14 of the Best Large and Extended Mouse pads for Gaming and Office Work

In this modern age, people spend much of their time glued to their computer screens working, gaming or even interacting with their friends on social media platforms. As such, upgrading your computer setup can go a long way into boosting the performance and overall experience.

One of the best ways you can upgrade your setup is by getting a large mouse pad. Extended mouse pads are not only proven to elevate the levels of comfort but also enhance your performance and offer consistent stability and precision.

So, which mouse pad should you choose?

The good news is that there are dozens of good mouse pads on the market to choose from. The not-so-good news is that selecting one from so many can be quite daunting or even intimidating if you don't really know which one is more suitable for you.

Luckily for you, we took the time to research the market and discovered 14 best large and extended mouse pads that come in a mixture of styles and price ranges and are worth every penny! Take a look at our finalists and you might find something matching your tastes.

     Best for 2020

Glorious Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

  • Smooth cloth surface
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Anti-Fraying stitched frame
  • Machine Washable

Best Large and Extended Mouse pads

1. Glorious Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Available in 5 large sizes

Available sizes : Large, Extended, Xl Extended, XXL, XXL 

Probably one of the best gaming mouse pads out there, this extended mouse pad form Glorious is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate both the mouse and keyboard. The black, smooth cloth surface is designed to facilitate fast movement while maintaining a great balance between speed and precision.

Apart from the Glorious logo, there are no graphics on the pad, eliminating distractions while you’re busy gaming or even working. The stitched frame is designed to inhibit fraying and durable enough even with regular use. The rubber base works well to prevent slipping around even in intense gameplay. At 5mm thickness, this pad is pretty comfortable yet lightweight enough to move around. You should worry about spills as the pad is machine washable.


  • Great size
  • Nice styling, neat and non-distracting design
  • Superior construction for comfort, performance, and durability.


  • Limited color options

2. Corsair Gaming Mouse Pad MM300

If you’re looking for a mouse pad designed for utmost precision, Corsair Gaming MM300 is the perfect choice for you. At 37 x 12 inches, this pad offers ample space to place both the mouse and keyboard. The nice-looking stitched edges are perfectly reinforced for increased durability.

The woven textured surface ensures minimal friction and a robust rubber grip keeps the mat in position during your sessions. The surface is also optimized for unmatched accuracy, precision, and performance whether you’re using a laser or optical mice.

The grayscale shade ensures a muted and subdued design, eliminating distractions while you’re gaming. Overall, this giant mouse pad has a nice design and provides great value for your money.


  • Great value
  • Nice design
  • Excellent mouse movement


  • Strong odor
  • Slightly lifted stitched edge could be uncomfortable

3. HyperX Fury S Pro X-Large Mouse Pad

This extended mouse pad has a simple and neat design with the HyperX logo at the bottom corner. The cloth surface is both soft and thick enough for minimal wrist strain making it comfortable even during prolonged sessions. While the pad’s surface is super-soft, it’s designed not to compromise on precision accuracy with your mouse.

The edges boast anti-fraying stitching and can withstand the test of time. The natural textured base rubber provides a firm grip to keep the pad in position. It has a great size, providing just enough space to fit your setup comfortably. Not to mention it easily rolls up for portability.


  • Exceptionally cozy
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Great balance between speed and accuracy


  • Relatively mild odor

4. Reflex Lab Extra Large Mouse Pad

Despite being one of the inexpensive options out there, this long mouse pad features superior features for the ultimate gaming experience. With a vertical space of about 18 inches, this mouse pad can nicely fit your mouse and keyboard. The surface is ultra-smooth and quite thick making it super comfortable on your wrists.

The best part is that it’s uniquely made to give you precise and accurate gaming experience. The mat’s design is simple with a black color palette and a Reflex Lab logo on the top right corner. The stitched edges ensure it doesn’t fray, which makes it even more durable. Non-slip rubber backing holds the mat in place.

It’s also machine washable and waterproof, making pretty effortless to take care of.


