Best Gaming Glasses for 2020 - Buyers Guide

It's no longer a secret that excessive exposure to the blue light emanating from your computer/ play station screen can damage your eyes. For instance, an insight by the prevent blindness organization shows that it can lead to digital eye strain and, even worse, result in damaged retinal cells.

Fortunately, as an avid gamer, you can utilize a pair of professionally recommended gaming glasses to block out the blue light. In this post, we look at some of the best gaming glasses that you can find in the market, as well as provide you with critical information regarding what you should consider when intending to purchase a pair. Here we go!

     Best for 2020

Gunnar Onyx Gaming Glasses

  • Brand: Gunnar
  • Weight: 33 grams
  • Lens width: 58 mm
  • Temple: 135 mm
  • Nose: 17 mm

Best Gaming Glasses for 2020

1. Gunnar Onyx Gaming Glasses


  • Brand: Gunnar
  • Weight: 33 grams
  • Lens width: 58 mm
  • Temple: 135 mm
  • Nose: 17 mm

To start as off are the Gunnar Onyx Gaming Glasses that feature a patented lens (#9417460) technology that utilizes proprietary coatings. 

As well as, measured tints to cut off the high energy blue light, glare and Ultraviolet rays emanating from your computer screen. By doing so, this technology shields your eyes from harm’s way.

What makes this model outstanding is its ability to communicate regarding the amount of blue light that is being blocking out, thanks to its blue light protection factor feature. With such information you can determine if you are observing correct practice or not.

The ultra-slim 135mm temple, on the other hand, makes it easy for you to pair it with an audio headset to achieve a wholesome gaming experience. Similarly, its panoramic viewing feature enables 3 d visualization.

Not to forget is its ergonomic, lightweight frame that can increase your comfort levels as it cannot tire you even after prolonged use.

These glasses are ideal for avid gamers who don’t mind spending their entire weekend/time gaming away.


  • Light in weight for prolonged use
  • Have a thirty-day return policy and one year warranty
  • Allows panoramic viewing


  • Comes at a premium price

2. Gunnar gaming and computer Eyewear


  • Brand: Gunnar
  • Frame width: 130 mm
  • Temple:  130 mm
  • Nose: 20 mm
  • Patented focusing power: 0.20 mag

Similar to its sibling above, the Gunnar gaming and computer eyewear utilizes patented lens technology to filter out sixty-five percent of the harmful blue light coming off your screen. As such, it can protect your eyes from retinal damage and macular degeneration, among other side effects.

The anti-reflective layers included in their design reduces the amount of glare that can be experienced and in so doing prevents a computer user from developing blurred vision.

As if that’s not enough, the model incorporates a patented focusing power technology that fosters natural focusing. These can significantly reduce the amount of strain or stress that might be impacted on your eyes after a prolonged gaming session. 

Furthermore, its adjustable nose pads can enable a dynamic fit depending on your head size. At the same time, the interchangeable temples attribute can allow you to create myriad designs and customization options to fit your needs.

These glasses are ideal for both enthusiastic gamers and working professionals who want to protect their eyes from stress, strain, and the harmful effects of blue light that are commonplace.


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable nose pads
  • Interchangeable temples for different designs


  • No significant disadvantages noted

3. HyperX Gaming Eyewear


  • Brand: HyperX
  • Weight: 11.5 ounces

If you wanted something stylish for your gaming needs, then the hyperx gaming eyewear can fit your bill. It is manufactured from aesthetically appealing hardy polycarbonate frames that not only give it cute looks, but also an extended life span of consistent abuse.

What makes them remarkable is their almost clear lenses courtesy of the high-end MR-8 material, that doesn’t require the use of heavy tint to filter off the ultraviolet and blue lights.

As a result, you get to enjoy crystal clear images, which can tremendously improve your gaming experience.

Also, its anti-reflective layer prevents potentially harmful substances such as water, dust, and oil from reaching your eyes; while their lightweight frame allows you to wear them for extended periods without feeling tired.

They are a suitable model for gaming enthusiasts, as well as those interested in looking cool while going about their normal businesses.


  • Stylish, therefore, can be used in social situations
  • A hardy frame work that makes them durable
  • Lightweight
  • Uses premium MR-8 that enables crystal clear images


  • Premium price
  • Small frame

4. Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Weight: 2.4 ounces

Weighing in at 2.4 ounces, the Blue Light Blocking Glasses provides you with a perfect solution when considering a protective utility for your eyes.

Thanks to its orange lens technology, up to 97% of the blue light emanating from your screen can be blocked. A feat that hasn't been achieved by a significant number of computer glasses, which makes it spectacular. With such capabilities, you can be assured of better sleep even after spending your entire day staring at your gaming screen. 

Likewise, their adjustable nose pads prevent them from sleeping down your nose, while their spring hinges and lightweight design allows comfortable use.

Due to their affordable price tag, you don't need to break a bank to acquire a pair. Even better, their ninety-day money-back guarantee offer allows you to have a feel of the product without envisioning a loss as you would be fully refunded upon your request within that period.

The outfit can be an ideal choice for gamers and those people who like spending most of their time glued on their computer screen.  


