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Top Monitor for PS4 and Xbox Gaming



best ps4 and xbox monitors

If you want something better than the standard family TV set sitting in the living room for playing your consoles on, there are some great options to choose from. A monitor that’s suited towards gaming is always going to perform better for games than a monitor that hasn’t put a priority on the features that matter to gamers, and generally speaking TV’s aren’t really catered towards gaming unless you’re looking at something more high end. TV specs can also be a bit misleading when you’re comparing them to gaming monitor specs.

The monitors we’ve selected will work great with PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox  360, and even newer consoles like the Xbox One X and whatever comes next to take the throne from the current most powerful console. We’ll also include a great gaming TV if you want that massive screen living room experience.

You can even use the same monitor for your PC gaming, and switch between inputs so one moment you’re doing homework or playing some tower defense in your web browser, and the next moment you’re making people rage quit on Xbox Live.

With the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X making waves, it’s worth pointing out that the Xbox One X supports monitors with 1440p resolution, however the PS4 Pro does not. Just something to keep in mind. We’re going to be featuring a 1080p monitor for your consoles, and a 4K monitor for those of you with systems that support 4K. If you have an older version of the Xbox One or PS4 and can’t run 4K, and don’t plan on upgrading your console anytime soon or using the monitor with a gaming PC, then you can save a few bucks by going with a 1080p monitor instead of a 4K.

Here’s the Top Monitors for Playstation and Xbox:

ASUS VP28UQG – 4k Resolution

We wanted to choose a monitor with FreeSync since Xbox One X can support FreeSync. This display his two HDMI inputs and DisplayPort, so you can have it connected to two consoles and a PC at the same time.

It has native 4K support over DisplayPort 1.2. It has a series of features called GamePlus, which enhance the experience when you’re playing games. You can set a timer, use a custom crosshair that’s built right into the monitor, count your frames per second, and more.

We love that it has a 3 year warranty and that Asus will even crossship a replacement so that you can get back in action more quickly.

There’s a little joystick on the back that helps you more-easily dial in different settings on the fly.

BenQ GL2460HM – 1080p Resolution

This is the one to go with if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • If your console doesn’t support 4K and you don’t plan on upgrading soon,
  • If you won’t be using this monitor as a PC gaming display along with using it for your console,
  • If you just don’t want to spend the money on 4K…

If you’re going to be gaming in 1080p in the near future, just stick to getting a monitor that supports that. You’ll save a lot of money vs buying a 4K display, and by the time you do eventually upgrade to 4K, chances are the prices on 4K gaming displays will have dropped more than enough to off-set the purchase of a 1080p monitor to use in the meantime.

If you decide to go the 1080p route, you can get some GREAT monitors for console games at wicked prices. 1080p has fallen out of favor for PC gamers building rigs these days, and so has a refresh rate of 60Hz. But 60Hz won’t be an issue for console games. Because of those specs, a console gamer buying a monitor can save a small fortune.

Final Thoughts on Choosing a Monitor

Knowing which monitor to choose for Xbox One or PS4 depends on what your budget is, what your current setup is, what else you’re going to be using the monitor for, and what your plans are for upgrades in the future. Consoles will take some flack from PC gamers over the refresh rates and resolutions they can output at, but when it comes to buying a monitor, you can save some serious dough. By knowing the specs of your systems and what they can actually output, you can avoid over-paying for additional specs in the monitor that you won’t even be able to take advantage of.

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