Nixeus Revel Review

Nixeus Revel

4.0 out of 5

This gaming mouse is simply the most cost-effective product in the market that can give you the kind of high-quality gaming experience you have been looking forward to. The Nixeus Revel is designed to suit the needs of an avid eSports gamer in the simplest way possible because it lacks the fancy features like programmable RGB functions, but its strengths are on what counts. The hardware properties are durable since the shell is top-notch. The interior properties stand out such that you will be getting more value than your money. Let's get right into looking at the qualities of this masterpiece before you decide whether to buy it or not.


This gadget has a smooth shape that is designed into a shell which has slightly curved-in sides. The sleek design on the shell is coupled with a light 85-gram weight to ease handling of the mouse. The click buttons are made as part of the shell so you will have to miss the comfort grooves that other gaming mice provide.  You will be impressed by the three curved stripe lines on the outside of the mouse, which help you move the mouse comfortably. The mouse comes with one set of feet for replacement, and you can even purchase others to fit your taste.


The building of this gadget is meant to suit dry slippery hands and even sweaty hands. The surface versions include Glossy White, Matte White, and Rubberized black. The shell used on this mouse is substantial and would hardly crack or flex even when you press it hard.


The Nixeus Revel is 12.57 cm long, 6.75 cm wide, height 4.9 cm, weight 85 grams, and the cable length is 1.5 meters. These measurements are moderate so that both small and big hands can use the mouse with a little adjustment of positioning the grip.


This machine has been designed to use the Omron switches, which are the gold level switches in the market. The buttons on the mouse are part of the outer shell so you will have to press harder than usual. This is a slight problem because the click buttons might give you a pre-travel effect.

Scroll Wheel

The scroll wheel is made with a rough surface to facilitate scrolling, and the response is immediate. The scroll wheel is placed in proximity to two control buttons to enable you to switch the controls without moving too much. The challenge you will most likely experience here is the hollowness that is heard on clicking the side buttons. The scroll wheel also produces rattling sounds when moved sideways, but they cannot affect the in-game play significantly.


The Revel has been developed using the Pixart PMW 3360, which is a high-quality sensor. This gadget will not disappoint you with the drawbacks of acceleration, jitters, tracking, and prediction errors. The performance enhanced by the absence of spin-outs. Just as you would want the PMW3360 to deliver, the Nixeus Revel has a low lift-off distance that is below 1 CD in thickness.

Software and Technology

The Nixeus Revel Gaming MOUSE software in the mouse allows you to select color options from 8 pre-set options that display a modest brightness and speed. This mouse has software that will enable you to record macros that can map to the buttons, and also you can store up to four profiles on the device. The DPI resolution ranges from 400 up to 2000, and the mouse has one color zone and eight pre-set colors from which you can select your preference.

Pros and Cons

The Revel is cheap, and it performs all the essential functions of a gaming mouse. The hardware properties are durable, and the general shape of the mouse ensures that gamers with various styles of grip can use it effectively. The mouse utilizes superior software that provides you with high-resolution qualities and a few customization options. The Nixeus Revel has the backlights on the logo that can also give you the feel of gaming with a high-end mouse.

On the downside, the mouse lacks a wide variety of colors and programmable options to fit your customization preferences.  The Revel also has a problem regarding the difficulty in pressing the control-click buttons. The connection cable is stiff, and it gets close to breakage when coiled in a small pouch.


A Nexius Revel is a viable option for gamers who are operating on a small budget and the reliable design and build technology promises to serve for a long time. I would recommend anyone to but the Revel and experience a new dimension of simplicity in the device but the ultimate satisfaction of the gamer. This pick will be valuable to players considering the precision boosts in the software, the rubber coating on top of the surface for comfort and the plastic sides which enhance your grip.

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