Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk

A good gaming desk will give you serious quality-of-life improvements over a traditional desk. Most of these ergonomic desks will come with cable management mechanisms, allowing you to keep wires out of the way; some have height-adjustable legs for maximum stability even on uneven grounds while others have extra storage shelves, USB ports, and CPU stands.

However, not every gaming L-shaped desk out there is the right one for you. As such, you should choose one that perfectly meets your gaming needs for the best experience.

So, if you're planning to upgrade your gaming desk, then check out our review of the best L-shaped gaming desks.

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GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk

After careful consideration, our top pick is the GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk as it features an incredibly stylish yet highly-functional 3-Piece design. It boasts a retractable keyboard tray, an amazingly spacious top for multiple monitors and height-adjustable legs for stability. Not to mention it’s reasonably priced despite its amazing features and solid build.
But for gamers that want a quality glass corner desk, the Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk is undeniably the best choice for them. And for gamers on a tight budget, the Hago Modern L-Shaped Computer Workstation would make a great choice.

Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk

1. GreenForest L-Shape 3-Piece desk- Best Overall

Topping our list for all the right reasons, the Greenforest gaming corner desks features a 3-piece design that’s not only stylish but also highly functional for gaming purposes.

The main highlight of this chair is the 3-piece design, which allows you to easily switch the sides for it to perfectly fit into your small room without taking a ton of space. This way, you get plenty of gaming space in your small apartment.

This stylish corner desk comes with a large desk top that can comfortably accommodate up to three monitors and all your other gaming accessories and peripherals.

It is sturdily built with a strong steel frame and P2 particle board top, making it an exceptionally sturdy structure. The surface particleboard is not only eco-friendly but also waterproof and scratch resistant, making it incredibly durable and easy to clean.

It is also ergonomically designed with height-adjustable legs, which help ensure it remains balanced even on uneven surfaces. The fact that this desk has a depth of about 19 inches makes sitting in front of it quite enjoyable while gaming.

What’s more, you can connect two of these desks in a U-shape design to create more space for additional monitors.


  • Allows for greater customization
  • Takes up less space, leaving you plenty of room for other purposes
  • Has a sturdy construction, ensuring it supports all your gaming items
  • It’s built using high-quality materials for longevity
  • Modern and stylish design makes it a great addition to your game room
  • It comes with an easy-to-follow assembly instructions
  • You can add more space by connecting two such desks.
  • Comes in various color options to choose from
  •  It’s quite affordable


  • May not be the most ideal for massive gaming setups
  • Though it comes with assembly instructions, some people may still find it a challenge putting it together

2. Mr-IRONSTONE L-Shaped Computer Desk

Designed to maximize every inch of space, Mr IRONSTONE computer desk boasts a design that fits snuggly into your game room’s corner, providing you ample space for all your gaming essentials.

The table features two 59 inches long panels, which give you enough space to place about two to three monitors, peripherals and gaming accessories for the perfect setup.

It has a solid construction made of strong steel frame and an MDF tabletop, which help keep it sturdy and stable even with all your items placed on top.

On top of that, the surface is nicely textured for greater mouse responsiveness and it’s also waterproof, scratch resistant, and more importantly doesn’t slip.

The adjustable leg cups help ensure the desk stays stable and sturdy even when you’ve placed it on uneven ground.


  • The desk is incredibly durable
  • It is built for sturdiness and stability
  • Large surface for multiple screens and other gaming items
  • It comes with adjustable leg pads for balance on uneven surface
  • High-quality, sustainable materials
  • Simple, but attractive design
  • Easy to clean surface upholstery
  • Super lightweight for easy movement


  • Limited color options
  • Doesn’t include cable management feature

3. Walker-Edison-Soreno-3-Piece-Corner

Coming third on our list is one of bestselling gaming desks on Amazon, the Walker Edison Soreno features a stylish, modern look with X-style legs and glass surface.

This stylish desk stands out from the rest on this list as it’s the only one with a glass desktop, which can add a touch of style to your gaming room. The glass surface is large and strong enough to support your desktop computer plus multiple screens without breaking.

