Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combos Reviewed - 2020

The beauty of buying a keyboard and mouse combo is that you get to have a say in what you want and also save money instead of purchasing the two peripherals separately. The last thing you want is affecting your gaming performance by investing in a yo-yo set.

An ergonomic bundle should be the first thing on your mind since gamers spend long hours at a time on their station. You want mechanical keyboards with RGB lighting and programmable keys. Such keyboards will improve gameplay by giving you a specific set of skills.

When looking at the mouse, you can choose game-oriented models for MMO, FPs, MOBA, etc. You can save your wrists from fatigue by finding a mouse that fits your grip. With brands like Razer, Redragon, Corsair, and Logitech taking the bigger pie, you can expect top performance from products from these brands.

     Best for 2020

Razer Blackwidow Elite with Deathadder Elite

After doing extensive research, comparing top of the line products, and reviewing customer feedback, Razer Blackwidow Elite Keyboard and DeathAdder Elite Mouse is our top combo recommendation. It is on the premium side of things featuring mechanical switches and all programmable keys for every game.

If you are on the cheap and looking for an equally performing model, Redragon S101 is the model for you. The set is ergonomic and full-featured with swappable WASD and Arrow keys. You get a set of multimedia keys, and a large wrists rest to guarantee comfortable gaming.

Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combos

1.  Razer Blackwidow Elite Keyboard and DeathAdder Elite Mouse- Best Overall for eSports Gaming

Professional gamers don’t compromise. If you are preparing for a tournament, you’ll want gold standard gaming peripherals. We are talking about the Razer Blackwidow Elite, and DeathAdder Elite set.

First, we look at what BlackWidow has to offer. You will find that it comes in a functional design with redesigned mechanical keys for the ultimate gaming experience. It has a robust plastic and metallic design with elevated keycaps that showcase its premium side.

There’s also nice RGB backlighting, but I wouldn’t trust it in the dark. It’s just for matching optimizing your keying.

An impressive feature on the keyboard is the Razer mechanical keys. They are designed to give tactile responsiveness and to be incredibly stable. The keyboard comes with the loud green ones for gaming, but you can choose the tactile orange ones which are better for typing. There are also the quiet linear yellow switches which are best for general use as they are not as responsive as the other two.

Razer Blackwidow is built for reliability with an 80 million click lifespan. It is the only one you’ll need for all your tournaments.

Perhaps what you’ll like most on the keyboard is the pillow-esque wrist rest. It is puffy and soft that you will find it very comfortable when you can't lift a finger off your console. You get a multifunction dial, media keys, and any key can be a macro key using Razer’s Hypershift and Hybrid-on-board memory technology.

Fortunately, Razer has matched the premium features of the keyboard to the mouse. It is one of the most sought optical mice on the market. Being eSports grade, the mouse features up to 16,000 DPI resolution. It can track at 450 inches per second with a 99.4% accuracy meaning there’s no surface it cannot work.

The mouse also uses mechanical switches optimized for gaming. It has seven programmable keys, 1000Mhz polling rate, and two zones of Chroma lighting. This combo is wired and comes with braided cables.

Flaws but not Dealbreakers

With lots of programming capabilities, the Synapse software is still a bit buggy. You may never realize all its possibilities like creating customized lighting effects and assigning endless macros on all the keys on the keyboard and mouse.


  • Media keys and a multifunction dial
  • All keys on the keyboard are programmable
  • Omron mouse switches
  • Rubberized mouse grips
  • Frameless keyboard design
  • Audio pass-through


  • May not be the most competitive for the price
  • New switches don’t make a big difference with previous ones
  • The keyboard is hefty at 2.9 pounds

2. Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo- Best Cheap

The Redragon S101 is a true value kit. Complete with the premium Vajra RGB gaming keyboard and the Centrophorus M601 gaming mouse. You won’t get better money value for a Redragon.

Looking at the keyboard, we find that it uses membrane keys which is understandable for the price. The keys follow through with RGB backlighting with four effects and five breathing speeds. With a total of 104 keys, you have eight G macro keys, twelve multimedia keys which also double as the function keys. The arrow and WASD keys are swappable, and it comes with a key remover.

The Vajra keyboard offers 25 anti-conflict keys which means you can press as many as you want when executing a skill or a command. With the help of its curved wrist rest, you can game for hours without complaining about wrists fatigue. The WIN keys can also be disabled.

