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Xim Apex Review

Xim Apex Review Nixeus Revel4.5 out of 5 Check Current Price Most PC gamers find it hard to transition to the controller for FPS. It’s hard to aim on a console if you have been using a mouse and keyboard all your life. With the Xim Apex, you can now get around the restrictions of modern […]

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Zowie Camade Review

Zowie Camade Review Zowie Camade Review4.0 out of 5 Check Current Price For the longest time, gamers have had to put up with mouse cable drag. Whether from the cable catching on the edges of the desk, or from bunching up. If you have never considered using a mouse bungee, it’s high time you do. Zowie […]

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Best Cable Modem Router Combo for Gaming

Best Modem Router Cable Combo for Gaming

​Best Modem for Gaming and Router Combo 2019Many are times you wish you could reduce the number of wires in your home while at the same time establish an internet network and get enough coverage. When it comes to gaming, the stakes are even higher since you will be looking at the ISP speed, modem, […]

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Best Mini ITX Cases for 2019

Best Mini ITX Cases

Best Mini ITX Cases for 2018/2019As a gamer, you can build a small factor PC with a Mini-ITX rather than the bulky towers for more flexibility and space. The ultra-compact and light cases bestow portable benefits. Similarly, the slimmer profile and decreased complexity cuts their costs to the bone than full-sized models. With a tiny nippy […]

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Best Capture Card For Xbox One – 2019 Review

Best Capture Card for Xbox One

Best Capture Card For Xbox One – 2018/2019If you are looking to record footage from your Xbox One gaming console, a capture card is simply a must-have. On one hand, PC gamers have it easy since they can use different kinds of software to record gameplay. But, on the other hand, gamers who own consoles such […]

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Best External Hard Drive for PS4 – 2019 Review

Best External Hard Drive for PS4

Best External Hard Drive for PS4Looking for an external hard drive for your PS4 gaming console? Then we all the important information you’ll need to make an informed decision. Owning a PS4 external hard drive brings with it lots of benefits. Perhaps an obvious and certainly the main advantage of an external hard drive is that […]

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Best Micro ATX Case Reviews – 2019 Review

Best Micro ATX case reviews

Top 5 Best Micro ATX Case Reviews in 2018Micro ATX is a motherboard standard which supports CPUs from AMD, Intel, and VIA. Therefore, micro ATX cases are computer cases which can hold such motherboards. Buying a separate computer case is an essential step for setting up your own PC from scratch. Although people still buy […]

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Best Gaming Chairs – 2019 Review


The Best Gaming Chairs of 2018A very important part of a video game experience is being comfortable. Spending long hours in front of a PC monitor can cause inconveniences, such as back pain. To prevent that from happening, we highly recommend finding a PC gaming chair which is not only comfortable but also modern and […]

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Best Tempered Glass PC Case

Best Tempered Glass PC Cases

Best Tempered Glass PC Cases – A Buyer’s GuideYou’ve already figured out the ideal configurations based on your needs for your PC build, but are yet to decide on the tempered PC case to purchase. PC chassis isn’t just a simple box and enthusiast builders and upgraders alike will agree. They’re complicated with many options to […]

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Best CPU Cooler for i7 8700k

Best CPU Coolers for Intel i7-8700k

The Best CPU Cooler for i7 8700kLet’s get one thing straight. It doesn’t matter what processor your system uses, the CPU is bound to generate heat during the operation. But if you’re an enthusiast builder, you want to overclock or run excessive resource-demanding tasks such as gaming, video editing, then the integrated circuits including the CPU, […]

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