Best 60% Mechanical Keyboards of 2020

The best 60 keyboard can change a cluttered gaming desk into something more decent. The best 60 percent keyboard will mostly be a fraction of standard size keyboards.  In other words, these keyboards have a compact yet intuitive interface intended to provide gamers seamless access to their most desired functions and keybinds.

They are even recommended over the standard keyboards because they allow for easy angling, ensuring superior hand and wrist positioning. And since the keyboard keys are placed closely together, they allow for faster keypresses. This article will address the 10 best 60% keyboard reviews.

     Best for 2020

Razer Blackwidow Elite with Deathadder Elite

Best 60% Mechanical Keyboards

1. DIERYA 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

DIEYA hasn’t got a name in the gaming accessories market yet. They aren’t anywhere close to big brands such as Sony, Asus, and the like. However, that doesn’t mean DIERYA 60% mechanical gaming keyboard is a throw. As a matter of fact, it’s our top-rated and best 60 percent keyboard that packs functional features in a budget-friendly package.

Connect the keyboard seamlessly and efficiently to your gaming console or monitor, thanks to its powerful 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity. It’s simply a good choice of a keyboard that can be used on other smart devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android. You will surely love the fact that the keyboard has an innovative and superior quality design.

The dual-mode connection of the keyboard lets you link it to your devices either by using USB cable or Bluetooth. That not only allows for flexibility but also makes it versatile enough for use in different applications. When playing on your PlayStation console, you have to use wired USB mode while on monitors, you can use wireless if Bluetooth-enabled.

Like other high-end keyboards from more prominent brands, it has an RGB backlit system and 63 customizable lighting keys. The keyboard keys aren’t changeable or hot-swappable, but they allow you to change them from light blue, blue, yellow, purpose, green, and white keys.

With this keyboard, you are also getting a 1900 AMH that can serve you for a whopping 100 hours before the need to recharge them. The keyboard has a 10m range and can be placed anywhere to play a game on a monitor set 100 meters away. Unfortunately, the keyboard isn’t quite easy to clean, as it may the case with similar 60% gaming keywords.


  • Good quality for the price
  • It packs a small-form and compact design
  • It has an innovative and intuitive RGB backlit system
  • It can be connected via Bluetooth or USB
  • Highly suited for gaming
  • It connects to multiple devices gaming consoles included


  • The print quality isn’t amazing
  • Cleaning it proves a challenge

2. Akko X Ducky One 2 Mini RGB 60% Mechanical Keyword

Ducky is a popular household name amongst keyboard enthusiasts. It’s quite cherished and loved by gamers, writers, and professional computer users. They are superbly solid and non-nonsense keyboards for gamers. The Akko X Ducky One 2 mini is a superb low-profile 60% keyboard that boasts a floating key design but lacks the flushness and flatness common in other keyboards.

It comes second top in our best 60% keyboard reviews because of its minimal and classy design alongside great performance and portability. It has white backplates highlighted by RGB modes, which creates an impressive look and functionality. The keyboard boasts superb touches highlighted by Ducky branding and USB-type C.

The keyboard packs two-piece uniquely crafted casing, with the top being black and the bottom one being white. The plastic casing is quite attractive, while the inner steel plate is strong enough to prevent flexing.

The keyboard keys are superbly stable with brown switches that provide effective tactile feedback. The keyboard doesn’t have dedicated arrows, and so it may be a bit challenging to navigate seamlessly. As well, this mechanical keyboard for gamers doesn’t come with a distinct software. However, it lets you personalize and program it into the Ducky’s onboard memory using several key presses.

The Akko X Ducky One 2 mini is capable of holding about 6 profiles alongside 3 macros layers. The keyboard packs all the essential media and shortcut keys that gamers want to enjoy their gaming to the fullest.


