Best 24” IPS Monitors of 2020

Trying to pick out the best IPS monitor for gaming can be a difficult task, especially if you’re not knowledgeable about what exactly you’re searching for. The market for gaming monitors is diverse, making your buying process even more difficult than you may have anticipated to begin with.

There are many different factors that you should consider before purchasing a certain IPS monitor for gaming, and certain monitors may be more beneficial for different purposes than others. For instance, some monitors may be specifically designed in order to operate professional software, while others are more for programming and gaming purposes.

Because of that, you’ll want to consider what the best features for your specific type of gaming is. To help you out, here is a complete guide containing some information that you may find helpful in your buying process as well as some of the best 24” IPS monitors for gaming.

Best 24” IPS Monitors Review By GamingRig

Best 24” IPS Monitors of 2020

1. Dell UltraSharp LCD Screen 23.8” Monitor with Wireless Charging Stand

We recommend checking out this Dell IPS monitor because it features a wireless charging stand that gives you the ability to charge your phone or other smart device simply by placing it on top of the stand.

The construction of this monitor itself is recommended because it gives you the ability to fully adjust the display in order to fit your personal preferences.

For instance, you can pivot, tilt or swivel this monitor into any position or height that you find the most comfortable, allowing you to play better and for longer periods of time without needing breaks.

The display screen on this Dell IPS monitor is beneficial because it has factory color calibration report that gives you the ability to view all colors as accurately as possible. This screen also offer an enhanced clarity, since it features full HD 1920 x 1080 clarity at 60 Hz. This gives the display a clear and accurate experience with consistent colors throughout the whole screen.

Furthermore, we found that this monitor is compatible with several connections, since it’s equipped with multiple ports, including HDMI, DP/mini-DP as well as many audio line out ports. Given that, you can easily connect several different individual devices to this monitor at the same time.



  • includes attached wireless charging stand
  • 96% sRGB coverage optimal color performance
  • Features several different ports for multiple connections at once
  • A few previous customers complaints

2. ASUS Designo Full HD VGA Eye Care 25” Monitor

After reviewing this ASUS IPS monitor, we found that it offers an ultra slim design that can contribute to the modern and simply design of your room. More specifically, this PC’s construction presents an ergonomic design that comes with a sundial-inspired stand. Not only that, but this monitor’s construction is beneficial because it comes with two stereos that have amplifiers equipped with SonicMaster sound optimization technology.

We found that this feature is beneficial for individuals that want to play music while they’re gaming. This monitor is also beneficial for gaming purposes because it has a response time of five ms, and it comes with ASUS Eye Care Technology that features a flicker-free background.

If you’re known to play games for long periods of time, this monitor is also beneficial because it’s easy on the eyes, since it comes with a blue light filter that can minimize the amount of strain that your eyes experience while focused on this monitor. The screen display itself is high quality because it’s equipped with a full HD 1920 x 1080 LCD display screen.

Because of that, this screen’s display is extremely clear, and it also offers a wide-view angle in its frameless design that comes with a 178-degree angle experience. By having this construction, the monitor maximizes the use of the screen in order to improve your experience using the product.



  • Comes with two stereos with an amplifier that’s equipped with SonicMaster technology
  • Eye Care Technology reduces eye strain
  • Response time 5 ms
  • Comes with outdated cables

3. ViewSonic Frameless IPS Widescreen LED 24” Monitor

This ViewSonic product is classified as one of the best IPS monitors because it offers a panel that ensures you the clearest display image, regardless of what angel you’re viewing the screen at.

This is because the product features the SuperClear IPS panel. It’s also easy on the eye, since it’s equipped with flicker-free technology as well as a blue light filter that allows you to comfortably use the monitor all day long.

The frameless design of this monitor is beneficial because it’s able to go well with any modern setup that you have at home. And the monitor also comes with a mini DP to DP cable included with your purchase. If the 24” display doesn’t work well for your preferences, you also have the ability to purchase the same monitor in a 27” size.

Lastly, this IPS monitor from ViewSonic is advised for you to check out because it’s able to offer various different connection ports. These connection ports include HDMI ports, DisplayPort, mini DisplayPorts and even other laptops.



  • Equipped with SuperClear IPS panel that offers a clear display at any angle
  • Available in either a 24” or 27”
  • Comes with a Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable
  • More expensive than some other IPS monitors on the market

4. HP White IPS Display 23.8” Monitor

We recommend that you consider this HP IPS monitor for your gaming purposes because it’s able to offer a high quality display screen when viewing from any angle.

For instance, this screen features IPS technology that ensures a clear image from every angle, and it offers a wide angle, measuring 178 degrees of consistent detail and color.

The display screen also features a Bezel-less display, which is able to offer an even larger viewing experience than other types of gaming monitors. We even found that this monitor specifically has a 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio that can ensure your display screen the clearest and most high quality experience.

The panel is even equipped with anti-glare properties that allow you to utilize the monitor even when the sun is shining during the day, since it prevents there from being a glare on the screen’s display.

You can easily access the ports of this monitor, since there are so many different ones that can be accessed on the back of the model. This PC also ensures a user-friendly experience, since you can utilize the user control OSD settings that can save your preferences with the HP My Display software.

You even have the ability to purchase this HP IPS Display monitor in various sizes, ranging from 21.5” to a 27” model. The construction of the display itself is beneficial because it fits well with any modern or simple room design.


  • More affordable than other IPS monitors
  • Full HD, Bezel-free display screen
  • 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio


  • Doesn’t come with any additional cables or accessories

5. AOC Frameless IPS LED-lit 27” Monitor

We’ve positively reviewed this AOC IPS display monitor because it’s classified as a frameless LED-lit monitor that offers a response time of five milliseconds as well as a brightness of 250 cd/m2.