  • Lightweight design for extended use
  • Filters up to ninety-seven of blue light
  • Unisex design
  • Affordable price


  • The plastic frame may not be durable if not handled with care

5. GAMEKING Classic Glasses


  • Brand: GAMEKING
  • Weight: 0.48 ounces
  • Dimensions: 6.9 by 2.8 by 2 inches

Next is the GAMEKING Classic Glasses that boasts of a unique patented amber-tinted lens that can block up to eighty-five percent of the dangerous blue light. And at the same time, allow fifty-six percent of useful light to pass through, which can significantly boost the health of a user’s eyes.

What’s more, the anti-reflecting coating used on the glasses alongside the patented lens eliminates glare, brings about three-dimensional visualization, as well as enhances contrast. All this contributes to enhanced user experience.

Another beneficial feature worth mentioning is its flexible or mobile nature as you can clip them on your existing prescription glasses. Besides, fit on a wide variety of frames that helps in cutting down on costs associated with purchasing a new pair of glasses.

They come with a thirty-day money-back guarantee offer and one-year breakage warranty that protects you from incurring a loss in case of a malfunction.


  • Blocks most of the harmful blue light rays while keeping the useful
  • Flexible since they can be used on a variety of frames, as well as alongside others.
  • Blocks hundred percent of the ultraviolet light


  • No frame for holding the lenses in place

6. ALTEC VISION Gaming Glasses


  • Brand: ALTEC
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Dimensions: 1.2 by 0.8 by 2.8 inches
  • Stainless steel frame

The ALTEC VISION Gaming Glasses boasts of an xBlue resin technology that is capable of reducing the amount of blue light projected from your computer screen, and cutting out 100% of the ultraviolet light while allowing the entry of over ninety percent of the visible lights. These can allow you to enjoy the benefits of accessing natural light, yet be able to eliminate the harmful blue light elements.

What is more, the model flaunts a stylish looking stainless steel frame that enhances durability. If provided adequate care, these glasses can last a life time; hence make a worthy investment. In the same vein, its springy hinges ensure that they effortlessly conform to the size your head, as such, making them comfortable to wear for an extended period.

The glasses are a good fit for gamers and general computer users who want an affordable product that can be able to deliver.


  • Its stainless steel frames make it durable
  • Full rim structures that secure the lenses


  • •A plastic lens that might proof had to clean

8 DUCO Gaming Glasses


  • Brand: Duco
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Dimensions: 5.9 x 1.2 x 2 inches

Rather than utilizing the commonly used heavy tints associated with a significant number of gaming glasses, the DUCO Gaming Glasses brings in a new twist.

It utilizes the European Union recommended blue light filter coatings alongside several FDA layers on the inside and outside of the lenses to block out the harmful blue light.

This allows them to have a stylish and near clear appearance, which makes them a favorite even in sensitive environments such as offices as they can rarely raise an eyebrow or appear out of place.

What we also like about this fixture is their low color distortion lenses that can enable you achieve higher image clarity, while protecting you from the blue light’s destructive effects.

The glasses come with a thirty-day money-back guarantee, which provides you with enough reason to try out your lack, if in need of one.

It can be a go-to model for gamers and office workers who want pair of gaming/ computer glasses with a lighter tint


  • Low color distortion lens that allows quality viewing
  • The manufacture provides a thirty-day money-back guarantee
  • An RX-Compatible structure that allows compatibility with prescription lens


  • Some clients complain that the lens is too narrow for their liking

8. JS Vision Gaming glasses


  • Brand: J + S
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Lens height: 38mm
  • Temple length: 140mm
  • Nose: 18mm

To wind us up is the elegant J+S Vision Gaming glasses. What piqued our interest in this pair glasses is its J+S Vision Blue Light Shield that protects a user’s eyes from ninety percent of the harmful blue light without the use of large doses of tint.

Furthermore, it utilizes a low color distortion lens, just like the previous model, to achieve an excellent balance between quality output and eye protection, resulting in a win-win situation.

Importantly, its full rectangular frame allows a proper viewing of the screen without interference from its framework, which makes it exciting to work with.

To ensure maximum comfort during when in use, the glasses integrate spring-loaded temples that adjust with the size of your face or head.

They are an ideal product for those wanting to protect their eyes while reading, as well as when playing games.


  • A classic framework that allows expansion
  • Stylish


  • Some customers complain that they foggy fast

What to consider when buying gaming glasses and do they help?

In this section, we shall dwell on some of the essential facts you need to know about gaming glasses. Besides, answer some of the intriguing questions that might be disturbing you regarding these handy implements.

Therefore, it is important that take a look at what we have and probably ask some more questions, as we shall be happy to help.Lets answer a few questions.

Are blue light glasses good for gaming? What glasses are good for gaming?