  • It can be programmed without a software
  • It comes with multiple layers and PBT keycaps
  • It includes a USB-C connection and removable cable
  • It packs clean and impressive design
  • It includes themed spacebar, wired keycap puller, and colored keycaps
  • It includes low-rattle cherry stabilizers
  • It has a standard bottom row


  • It’s quite expensive
  • It doesn’t have the same customization qualities as similar models

3. Ducky One 2 Mini Mechanical Keyboard

The next best 60% keyboard in our review is Ducky One 2. It comes in multiple sizes and varied keycap colors, which include the tenkeyless version, dinkier Ducky One 2 mini, and 65% model.  It’s a full-sized RGB model that packs multiple Cherry MX switches, including the blue & browns, standard red, black speed, and silent silvers.

Those keys pack a quick up-and-down feel like standard red switch keyboards but don’t make as much noise. The keyboard doesn’t have a uniquely designated gaming mode, but it can be handled by most monsters and keyboard mashing games.

It’s definitely the keyboard gamers who want to enjoy their gaming experiences with minimal hassle. Using this mechanical 60% keyboard from Ducky comes with the assurance of less ghosting issues.  With the N-key rollover function, the keyboard lets you mash numerous keys easily.

Also, an exciting feature of the keyboard is the 3 adjustment angles, which allows for optimal comfort. You will not enjoy great comfort while gaming with keyboard, but also have the assurance of a long-lasting keyboard that stands out in durability. The bottom of the keyboard is a double-layered feet that allows for easy adjustment of the gaming angle.

The coolest aspect of the gaming keyboard is its lighting system. Each of the keyboard keys is backlit and includes RGB LEDs, which you can adjust to suit your unique needs. And the good thing, you can select from an extensive range of lighting patterns, setting the brightness levels to your specifications and adjusting the light show speed to match your preferences.


  • It packs outstanding programmability
  • The keyboard’s keycaps are way better compared to those found on standard gaming keyboards
  • It feels great to use while enjoying your favorite game
  • It’s the ultimate choice of windows software or onboard programming
  • It packs a unique appearance that’s characterized by superior lighting
  • Uses USB Type-C


  • It doesn’t have dedicated key arrows
  • The Numpad may seem small to some users

4. Redragon K552 Kumara Mechanical Keyboard

In the world of gaming peripherals, Redragon hasn’t got a name yet. But since its explosive entry into the gaming keyboard manufacturing, it has stood out the test of time. The Redragon K552 Kumara is one of the most amazing creations from Redragon. Based on the many reviews available online, I am convinced this keyboard stands out as a real gem for professional gamers.

It’s a compact and user-friendly 60% keyboard that has superb anti-ghosting design and full mechanical keys. The keyboard’s construction is heavy-duty, which means handling it will be fun and straightforward.  Also, the keyboard has a red backlight highlighted by varying brightness levels.

The keyboard’s base is created of metal, while the exterior is covered with premium plastic. Its top is highlighted by superior mechanical triggers with Greentech molds, keys, and high clearance. Overall, the keyboard has got the most realistic and simple build quality that is engineered to stand severe abuse and years of use. It’s entirely splash resistant and packs a great range of gold-plated USB connectors.

With this keyboard, you are getting 87 double-shot injection keys and conflict-free keys with superior polling rates. Also, the keyboard gives you a combination of 12 multimedia controls aligned diagonally to twelve function keys. The keyboard’s WASD and arrow keys are switchable. It is a simple plug-and-play keyboard that doesn’t require the installation of unique software or drivers.

In general, the Redragon K522 is a robust yet compact budget-friendly keyboard that addresses the core needs of professional and amateur gamers. It’s a versatile and flexible mechanical keyboard that does pack superior performance and reliability. It does have a vast range of key binds and can be used on almost any device, including gaming consoles, gaming monitors, and smart devices.