Redragon is known for making sturdy and reliable gaming peripherals, and the mouse is no exception. For a fraction of the price, you get a 3200 DPI optical mouse. It has four levels of DPI adjustment from 1000 to 3200. It comes with six buttons of which five are programmable.

Although it is not top of the line in resolution, you can indulge in your favorite MOBA and MMORPGs as they don’t require as much twitching to win. What’s even better on this mouse is that it is ergonomic owing to special finger rests on both sides of the mouse, and it has a grippy surface to prevent slippage.

Flaws but not Dealbreakers

Because of the low-price tag, you will find that the keyboard will need care not to smash into anything. Both devices have plastic and not metallic parts.


  • Balances price and quality
  • Comes with sturdy braided cables
  • Anti-conflict keys
  • 10 million clicks keyboard lifespan
  • 20 million clicks mouse lifespan
  • Laser engraved keyboard keys enhance durability


  • The mouse is super light 

3. Corsair K55 RGB Keyboard and Corsair CH-9301011 Harpoon Mouse- Best High-End

If you are out for a premium performer, the Corsair combo should be on your list of possible combos to own. This bundle includes the Corsair K55 RGB keyboard and the Corsair Harpoon gaming mouse.

Since the brand has slashed the price a little on this one, the keyboard comes with membrane keys that have a mechanical feel. Most typists and gamers will find it satisfactory in giving you the responsiveness you want. It has dedicated keys for volume control and media playback alongside 105 keys.

The keyboard competes effectively with the likes of Razer Cynosa Chroma and SteelSeries Apex 150 and is perhaps faster than them. It comes with keys for recording macros, locking the Windows key, and even controlling illumination brightness. It is a well-rounded keyboard that seeks to cover every aspect of a high-end gaming keyboard.

Its wired design is also an assurance that it will not lose connection midway through gameplay. It has six keys on the left made specifically for creating and executing macros. The CUE software allows assigning of macros on the fly with the help of a dedicated macro button on the keyboard.

If you are not yet ready to trust that wireless gaming mice can lack input lag, you will marvel in the Harpoon mouse that comes with this set- there’s a wireless version of the same. Harpoon comes in a lightweight construction which is an all-plastic affair.

The mouse has a concave surface with a rough texture and rubberized sides for proper grip. It is an RGB mouse with only the logo being the lit part. However, it has some attractive features on it. It has the left and right clicks alongside a rubberized scroll wheel, and a DPI switch.

The mouse has a 6000 DPI sensor. It is ideal for most games so no worries with low-twitch titles. It tracks accurately over long and short distances which is why it is one of the best picks for the price.

Flaws but not Dealbreakers

The keyboard has only three lighting zones, compared to more expensive options by the same brand, it is not much to go by for full customization.


  • Customizable DPI, RGB lighting, and button mappings
  • Mechanical-style keyboard
  • Macro and media keys
  • Great for MMO and MOBA games
  • Molded rubber grips


  • Keycaps are not swappable
  • The mouse is not distinctive for a gaming mouse

4. HAVIT Rainbow Keyboard and Mouse Combo – Another Cheap Option

Havit is without a doubt a popular brand among gamers. Its peripherals are designed to be functional and reliable at a pocket-friendly price. The keyboard combines rainbow lighting with semi-mechanical keys. It keys in so well, you’d be forgiven to think it’s a mechanical keyboard.

Looking at its gaming features, the keyboard has 19 anti-ghosting keys. You can make endless combinations with these keys and get away with it because it reads every key accurately. It has five multimedia keys, interchangeable WASD keys, and WIN keys can be disabled. It offers gaming on a high-end level similar to what we see on premium picks.

What you don’t get is other accessories like extra cables, mouse pads, and headsets. The keyboard allows you to customize the LED lighting in seven different colors. It supports breathing effects and three-color modes which are all customizable with the FN + Esc keys.

Havit is keen on the durability of the keyboard as it is also spill-resistant. It comes with drainage holes which allow liquids to run off instead of ruining your set.

The mouse is a plug and play device. It boasts up to 3200DPI with four levels of DPI adjustments using a side switch. The resolution is decent though it does not allow you to play at superfast speeds like you would with higher DPI.

