Razer DeathAdder Elite vs Chroma- Which one should you get?

side-by-side comparison

Razer DeathAdder Elite

Razer DeathAdder Elite

4.8 out of 5


Razer DeathAdder Chroma

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

4.8 out of 5

Choosing Razer DeathAdder gives you an even footing in the luxurious mice world. Known for its advanced features, Razer DeathAdder competes with the best of the best.

When it comes to choosing between the Elite and Chroma versions, you are probably at a crossroads.

Is it wise to replace your current Chroma mouse for the Elite version?

We are here to delve at the details that define the two mice. You’ll know the differences between the two so you’ll make an informed choice.

The Bottom Line

Razer DeathAdder Elite is the newer version of the two mice. It is designed with advanced features which means it is superior.

Features Comparison: DeathAdder Elite vs Chroma

Elite is the next version in the DeathAdder line. It rolled out in 2016 while the Chroma rolled out in 2013. As such, the features of these mice showcase the best technologies at the time of their release.

We’ll start with the basics and head on to the Advanced Features.


What you first notice on DeathAdder is the appearance. Both mice are similar in shape, height, weight, and length. They have an ergonomic shape to fit all grip styles. Whether you prefer a claw, palm, or fingertip style. However, they are not ambidextrous. They are designed for right-handed users.

Weighing in at 98g, Elite and Chroma are suited to those who prefer slightly heavy mice. For gamers, this is a nice appeal as it gives you more control if you have large hands. Speaking of large hands, DeathAdder mice feel better if you have a palm size between 17.5 and 20cm.

They boast a height of 4.2cm and a length of 11cm.

I wouldn’t choose a mouse based on the shape because they have subtle differences. Let’s look at the placement of the buttons and maybe we can have a winner.


Perhaps the biggest difference in Elite and Chroma mice is in the buttons. First, Elite has seven buttons while Chroma has five buttons. All buttons can be independently programmed using Razer Synapse.

The buttons on the Elite sit 2mm higher than on the Chroma. The buttons also have more space between them and the core part. Although this is a significant difference in the button placement, there’s only a subtle difference in the way they play.

Both mice use Omron switches. But those on the Elite are advanced mechanical switches. Omron is well-known for producing the best switches for all types of mice. The Omron mechanical switches on Elite are very responsive.

They have an audible click and better tactile feedback.

Another notable difference is the two DPI buttons that have been added near the scroll wheel on the Elite. Changing DPI on the fly is much easier on the Elite. And, you can program the DPI buttons to take on whichever function you like.

Looking at the scroll wheel, Chroma sports a basic design. Elite, on the other hand, has a gaming-grade scroll wheel. It has small spikes that provide a firm grip and better control.

Buttons on the Chroma tend to feel wobbly after a year or so. A common complaint is that it starts to double click at the one-year mark. This brings us to the lifespan.

DeathAdder Elite boasts less latency and a 50-million click lifespan. This is in theory but we are seeing better reviews about Elite’s lifespan.

Both Elite and Chroma have three Teflon feet. On the Chroma, two feet are at the front while the wider one is placed at the back.

On the Elite, the wider pad is at the front. There’s one pad at the sensor and the other is at the back. Because they cover more of the bottom, the Elite moves smoother. They are almost half the size of those on ECI-A Zowie mouse.

Although both mice feature rubber side grips, Elite almost feels like it's a different type of rubber. It has a bit more texture to it which adds to a comfortable grip, especially with sweaty palms.


Although the max DPI of a mouse doesn’t say much about it, the sensor does say a lot. Razer does not put it out there the sensor on the Elite. We Followed what we see on top optics that support up to 16,000 DPI. And, looking inside the Elite’s sensor, we agree it’s a PMW3389.

This is a 5G sensor which was created in collaboration with Pixart. Pixart is the creator of top of the line mouse sensors.

The Elite tracks at an incredible 450 inches per second. It is equivalent to 50g acceleration to compete effectively with the best on the market. Compared to the 300 IPS tracking on Chroma; eSports players will find it better in exacting onscreen accuracy.

Chroma uses an older sensor; the 3989. It has up to 10,000 DPI. As long as you can have 400, 800, 1600, and 2400 DPI, both mice are fast enough for any eSport or FPS game. Well, except when it comes to spinning out. This is when you tilt the mouse a little and slam it down such that it starts to track again.

DeathAdder Elite has solved the spinning out problem with its sensor. Unlike Chroma’s sensor that tends to spin out if you tilt slam your mouse a lot.

Another nice feature is that both mice poll at 1000Hz. It’s an important number since you will not experience lag with both mice.


You may be wondering. Can you use DeathAdder without installing the Synapse software? Yes, but then again, it’s no use to have DeathAdder without the Synapse software. It makes all the gaming difference.

It allows you to create macros, assign functions, and change the speed and sensitivity. All these are super helpful in gaming.

RGB Lighting

Both Elite and Chroma support Razer’s RGB lighting. Razer Chroma lighting has up to 16.8 million colors for the Razer logo and the scroll wheel. You get four color effects including spectrum, static, breathing, and reactive.

All colors and effects are easy to set on the Synapse platform.

Mac OS and Xbox One Support

DeathAdder Elite and Chroma support Mac OS X 10.9-10.13. However, this is only possible on the Synapse 2 version. While DeathAdder Elite is Synapse 3 (Beta enabled), it is only for Windows. This leaves you with Synapse 2 if you wish to use either Elite or Chroma on Mac OS.

DA Elite supports use on Xbox One but only for basic input. Recently, both Microsoft and Razer announced compatibility. But we are yet to see the wall between PC and console gaming come down regarding the input device of choice.


The cable seems like an insignificant feature in a mouse. But a flexible cable helps to reduce friction and drag caused by stiff cables. Both Elite and Chroma have 7ft of braided fiber cables. But Elite has a more flexible feel. You won’t feel like your mouse has some extra weight caused by the cable.

Commonly Asked Questions

Should I replace my Razer DeathAdder Chroma with Razer Elite?

DeathAdder Elite has advanced features. But it is wise to wait until you can longer use your Chroma mouse. It is only advisable to get the Elite model if you are purchasing your first gaming mouse. It enjoys a better sensor, longer lifespan, and better switches.

You don’t want to upgrade from Chroma to Elite just yet. The advanced construction does not add any significant benefit to your gaming experience.

So, better stick to Chroma until it is broken.

Will Razer DeathAdder support console gaming on Xbox 360 and PlayStation?

Razer DeathAdder mice are designed for PC only. Only the Elite can support basic input on Xbox One.

Bottom Line

The Razer DeathAdder line represents award-winning mice. The Elite model is an update of the Chroma mouse. As such, it is wise to go with the Elite when choosing between the two. It has a 5G sensor, seven programmable buttons and higher acceleration. It also has a better lifespan which cannot be said of all Chroma models.

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