  • Budget-friendly and reliable
  • Solid construction and heavy base
  • Amazing key feel and function
  • Splashproof design and durable
  • Superior backlighting
  • Super user-friendly and performance-oriented
  • Interchangeable WASK and arrow keys


  • It lacks macro keys
  • Multimedia keys aren’t easy to access

5. HUO JI E-Element Z-88 RGB 60%

Consider getting this keyboard to add fun to the way you play your favorite games. The keyboard has personalized mechanical switches that aids to improve its durability and responsiveness. HUO JI E-element Z-88 is one of those RGB gaming keyboards that pack superb mechanical keys along with superior material input, snap sound, and medium opposition. It likewise integrates five switches to act as a substitution if the other keys fail.

Despite being a compact and small keyboard, it’s impressively amazing. It won’t eat up much of your gaming desk or congest it, making it look uninspiring. In general, the keyboard packs 81 keys capable of working at high speeds. It also provides 10 RGB backdrop illumination levels at radiance shading speed. The exterior design of the console includes a matte-finish that offers a unique and impressive look.

The keyboard’s switches are hot-swappable and appear as if they are soldered.  Hot-swappable switches are highly customizable and allow you to play around with them, and breaking down doesn’t affect your playability. Also, the keyboard includes RGB LEDs, which is an addition to a keyboard of its kind.

You will as well love the 75% Z-88 keyboard layout that packs the needed keys in physical buttons. Also, some fantastic features making the keyboard are the splash proofing and cable channeling functions that make the console quite a great addition to any gamer’s workstation.

The keyboard’s build quality may not be the best. It won’t deliver the quality you desire in a high-end keyboard but is undoubtedly not a miss. You are simply getting good quality and reliable, compact mechanical keyboard at a budget-friendly price.


  • The plastic and metal casing is strong and durable
  • It includes a standard bottom row
  • The RGB LEDs have ten lighting modes
  • It contains windows and multimedia keys
  • The construction is waterproof
  • It has cable channeling
  • Packs an excellent range of black and white coloring
  • Hot-swappable switches


  • Laser-etched secondary key functions
  • The build quality isn’t the best

6. Obinslab Anne 2 Pro 60% Keyboard

If you’ve been hunting for the best 60 percent keyboard for your gaming but not yet discovered a perfect choice, the Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is a great option to try. This robustly constructed keyboard looks and feels great. All the keys on the keyboard are excellently programmed. With the keyboard, you are getting customizable RGB lighting.

The console comes in an outstanding range of switch options, but it does use Gateron Brown switches to deliver superior feedback and performance without extreme noise. This keyboard is Bluetooth-enabled, and so you can wirelessly connect it to your Bluetooth-enabled monitors and laptops. That makes it stand out, considering it packs premium stabilizers and double-shot PBT keycaps that add to its efficiency and reliability.

It uses a high-end software known as Obins kit that is designed intentionally for the keyboard. The software allows you to update the keyboard’s software as well as edit RGB lighting effects and push the macros. Along with the USB-C connectivity, the keyboard promises to make your experiences as awesome as possible.  As for the Kahli switches and superior stabilizer bars, they make your gaming experience as impressive as possible. And since the keyboard has an on/off Bluetooth switch, it aids in extending the battery lifespan.

This is no doubt the ultimate mobile gamer’s keyboard that promises productivity and flexibility. It’s capable of pairing with as many smart devices as possible, including the ones that can be paired through Bluetooth or USB. Additionally, the keyboard packs the right weight and size to allow for comfortable use.


  • Great range of switch options
  • Superior build quality
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Highly flexible and versatile
  • User-friendly and superb performance
  • Good customization options
  • Superior built-in battery


  • Not so many extra features
  • Limited size feels quite crampy

7. DREVO CALIBUR V2 Mechanical Keyboard

Are you in a tight budget but still want to invest in the best 60% keyboard under $50, the Drevo Calibur V2 is a deal-breaker. It’s an affordable yet compact size mechanical keyboard that does deliver real value for money. The keyboard’s compactness doesn’t affect its functionality and feature range.

It employs an advanced layout characterized by a TKL keyboard and user-friendly keys. The base is made of plastic while the keyboard’s keys are created of ABS. On the keyboard’s sides, six stripes are capable of illuminating the console to deliver an impressive touch and feel. As for key illumination, you are getting 17 amazing effects that don’t require installing any type of software.