Apart from the tempered safety glass, the desk is also made of a powder-coated steel frame with a sleek black finish. You’ll also like that this corner desk comes with a keyboard tray, which you can mount on either side.

It allows for versatile configuration as you also can remove the center part and set the long pieces side by side.


  • Sturdily build for support up to 100 pounds
  • Highly customizable design
  • Comes with a keyboard tray
  • Beveled glass edges to prevent injury
  • Great surface dimensions for your gaming setup
  • Looks modern and stylish
  • Plenty of leg room beneath
  • Quite affordable and comes in four different color options


  • No cable management mechanism, but you can use zip ties
  • Can be unstable when place on uneven ground

4. Tribesigns Modern-L-Shaped Computer Workstation

This simple, modern looking L-shaped gaming desk by Tribesigns is sure to nicely complement any game room décor.

This model is specially designed to offer utmost sturdiness and stability as it’s made of a strong, thick steel frame and E1 class particleboard. This also makes it incredibly durable, meaning it can last you for several years if well-taken care of.

The desk is strong enough to support a load capacity of up to 450 pounds and has a large surface area which can accommodate massive gaming setups with on issue. There is also a footrest for your maximum comfort during those prolonged gaming sessions.

It also comes with a CPU stand, keeping your gaming tower safe and without scratching the floors.


  • Beautiful modern design
  • Plenty of space including room for more than one monitor.
  • Includes a CPU stand and has a footrest for added comfort
  • Has a solid construction for enhanced stability and sturdiness
  • Built using quality materials for durability
  • Great load capacity for your massive gaming setup
  • Comes with assembly instructions and tools
  • It’s easy to clean


  • Assembly instruction could be made easier
  • Doesn’t have adjustable legs
  • Limited color options to choose from

5. Ivinta Reversible L-Shaped Computer Desk

Ivinta is renowned for creating some of the most stylish furniture designs. And the Ivinta L-Shaped gaming desk confirms that as it comes with an ultra- sleek and functional design, offering the best value in terms of space-saving. The surface is quite large and can hold several monitor screens and your gaming system.

This ultramodern gaming desk is crafted with sturdy metal frame and a 0.6 inches thick eco-friendly P2 particle board on top then reinforced using strong connectors for maximum sturdiness. As such, it can support loads of up to 110 pounds without any problem.

It is ergonomically designed with a tray board, where you can conveniently place your keyboard and has a free CPU stand for holding your gaming tower.


  • It has a reversible design
  • It comes with a pull-out keyboard tray and CPU stand
  • It’s made of a sturdy steel frame and eco-friendly board material
  • It has an ultra-sleek and stylish design
  • Height-adjustable and non-slip foot pads for added stability and balance
  • Provides you with ample of leg room


  • Available only in black color
  • Relatively challenging to assemble it
  • Quite heavy, making it hard to move around

6. Teraves Reversible L-Shaped Computer Desk –Best for switching worktops

This gaming L-shaped desk by Teraves comes in an elegant design that can perfectly matches with any décor. It is so spacious such that you have ample space for multiple monitors as well as other personal items. As a bonus, it comes with a portable CPU stand that can serve as an additional storage space.

For durability, this corner gaming desk is made with sturdy and easy to clean and maintain materials. This means that the desk will serve you for long and the firmness ensures that it doesn’t wobble when you put something on top.

In addition, this gaming desk has a compact design and it neatly fits most corners. Another notable feature about this desk is the capability to switch the tops so you can use the desk in any given corner.


  • Has a stylish and modern design perfect for any home
  • Features plenty of space
  • Has an added CPU stand for storage
  • The ability to switch the worktops allows you to use it from any corner
  • It’s available in four different colors, allowing you to find one that matches your dĂ©cor


  • Can be quite difficult to set up
  • Doesn’t come with cable management

7. Teraves Hago Modern L-Shaped Desk –Best for heavy weight equipment

If you want to upgrade your work station with a chic and fresh look, this Teraves Hago L-shaped desk is your perfect choice. It hits the top scale on the elegance scale and takes your office to a whole new level.