Advantages of wearing gamer glasses 

  • Have a mechanism for filtering blue light: unlike your ordinary pair of reading glasses, gamer glasses do infuse the latest technologies, such as the blue light filtering technology to block out any form of blue light, as such, can protect your eyes from their harmful effects.
  • Besides, it they can allow you to have a nice gaming experience without much struggle or strain.
  • Prevents screen glare: thanks to their anti-reflecting layer that cuts off glare, you can enjoy a more unobstructed view of your screen.
  • Enhances your gaming experience: As an enthusiastic gamer or who badly needs a win, it is paramount to have a clear view of what is going on. An excellent gaming glass enables such, which contributes to enhanced performance.
  • Not only that, you would also have a competitive advantage in case your rivals choose a gaming marathon.
  • Reduces strain on your eyes: By significantly reducing the amount of blue light entering your eyes and increasing the size of the view, gaming glasses can eliminate computer vision syndrome resulting from strained eyes.
  • Similarly, it prevents itchy eyes, blurry vision, and headaches, among other unwanted side effects.

What to look for in gaming glasses

  • The type of tint used: a fundamental determinant when selecting the right gaming glasses for your use is the kind of tint used. The following are some examples:
  • liquet: used for blocking at least thirty-five percent of the blue light coming off your screen as well as maintaining a uniform color scheme, hence preventing your eyes from harm due to high-intensity light.
  • Amber: eliminates around sixty-five percent of the blue light emanating from your screen. Besides, reduces the amount glare.
  • Crystalline: cuts off about ten percent of the blue light produced by your screens and is mostly created explicitly for art creative’s, such as those in the movie production and graphical designing.

From a general perspective, some tints such as the Amber-yellow can improve contrast and are an excellent choice for specific games if color distortion doesn’t bother you.

  • Lens technology: The design of a gaming glass lens significantly determines its ability to block out any form of blue light emanating from your screen and mostly depends on the technology used.
  • In some cases, the glasses can have the minimal amount of tint but still be able to filter sufficient amounts of blue light depending on their type of lens.
  • Magnification: while not a common feature in most of the gaming glasses, you can always order one with such functionality if need be.
  • Anti-glare and anti-reflective coatings: These two features are also available in some types of gaming glasses, which prevents a gamer or computer user from developing a blurred vision.
  • The material used in their manufacture: having a pair of gaming glasses that are made out of quality materials can be an excellent investment, as they can serve you for an extended period.
  • Besides, most of them are lightweight, thereby increasing your comfort levels when using them.  

Differences between gaming glasses and standard computer glasses

  • Design: computer glasses are conceptually designed to satisfy the needs of a working professional. Primary emphasis is put on aesthetics; as such, embrace modern styles that are unobtrusive, and contemporary.
  • These can enable a wearer to make a personal statement, as well as protect their eyes from the harmful effects of the blue light.
  • On the other hand, appearance isn't much important when designing gaming glasses; instead functionality takes the day. Most of them are a bit larger and hold firmly on to a user's head.
  • Besides, have a silicone nose to enhance comfortability and a lightweight structure that allows extended utilization. Not only that, a majority of them also have flat temples as they are mostly used alongside headsets.
  • Purpose:  computer glasses typically tend to have the general goal of eliminating blue light to reduce strain and, at the same time, appear stylish. However, most of the gaming glasses focus on specific requirements depending on the type of games and the use of headsets, as such, adopt different designs, such as the wrap-around frames to avoid dryness in a user’s eyes.
  • Amount of tint: A majority of the gaming glasses feature a tinted look used for filtering out the unwanted blue light.
  • However, some computer glasses have clear lenses, making them a better choice for those performing color-sensitive duties or who don't require tints due to their kind of environment.


What are gaming glasses?

From a rudimental perspective, this are specifically designed glasses that are meant to protect your eyes from strain and harmful effects of the blue light after extended gaming experiences.

Quality gaming glasses can allow you longer and comfortable gaming experience, as well as reduce your chances of having to visit an optician due to eye problems.

Do I need gaming glasses if I'm a gamer?

Well, this depends on whether you are experiencing eye problems or not. Essentially you don't require them if don’t have any issues with your eyes.

However, the more you stay glued on your computer screen, the higher the chances of developing some form of complication over time. Therefore, as an avid gamer, it is advisable that you grab a pair, which can help to ensure that you don't strain your eyes, have a better sleep, feel better, as well as maximize your gaming performance.

What is the functionality behind gaming glasses?

What majorly determines the effectiveness of a pair of gaming glass is the type of lens integrated in their design. This stems from the fact that we have different categories of lenses depending on the type of compounds they are made of, for instance, the kind of tint and technology used.

Can I use gaming glasses alongside my regular glasses?

Yes, you can. Especially with designs that are specifically meant for such purposes, and fit well with what you have, and can also allow the use of a headset. 

How will I identify a pair that would fit me?

Well, several factors can play a significant role in determining the kind of gaming glasses that can fit your bill. For instance, a pair's shape, frame type, and lens-option. All this can be found from the technical specifications that accompanied by these glasses.

You can check reviews on the specifics of your intended purchase or ask your potential vendor to provide you with some. Armed with such viable information, you can determine the kind of gaming glass that can fit your head, as well as solve your immediate concerns regarding eye protection.

Our verdict

In case you need the best overall gaming glass, then the Gunnar Onyx Gaming Glasses takes the day. This is informed by the fact that the pair employs top-notch features that can offer adequate protection to your eyes.

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