it from there.

Xim Apex Settings for Fortnite

Fortnite has seen a huge improvement with Xim Apex. If you want to kill with headshots and get long range ADS easily, getting the settings right plays a major role. Like always, have in-game sensitivity set to max.

Our settings are as follows

  • Button layout – Default
  • Polling rate – 1000Hz
  • Hip Sensitivity – 15
  • ADS Sensitivity – 10
  • Synchronization Mode – Default
  • Smoothing 3-7 if you are experiencing mouse stutter with synchronization set to default.

Xim Apex Settings for Apex Legends

Playing Apex Legends on PC feels differently on PS4. If you are struggling to find the best setup for console gaming, perhaps these settings will give you a better experience for PS4 and Xbox One.

Just go to new configuration like you would when setting up config for other games.

Mouse DPI- 12,000

Hip Sensitivity – 95.50

  • Synchronization – Off
  • Smoothing – 3
  • y/x Ratio – 1.00
  • Steady Aim – 0.0
  • Boost – 0

ADS – 35.50

  • Synchronization – Off
  • Smoothing – 2
  • y/x Ratio – 1.00
  • Steady Aim – 0.0
  • Boost – 0

There’s no need for ballistic curve with these settings. For in-game settings, you’ll want them to be at default. Except for the sensitivity which can be a high of 7 and ADS sensitivity at 6. Although Apex Legends may require complex settings, try the above and see how many wins you get.

Bottom Line

Xim Apex is one of the best things that happened to PC gamers who would like to compete using consoles. Some may consider it cheating because it gives games a significant advantage in FPS. However, if you are coming from the controller and want to get into keyboard and mouse gaming on a console, it has a steep learning curve.

You still have to master the muscle memory and mechanics involved in keyboard and mouse gaming. As such it does not make you a better gamer. Instead, it is a product that helps you play using your inputs of choice.

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