However, it is also possible to get on the LED lighting wagon and breathing effects on the mouse too. The DPI settings are of different colors such that you can tell which DPI the mouse is playing at just by its color. For example, the highest 3200DPI shows in red while the lowest at 800DPI shows in green. It is a thoughtful feature that will help you play without a second guessing your sweeps.

Flaws but not Dealbreakers

For the price, there are not many advanced features- no macro keys on the keyboard or the mouse. You have to work with what Havit has provided on the two devices.


  • Non-slip keyboard and mouse design
  • Compatible with Mac OS gaming PCs
  • Offers breathing colors
  • 19 anti-ghosting keys
  • Spill-resistant
  • Mechanic-feel switches


  • Lacks a mute button
  • DPI could be better

5. Redragon K552-BA Gaming Keyboard, Mouse, and Mouse Pad Combo- Best Midrange

Redragon K552-BA is a compact set with a dense keyboard that has a nice solid feel thanks to its mechanical keys. It uses Cherry MX blue switches which are the noisiest because they give you an audible click with each keypress. However, they provide satisfying keying in with medium resistance.

The K552-BA is based on the K-552 KUMARA gaming keyboard. There’s so much going for it because for one it is not going to be an eyesore sitting on your desk. It is a tenkeyless design with a durable aluminum base and double-shot molded, plastic keycaps. The keyboard is water-resistant and splash proof meaning it can withstand the occasional losing tantrums that end up in spilled coffee.

Although it has a small footprint, it does not leave out 12 multimedia keys and swappable arrow and WAN keys. You get 87 anti-ghosting keys, and you can also disable the WIN key for seamless gaming. Even better, it offers ten red LED backlighting levels adjustable with the FN keys.

This set has the Redragon CENTROPHORUS M601 gaming mouse with a 3200 DPI optical sensor. The sensor offers quick and easy tracking on different surfaces like wood and its silky-smooth mouse pad. You get six buttons of which two are programmable for creating and assigning macros.

It’s nice that it has durable Teflon feet and you can customize the weight of the mouse using an 8-piece tuning set. It provides for the most comfortable use in all your gaming sessions.

Flaws but not Dealbreakers

Although the mouse is designed to be ambidextrous, the two side buttons do not sit well with left-handed users. The software is also buggy and may give you a difficult time trying to create macros.


  • Plug and play performance
  • Full-size keyboard functionality
  • Water resistant and splash proof keyboard
  • 12 multimedia keys
  • WASD and arrow keys are swappable
  • Comes with a gaming mouse pad


  • The scroll wheel has distinct resistance from time to time
  • Only two programmable buttons on the two peripherals

6. TeckNet Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Gryphon Gaming Combo- Best for Macros

You can now dominate the war zone with a keyboard that helps you carry out complex actions superfast. The Tecknet gaming keyboard and mouse combo will come in handy for the most demanding games. It offers programmable keys and a somehow capable mouse.

The LED lit keyboard will look great on any gaming stations. The keys are backlit allowing you to see even in low-lit playrooms. You can adjust the light in three colors and different brightness levels to suit your exact conditions.

Featuring a total of 10 programmable keys, it is not possible to create macros on the fly. You can assign complex or single stroke skills that will give you a leg over your opponents.

Not only that, the keyboard has 19 anti-ghosting keys for intense competitions. It gives you 12 multimedia keys and a game/desktop mode that helps to disable Windows. Not to mention, it has an anti-slip and water-resistant design for improved longevity since it can withstand spills.

We would have liked to see higher DPI on the mouse as it goes to a meager 2000DPI resolution. This is limiting, and pro gamers won’t want to be caught with the mouse.

The only advantage it has over general mice is that it showcases 15g acceleration and games at 4000FPS. It also comes with a total of six buttons. It tracks on most surfaces including wood, glass, and reflective surfaces.

Flaws but not Dealbreakers

This set looks great and performs well. But while other models offer over 10 million keystrokes, this one has only 3 million keystrokes. It may not fail soon, but you can’t compare its durability with more expensive models.


  • Adjustable breathing lights
  • Ten macro keys and 19 anti-ghosting keys
  • Ergonomic mouse
  • Spill and slip resistant
  • Feet are adjustable
  • Responsive gaming keys


  • Plug and play but does not work with Mac OS
  • 2000 DPI is low for seasoned gamers

7. Bluefinger Crack Backlit Keyboard and Mouse with Gaming Headset

Forget about getting a mousepad with your combo because Bluefinger also gives you a nice headset. It is probably the best value you’ll get in one bundle. Not to say that the brand is making any shortcuts. From the build design to the quality, it’s easy to see why it has so many positive reviews.