In terms of design, this modern chair has a round corner that turns your workspace into a simple yet attractive area. And the L-shaped corner wedge is there to ensure you can easily multitask as well as keep the desk organized.

The desk has a black oak finish that helps enhance its look, and the thick steel frame makes it more stable and offers greater strength and durability. In addition, the leg pads are adjustable allowing you to meet your different height needs, keeps the desk well balanced even on uneven carpet.

And although it’s not the largest L-shaped corner desk you can find in the market, it is top of the line in terms of weight capacity since it can hold a maximum weight capacity of 450 pounds. It also comes with a free CPU stand that keeps your computer from moisture.


  • Attractive, modern design
  • Available in a wide array of colors
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compatible with any dĂ©cor
  • Great weight capacity
  • Ideal for a room with a smaller space
  • Comes with a free CPU stand
  • Adjustable leg pads for enhanced stability


  • Its not the most customizable option
  • Requires assembly
  • It doesn’t include a cable management feature

8. Bush Furniture Cabot 60W Corner Desk –Best for Office

How are you going to own a gaming room and not own Bush Furniture corner desk? It is a masterpiece with an incredible design and so many impressive features.

As we all know, Bush Furniture is an industry leading brand in the industry, and it’s no surprise that they have skillfully crafted this desk. It is ideally made to offer ample space for at least two gaming units and peripherals and allows you to work in either side.

At the touch of this Bush Furniture L-shape desk, it is without a doubt that it is very durable. The wooden part is made of hardwood, while the panels are strongly bonded together and the locks and handles have aluminum accents. Moreover, the CPU stand is supported with strengthened steel as well as the fully bonded nuts and bolts. All these features ensure that the desk last for an extended period of time.

On top of that, the hardwood panels have a rich espresso oak finish for a timeless and elegant look and feel. And it’s integrated with a 4-port USB hub so that all your devices can stay connected, plus a concealed storage cabinet with a charming fluted glass adding to the beauty.

Overall, this Bush Furniture corner desk has all it takes to keep your room neat and organized. Plus it comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer, which is enough proof that this desk is of high-quality and meets the required standards.


  • The construction is robust for durability
  • Comes with ample storage spaces
  • It is appealing to the eye
  • Comes with a monitor stand
  • Well-labeled and clear instructions


  • its does not have caster wheels for flexibility
  • The finish can easily scratch

9. COLESHOME L-Shaped Corner Computer Desk –Best for spacious worktop

If you are not tied to a specific brand, and you are looking for a budget-friendly desk, that’s sturdy and spacious, this Coleshome model is your perfect option.

Coleshome L Shaped Desk is a robust and multifunctional desk of decent quality with a lot of space making it ideal for home office use and gaming. It offers an ample room for additional storage and for your legs to rest. The spacious worktop also helps prevent your peripherals from slipping off the desk. And its sturdy build and large capacity can support multiple computers and monitors and can hold up to 400lbs.

In terms of design, Coleshome L Shaped Desk is elegant and it’s fitted with a thick steel frame coupled with metal brackets, while the work top is made of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). This combination of the two materials guarantees the sturdiness of the desk as well as durability and stability. This way, the desk can withstand enormous gaming equipment and can last for long without damages or need for repairs.


  • The desk top is easy to clean
  • Relatively easy to assemble
  • It’s adjustable to ensure it is well-balanced
  • You can switch the tabletops to fit any corner
  • Has ample space for multiple screens


  • Some people may find it difficult to put it together
  • Doesn’t have a sliding keyboard tray

10. Hago Modern L-Shaped Computer Workstation –Best for a bargain price

If you are looking for a decent and a firm gaming chair for a bargain price, you should consider Teraves Hago Modern L-Shaped Desk. This desk is made to offer you a simple and practical design so you can use it as a computer desk, gaming desk or workstation.