  • Sturdy built
  • Highly durable
  • Non-slip back prevents slipping
  • Neat design
  • Amazingly thick and cozy


  • Strong odor that stays for a while

5. Cmhoo XXL Professional Large Mouse Pad

Uniquely designed to give PC gamers that competitive edge, this large mouse pad delivers unmatched performance.  It can help you achieve both speed and accuracy. It’s large and can fit all the necessary accessories and ideal for fps games.

It’s long-lasting, features anti-fray edging and a rubber backing that offers non-slip stability. The thick surface makes it pretty comfortable on your wrists and protects the surface of your desk from being damaged or scratched. The sturdy construction can withstand machine washing in case of a spill or dirt.


  • Quality construction
  • Prevents scratches on surfaces
  • Easy to clean
  • Lays nice and flat


  • Strong rubber smell at first

6. Perixx 1000XXL Gaming Mouse Pad

This extra-large mouse pad from Perixx, a popular German brand, is one of the biggest options you can find out there. At nearly 36 x 17 inches, this giant mouse pad offers ample room for virtually your entire PC setup.

The rubber base ensures the mat stays in place to prevent slipping. The cloth surface is both heat-treated and extremely smooth for precise and speedy movements for optical and laser mice.

The mouse mat has a nice, minimalistic design, featuring Perixx branding at the bottom right corner and a neutral black shade without many unnecessary graphics.


  • Clean design
  • Quite durable
  • Non-slip backing
  • Large size
  • Optimized for different types of mice


  • May be too big for small desks
  • Difficult to clean

7. PECHAM 3mm Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

With nearly 31 inches of vertical space, this extended gaming mouse mat is spacious enough to accommodate your mouse, keyboard, and other small items.  Its 3 mm thickness helps keep your desk surface protected against damage and scratches as well as offers your wrists extra cushioning. It has a non-slip rubber base that ensures the pad stays where you keep it without moving around.

The lycra surface is designed ultra-smooth and optimized to help you achieve both speed and control while gaming. You don’t have to worry about spills as the surface is water-resistant and machine washable, making it pretty easy to clean. The stitched edges are non-fray and enhance the pad’s durability.

This is an excellent extended gaming mouse pad if you’re looking for a great gaming experience without spending a fortune.


  • Lays nicely flat
  • Good size
  • Low maintenance
  • Great quality


  • No wrist rest

8. SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface

Probably one of the bestselling extra-large mouse pads on the market, SteelSeries extended mouse pad delivers incredible performance whether you're a designer, gamer, or just someone who neat looking space with exceptional mouse control. The monochromatic QcK logo design at the bottom right corner looks clean and appealing to the eye.

Measuring an ample 35 x 16 inches, the mat is large enough to fit your keyboard, mouse, and more comfortably.  Possibly the main feature of this extended gaming mouse pad, the top surface micro-woven cloth is perfectly optimized for excellent precision accuracy and control for virtually all gameplays.

The stitched edges eliminate any chance of fraying and enhance the pad’s durability and a non-slip base to prevent unwanted movements during your gaming sessions. It’s sturdy construction allows for machine washing without getting damaged.


  • Never-slip base
  • Qck micro cloth for elevated performance
  • Quality construction
  • Clean, simple design
  • Great size


  • Thinner than other options

9. Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Gaming Mousepad

A popular brand among PC gamers worldwide, especially those who fancy RGB lighting, Razer Goliathus extended mouse pad is specially designed to deliver both comfort and utmost responsiveness for gamers.

This large gaming mouse pad is quite costly than the other options, but for the right reasons. At 36 x 11-inches in size, this mouse pad provides ample room for your mouse and keyboard. The top surface is covered with a micro-textured cloth allows for greater precision, making it perfect for fast-paced games.

The main highlight of this mouse pad is its Chroma RGB lighting that radiates nearly 16.8 million colors. The pad seamlessly synchronizes with your Razer peripherals as well as games giving you the ultimate gaming experience. The non-slip rubber bottom prevents the pad from unnecessary movements while the cable manager minimizes clutter if you’re working with a wired mouse setup.

Overall, this extended gaming mouse pad has a nice, sleek design and is the best option if you have Razer gear.