First, the Crack backlit LED gaming keyboard boasts the crack lighting design which turns heads. You can change the colors from red, blue, and purple to suit your other gaming peripherals. For those that like to include neon lighting in their stations, it is now easy to have synced lighting on your gaming desk.

Away from the lighting, Bluefinger comes through with membrane keys that press like mechanical switches. It does not have the sticky feel of rubber dome keys. And it exhibits durability since the letters are laser engraved. If its ABS material is to go by, we can recommend this model for long term use.

Gamers who indulge in intense games that call for multiple keys will love that it has up to 21 anti-ghosting keys. It has ten multimedia keys to change volume and access apps on the keyboard. 

On to the gaming mouse, there’s not much going for it as it has a 2000 DPI optical sensor. It tracks comfortably but is not remarkable in demanding MMO and MOBA games.

We do like that a high-quality headset accompanies this set. Its high-definition mic cancels out noise and is not so sensitive that you can hear your opponent breathing down your neck.

Flaws but not Dealbreakers

The lack of macro keys on the keyboard or the mouse signifies that you may not get the full functionality of a gaming set with this model. It is ideal if you have a collection of older titles rather than the latest titles in the gaming world.


  • Unique crack backlighting
  • Silent mouse buttons
  • Three breathing lighting effects
  • Comes with a quality headset
  • 21 anti-ghosting keys
  • Ten multimedia keys


  • Not ideal for professional gaming
  • Wrist rest is pretty small


Gaming keyboard and mouse combos do not cover the best specs of gaming. But Razer isn’t giving in to the trend. The BlackWidow and DeathAdder combo speak of a bundle with top-notch features. Full programmability and a 16000 DPI mouse are more than you could ask for in a high-end pick.

If you are not looking for super-high sensitivity on a mouse, Corsair K-55 has an impressive resolution at 6000 DPI.

And for the all-inclusive combo, Bluefinger comes with a headset aside from the Crack gaming keyboard and gaming mouse.

Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Buying Guide 

Buying a keyboard and mouse combo not only saves you from buying frustrations but it also improves your gaming experience ten-fold. Here’s how to choose your next bundle.


A two-button mouse can do it you are an occasional gamer, but if you spend hours clicking, punching, and more clicking, you may find yourself unable to use the mouse after a few years due to a condition we call Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). As such, you will be looking to spend money on an ergonomic gaming mouse and an equally comfortable keyboard.

Consider your Grip Type

You may fall into the notion that an expensive gaming mouse is always the way to get the best. But if it does not feel great, you may have to return it and start the search all over again. That’s why you have to identify your kind of grip. Most people fall under the palm, fingertip, or the claw grip.

Your style is a palm grip if your hand covers most of the mouse and the palm is involved when you operate the mouse. This is the most relaxed style, and most people will fall under this category. If only the tips of your fingers touch the mouse, you have a fingertip grip. And if your palm and your fingertips operate the mouse, then you have a claw grip.

After this, you can find out the kind of mouse optimized for your style.

Mouse DPI

This feature represents how sensitive the mouse will be. Essentially, the high the DPI, the high the sensitivity of that particular mouse. Most games do well with up to 3200 DPI. It means you won’t move the mouse over a large physical surface for the cursor to cover a large area on your game.

A good way to determine whether you want low or high DPI is to identify how you use the mouse. Do you make swift sweeps on a large area which need low DPI or short, precise sweeps over a small area which require high DPI? 

Type of Keyboard Keys

You will encounter keyboards with membrane, mechanical, or scissor switches. You don’t want to look at scissor switches because they have a low profile. Neither do you want regular membrane keys. These are ideal for common computing tasks where you don’t need anything special.

For gamers, you will want to consider mechanical keyboards or models that have mechanical-feel membrane keyboards. Though noisy, the tactile feedback from mechanical keyboards gives you satisfactory keying which in turn improves speed.

RGB Lighting

Today’s gaming goes hand in hand with some form of lighting. It depends on the level of importance that you place on illumination. For example, if you want to allocate a different color to every key, you’ll want full RGB lighting. But if you could care less about lighting, zones then single-color LED is more than enough.

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