Given the fast response time of this monitor, it’s highly beneficial for gaming purposes. Check out why this one made the list. 

Regarding the display screen itself, this AOC IPS monitor features a full HD resolution that has a dynamic contrast ratio of 50,000,000:1. This ratio shows that the display on this PC is greater and of a higher quality than other types of IPS monitors. This monitor is also able to deliver consistent and high quality colors across the while screen and from endless viewing positions.

The construction of this AOC IPS monitor features a 2mm ultra-narrow bezel in order to ensure a virtually borderless appearance. Given this frameless style, the PC itself offers a modern and high-tech appearance that fits well with practically any home setup.

The monitor is compatible with various different software programs, including Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 10 as well as many other types of software. Also regarding compatibility, this IPS monitor supports several different port connections. For instance, this monitor supports VGA ports as well as ports for HDMI, HDMI with MHL, power shuko c7 cable and even a DisplayPort connectivity.

Moreover, we found that this AOC display accommodates for optimal comfortability for the user, since it’s capable of adjusting in other to fit the user’s personal preferences. More specifically, you can alter this IPS monitor’s pivot up to 90 degrees as well as its tilt and swivel positions.


  • Dynamic contrast ratio of 50,000,000:1
  • Frameless and ultra-narrow appearance
  • Response time of 5 ms


  • More expensive than most IPS monitors on the market

Buying Guide 

Benefits of IPS Monitors

Consistent colors

Unlike most other types of monitors on the market, IPS monitors are able to offer more consistent colors throughout the whole screen, making them extremely beneficial for gaming purposes on wide range angles. This essentially means that regardless of whatever angle you’re viewing the monitor at, the color that you will see is consistent throughout the whole screen.

Because of that color quality on these monitors, you have the ability to view your gaming at an overall higher quality as well. This can even increase your overall gaming performance, since you’ll be able to view a higher quality image than other players on different monitors.

Great contrast ratio

IPS monitors are also able to deliver a higher contrast ratio than other monitors, meaning that you can see more tonality within the shadows of the screen’s display. You can essentially view a higher quality image when the screen is displaying darker colors.

This is especially beneficial for gaming, since it can help you more accurately see the quality of the image in darker places throughout the games that you’re playing. You can view even the most subtle differences in darker regions more accurately on IPS monitors than VA monitors or TN panels.

Greater color gamut

When compared to other types of monitors, IPS PCs can deliver a higher range of colors on the spectrum. This essentially means that you can view a color display that is more accurate to the experience of the human eye. These screens are able to offer a maximum range of colors, resulting in the opportunity for you to encounter a gaming experience that’s more accurate to the human eye’s experience of the real world (1).

Features to Consider Before Purchasing

Refresh rates

You’ll want to consider what the refresh rates of each computer are before purchasing, especially if your main use of the monitor will be for gaming. An IPS monitor with the best refresh rates will essentially have the ability to work at a faster rate than other types of monitors, so they are beneficial for gaming that requires high speed operation.

Curved vs. non-curved

You have the ability to choose between curved monitors or non-curved monitors, and each of them can offer their own advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, whether you choose a curved or a non-curved monitor depends on your personal preference.

Curved monitors are able to help the display screen seem more like real life, since they have a more interactive design than other standard designs. Since they curve, they can wrap around your vision more easily, making the screen look more natural to real life experiences.

On the other hand, you may not like the curved screen on an IPS monitor if you have it mounted to the wall. The curved portions of the monitor will stick out from the wall more, and it can be more difficult to see certain areas of the screen without requiring you to sit in the same position every time you’re on the monitor (2).

Multi-device ports

You may also want to consider whether the certain IPS monitor you’re purchasing is able to offer multiple different ports for device connections. Most monitors should at least be able to offer HDMI ports, but some offer even more than that. For instance, some IPS monitors come with VGA ports, DisplayPort inputs and other connections for an enhanced computing experience.

Anti-glare qualities

If you have a certain location for your monitor and gaming setup, then you’ll want to avoid putting too many lights in the same room. But this can be difficult, since playing during the daytime can’t always be avoided. Because of that, you should make sure that you have a monitor with anti-glare protection on the screen. This can not only make your gaming display clearer, but it can also improve your gaming experience overall.


You should consider the type of setup that you plan on putting your IPS monitor in. If you have a certain location for the monitor and gaming setup overall, or are you going to plan it out after you get your monitor? It’s important that you consider what types of accessories and devices you’ll have connected to your monitor, since you don’t want there to be a mess of cords or other gaming equipment.

More specifically, consider whether you have an Xbox, Play Station or some other gaming console, and then keep in mind where you’re going to put each of the devices. Having a clean and organized gaming setup location is not only recommended for the appearance, but it also helps to ensure safety, since keeping the cords in line with each other prevents a fire hazard.


Also relating to the overall setup is the types of accessories that you plan on using with the monitor. The types of gaming accessories are one area of consideration, including the type of microphone, controller and other equipment you’ll use with your gaming console.

But more specifically for the IPS monitor itself, it’s important that you think about what type of keyboard and mouse you’ll have with the monitor. Not only should the keyboard should be compatible with your monitor, but you should ensure that they can operate at similar rates of speed (3).


Overall, each of these 24” IPS monitors are beneficial for you because they each offer features that are recommended for gaming purposes in particular. More specifically, they all offer fast response times, full HD resolution display screens and they all offer exceptional color displays, since IPS screens present a consistent and high quality color display across the entire screen.

Furthermore, each of these IPS monitors is presented in a modern design that fits well with any gaming setup that you may have at home. Because of that, considering one of these 24” IPS monitors for your gaming experience is highly suggested.
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