  • Large size
  • Various design options
  • Control or speed materials, depending on your preference
  • Sleek design


  • The large gaming graphics could potentially be distracting for some

10. GGLTECK XXL Large Mouse Pad

Ranked among the top best extended mouse pads out there, the GGLTECK XXL Large Mouse Pad boasts a quality construction with an appealing design.

With stitched non-fray edges and a sturdy rubber grip, this large mouse pad can be the perfect option for anyone looking for a highly durable mouse pad with incredible performance.

Measuring 36x12 inches in size, this pad provides sufficient space for placing your PC setup, and makes a great option for an office setup. The top surface is ultra-smooth, allowing for fast movement without compromising on precision control.


  • Ample space
  • Soft-feeling material
  • Stable quality
  • Comfortable user experience
  • Attractive design


  • Not as thick as some expect

11. AUKEY Gaming Mouse Pad Large XXL

This XXL Large Size mouse pad from AUKEY features a soft cloth surface along with a firm rubber base that ensures the ad never slips while you’re busy gaming.

The high-quality cloth material ensures you get consistent precision and control even under extreme gaming. Beyond gaming, this large mouse pad also provides amazing performance while doing your office work.

The overall design is simple and clean with a small Aukey logo at the bottom right corner, eliminating unnecessary distractions while busy enjoying your game. This pad is machine washable, which makes cleaning pretty effortless.


  • Extended Surface
  • Scepter Mouse Pad
  • Precise Control
  • Washable Design
  • Fine Textured
  • High-Density Rubber


  • Not a good writing surface

12. VIPAMZ Gaming mouse pad

Looking to enhance your gaming experience or just want a better experience while using your PC at work? If so, you might consider upgrading to a Vipamz extra-large gaming mouse pad.

With reinforced stitched edges, this giant mouse pad doesn’t fray and guarantees the best durability. The pad has 36 x 12 inches, providing enough room to fit both your keyboard and mouse. There is also a wrist support that makes it comfortable to use your PC even for a prolonged time without feeling cramped.

The thick cloth surface rests flat on the surface and helps you maintain optimal speed and control while working or gaming. The anti-slip rubber bottom keeps the extra-long mat in position without slipping or moving around.


  • Rubber base
  • Waterproofed
  • Good on glass surface
  • Decent speed and accuracy


  • Rubber odor

13. LUXCOMS RGB Soft Gaming Mouse Pad Large

Another modern large gaming mouse pad option, the LUXCOMS giant mouse pad features up to eleven lighting modes.  The RGB lights look incredibly stunning even in day light and a button which you can use to toggle between the different colors.

This extended mouse pad is spacious enough to accommodate more than just your mouse and ultra-thick for added cushioning of your wrist. It has a quality construction with a non-slip base, waterproof design and enhanced durability. The micro-textured cloth surface is super smooth for accurate control and speed for gaming. It also comes with a micro USB cable which makes connecting to your PC pretty a breeze.


  • Great size
  • Quality built
  • Non-slip base
  • Waterproof


  • Not washable

14. JIALONG Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Large

This JIALONG gaming mouse pad comes at a size of 35 inches of vertical space providing ample room to mouse and keyboard. Top surface cloth is amazingly smooth to facilitate for seamless mouse gliding.  

Stitching on edges provides protection to the mouse pad against fraying as well as degumming. This also boosts the pad’s aesthetic appeal and its durability. The rubber base holds the mouse pad perfectly in place while gaming or busy working.


  • Non-fraying edges
  • Great size
  • Quality construction
  • Easy to clean


  • The graphics may be distracting for some

Choosing the Best Extended Mouse Pad 

Choosing the right extended mouse pad can be intimidating considering there are a plethora of options out there to choose from. As such, there are several important factors you should take into consideration when shopping for the best large mouse pad. Read on to learn what makes the best giant mouse pad to help you make an informed buying decision:

  • Size

There are different sizes of extended mouse pads available, which head up to XXXL sizes. The size you choose, however, will mostly depend on your specific needs. For gaming purposes, for instance, you may want to consider buying a larger mouse pad than the standard size ones. This ensures you have plenty of space for making rapid changes in directions to achieve precise targets.