It is equipped with adjustable footrest and leg pads designed to allow you rest your feet and legs for maximum comfort, greater stability even on a sloppy floor, and to protect your floor from skid marks and scratches.

The finish of the desk is powder-coated to prevent corrosion and it’s relatively easy to clean, while the M-style buckle design allows you to set up the desk fast and easily. Plus it has a portable CPU stand made to allow you to freely move your computer on the desk.

Although its construction isn’t the best, the frame is made of heavy-duty thick steel and hardwood board that provides excellent stability and durability.

Overall, this Hago L-shaped desk gives you value for your money and it is an ideal option for different users including gamers.


  • Relatively easy to set up
  • It is available in different color options
  • It is super sturdy since it has a steel base and a wooden top to hold up to 450lbs
  • It is elegant with an incredible modern design to beautify your space


  • Doesn't come with a sliding keyboard tray
  • Can be squeaky since its build quality isn’t the best

From our list above, it is no doubt that L-shaped desks offer a plethora of benefits to any gamer. First, they are perfect for avid gamers with massive gaming setups and also incredibly stylish and highly practical.

Most of these desks have modern designs, but others such as the Bush Cabot L-shaped desk brings a traditional feel to your game room and has inbuilt hutches for all your gaming accessories.

Some desks come with some fancy features such as a pull-out keyboard tray possessed by Walker Edison Soreno Corner desk. And others such as the Teraves Reversible L-Shaped gaming desk come with a reversible design, which allows for customization especially when you’re working with a limited space.

FAQ around L-Shaped and Corner Gaming Chairs

  • Are L-Shaped Desks Good?

L-shaped desks are great especially when you have a limited space in your room since it provides plenty of work top. The L-shaped design also comes in handy since you can place your gaming setup on one side as you engage in other activities such as drawing or writing on the other side.

Gaming corner desks also provide you plenty of leg room, allowing you to stretch out much better. Most L-shaped desks are often equipped with a footrest and other ergonomics, which makes gaming for many hours much comfortable and enjoyable for you.

They are typically made of sturdy metal frames and anti-scratch hard wood tops for durability and stability.

  • What Is The Best L Shaped Desk?

There is no one desk that’s one-size-fit-all. However, the best L-shaped desk should have the right dimensions, size, and design to ensure it snuggly fits into the corner of your room, helping you maximize on the limited space.

It should also provide sufficient desktop space for multiple monitors, tower, and other peripherals and still give you enough room for mouse movements. The best ones also provide extra storage spaces such as open-shelves, sliding keyboard trays, or even speaker trays and CPU storage stands.

You should consider one with a decent load capacity to ensure it can comfortably support all your gaming setup without breaking or wobbling.  Some of the best models are ergonomically designed with height-adjustability function or adjustable leg pads for maximum balance and stability on different grounds.

  • How can an L-shaped desk maximize my gaming ability?

One of the best ways to maximize your gameplay potential is to ensure that your corner desk has comfortable ergonomics and suits your style and its intended use.

So when buying your L-shaped desk, consider the comfort of your wrists, ensure you have the correct eye level to avoid neck strain, and the desk have enough room for your legs. As such, having a modern and elegant corner that’s not the right size will no doubt leave you frustrated and unhappy when gaming.

  • How is a Corner Desk Organized?

You can place your L-shaped desk at a corner, against the wall, or in the middle of a room. It solely depends on the kind of desk you buy and the amount of space you have.

Some are specifically made to be placed against the wall. So if you want a gaming L-shaped desk that you can place in the middle of your home office, ensure you choose one designed for that.

  • Pre-Assembled Desk or DIY (Do It Yourself) assembly –Which one is the best?

Most L-shape gaming desks require you to Do It Yourself (DIY) assembly, whereby you need interlocking joints to set up your desk. So if you prefer DIY installation corner desks, consider the time taken to set up and the ease of installation. Nonetheless, there are desks that come pre-assembled for you. So it’s up to you to decide the type of desk that you desire.

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