As for the keyboard’s design, it’s highlighted by a small natural elevation that allows for smooth magnification using the two magnetic pedestals. Buyers have the option to choose keyboards with the Outemu clones or Cherry MX switches. These keyboard switch options work differently, but that doesn’t mean they look different.

As for the keyboard’s connectivity, you can link to your computer via USB-C. The keyboard isn’t wireless or Bluetooth-enabled. The keyboard lighting can be customized with no need to install any software. However, for you to enjoy more personalized light, you have to install the brand’s application.

The keyboard has an internal battery that can last for way over 20 hours. And considering it charges for only two hours, it’s a real deal for many gamers. It may not be the perfect choice for you if you are searching for a wireless and Bluetooth-enabled mechanical keyboard.


  • It’s quite budget-friendly
  • Can connect to three devices at once
  • It offers an impressive mix of varied backlighting effects
  • It includes N-key rollover support
  • The design is minimalist and compact


  • Doesn’t have key profiles or media keys
  • The flame is made of plastic

8. RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Mechanical Keyboard

The RK Royal Kludge RK61 is another superior keyboard for those who want to take their gaming experience a notch higher. This keyboard allows users to connect it to three devices at once and can be switched with ease. One of the features making the keyboard stand out is the rechargeable lithium-ion battery with an outstanding standby time of 36 hours and 10 hours of continuous use. Charging the battery will take you only three hours at maximum.  You can charge the keyboard by plugging it into your computer.

The keyboard backlight stays idle only for one minute before it lights automatically.  When idle for five minutes, the keyboard will turn into the standby mode while when idle for 10 minutes, it will change to the deep-sleep mode. When talking about the keyboard’s ergonomics, it packs a stair-up keycap design customized to provide optimal comfort. The unique design aids in keeping your hands in a natural position to help minimize fatigue when you are gaming for extended periods.

The keyboard also includes three main switches. The blue switch is a bit noisy and feels bumpy and tactile. As for the brown switch, it allows for easy double-tapping alongside being less noisy and offering more tactile feel. The red switch has a smooth and linear feel and does perform best among gaming specialists. Gamers and typists love this keyboard for its amazing performance and extended range of connectivity options.


  • It has excellent build quality and performance
  • It is quite affordable
  • The keyboard can be customized via computer software
  • It’s user-friendly and quite reliable
  • Compact and minimalist design
  • Highly compatible with most devices
  • Can be connected to three devices at once
  • It is Bluetooth-enabled


  • A bit complex to handle
  • Doesn’t allow for easy keymap customization

9. Qisan 68-Keys Mini Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Qisan 68 keys is a minimalist tenkeyless keyboard that is designed to be portable and budget-friendly. The keyboard comes in multiple customization options, which include Kailh, Cherry, and Gateron switches. The outer aluminum casing and finishing feel quite great. The bottom is made of ABS plate, which though not the most outstanding, will make your gaming experiences amazing. Overall, this gaming keyboard is designed to be lightweight, portable, and compact.

The keyboard packs 4 uniquely designed navigation keys and 4 directional keys. The keyboard’s function keys are integrated into its number row. When you get this keyboard from Qisan, you will add to gaming experiences considering its unique design and functioning. The keyboard also includes 3 fully functional DIP switches designed to make it easy for you to deactivate the Windows key, swap Windows key and functions, and swap Capslock with left Ctrl.

Another feature that makes this mechanical keyboard outstanding is its floating-key design. The low-profile design is highlighted by ABS keycaps and clear legends. Its reflective furry metal plate aid in improving the keyboard’s backlighting effect. Its plastic base includes two foldable feet and four rubber pads that enhance its usability.

We can’t forget to mention the fact that the keyboard has an anti-slip rubber and keyboard bracket. It’s ergonomically designed to give you not only comfortable functionality but also make your gaming experiences quite awesome.