For office work, then you can go for medium sizes depending on your available desk space. If you have ample space, then choose the largest option for maximum room for your mouse.

  • Surface

The type of surface of the extended mouse pad has a direct impact on the performance of your mouse. You should consider choosing a mouse pad with an optimized texture for enhanced speed and accuracy. Ultra-smooth pad surfaces will often deliver faster mouse movements while those that are slightly textured bring about greater precision and accuracy. The best extended mouse pad surface strikes a perfect blend of speed and control and is comfortable on your wrists.

  • Base

You definitely don’t want a mouse pad that keeps on moving around in the middle of intense battles. For that reason, you should consider selecting a mouse pad with a non-slip base. This crucial feature ensures the mouse mat remains rock-solid in position, enabling you to make rapid and accurate mouse movements.

  • Comfort

Since you spend most of your waking time glued on your screen either gaming or busy working, this may exert stress on your wrists and hands leading to fatigue. As such, you may want to buy a thicker mouse pad for added cushioning for your wrists or an option with padded wrist rests for enhanced comfort.

  • Reliability

Firstly, make sure to check that you’re buying a mouse pad that has quality construction. This means buying a pad with non-fray stitched edges that’s sure to withstand many years of use. You’d also want to consider one that’s waterproof in case of spills and machine washable for super easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • Style and design

From simple to flashy options, extended mouse pads come in a vast range of styles and designs. The one you choose will mostly depend on your taste and preference. Most gamers, however, choose large mouse mats with design elements that add an edge to their gaming rig. On the other hand, you may want a pad with a minimalist style for office work purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Large and Extended Mouse pads

 Is an extended mouse pad worth buying?

Compared to conventional mouse pads, an extended mouse pad gives you ample space for placing your mouse, keyboard, or even your entire PC setup. Though it’s a simple element, this ergonomic utility can benefit you in countless ways including:

  • Elevates your gaming experience by improving responsiveness and precision of your mouse controls
  • Nicely covers reflective and slippery surfaces such as glossy tabletops that may be distracting
  • Neatly covers and levels uneven and rough surfaces such as wood
  • Extends your mice’s durability and protects your desk surface from scratches
  • Offers a cushioned surface for comfortable working
  • Gives your desk a clean, sleek layout

What are the different sizes of mouse pads

Mouse pads come in a vast range of sizes; from peasant small that can only accommodate your mouse to super large that cover nearly two-thirds of your desk surface and also thick to thin options. Basically, there are plenty of different sizes you can choose from depending on your unique needs and preferences.

How big is an XL mouse pad?

An XL mouse pad is one that’s big enough to nicely accommodate your mouse, keyboard, laptop and other items on the surface of your desk. It maintains your desk looking neat and uncluttered, improving your gaming experience or work efficiency.

Are hard mouse pads better?

Hard mouse pads are particularly great for aggressive players who require more glide and high sensitivity. They are also perfect for those who use laser sensor gaming mice for accurate targeting and marking. These models are designed to give you greater precision for quick and accurate movements. They are also waterproof, making them best for you if you’re prone to spills.

Can an extended mouse pad be used as a writing surface?

Depending on the type of material used, some extended mouse pads provide a great writing surface without compromising on the quality of the pad’s surface. On the contrary, it may not be advisable to write on mouse pads with soft surfaces as it may leave permanent impressions, causing inconsistent and less accurate mouse movements.

What is a good mouse pad size?

A good mouse pad size is one that offers sufficient space for your mouse movements, can accommodate your keyboard and other items, and can serve as wrist rests. You should also consider a size that covers your desk surface nicely to protect it against scratches and stains.

The Bottom Line

We hope this review has saved you some time doing research, but more importantly, helped you move closer to choosing the best giant mouse pad for those glorious victories and overall improved user experience. The features that make one mouse pad the best may be different from one person to another, but one thing you should know for sure is that whatever kind you choose you’re guaranteed it’s both reliable and durable.

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