  • The keyboard is aesthetically pleasing
  • It has a compact and minimalist design
  • It connects to a variety of devices
  • It doesn’t require installation of any software or drivers
  • It packs genuine MX cherry switches that feel superb
  • It is the ideal choice for improving gaming
  • It’s quite affordable


  • The layout is a way too complex
  • It’s quite lightweight which complicates handling

10. MOTOSPEED 61 Keys 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Our last choice of the best 60% keyboard for gamers is Motospeed. This compact and small mechanical keyboard is designed to be a real deal for beginners and experiencers alike. The keyboard packs USB Type-C ports to provide quality wired connections and Bluetooth 3.0 support to make wireless connections a breeze. That simply means you can link the keyboard to multiple devices simultaneously.

Good enough, the keyboard uses a 1300mAh battery that will give you 10 hours of continuous wireless use. The keyboard as well has RGB backlight with 19 effects to let you choose the one that suits your gaming them. Great enough, the effects are well illuminated via the double-shot injection keycaps that are strong, impressive, and durable.

The impressive backlight effects are uniquely designed to boost gaming experiences.  It does support most game modes and custom recording key backlight functions. The lights are presented in a transparent letter and backlight. In terms of construction, the keyboard is not only strong and durable but also scratch-resistant.

So if you are searching for a budget-friendly yet efficient mechanical keyboard to add flavor to your gaming experiences, this compact yet ergonomically designed choice from Motospeed is the best choice. The premium ABS construction characterized by plate-mounted mechanical switches and keys adds to its functionality, as well.

We are convinced this keyboard is specially made for gamers consider the unique design and great range of features. You can use it on devices powered by Mac OS X, Windows 7 and above and Windows Vista.  Lastly, the keyboard comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can return it if it doesn’t match your specifications.


  • It’s quite a budget-friendly mechanical keyboard
  • It has a superior switch and key feeling
  • Comes with outstanding 17 color effects
  • The RGB lighting is super bright
  • It has a good quality design and durable construction
  • It allows for secure wireless connection
  • It can connect up to three devices at once


  • The keyboard’s FN keys are a bit complex to operate
  • Not suitable for all kinds of gaming

Frequently Asked Questions {FAQs}

What's the difference between mechanical keyboards and normal keyboards?

Mechanical keyboards use mechanical switches to trigger and record keystrokes every stroke a user makes. The physical switch activates instantly and returns to normality after the keystroke is completed. As for standard keyboards, they use a rubber membrane or dome to depress and record the keystrokes.

Are 60% keyboards better?

The best 60% keyboard options are highly programmable and customizable. Gamers can easily create a gaming layer using multiple function keys. Almost all the best 60 percent keyboard options offer an incredible range of layouts, including RGB, non-LED, and underglow.

What is a 60% keyboard?

A 60 percent keyboard is a high-end and compact keyboard that has less 40% keys available in full-size standard keyboards. The 60% keys in these keyboards are highly customizable and ergonomically designed to offer full functionality. And so, these keyboards aren’t a throw when it comes to performance and reliability.

How many switches do I need for a 60 keyboard?

Almost all mechanical 60% keyboards come with three main types of switches which are Clicky, Linear, and tactile. Linear switches are the more natural options to operate since they seamlessly move down and up without making clicking noise or sending tactile feedback. They have smooth keystroke that delivers fast actuation, something which makes them ideal for gamers. That simply means if you are a gamer, you need all the linear switches in your mechanical keyboard.

How many keys is 60%?

Most of the 60 percent keyboards have conventional ANSI-derived layout. Most of these keyboards have 61 keys, though others can have more keys as the backspace, space bar, and shift keys can be split into many different keys.

How do I use the function keys on my 60 keyboard?

You can use the function key on your 60 percent keyboard by holding it down and pressing the key so you can alternate commands. 


If you have to this point, you virtually understand everything about the best 60 keyboard options. You already know which brands stand out when it comes to creating the top best 60 percent keyboard for gamers. That said, it is easier for you to make an informed decision on which console to buy, depending on the intended use and personal preferences.

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